CFSB Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — Enjoying The Hole Night (2)

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“Mr. Han, what position do you like?” Yun Jinshu asked this question deliberately, but he knew very well that in the past, Han Jiang liked it when he rode him like this in the nude, moaning and groaning shamelessly.

Han Jiang gave him a scrutinizing glance. A thought seemed to flash past his dark eyes. His muscular arms wrapped around Yun Jinshu’s waist, and slid down his smooth back all the way before stopping at his buttocks.

“I’ve said it already, call me Han Jiang.”

Yun Jinshu shrugged. “Fine, it’s up to you. But it doesn’t seem like now’s the time to talk about this.”

He lifted his face, taking the lead and kissing Han Jiang’s throat. Since this exchange was going to happen anyway, what was the difference between sleeping with him now and sleeping with him later?

It was still just him spreading his legs and being a whore. It was not as though this was his first time doing so. Yun Jinshu, why the fuck are you being coy now?!

Once he made his decision to just get into it, Yun Jinshu now had a bit more guts as well.  Controlling his fingers that were still trembling slightly, he caressed Han Jiang’s chest. Leaning in, Yun Jinshu kissed him, then, following Han Jiang’s profile, he moved from his neck to his ear, then through his slight stubble and finally kissed his lips.

His lips were warm as usual, a little plump, with straight, neat teeth. According to what old people used to say, these sort of men were magnanimous and kind, and they did not have to worry about handing their daughters to them. However, Yun Jinshu was more aware of the truth than anybody else. Behind this seemingly kind and gentle surface, there lay an extremely unfeeling heart.

They all said that men with thin lips were all fickle. Who would have thought that the ones with thicker lips could not be trusted as well?

In his heart, Yun Jinshu smiled self-mockingly, handing it to himself for being able to think about such matters at this time. As for Han Jiang, he still remained motionless. His black eyes were half-lidded, as though he was enjoying Yun Jinshu’s service while thinking about something.

Yun Jinshu bit his lip lightly, asking quietly, “The person who spent money is actually distracted at this time?”

Han Jiang chuckled, pinching his chin and wiggling it. “I was thinking about how far you would take this.”

This sentence was spoken like a statement, but in Yun Jinshu’s ears, it sounded like a hint.

What Han Jiang meant was that since he had already spent the money, then Yun Jinshu would have to go all the way. Or was he anticipating this private, solo show of shamelessness?

Yun Jinshu curved his lips, finally restraining his anger and stroking Han Jiang’s slightly raised organ. It had long been hard, the vein distinct, and pulsing with strength.

His slender fingers wrapped around the object, carefully fondling it thoroughly. Following the blood vessels and its outline, his hand slid slowly down. Within his palm, the organ twitched a few times, translucent fluids leaking out from the tip. The purplish red member complemented his fair, white fingers very nicely, and the atmosphere heated up in a moment.

Han Jiang looked at him with his eyebrow raised. Without a change in expression, he remained composed and said, “Continue.”

Despite having such an obvious reaction, yet Han Jiang still remained very calm. It inexplicably made Yun Jinshu unhappy, and he desperately wished to just get this over and done with. However, Han Jiang behaved as though he was watching a show. Was he just waiting for him to act like a buffoon before he would do the “favour” of moving on to the main topic?

Yun Jinshu could not help quirking his lips mockingly, yet he could do nothing about it. Since his master had decided to make a fool out of him, then he would just complete his job professionally. After all, that man was the one spending the money and calling the shots.

The movement of his hand sped up a little. When the swollen member was “standing upright”, Yun Jinshu closed his eyes. Using Han Jiang’s shoulders as support, he lifted his body up, and sat down, almost giving himself up to this hopelessness…

The tearing pain that he had imagined did not come. A pair of large, well built hands held onto his waist.

Yun Jinshu opened his eyes in surprise. Raising his head, he looked questioningly at Han Jiang.

With a show of strength, Han Jiang flipped him over and pressed him down onto the soft carpet. His fingers brushed away the drops of sweat that had appeared due to nervousness from Yun Jinshu’s forehead, and he spoke a little wickedly. “I was only teasing you, there’s no need to force yourself.”

Yun Jinshu did not understand what he meant with this sudden change of plan. He only sneered self-mockingly. “Since I’ve already signed the ‘sales contract’, I should fulfil my obligations.”

“Ah.” Han Jiang laughed, nuzzling his cheeks with the tip of his nose. His eyes darkened abruptly. “Jinshu, you’ve misunderstood this. I’m not a john1, nor are you a whore. Although there’s an agreement between us, I’m treating you like a lover. There’s no need to cheapen yourself, or I’ll become angry.”

Yun Jinshu wanted to laugh. However, after opening his mouth, he was unable to smile properly.

As expected, this was the sort of person Han Jiang was. His gentleness was always perfect. Only a second before, he would be wickedly teasing you, and in the end, he would then strike a deadly blow. Using the most earnest method, he would wheedle his way into the softest part of you, making you feel that he was paying attention to everything, considering every aspect. Even as you were being sold, you would still kneel on the ground and be grateful towards him.

“Sorry, I’ve been too blunt. I didn’t know that you don’t like people to take the initiative. In the future, I’ll take note of that,” Yun Jinshu responded politely.

“I’m not joking.” For some reason, Han Jiang was frustrated by Yun Jinshu’s attitude.

He kept feeling like Yun Jinshu should not be someone like this. Despite tonight being the first time they had ever interacted, his stubbornness in treating this matter like business, and even cheapening himself in this manner, made him… very angry.

Han Jiang stared at him, his eyes gleaming. Reaching out, he felt Yun Jinshu’s exposed member. It lay there, dormant, without any reaction. “In truth, you don’t want any of this, right? Why else would there be no reaction at all here? If I really just wanted a release, treating you like a toy, then I have hundreds of ways to restrain you for the entire night. Would you like me to try that on you?”

Yun Jinshu tensed up, his face changing. Han Jiang sighed lightly, ruffling his soft, short hair. “If you know what fear is, then stop talking nonsense. It’s late now, I know you’re tired. Let’s go to sleep.”


Between his thighs, Yun Jinshu could still feel how stiff and hot Han Jiang’s desire was. Despite being in this condition, he was so determined to not do anything? This was completely different from what had happened in his previous life.

“There’s no buts. Close your eyes and sleep.” Han Jiang reached out and covered his eyes. His voice was firm, allowing no room for doubt, yet his attitude was so goddamn gentle.

Full of complicated feelings, Yun Jinshu shut his eyes. He knew that it was highly likely he would be unable to fall asleep the entire night, but he still obediently laid there, motionless, “sleeping” solemnly.

Silence descended upon the room. Only the dripping of water from the bathroom could be heard.

Han Jiang’s warmth was right next to him. Yun Jinshu completely had no idea what sort of expression Han Jiang was making, and what he was thinking. However, despite having his eyes closed, he could feel Han Jiang’s inky black eyes locked entirely onto his own face.

He was like a blank cheetah on guard at night. Even if his figure could not be seen, that intense presence still made Yun Jinshu’s heart pound anxiously.

After a long time, when he was about to fall asleep, there was a slight movement beside him. Han Jiang pulled the blanket away, getting out of bed. With steady and light footsteps, he walked into the bathroom, and the sound of running water could be heard in moments.

Yun Jinshu opened his eyes, staring at the clear glass window of the bathroom in the dark. There was no trace of condensation on the window, revealing exactly how cold the water was.

“Hah.” He sighed lightly, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. It had been hard on Han Jiang, enduring all the way till now before taking a cold shower.

There was completely no similarity between what was going on now and what had happened in the past. Five years ago, on this night, he was rolling about on the sheets passionately with Han Jiang in some manner he did not know, indulging in the sensual pleasure for an entire night and day. Now, when things were once again back to the starting point, Han Jiang had actually become a gentleman. The famous Master Han did not indulge himself in this bedwarmer he had purchased, but instead took a cold shower in the middle of the night to cool his fire. This was truly eye-popping.

The running water finally stopped. Unconsciously, Yun Jinshu closed his eyes and remained on the bed, not moving. A while later, Han Jiang, with his chilled body, pulled the blanket back, climbing into bed and plastering his broad chest against Yun Jinshu. It took nearly all of Yun Jinshu’s efforts for him to not shun him.

At this moment, Han Jiang stroke his hair gently, then wrapped his arms tightly around him before shutting his eyes.

The breathing behind Yun Jinshu gradually steadied. Yun Jinshu opened his eyes, looking at the arms around his waist. Inexplicable, he felt an ache in his heart.

This was Han Jiang’s favourite position. In the past, when the two shared a bed, he liked to plaster himself close to him, and his strong arms would pull Yun Jinshu into his embrace as though he was declaring his ownership over him. Their skin would meld together, not leaving even a gap in between, as though they would be able to hold on to each other this tightly for the rest of their lives.

Despite so, his ending had still been so tragic. In the past, he had boasted that he completely understood Han Jiang and his temperament. However, after his rebirth, he could no longer understand it again.

Exactly how cold of a heart did this gentle person had to have before he could toss out a person who was sleeping next to him for the past five years to his death? You would even have feelings for a dog that had accompanied you for five years, what’s more a person who had blood running through his veins?

The heartless words that Han Jiang had spoken before his death again rang in his ears. Yun Jinshu had a burning desire to turn around this instance and give him two tight slaps, and grieve hysterically.

However, when he thought about this, he again shook his head, as though he was amused. There was no need for a man to scream and cry like a shrew. Anyway, since he was already in this situation, he would take it easy. He would definitely not let Han Jiang off so easily, it was just that the timing was not right yet.

Just like what he would do every day five years ago, Yun Jinshu placed his hands on the back of Han Jiang’s hands. He interlocked their fingers together, as though he was delivering a promise, and he shut his eyes with a smile.

Mn…. Not bad, this could be considered sharing a bed but not sharing their dreams.

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  1. Yun Jinshu’s distrust and cynicism sadden me. He really didn’t have a chance to process what happened to him, let alone grieve. He’s just torturing himself with his memories, and questioning everything he thought he knew. He’s behaving like someone who’s been gaslit, and not knowing who or what to trust. This is like the Rebirth of a Movie Star, with more hurt and distrust.

    I keep wondering if Han Jiang made those statements in YJS’s prior life so that the kidnappers would maybe let him go? Stupid logic, but who knows?

  2. Poor Yun Jinshu. He was so certain of that Scum feelings and now everything has changed. How can he get his revenge If that man doesn’t cooperate?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Why didnt he just start a new life for himself without that scumbag that will betray him sooner or later but i guess he needed the money for his family but the contract has no exact ending time how can he keep his fate in the others hands with this trauma in his heart does he not love himself anymore a life of debts that can be returned gradually is a thousand time better than tormenting yourself like that a life with money but no happiness what is the point of that but i guess it was a one time chance and he thought he might regret in the future

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