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Chapter 13 — A Remarkable Turnaround

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Yun Jinshu did not know how Han Jiang explained it to Zhao Hanchuan. Han Jiang had turned around and went to another room instead. By the time he came back, there was no change in his expression, while Zhao Hanchuan had already hung up.


“How did you explain things to Zhao Hanchuan?” Yun Jinshu asked eagerly.


Shrugging, Han Jiang replied without changing his expression, “Nothing much. I only gave him a few instructions. All you have to do tomorrow is follow what he says, and you don’t have to bother about anything else.”


Yun Jinshu did not understand, and was further confused by his words. “You have to at least tell me what plans you have for tomorrow. I don’t even know anything now, how am I supposed to cooperate with you?”


Han Jiang leant close to Yun Jinshu, his right hand caressing Yun Jinshu’s cheek. Smiling, he said, “Don’t worry, I already have something in mind. This time, my thoughtlessness has caused you to suffer, and I’ll definitely settle this for you beautifully.”


“It’s very late already. Quick, head back to bed. Don’t overthink things, you’ll know what’s happening tomorrow.”


Han Jiang bent his head down and kissed the corner of Yun Jinshu’s mouth. Placing his hands in his pockets, he walked into the bedroom, leaving Yun Jinshu standing there blankly.


While speaking to Zhao Hanchuan, Yun Jinshu was not the slightest bit worried that he would be affected after Shen Nian’s scandal was exposed tomorrow. Before he could be used as a shield for Han Jiang’s beloved, Han Jiang would definitely not harm him. However, for Han Jiang to suddenly get involved, it instead made Yun Jinshu a little wary.


Han Jiang would not deliberately treat a person well with no reason. This time, since he had personally spoken with Zhao Hanchuan, he would definitely be using his power to deal with this matter. However, for Han Jiang to do his utmost in helping Yun Jinshu, did he have some sort of a new plan?


The more Yun Jinshu thought about it, the more chaotic the thoughts in his head became. Standing at the door for a long time, he finally trudged his way back into the bedroom, muddled. The moment, he stepped inside, he was immediately dragged onto the bed by Han Jiang.


“Ah—” Yun Jinshu got a shock, his black eyes rounding in the dark.


Han Jiang flipped over, pressing onto him from the top. Laughing lightly, he lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Yun Jinshu’s lips. “Standing at the door in a daze, and refusing to come in to sleep, were you thinking about standing guard at my door?”


Yun Jinshu smiled. “After being woken up, I was unable to fall back asleep. I was worried that coming back in would disrupt you from your rest.”


“Oh—” The corners of Han Jiang’s lips quirked up, his hands sliding underneath Yun Jinshu’s clothes. While caressing his bare back, he laid kisses along Yun Jinshu’s neck. “Since you can’t sleep, and I’ve been woken up as well, let’s do something that will help us sleep…”


Han Jiang huffed a heated breath onto Yun Jinshu’s ear. Pulling his shoulders up to his ears without thinking, Yun Jinshu could neither laugh nor cry, and reached out to push Han Jiang instead. “Hey, hey. Han-laoban, you’re quite a beast. I’ve already been victimised by you, and after offering up my spirit, I still have to offer up my body? Ow…”


Before he could finish, Han Jiang bit his collarbone. At the same time, his right hand that was already in Yun Jinshu’s pants grabbed hold of a certain important part of him, and he laughed lowly. “Mn, you truly possess both virtue and skill.”


Indignant, Yun Jinshu struggled for a while more. In the end, he was still suppressed by the profligate and unprincipled Han-laoban. His innocent little junior jerked a few times, and spurted out in delight.


After a bout of fun, although they did not proceed to actual sex, they still managed to dirty the bedspread. Full of enthusiasm, Han-laoban had endured to the very last, while a certain miserable someone was exhausted to the point where his entire body turned weak. He no longer had the energy to think about tomorrow’s scandal, and fell asleep just like this.


The second before he drifted off, Yun Jinshu was still wondering if Han Jiang had deliberately employed such a method so that he would not stay up all night in worry. The question was, was Han Jiang really such a nice person?


The next day, almost all media outlets were reporting about Shen Nian being a drug addict as well as slapping others. Huge photos were printed on newspapers and magazines, announcing the scandal along with direct proof.


What was peculiar however, was that the melodramatic homosexual love triangle was not reported on at all. Not only were the names and photos of Han Jiang and Yun Jinshu not published, the word “homosexual” did not even appear at all. The spotlight was solely on Shen Nian’s drug habit and his subsequent mental breakdown, and because of his jealousy towards his junior’s talent, he attacked him…


Hold on, what was this jealousy towards his junior’s talent?


Yun Jinshu was confused. When did he become Shen Nian’s junior? He adjusted the volume of the television a little louder, and happened to see Zhao Hanchuan’s response as Starbright’s spokesperson.


“Shen Nian, as one of the actors under Starbright, to do such things that harm both society and others, we’re extremely apologetic. In the past, he would often be embroiled in conflicts with other artistes in the company, and we had no choice but to freeze his contract and activities temporarily. However, he still did not learn his lessons, and thinking that a certain newcomer had stolen a role in a new film that the company is heavily investing in, due to his mental breakdown from taking drugs, he attacked the newcomer. Towards this matter, Starbright would not show any tolerance, and we’re willing to receive any criticism from both the media and the public.”


Zhao Hanchuan’s words were very skilful. Not only did he clear Starbright of any responsibility, he also successfully attracted the reporters’ attention to their new film. As expected, one reporter immediately grabbed the opportunity, standing up and questioning him.


“Everyone knows that the movies Starbright invests in are always a box office hit. So, what is the reason behind Starbright’s willingness to give up Shen Nian, an A-list actor, for a newcomer?”


Zhao Hanchuan smiled mysteriously. “A movie’s success in the box office does not rely on big names. Starbright’s criteria has always been to select the best actor, and not the biggest actor. As for this newcomer… Hah, I can only say that he’s one of the most natural actors I’ve ever seen. The role in the new film is very well suited for him, and he definitely has the ability to replace Shen Nian. May everyone look forward to his performance.”


With Zhao Hanchuan’s response, the crowd erupted into discussion. To have Starbright abandon the A-list actor for a newcomer was already a miracle. Now, a harsh top manager like Zhao Hanchuan actually appraised a newcomer so highly, this was an unprecedented moment.


In an instant, everyone’s focus was no longer just on the matter of Shen Nian’s drug habit. They were now very interested in this highly praised newcomer who had yet to even debut, but had already suffered the brunt of an A-list actor’s jealousy, and they were eager to learn more.


Within the span of a day, an A-list actor’s drug scandal that had been emblazoned everywhere was now relegated to a small, tiny corner in the afternoon. Instead, Yun Jinshu, the “victim” who had been slapped, was now the focus of the media.


Everyone was curious about the name and appearance of this newcomer.


However, the strange thing was that none of the reporters in the cafe who had actually seen him mentioned a word. The photos that had been captured were all suppressed by the higher management, and when published, the faces had already been mosaiced.


Only one night had past, and from nearly becoming a damned homosexual who had been dragged into a drug scandal, Yun Jinshu now became the mysterious newcomer who had the backing of Starbright behind him. Up until this point, he was still wondering how much benefit Zhao Hanchuan received from Han Jiang to go against his principles and speak such effusive praise.


Just as everyone was full of expectations for the talented newcomer of Starbright, a certain somebody who now had a remarkable turnaround did not have the self-awareness of having become famous. Sitting cross-legged on the couch, he was holding onto half a banana with his mouth, and was flipping through the raws of the photos that various media outlets had “suppressed”.


“Hey, look at this one. The angle it was taken from is really not too bad. If my expression while getting hit was a little more painful, it would be even more perfect.”


Han Jiang, who was sitting by the side and dealing with his work issues on his tablet, could neither laugh nor cry after hearing him. He reached out and poked at Yun Jinshu’s head. “I think, in this world, you’re the only one who can look through such images so calmly.”


Yun Jinshu laughed as he threw himself onto Han Jiang’s back, his hands randomly poking and drawing on his tablet. “Why, I can’t do that? These are proof of my professionalism and dedication. Tomorrow, I’ll frame them up and hang it above my bed, and I’ll reflect upon myself even more.”


Han Jiang heard the self-mockery implied in his words, and his heart could not help but clench. He could not understand what sort of situation this was, and so he could only grab Yun Jinshu’s hand and kiss it. “Don’t mind such matters, I assure you that there wouldn’t be such incidents again in the future.”


In his heart, Yun Jinshu sneered, but on the surface, he shrugged nonchalantly. “In any case, Hao-laoban has great abilities. Together with Bigshot Zhao’s clever mouth, any situation can be turned to your advantage. There’s nothing for me to be bothered with.”


Han Jiang fell silent. It took him a while before the corners of his lips curved up into a smile. “Hah, I knew that you were still blaming me.”


Yun Jinshu laughed out loud upon hearing his words. He could not help but wonder when did Han Jiang learnt such lines that belonged in a melodrama script.


“Enough, Han-laoban, stop acting out this sort of tragic storyline anymore. Your expression is so stiff that it’s ugly.” Yun Jinshu patted Han Jiang’s shoulder, smiling. “I truly don’t blame you. I am fully aware of the rules, that this is business, and nothing personal. So Han-laoban, you shouldn’t start breaking the rules as well.”


Han Jiang’s body stiffened. He clearly knew that Yun Jinshu’s words were the truth, as right from the start, this was how he had defined their relationship as well. However, to listen to Yun Jinshu himself putting it across like this now, he felt very uncomfortable.


He knew that this should not be love, and even more so, it could not be any sort of sentimental affections. However, to see Yun Jinshu draw the line so clearly between the both of them, Han Jiang’s chest suddenly felt stifled.


Not understanding what exactly was it with this sort of inexplicable emotion, Han Jiang looked deeply at Yun Jinshu. Without a word, he turned around and left, heading upstairs.


Yun Jinshu watched his departing back, huffing as he took Han Jiang’s peculiar behaviour as throwing a tantrum.


He thought it was probably because there had never been such a lover that dared to openly challenge Han Jiang’s dignity as the powerful one in the relationship, and so Han Jiang was throwing a tantrum because of the impact on his dignity?


Who cared about him anyway. Yun Jinshu had been deceived by him so many times already, there was no longer a need to cheapen himself and chase after this person who had no feelings for him.


Unbothered, he picked up an apple and bit into it. At this time, the tablet Han Jiang left on the table lit up.


An MSN notification popped up. 【Jiangzi, I’m done with my work. Let’s meet up when you’re free — WZY】


Seeing the last three letters, the apple in Yun Jinshu’s hand tumbled to the floor. In a panic, he opened the chat interface, only to find that there was no chat history. The only thing he saw was that the sender’s nickname was “Winter’s Fisherman1”.


Upon understanding the interpretation of this nickname, Yun Jinshu’s face paled.

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