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Chapter 10 — A New Sweetheart and An Old Lover

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Behind him, the door suddenly opened. Yun Jinshu’s hair stood on end, and with a trembling hand, he swiftly shoved Han Jiang’s phone back into his suit jacket’s pocket.

“Jinshu, you’re awake? Why are you standing by the bed?”

Han Jiang walked over, sliding an arm around Yun Jinshu’s waist. Upon seeing his ashen face, as well as the beads of sweat on his forehead and his peculiar expression, Han Jiang could not help but raise his hand to Yun Jinshu’s forehead and check his temperature. “Why does your complexion look so awful? Are you feeling a discomfort somewhere?”

“Uhh… It’s nothing. I just had a nightmare, and haven’t recovered from it yet.” Yun Jinshu lifted the corners of his lips perfunctorily, his smile looking somewhat stiff.

Han Jiang gently stroked his hair, and his arm around his waist tightened a little. “You’re already so old, and still you’re frightened by nightmares. Dreams will always be the opposite of reality, so don’t be scared.”

With lowered lashes, Yun Jinshu acknowledged his statement, then handed the suit jacket in his hand over to Han Jiang. “I heard a phone ringing while sleeping, and only found it in this jacket after searching for awhile. I think you must have left it here, and was about to bring it to you, but you came instead.”

Han Jiang did not even look at the jacket when taking it. He smiled at Yun Jinshu. “I was careless. If I knew, I would have taken my phone away to prevent you from being woken up.”

“It’s fine.” Yun Jinshu shook his head with a smile. He deliberated for a moment before probing, “Aren’t you going to check who left you the missed call? What if it’s very important ‘work’?”

Han Jiang laughed, cocking a brow. “I rarely answer calls during my personal time. People who know their place would also not call me at this time, so this would definitely be something unimportant.”

His words completely suppressed Yun Jinshu. Yun Jinshu had no choice but to admire Han Jiang’s way with words.

It was likely that this was not the first call from that little lover who came from who-knew-where, but Han Jiang completely ignored it. That party was pleading piteously not to break up, and vowing to not leave the cafe until he met him, while over here, Young Master Han had smoothly pushed away all responsibility with “people who know their place would also not call me at this time”. This level of tai chi was really too brilliant1

Thinking about this, Yun Jinshu again wanted to laugh. Han Jiang had only just met his “empress” in the morning with “high” spirits, and had lunch with Yun Jinshu in the afternoon. Now, he had to deal with his little lover who was unwilling to break up in the evening. His days were truly spent with a fuckload of variation, and he was truly about to be life’s greatest winner.

Having to deal with so many people every day, was he not tired?

Yun Jinshu was rather upset, and he could not help but be distracted. Even when Han Jiang held his hand, leading him downstairs, he did not notice it at all.

By the time the two of them reached the garden at the back of the villa, Yun Jinshu was still rather lost. Han Jiang felt that when he put away his sharp tongue, looking a little dazed, he was quite adorable as well, and he could not resist pinching his cheek.

“Aiyah!” Yun Jinshu cried out.

Han Jiang’s fingers continued their ravaging, the amusement on his face deepening. “Little fool, it’s time to return to your senses. What are you thinking about all day? You didn’t respond when I called out to you just now, don’t tell me you’ve been frightened silly by your nightmare? If that’s true, it’s going to be trouble. Starbright is probably going to send an assassin after me.”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Yun Jinshu smiled as he swatted Han Jiang’s hand away. Darting his eyes all over the place, he was a little curious. “Why did we come to the garden at night?”

Han Jiang smiled mysteriously. “Nothing much, I just wanted to give you a surprise.”

“A surprise?” Yun Jinshu raised a brow. The “surprises” you’ve given me are already more than enough, why are you going to this trouble?

He saw Han Jiang clapping his hands together, and a pure white Mercedes Benz slowly made its way over from the parking lot in the north. A person, dressed like an attendant, got out of the car. He bowed towards Yun Jinshu, holding his arms out in a gesture that invited him into the car.

Yun Jinshu only felt his headache getting worse, yet he could not display his emotions outwardly. Barely managing to smile, he asked, “Han-laoban, don’t tell me you want to gift this car to me?”

Han Jiang nodded. “The entertainment industry is a shallow place. Since you’ve decided to embark on this journey, without a decent looking car, it’ll definitely be very inconvenient. The performance of this car isn’t too bad, and it suits you very well.”

At that moment, Yun Jinshu did not know whether to laugh or cry. He clearly already knew that Han Jiang treated everyone equally, and things that they should have, no one would lack it. However, thinking about how he himself was being treated like any other kept entertainment stars, he could not help but feel upset.

This feeling was like a sudden slap on his face, and you would never know when you would be baring your teeth in pain.

Yun Jinshu smiled lightly. “I’m only a newbie fool. To succeed in such a shallow industry, it’s still too early. I don’t need such a good car, but thank you for being so considerate.”

Han Jiang pressed the car key into his hand, insistent. “Just accept it. You don’t have to say anything else. When I say it’ll come into use, it will.”

“Hey, Han-laoban, aren’t you too overbearing? Such a large, gleaming “tael”, you’re not keeping it properly, and instead you insist on shoving it at others?” Yun Jinshu blinked innocently.

Han Jiang was amused into laughter by his comparison, and without a warning, he tilted his head down and pressed his lips against Yun Jinshu’s.

“!” Yun Jinshu was surprised. However, it was only a momentary thing, and he closed his eyes the next second, accepting the kiss.

Take a look at what was called bending to the task and sparing no effort to death, conscientiously and meticulously fulfilling one’s service. He was basically the model worker of the cannon fodders!

The attendant driving the car had long withdrew. The tongues of the two people were tightly intertwined with each other, and in the silent winter’s night, blush-inducing sounds could be heard.

This was the first official kiss since the two of them were together. As such, both spared no expense. Yun Jinshu, melded to with Han Jiang’s lips, laughed lowly. Almost teasingly, he bit him, and Han Jiang’s gaze immediately darkened.

He cupped Yun Jinshu’s face, putting his utmost into chasing Yun Jinshu’s soft tongue. Yun Jinshu carried with him the faint scent of bamboo leaves, and his lips were slightly cool to touch as well. Han Jiang found these attributes surprisingly suited to his tastes, and he could not help but continue gorging himself on it.

At this moment, a ear-piercing vibration of a phone again sounded.

The two paused abruptly. Hugging Yun Jinshu’s waist, Han Jiang continued kissing him as he quietly spoke, “Ignore it.”

A chill ran through Yun Jinshu. He suddenly recalled that message he saw secretly. Was that person still waiting at the cafe for Han Jiang at this time? Could this call be once again from him?

A scorching kiss once again fell upon him, interrupting Yun Jinshu’s derailing train of thoughts. However, he was laughably a little happy. Knowing very well that another cannon fodder like him was likely to again appear in the world, he could not help but want to make Han Jiang stay.

He admitted that he was truly a little malicious. One should not do to others what they did not want to be done to themselves, but having had a rare opportunity for this rebirth, Yun Jinshu really did not want to make himself suffer through such grievances again.

The continuous vibration finally stopped. Yun Jinshu’s hands curled around Han Jiang’s shoulders, again shutting his eyes and responding to Han Jiang’s passionate kisses. The two people entangled with each other in the garden, and their clothes too were in disarray. Feeling his world spin around him, Yun Jinshu found himself lying on the hood of the new Mercedes Benz under Han Jiang.

Han Jiang was caressing Yun Jinshu’s exposed chest lustily. A firm pressure from his knees spread Yun Jinshu’s legs apart, and right then, the phone rang again…

Han Jiang’s face could now be deemed as looking extremely dark. Which man would be happy to be interrupted during such matters? He carelessly tossed his phone onto the grass, but the ringing still did not stop.

Finally no longer able to endure it, Yun Jinshu patted his shoulder. “You should go take a look. If it’s really something important, it won’t be good.”

He understood that Han Jiang was completely aware of who the caller was. Even an outsider like him was able to guess that if it was not because the caller was so obsessed, who else would call so incessantly?

Unfortunately, towards a man like Han Jiang, one could not be so persistently clingy. You had to whet his appetite forever, leaving him hanging. Occasionally, giving him a taste of sweetness, he would then obediently come seek you himself when he did not get what he wanted. To stick onto him like gum stubbornly would only result in a very tragic ending. Yun Jinshu had once painfully experienced this for himself before.

The phone rang and stopped, stopped and rang. The caller seemed to still be rather adamant, and changed to texting him instead. The poor phone seemed to have developed epilepsy, “twitching” non-stop. Han Jiang too reached his limits. He bent down, picking his phone and glancing at it, then again placed it on the hood of the car.

Yun Jinshu took the opportunity to peep at the phone. Seeing the words “If you don’t come, I’ll commit suicide”, his head spun momentarily.

Han Jiang’s expression was currently very subtle. A tiny smile hung off his handsome face, but his eyes were narrowed. Along with his chest that was exposed due to the passionate bout of kissing, a strong aura of testosterone emitted from him.

Seeing this expression, Yun Jinshu internally exclaimed that trouble was coming. If possible, he had the urge to pray to the gods, as every time Han Jiang revealed this expression, nothing good would happen. It was evident that right then, Yun Jinshu was the only person present, and he could easily become a target.

As expected, Han Jiang straightened up, tidying his wrinkled collar. Intimately, he brushed the tip of Yun Jinshu’s nose. “Sorry, there really is some trouble. I’m afraid… we can only postpone this until later tonight.”

Yun Jinshu nodded his head, expressing his understanding. In his heart, he was actually a little surprised that Han Jiang would actually cave in to such a threat. Could it be that he had actually read Han Jiang’s expression wrongly?

Despite thinking so, Yun Jinshu’s mouth was fairly cooperatively. “Mn, you should go on ahead. So you won’t be coming back for dinner? Shall I inform Zhang-ma?”

“No need, I’ll inform the butler that there’s no need to prepare dinner for both of us later.”

Yun Jinshu coughed severely, choking. He was alarmed. “What… what do you mean?”

Oh god, he knew Han Jiang was not someone who could be so easily threatened. Now that Yun Jinshu was getting dragged along as well, nothing good was definitely about to happen…

“It just means that we’ll be going out to eat tonight,” Han Jiang responded leisurely, not forgetting to button up his collar.

“Didn’t you say that there was some trouble? What would it look like if I tagged along?”

Yun Jinshu tried his best to maintain his calm, not allowing himself to reveal any hint that he knew about Han Jiang’s private matters. However, his heart pounded anxiously.

“There is some trouble, but it would not take long to settle it. Once it’s resolved, we’ll have dinner.” Han Jiang smiled as he stroked Yun Jinshu’s face. Under the moonlight, his handsomeness was devastatingly terrifying. “Just take it that I’m thanking you for the bowl of noodles you made in the afternoon. Are you not going to honour me with your presence?”

Since his employer had already said such words, Yun Jinshu no longer had the position to refuse anymore.

What else could he say? Could he grab Han Jiang’s collar and yell at him, “Dragging me along to meet that little lover who loves you as though he would die without you, what the fuck are you scheming?!”

It was too bad that Yun Jinshu was a coward, as well as a masochist who refused to lose face. He was a coward who knew when he should advance or retreat, and knew where he stood. As such, he could never say such words aloud, and neither did he have the position to do so.

Hah, even the “empress” never revealed his struggles. As a newly appointed mistress, could he display such arrogance?

Spinelessly, Yun Jinshu mocked himself. Taking a deep breath, he forced out a smile with his utmost strength. “Of course, I definitely have to give face to Han-laoban.”

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