BTTC Chapter 21

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Volume 1: Case 502 — The Intoxicated Frozen Corpse

Chapter 21

The Birth of The Drama Queen

Edited by Beth



What came next was chaos. The fatty, whilst shouting ‘oh my god’ and ‘what’s going on?’, rushed forwards like a tank bulldozing everything ahead of him and forcefully dragged Yan Xie out of the mess. The red and grey haired hooligans were left completely confused whilst standing amidst the flashing lights and resounding screams. Countless fashionably dressed young men and women looked orgasmically intoxicated.

He kissed me just now, Yan Xie thought in a daze. What should I do now?

Do I complete the mission? How am I going to call for backup.. fuck! Why did he kiss me?

Would swallowing an earpiece cause any damage? Did he not feel disgusted when he kissed me? No. Now isn’t the time to be thinking about this. Now that the mission has been disrupted, what sort of expressions would my colleagues have…he kissed me just now? I’ve just been kissed by Jiang Ting?!


“Bro, are you alright?” The fatty was too upset to cry. He touched Yan Xie’s ear, his act of concealment exposing them even more. “Quick, check yourself and see if you were hurt from the fall. I already told you that coming out today was unsuitable, right? So let’s hurry home and light an incense stick, then shower to get rid of the bad luck…”

The redhead, “What’s going on? What are you looking at?!”

The grey-haired man grabbed the radio. “Security, security. There’s a drunk customer in the booths in Zone B4. Get someone to help take him away! …”

Yan Xie looked blankly in that direction.

Jiang Ting was slowly sitting up from the booth. Covering his mouth, he coughed twice, then shot a look at Yan Xie — his eyes were cold and sharp like a blade. In this noisy and messy environment, his gaze made one shudder.


Yan Xie’s instinct told him that he had to grab hold of him.

Under the flashing, throbbing lights, a plan rapidly formed in his head.


“Why are you here?!” Yan Xie pushed the fatty out of the way as he directed his aggressive question towards Jiang Ting.

The fatty, “???”

“Weren’t you the one who said we should break up? What— that woman doesn’t want you again?”

Jiang Ting, “…”

“Does it feel good using my money to chase after women? I told you long ago that that bitch was someone who only saw money and not the person. Now that you’ve been dumped, are you happy?! Running back to look for me so suddenly. When it was you who wanted to break up in the hospital, weren’t you very firm about it? Huh?!”

The redhead, “…”

The grey-haired, “…”

The crowd watching the show, “……”

Everyone was stunned by this new development in the plot, and so the scene fell into a moment of complete silence.

The grey-haired man asked falteringly, “Bro, you know each other?”


Just from his expression, it was clear to see that Jiang Ting was astonished— but it only lasted a moment.

Jiang Ting had seen many strange and bizarre things in his life. Rather than being shocked by Yan Xie’s dramatic twist in the story, it was more like he was surprised by how convincing Yan Xie’s expression was; his lines so smooth and fluent. This impromptu act was so effortless and realistic. In this dark and dim setting of the night club, there were no flaws to be seen at all.

If not for the urgency of the situation, Jiang Ting might have asked why this man hadn’t joined the entertainment industry.

“Don’t come back to me!” Yan Xie tossed his cigarette harshly to the ground, speaking with bitter hatred, “There’s no point looking for me, we’ve broken up already!”

Jiang Ting lagged a beat, as if he had barely sobered up, and was still a little confused. After taking a wavering step, he stopped.

“Why are you still standing there?!” Yan Xie shouted at the security. “Aren’t you going to take him away?!”

—however, the security now didn’t dare move. He stood there, seeking instruction from the grey-haired man nonstop with his eyes.

Jiang Ting caught Yan Xie’s hand. He seemed a little drunk, and spoke in an effeminate way that seemed feigned, yet realistic, “Dear, I was wrong…”

Yan Xie yanked his hand away, but didn’t manage to free himself. He stood there, immersed in his anger.

Jiang Ting was not in a hurry either. Clingily, he held onto Yan Xie’s hand, refusing to let go. Both of their acting was extremely realistic and layered, and they seemed as though they were about to lapse into an entanglement right then and there.


This striking plot development made the two lackeys a little confused. The redhead had suppressed his thoughts for quite some time, but finally said what was on everyone’s minds, “Oh my fucking god, the gays now…”

It was still the grey-haired who was a little bit more seasoned. He saw that there were more and more people crowding around, and quickly pulled at Yan Xie. “Bro, let’s not talk here. Go and take a seat in the room first. Take your time and talk to each other.” He quickly signalled for the security to leave.

This was the move of someone more experienced. Not only did it avoid an embarrassing situation for the customer, it also prevented Jiang Ting from drunkenly screaming and shouting, exposing Yan Xie’s private dealing with them to purchase the “white stuff”. However, they would have to trouble the security into making a path for them as they escorted them, almost flocking around them as they brought them out of the crowd. Accompanied by the DJ’s thumping beats, they moved up to a room on the second floor.


These people were still very cautious when dealing with matters. Along the way, the grey-haired followed them closely, not even looking away. Yan Xie wanted to signal Jiang Ting with his eyes, but was unable to find an opportunity to do so at all. When they reached the VIP area, the grey-haired man personally opened the door to the room, allowing the redhead, the fatty, Yan Xie and Jiang Ting inside. He then closed the soundproof door, and all the noise of the club momentarily sounded a distance away, and way more muffled.

The grey-haired man invited them both to sit, politely saying, “Since the two of you have something going on today, why don’t we…”

Yan Xie didn’t say a word, instead he stood up. From his pocket, he took out a box of Chunghwa Soft and passed it around, taking the initiative to light the grey-haired man’s cigarette. “Mate, how do I address you?”

He seemed like a completely different person. That arrogant and thorny attitude from just now had completely disappeared, and he had become extremely conversant and cooperative.


The grey-haired man was clearly a little unused to it. “Anything’s fine, anything’s fine. In this circle, everyone just calls me Fei Long. By the way, the two of you..”


Jiang Ting, who was originally sitting on the couch innocently, abruptly opened up his arms and fell onto Yan Xie’s body. His entire face was flushed red, looking as though the alcohol had taken effect on him again. Conveniently, he wriggled his way into Yan Xie’s arms.

The grey-haired man, “#¥*@&…”

He was suddenly unable to speak. From his expression, it could be surmised that he was silently swearing at this pair of shameless gays.


Yan Xie pulled Jiang Ting into his embrace with one arm, and his expression could not look anymore normal. “It’s my family’s bad luck, my family’s bad luck. Please excuse me today. The two of you, please, just take this money for cigarettes. I’ve made a fool out of myself in front of you both.” From the pocket inside of his coat, Yan Xie retrieved a wad of cash the size of a brick wrapped in kraft paper and slapped it down onto the coffee table. Pulling two stacks out, he casually tossed them in front of the lackeys.

This action was done way too ostentatiously, and for a moment it was as though thousands of rays emitted from the cash, blinding everyone’s eyes, including the informant.

The two lackeys were immediately reduced to a passive role. They exchanged a look, and Yan Xie could almost see their brains moving through their skulls.

The grey-haired man: oh my god this is so much money, is there five thousand?

The redheaded man: You inexperienced, unsophisticated thing, just one stack alone is ten thousand!


“Uhh..” the grey-haired man swallowed and spoke hesitantly, “Maybe the fatty didn’t tell you clearly, but our boss isn’t actually coming today. So why don’t you drop by another day…”

He doesn’t dare to sell, Yan Xie thought.

This Fei Long, not only was he timid, he was very cautious. The temporary chaos downstairs had raised his wariness.


“My previous supplier was quite unlucky. Just walking along the streets, he was searched and ended up sitting in jail. Fatty’s childhood friend is my buddy, and he told me you guys have something new. As long as we have money, there’s nothing that we can’t buy.” Yan Xie laughed leisurely, as though he was not bothered. “It’s fine that I didn’t buy anything today. I still have some supply at home, and I should be able to make it last for the week — as for this money, the two of you can hold onto it. Whenever your boss drops by, just send me a message through Fatty.”

Yan Xie leant back in his seat, his legs spreading apart slightly at ease, calm and unruffled.

If Hu Weisheng was here, he should be able to recognise that when this Yan fellow was eliciting a confession from him, he was seated in this position as well.


The room descended into silence, only for Jiang Ting to suddenly groan a few times. He started twisting about in discomfort, and under the eyes of everyone, he gave a big yawn, rubbing his eyes and grinding his teeth somewhat unnoticeably.

Yan Xie, “?”

In this room, other than him, the other three people knew exactly what this meant. The fatty mumbled quietly, “Yo, a weed smoker, and his addiction isn’t small at all.”

Yan Xie, “…”

Seeing this, the redhead leant over, exchanging a few words with the grey-haired man.


“… Alright.” The grey-haired man was finally persuaded. “He did come all the way here, and it hasn’t been easy for him. I’ll help you ask the boss if he’s still coming over tonight.”

Tension flooded out of Yan Xie.

“However, we still have to follow the procedures.” The grey-headed man motioned for Yan Xie to come stand in front of him, speaking earnestly, “I’m really sorry, Bro. Us underlings can only follow instructions accordingly, and all your mobile phones have to be given to me for safekeeping as well.”

— He still needed to be searched!

Next to him, that fatty’s state of mind was really very poor, and his expression had changed abruptly. “Ai, Long-ge, you’re—”

However, he was surprised. This time, Yan Xie did not dawdle at all. He seemed to be very apologetic about the chaotic situation he created just now, and stood up heartily. “Ai! It’s fine, it’s fine. Come on.”

The fatty, “Ai…”


The fatty could only watch as Yan Xie spread his arms apart, generously allowing the grey-haired man to carefully search him from top to toe, and even look at the hem of his trousers and inside his shoes. The fatty’s heart rate was like the actions of the grey-headed man, sometimes quick, sometimes slow. There were a few times his heart nearly leaped into his throat, and after an unknown period of time, he finally saw the grey-haired man gradually stop, then nodded at the redhead cautiously.

“He’s clean.”

The redhead pursed his lips towards the couch. “That person, your friend… your boyfriend…”

Yan Xie’s reaction was a little too vehement. “He’s my wife, I’m the top! I’m the top, you understand?!”

The redhead, “… Your wife too has to… cough.”

The drunken flush on Jiang Ting’s cheeks had completely abated. His expression was ashen and listless, his eyes dispirited and lethargic. If Yan Xie needed the informant to confirm his identity as a buyer, with how Jiang Ting looked right now, he looked exactly like a drug addict in the midst of his withdrawal, and not even a word was needed to explain anything.

“Clean.” The grey-haired man finished searching Jiang Ting carefully, and nodded at the redhead.


Only then were the two lackeys relieved, and smiles spread across their faces. The redhead hurriedly tucked the tip of ten thousand RMB Yan Xie had given them in his arms as he took a beer from the minibar and pushed it at Yan Xie with a smile. “Don’t mind us, don’t mind us. Us little lackeys can only follow the instructions from above accordingly. Just wait here for a bit, we’ll go call our boss over.”

Now that things had progressed to this stage, Yan Xie knew that the situation was in a steady state now. He did not pester them, but smiled as he waved them away.


Originally, according to their rules, there should be a person standing guard here, and another to go call their boss. However, the two people had just received a very large tip, and the cash was burning in their arms, anxiously urging them to hide it well. As such, the two of them unanimously ran off, leaving Yan Xie, Jiang Ting and the informant alone in the room.

The door clicked close, and Yan Xie’s expression immediately changed. “Why are you here?”

The fatty thought that the question was directed at him. “… Huh?”

Jiang Ting took his time standing up, raising his chin and stretching out his stiff neck.


There was completely no sign of his previous debauchedness and degeneracy. Three buttons of his shirt were open, and the lines of his body from his jaw, his neck, and to his collarbone, along with every inch of his frame, was visible together with his clear and smooth skin.

Yan Xie’s throat bobbed savagely, and he spoke sternly, “Hey, I’m asking you a question!”

“I thought that you would have expressed your gratitude to me for saving your life.”

“I haven’t asked you yet, just now, you swallowed…”

Jiang Ting interrupted him placidly. “The deployment of your team is extremely low-level. I’m also very happy to have bumped into you so coincidentally. There’s no need to thank me.”

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  1. In todays episode of “breaking side characters three views irreparably” we have a stunning show of acting skills from YX and JT. A solid 8/10, only because I think the guards and the bystanders could have been traumatised a bit more.

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