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Chapter 20 — A Love Triangle…

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With Gu Yan’s advice, Yun Jinshu felt a lot better. Back in the studio, he immediately got into the correct frame of mind. He discovered that as long as he did not deliberately look at Wen Zeyun’s face during the shoot, he would be able to continue on very smoothly.


As expected, by the afternoon, the progress of the shoot sped up by a lot. Wen Zeyun also seldom sought trouble for Yun Jinshu again, and the posters were quickly completed.


It had yet to be six in the evening when work wrapped up. Gu Yan, who had already washed the make up off his face, after giving his assistant behind him some instructions, he told the entire crew, “Everyone’s been working hard today. Tonight, no one’s allowed to leave, I’m treating all of you to dinner.”


Everyone immediately perked up hearing this. Just a second ago, they were like withered cucumbers, but now they were all full of vitality and energy. They cheered and whistled, saying, “Since Best Actor Gu has offered this sacrifice, comrades, let’s all grab hold of this opportunity and feast on it!”


“I want to go to Haowei Restaurant and have shark’s fin soup, bird nest, and sea cucumber with rice!”


“We’ll sing karaoke for the entire night!”


“Please, Best Actor Gu, give me a bear hug or I won’t go! *whines*”


Gu Yan burst into laughter because of their words, lunging over and knuckling the heads of those photographers who were clamouring the loudest. “Whoever who keeps making noise will be eating a boxed meal in the restaurant’s toilet tonight!”


“Ahh help me! The best actor is killing people! Paparazzi, where are you?!”


Sitting by the side, Yun Jinshu looked at their nonsense, and could not help but laugh along. He had always known that Gu Yan was very popular, but he had never thought that in just a day’s time, he would be able to integrate himself with the staff of the production crew.


After Gu Yan “suppressed” those people, he looked over at Yun Jinshu, who had been sitting there without saying anything. He could not help but ask, “Hey, Xiao Yun, why are you sitting there in a trance? Quickly pack up and join us for dinner.”


Both Yun Jinshu and Wen Zeyun looked up at the same time, thinking that Gu Yan was calling out to themselves. Their eyes met in an instant, and both their expressions were awful.


Gu Yan did not notice their expressions. He pointed at Yun Jinshu, speaking to Wen Zeyun, “Sorry, Xiao Wen, I’m calling out to Jinshu, it just came out easily. I completely forgot that both your names have the word Yun.”


Wen Zeyun was immediately embarrassed, but he still smiled and waved him off. “It’s fine, the main thing is that I have a buddy who always likes to call me in that manner, so in that moment, I didn’t realise. Haha, I’ve made a joke out of myself. Excuse me, Jinshu.”


Yun Jinshu nodded, smiling to show his understanding. However, his heart immediately turned into ice. If he did not remember wrongly, in the morning, when Han Jiang messaged him, mentioning Wen Zeyun, he did call him “Xiao Yun”.


He did not know if Wen Zeyun had said that deliberately in front of him, nor if he knew that the “buddy” he mentioned was Han Jiang. However, without a doubt, Wen Zeyun had again viciously and accurately found his sore spot.


His originally relaxed mood once again fell into the abyss. Looking at Wen Zeyun, it was as though he saw a porcupine, and he would be periodically jabbed by him. Yun Jinshu completely lost his patience.


Why did a man have to behave like a jealous wife, remaining on guard at all times against everyone else?


He turned towards Wen Zeyun, blinking his eyes. With a teasing expression, he said, “Director Wen, you must enjoy a very good relationship with this ‘buddy’ of yours. Why else would you not be angry with him for giving you such a girly nickname? Is it because he’s been calling you like that since you were a child, and you got used to it? Haha.”


He then spoke to Gu Yan with a serious expression, “Best Actor Gu, as for us, our friendship is not that solid. If you were to continue calling me with “Xiao Yun”, such a girly name, be careful that I’ll fight you. I’m not as good tempered as Director Wen~”


These sentences were like a resounding slap against Wen Zeyun’s cheek. The ones who did not know the truth only took it as the two people joking around, and only those who were in the know about their conflict could tell that Yun Jinshu was basically implying that Wen Zeyun was very girly.


Wen Zeyun’s complexion was very awful, but at that moment, there was nothing he could say about it. Although Gu Yan had noticed that the atmosphere between the two people was very strange, he did not think too much about it. Throwing an arm around Yun Jinshu’s neck, he tightened his grip and tugged on him a little, pretending to wipe the tears from his eyes. “Wuwu, I’ve taken care of you, my blind brother, for eighteen years, eighteen years! But you actually… refuse to acknowledge your brother anymore! You ingrate! *whines*”


Seeing how the tall and well built Best Actor Gu was acting cute, the crowd felt a sense of nausea. Yun Jinshu burst out laughing. “What do you want, then?”


“Come have a drink with me, we’ll finish up three bottles of maotai in one shot. You dare?” Gu Yan harrumphed spiritedly.


Yun Jinshu deliberately jabbed him with his elbow. With great scorn, he said, “Come on! Who’s afraid of who?”


Hearing this, the crowd was immediately stirred into excitement, all whooping and cheering. At that moment, the two main leads of the movie had already forgotten that they had to maintain a reputation, and laughing, they started play-fighting.


Only Wen Zeyun was left on the sidelines by everyone else. The expression on his baby face was a little distorted, and he no longer was in the mood to join the rest of the crew for dinner.


When everyone had enough of fooling around, Wen Zeyun found a random excuse and did not go with them. Not having to see him, Yun Jinshu was also delighted. He sat in Gu Yan’s car and left, not remembering at all that he had left his phone in the studio.




“Has Jinshu returned yet?”


“Sorry, Young Master, Mr. Yun had yet to return at all.” The old steward’s low and steady voice came over the phone.


“Got it. If he’s back, remember to give me a call.”


Han Jiang hung up, the look on his face a little solemn. It had been an entire day since he heard anything about Yun Jinshu, and whether a call or a message, it was as though they had sunk to the bottom of the sea, with no one receiving them. Clearly, in the past, no matter what he was doing, he would first notify Han Jiang, and when he saw a missed call, he would also quickly call back. Never had he ever been so uncontactable like now.


Just now, he could still tell himself that it was Yun Jinshu’s first day of work. He was too busy, and so he had no time to return his calls. However, it was now already past eight in the evening, and not only did Yun Jinshu never call, he also had yet to return home at all.


This was too out of the norm, and Han Jiang could not help but worry, despite not understanding why he would be so distracted and at a loss.


In the past, no matter which one of his lovers, he had never been on tenterhooks like this before. Even if he never saw them for a couple of weeks or so, he would not miss them. However, towards Yun Jinshu, he was unable to be like that.


Opening his contact list, his finger hovered about the name “Wen Zeyun” for the nth time. Still, Han Jiang did not tap on it.


Perhaps, right now, Wen Zeyun was the only one who knew where Yun Jinshu was. However, the moment he called him, he would definitely need to explain a lot. At that time, how should he introduce his relation to Yun Jinshu to him?


And how was he supposed to explain clearly to Yun Jinshu, that he had been secretly liking Wen Zeyun for an entire decade, but the other person still only treated him like a buddy?


Laughing bitterly, Han Jiang felt that his situation was definitely of his own making. He had decided to become Yun Jinshu’s sugar daddy on a whim, only doing so for fun, but his heart had ended up catapulting into it as well.


Whether or not a heart could be in love with two people at once, he already did not have the time to probe into it. He only sent his subordinate to find out where the location of the production site was, then headed down with his car keys.


In any case, in the future, he would have time to think over this matter. Right now, the most important thing was to find Yun Jinshu. There were no other thoughts in his head then, and he only knew that he would definitely not be able to let the man go, not even for a second.


His black Lotus sped down the broad asphalt road, and very quickly, he arrived at the production site of “The Tree.” The studio was completely in darkness, and there was no sign of any people inside.


He wasn’t at the production site, he wasn’t picking up his phone, he also wasn’t going home… Yun Jinshu, where exactly are you?


Han Jiang was getting more and more anxious. Out of habit, he pulled his phone again, dialling Yun Jinshu’s number again. Still, it was the beeping sound that had yet to change, and just as he was about to hang up, someone suddenly spoke up on the other end of the line.


“Is that Jiang-zi?”


Han Jiang froze. He could not help but glance at the number again. “This is… Xiao Yun? Why do you have Jinshu’s phone?”


Low laughter travelled down the line. The way it stopped and continued, it sounded like Wen Zeyun had drank quite a bit. “I don’t know… hah… hahah… I just heard a phone ring, then I saw that it was your number… burp… so I answered.”


“How much did you drink?” Han Jiang could not stop himself from frowning. “Where are you? Is Jinshu next to you?”


“I’m in the… the studio. Why? You’re coming to drink with me?”


Raising his brow, Han Jiang did not speak. He walked down the dark corridor into the studio, and as expected, in a little corner not too far away, he saw a bit of light from a phone. Wen Zeyun was seated on a tall platform, mumbling away, unclear. However, there was no Yun Jinshu by his side.


He turned on the lights of the studio, walking over and taking away the bottle of alcohol from Wen Zeyun’s hand. “Why are you sitting here drinking alone? Where’s Jinshu, why is his phone with you?”


“All you’re talking about… is Jinshu… burp… Can’t you say something else?”


Wen Zeyun was drunk. He lifted his head, glancing blearily at Han Jiang. There was an unnatural flush on his face, and he reached out, tugging at Han Jiang’s sleeve, wanting to snatch his bottle back.


Right now, Han Jiang was unable to understand what exactly was going on, nor could he understand why Yun Jinshu’s phone was with Wen Zeyun. Although he was anxious, wanting to know where Jinshu was, he could not bear to let Wen Zeyun drink alone here.


Sighing, he sat down next to Wen Zeyun, conveniently placing the bottle of alcohol far away. “I’ll take you home. It’s already so late, if you don’t go back, Uncle Wen will worry.”


Drunk, Wen Zeyun leant incidentally onto Han Jiang’s shoulder, waving his hand. “Don’t… don’t care about him. You just stay, you’re not allowed to leave.”


Looking at how Wen Zeyun was relying on him without any diabolical intentions, Han Jiang’s expression was very complicated. He admitted that he still could not put down this childhood friend that he had grown up with, but he also was very concerned about Yun Jinshu.


For actors like him, they would pretty much have their phones with them at all times, because they never knew when they would receive a job announcement. However, right now, it was unknown where Yun Jinshu was, and Wen Zeyun was clutching onto him, refusing to let go. Han Jiang was a little muddled.


“Why did your crew leave you alone? Where are the rest?”


“…” Wen Zeyun lay on his shoulder, not moving an inch. He did not make a sound at all.


It seemed like he had fallen asleep. Han Jiang could only remove his suit jacket, covering Wen Zeyun with it. Wen Zeyun hunched into himself, curling up and placing his head on Han Jiang’s thigh, revealing a messy stack of photos behind him.


Han Jiang was already curious about what Yun Jinshu had been doing today, and so he picked up that stack of photos. After looking through them one by one, his face immediately darkened.


Shown in the photos were Yun Jinshu and another man playing around, and this man, he recognised as well. It was one of the top actors right now for the past few years, Gu Yan.


The two people seemed to be having a lot of fun. In one photo, Gu Yan had an arm around Yun Jinshu’s neck, the other around his waist; in another, Yun Jinshu had his hands on Gu Yan’s chest, the two of them looking at each other; there was even one on a balcony, where Gu Yan was hugging Yun Jinshu from the back, covering his eyes…


A thick stack of photos, loyally recording down the intimacy between the two people. This was especially so for that last photo, where the two of them were in an embrace. On Yun Jinshu’s face was a smile that Han Jiang had never seen before. That smile was so very honest and happy, unlike how when in front of him, his smile was always like a mask. Although it was very pretty, it was also false.


Han Jiang’s expression had chilled completely. He knew that he was wildly jealous right now. Even in bed, Yun Jinshu had never given him such a smile, but this man had gained it so easily… Why?


He only felt a great discomfort in his heart, but as to why he was feeling that way, he could not explain in words. Unconsciously, his fingers clenched around the photos, as he tried his best to control himself from destroying them all.


And at this moment, Wen Zeyun seemed to be feeling a little unwell. His brows were tightly furrowed, and he murmured, “Jiangzigege, my… my stomach hurts…”


This was how Wen Zeyun addressed Han Jiang as a kid. He had been like his shadow when young, always tugging on the corner of Han Jiang’s clothes, calling out “Jiangzigege” constantly. It was only when he grew up, did he then become too embarrassed to address him in that manner again, and so dropped the last two syllables.


Now that his address had suddenly changed, Han Jiang momentarily became a little absent-minded. As for Wen Zeyun, it seemed like he was truly feeling unwell, and like a child, he scrambled into his arms. A frown was deeply etched on his forehead, looking as though he was majorly in pain.


Without thinking, Han Jiang lifted his hand, stroking his back. Like when they were young, he soothed his pain. However, the door to the studio happened to open suddenly right then.


A strong light entered, and the figures of two people could vaguely be made out. One of them happened to just glance inside, and immediately turned and left, while another tall and well built man followed behind, speaking loudly, “Jinshu, where are you going? You’re not going to take your phone anymore?”

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