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Chapter 8 — I’m Going to be Serious About This For Once

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Yun Jinshu froze, then put on his trademark smile. “Didn’t you have ‘work’ to do? Why did you come at this time?”

Han Jiang had both hands in his pockets. He walked over leisurely, giving Zhao Hanchuan a polite nod. When he turned back to Yun Jinshu, he was like a leopard whose eyes were locked on its prey. “I finished early, and I was worried about you over here so I came by. Who would have thought I’d be able to watch such a splendid performance?”

Yun Jinshu pretended that he did not notice Han Jiang’s profound gaze, and replied lightly. “Han-laoban has given me such honour. Remember to compliment me even more when you get home. Now, first go and sit down by the side, or the great Manager Zhao will explode.”

With a teasing smile, he turned his head to glance at Zhao Hanchuan. He then blinked innocently at Han Jiang, looking just like a cat who had stolen a fish.

Han Jiang laughed aloud, swallowing down all the praises he had ready.

When had this young master ever been silenced like this before? This rejection was like a brush sweeping past his heart, giving a nudge which he was nearly unable to bear, and made him unable to even get angry.

“Sure, I’ll leave first since I’m disturbing all of you. I’ll wait for you in the car, we’ll have lunch together.”

Han Jiang’s smile was very meaningful, emphasising the word “together” heavily. He turned to nod again at Zhao Hanchuan, then left the room, even closing the door considerately.

Yun Jinshu watched him leave, then spoke to Zhao Hanchuan. “I’ve made myself a fool in front of Mr. Zhao. Let’s continue, where were we at just now?”

Zhao Hanchuan looked at him for a very long time before asking, “Han Jiang… and you… You’ve chased him out just like that?”

It would be a lie to say that he was not surprised. Despite being aloof, he was still working in the entertainment industry. It would be difficult for him not to know a top-tier “backer” like Han Jiang.

Previously, he had only known that this newbie had a backer behind him, but he had not expected it to be Han Jiang. Furthermore, Yun Jinshu did not behave like a little lover who was being kept, clinging on tightly to his support, but instead chased him away. It seemed like his position in Young Master Han’s heart was not that simple.

“Eh? Mr. Zhao likes to have people watching when discussing contracts? But there are already so many people watching behind the mirror already… Uhh… It’s not a big problem to have such strange preferences, I’ll go call Han Jiang back for you.”

With one sentence, Yun Jinshu was able to puncture Zhao Hanchuan’s deliberate attempt at embarrassing him. The great Manager Zhao nearly vomited blood in anger, and his face immediately darkened.

Yun Jinshu looked at him as though he was looking at a youth with strange habits. His mouth was tightly closed, afraid that he would laugh accidentally.

He admitted that he had always been a punk who would never let anyone get away with even the smallest grievance they caused him. Han Jiang had made him unhappy in the morning, and so he “accidentally” silenced Han Jiang. Zhao Hanchuan despised him thoroughly, even purposely working with the music accompanist to make a fool out of him. So, he could not help but mock this top-tier manager as well.

At the same time, a roar of laughter came from the room behind the mirror. The president of Starbright Entertainment, Li Ke was slapping the table, laughing till he was suffering from internal injuries. The assistants and music accompanist around him too could not help but laugh.

As Li Ke slapped the table, he wiped his tears, speaking to Han Jiang who was calmly sitting there and drinking his coffee, “Ahh fuck! I’m about to die laughing. Say, Jiang-zi, where did you get such a treasure from? He’s too funny! To be able to make Poker-face Zhao so angry until he vomits blood, he’s definitely talented!”

Han Jiang sipped at his coffee, his lips curving. “He was just improvising. The claws of this little kitten are too sharp, and we’ve only amused you.”

Li Ke clicked his tongue ambiguously, leaning over. “You’ve played with so many little stars, and you’ve at most given them a few million or a few sports cars. This is the only one you’ve sent to me, and even reminding me repeatedly, afraid that I won’t sign him on. How come you seem to be so serious this time?”

The expression on Han Jiang’s face did not change. He stirred his coffee for a moment before smiling, “Maybe. When the time is right, I’ll probably officially introduce him to all of you.”

Li Ke nearly fell from his chair in shock. “What?! Haven’t you always never involved yourself seriously in any of your relationships? T-t-this time, you’ve decided to be serious?! How long have you two even known each other?”

“Strictly speaking, it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet.”

“Fuck, what sort of rocket speed is this?! Fine, I admit this little star is pretty good-looking, and looking at his performance just now, he would definitely become very famous. But you should just have your fun and not take it seriously, or your Commissar father is bound to chop your dick off!”

“Hah, he’s waiting for me to continue the Han family line. How could he bear to do that?”

“Then why are you becoming so serious about this little star?”

Han Jiang’s eyes suddenly darkened, and amusement curled around his lips as though he suddenly recalled something. “Li Ke, I’m a through and through homosexual. Although my family doesn’t know it now, but they have to accept it sooner or later. If I let them know in advance the presence of Yun Jinshu, it’ll be good to give them time to get used to it.”

Li Ke paused, understanding the underlying meaning of Han Jiang’s words. He became solemn, “Have you thought this through properly? This can’t be treated like a joke. What plans do you have for the future?”

“Mn, we’ll take it one step at a time. This Yun Jinshu is really suited to my taste. If everything goes well… heh, it’ll probably be him.” Han Jiang looked at Yun Jinshu through the mirror, a contemplative smile on his lips.

Li Ke raised his hands in resignation. “Sure sure, quick, stop looking at him like a beast about to devour its prey. I’m getting goosebumps.”

Han Jiang laughed lightly. “Then I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Jinshu.”

“Hah, is there even a need to trouble me? Didn’t you see the look in Poker-face Zhao’s eyes after your little darling finished his dance? Although this person is very picky, he would definitely not let go of anything good. He’s most likely going to sign this Yun Jinshu on.”

Just as he finished speaking, they saw Yun Jinshu standing up and shaking Zhao Hanchuan’s hand, leaving the room with delight on his face.

Han Jiang picked up his coat and left, leaving Li Ke shouting behind him. “Bastard! I haven’t even finished talking to you, can’t you just walk a bit slower?!”


The moment he stepped outside of Starbright Entertainment, a black Lotus stopped right in front of Yun Jinshu. The window wound down, and Han Jiang waved at him. “Get on.”

Yun Jinshu opened the door to the passenger seat and sat down, glancing at Han Jiang with a smile. “I’ve made Han-laoban a chauffeur, what an enormous pressure.”

Amusement lit up in Han Jiang’s eyes. He suddenly leaned over, and his straight, handsome nose was almost plastered to Yun Jinshu’s earlobe. Yun Jinshu froze, swallowing down all the teasing words he was about to say. Suddenly recalling how Han Jiang was looking at him in the room, his body ached, and tingles ran through him.

“What… do you want?”

Han Jiang did not speak, only raising a brow. Wickedly, he leaned in even closer, and his slightly plump lips exhaled warm air onto the back of Yun Jinshu’s ear, his arm reaching out, seemingly about to undo his shirt buttons…

Yun Jinshu wanted to reach out and stop him, but when he suddenly remembered about their awkward relationship, his hand stopped in midair.

If Han Jiang was in the mood, insisting on making the car shake and vibrate right at the entrance of Starbright, Yun Jinshu had no way of stopping him.

Resisting was for fun, while surrendering was his duty.

Yun Jinshu’s face paled, his eyelashes fluttering a little. He sat there, waiting for Han Jiang’s next move.

In the end, Han Jiang’s hand only reached out further to grab the seatbelt, putting it on for him. He even considerately straightened his slightly messy collar.

“Hey, it’s time to open your eyes.” Han Jiang composedly leaned back onto his seat, his eyes full of jest.

Yun Jinshu’s heart pounded fiercely for a short moment, his palms sweaty. However, he still smiled, “Han-laoban, you’re up to mischief.”

“Am I?” Han Jiang feigned innocence, cocking his brow. Leaning into Yun Jinshu’s ear, he whispered, “You seem a little disappointed that nothing has happened?”

Yun Jinshu played along, joking, “Yes, I was ready for us to bare ourselves to each other, but in the end, despite my wishes, things didn’t go as expected. My delight was in vain.”

Han Jiang saw how Yun Jinshu naturally resolved his embarrassment, as though his abashment was a figment of his imagination. The amusement around his lips deepened further.

“Hah, baring ourselves to each other is barely enough.”

“Master, you sure have many requests. I’ve already been so dedicated, but you’re still so picky.” Yun Jinshu glanced at him, his eyes full of scorn.

Han Jiang laughed. He had wanted to tease this little fellow who had spoken recklessly to him in front of others, but in the end, he seemed to be the one being teased?

He could not help but pinch Yun Jinshu’s ear, sighing amusedly, “You little punk.”

The black Lotus shot forward like an arrow, leaving a trail of dust behind it. Sitting in the passenger seat, Yun Jinshu shut his eyes.

The first round, a narrow victory.

“Was your discussions with Zhao Hanchuan about the contract successful?”

Han Jiang stopped the car at the red light, turning around to ask Yun Jinshu next to him.

Closing the magazine, Yun Jinshu nodded. “Mn. Although he still doesn’t like me, there was still a satisfactory conclusion. From now on, I can also be considered a part of Starbright. I have to thank you for this.”

“It’s due to your wonderful performance. Your dance today was very impressive, and it didn’t lose out to professional dancers. However, I didn’t seem to have heard that you’ve learnt dancing before?”

The corners of Yun Jinshu’s lips curved up. He wondered, when had this Young Master Han ever shown real concern for him? He had only glanced through the information provided by his subordinates, and so how would he know about anything else?

“I didn’t study dance, it’s only a hobby of mine, and I picked it up for fun. I had originally dreamed of opening a dance studio after graduation, but…”

Yun Jinshu smiled and did not continue, but Han Jiang already guessed what happened later.

He was once a carefree child, but just before his graduation, he found out that his family’s company was bankrupt, and his father ran away owing money to the loan sharks. His mother had passed away after falling ill, and his younger brother was too small and did not know anything. All responsibilities had fallen on him alone.

To return the debt, he had no choice but to give up on his dreams, and chose to walk down the murky path of the entertainment industry.

If all these had not happened, Yun Jinshu would now probably have already been a little boss of a dance studio somewhere, happily teaching a group of little children how to dance. He would have married a gentle wife, had a fat and adorable child, and lived his life in peace and bliss. In his entire life, he would probably have had nothing to do with Han Jiang.

Thinking about this possibility, Han Jiang suddenly felt a bit of discomfort in his heart, as though something had been shoved into his chest, and it was expanding. He did not understand why he would feel this way, but there was a vague sense of delight within him.

Fortunately, a hypothetical situation was still a hypothetical situation. Now, Yun Jinshu could no longer return to what he once was, and he could only remain by his side.

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