CT Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 (NSFW)

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Struggling to free his rationality from the dark, it was not long before Sui Yi could not help falling into another foreign dreamland.


Ning Lan had finally managed to extract himself from Sui Yi’s hold. He then turned his body around, facing Sui Yi as he sat on his tensed thighs. With a hand on Sui Yi’s shoulder, Ning Lan slipped a hand downwards, grabbing accurately at that thing that had been hard for quite some time.


With what was left of his rationality, Sui Yi pushed the person on top of him. “What are you doing?”


Ning Lan smiled again, his long, slender fingers caressing an object whose heat could be felt through various layers of clothes. “This should be something I should be asking you, right? Lead, why are you getting hard?”


Both a heat and the scent of alcohol wafted in the air surrounding them. In the dark, one’s senses towards sounds and scents were extremely amplified. Sui Yi could even hear the slight lilt at the end of Ning Lan’s question, as well as his own, urgent, pounding heartbeat.


He consoled himself, that this was definitely the result of alcohol.


However, he was unable to remain indifferent towards Ning Lan’s provocation. Placing his hand on Ning Lan’s thin, flexible waist, he could neither grab nor push it.


Ning Lan’s grip was very tight, the speed of his action gradually increasing. Sui Yi endured, forcing himself to not let any sound escape his throat, but Ning Lan was panting heavily, twisting his body about as he moved his hand, and soft, clinging moans slipped out from between his lips.


Sui Yi thought, Ning Lan must have been used to doing this sort of thing, or how else could he be so lewd?


Feeling that bulging thing growing larger because of his actions, Ning Lan’s eyes fell half-lidded with a sense of achievement. He curled his fingers, groping for the zip, and reached out an arm to pull Sui Yi’s hand and placed it on his buttock. Gasping, he said, half-commanding and half-coquettish, “Hold onto me… I’m going to fall.”


As Sui Yi saw for himself how that pair of dewy, hazy eyes were clouded with a seductive pleasure, his brain fizzed out, and his last shred of rationality was completely gone. Increasing the strength in his hand, he grabbed onto the half of Ning Lan’s perky, round buttocks. Through his clothes, his fingers dug deeply into the flesh.


Ning Lan had just undid Sui Yi’s zipper, and became flustered upon Sui Yi’s crude and boorish action. His slightly cool fingers slipped into the edges of Sui Yi’s underwear, and without any pause, he grabbed onto that alarmingly heated organ.


“It’s so big…” Ning Lan licked his lips, exclaiming.


His dazed and yearning expression made Sui Yi vaguely feel that Ning Lan saw him as someone else.


Just like how, through Ning Lan, Sui Yi was looking at someone whom he would never, could never touch.


The two of them were surrounded by the tranquil darkness, neither able to see the other. Even if they were really insane, or possessed, no one would know a thing.


Ning Lan’s temperature ran cooler, and snuggling up to Sui Yi’s heated body gave him a sense of security. The warmth spread from his palm towards his limbs, and he could not help but release a mewl. Leaning over Sui Yi’s shoulder, he whispered, “Does it feel good for you?”


Sui Yi’s lips tightened, but the rapid breaths from his nose and the groans from his throat that could not be suppressed had already betrayed his emotions completely.


Not getting a response, Ning Lan seemed to not be very happy. He stopped what his hand was doing, supported himself on Sui Yi’s shoulders and stood up. However, his legs buckled, and he nearly fell back down again. Sui Yi had long been used to how Ning Lan’s feet were always so unsteady, and reflexively supported Ning Lan by holding onto his waist.


With how Sui Yi was touching him, Ning Lan felt as though his entire body was melting. The entire day, he had been completely distracted due to this pair of hands. Now, unable to see Sui Yi’s expression, it was as though Ning Lan had been given a natural excuse to allow himself to do whatever he wanted.


Slowly, he crouched down, his deft fingers undoing the buttons of Sui Yi’s loosely-fitted shirt, stroking about Sui Yi’s abdomen that was tensed up either due to his desire or nervousness. Occasionally, he would press lightly with the tips of his fingers, or smooth the lines of his muscles with his palms.


Ning Lan’s fingers were not as tender and smooth as his face. However, it was because of the fine lines and calluses that made it seem as though the fingers left burning trails along Sui Yi’s skin.


“So it turns out you like being touched here.”


This position made it such that Sui Yi could not see Ning Lan’s expression at all. However, he was certain that Ning Lan was smiling when he said that.


Ning Lan’s hands continuously moved upwards, finally touching the pecs that he had been drooling over for so long. After touching his fill, his fingers lingered gently on the edges of the muscles. As he was about to pull his hands away, his wrist was suddenly caught by Sui Yi.


Sui Yi continued holding onto Ning Lan just like that, neither moving nor speaking. His chest heaved violently, like a beast in the dark, demanding for its prey.


Ning Lan knew that he had not had enough, and could not help but laugh. “Alright, alright, just let go first, I’ll make you feel good.”


Under such an irresistible temptation, Sui Yi relaxed his hold.


Using both his hands to hold onto Sui Yi’s bulging erection, Ning Lan bent his head downwards.


Sui Yi felt that that rebellious organ of his was entering somewhere soft and wet. First, it was the tip, and his shaft too was slowly enveloped in that warmth. Within that warmth, there was a nimble little muscle working its way along his skin, twisting and prodding.


This was Ning Lan’s first time doing something like that. Half-guessing and half-experimenting, with great difficulty, he swallowed down the enormous organ situated at Sui Yi’s crotch, thinking that he had greatly underestimated this task. His mouth was small and rather delicate, and to swallow down Sui Yi’s thing already took him a lot of effort, and yet he still had to make sure that his teeth did not come in contact with that organ. It was truly an arduous, thankless task.


Still, he did not know how good the person who was being pleasured felt at that moment.


Sui Yi had hit puberty early. Due to having a lack of desire for any sexual activity, the number of times he had masturbated in his life could be counted with one hand. As such, he had never known that this sort of thing would feel so good.


It felt so good that all he wanted was to thrust his entire organ into Ning Lan’s mouth.


Everything about this night was already out of control, it was nothing to go overboard a little more.


In any case, things were already like this.


Holding onto that thick shaft, Ning Lan buried his head into Sui Yi’s crotch, working hard. He sucked, he licked, he swallowed, and it was so exhausting that his cheeks even turned numb. Yet, this thing only grew larger, and it seemed to have no intentions of ejaculating.


His tongue slid up and down the organ, licking it all over. Just before he was about to slide his mouth over the shaft again, he grumbled, “It’s so tiring, why aren’t you coming yet?”


Before his words could fade away, he heard the panting above him suddenly becoming heavier.


Abruptly, Sui Yi used his right hand and pressed against the back of Ning Lan’s head, thrusting his extremely swollen member into that warm, wet little mouth.


“Ahh…” There was time for Ning Lan to cry out only once, before he was made to swiftly swallow down that torturous organ by Sui Yi’s action. Although he was unable to take the entire thing in, with the added force, it was evident that it had gone in deeper than before.


Ning Lan was feeling extremely conflicted. Poised between discomfort and pleasure, he took the initiative to speed up as well. From Sui Yi’s angle, all he could see was the top of Ning Lan’s head bobbing up and down along with his own breathlessness.


The final suppressed moan was almost roared out, and the pleasure of the release spun Sui Yi’s head.


Ning Lan had no time to pull away, and the warm, thick fluids spattered across his face. Exhausted, he sat back downwards, his hands falling back down to the carpet and supporting him up.


That ray of light coming in from the crack between the door and its frame shone over again. Sui Yi could very clearly see his own bodily fluids on Ning Lan’s face slowly dripping down towards the corner of his mouth.


Curling his tongue, Ning Lan scooped a drop into his mouth, then beamed. The wetness in the corners of his eyes gleamed in the minimal light.


“It felt good, right?”


The lively celebratory dinner only concluded in the wee hours of the night.


The ones who were completely drunk were hauled up the cars, driven away by those who did not drink. AOW was completely annihilated, and it was fortunate that the driver who drove their usual vehicle did not drink, diligently sending the youths back to their dorm.


Sui Yi and Ning Lan were now the only two who were sober.


The two of them worked together, carrying their four unconscious group members into their room. Sui Yi settled Gu Chenkai down, looking up to see Ning Lan yawning tiredly, looking as though he could fall asleep any moment. He had no intentions of staying in this room, and after mumbling a goodnight, he gave a stretch of his body and left.


The next morning, the two sober people met in the bathroom. Ning Lan was brushing his teeth, and his eyes met Sui Yi’s in the mirror. In less than half a second, he averted his gaze, giving a muffled good morning with his toothbrush in his mouth.


Sui Yi had just come back from a run, and his face was covered with sweat. Turning on the tap, he soaked his towel under the water. Ning Lan was also washing his face, scooping up the running water and splashing it onto himself. At this moment, there was barely a hint of any redness on his cheeks, and even the colour of the corners of his eyes was pale, completely different from his seductive look of yesterday.


No one ever spoke of that matter again.


Sometimes, Sui Yi even wondered if it had been a bizarre wet dream.


The distinctive sounds were still in his ears, the softness seemed to still be at his fingertips, but why could the other party be so calm, as though nothing had ever happened?


The matter of Ning Lan replacing Fang Yu and dancing the couple dance with Sui Yi had exploded among the fans on Weibo on the night of the showcase. It went on for quite a number of days, never abating. This was the first time Ning Lan’s name had appeared on the first page of the topic of AOW on Weibo, and eighty percent of the comments about him were scolding him, fifteen percent were showing concern for him, and the rest of the five percent were teasing.


Mountain Flower CP fans — Can you just go away? You think you can replace my flower’s position? Twisting your hips like a slut to seduce Lead, you’re really shameless!


Persevering and mediating fans — This is clearly the company’s arrangement, everyone, be a little bit more rational. The seven members of AOW should advance together, don’t raise one up only to shoot another one down.


The extremely small, tiny group of Ning Lan’s fans — Forget it, you think our Bubble Lan wishes to dance this sort of dance in the first place? If not, let your own idol do it, it’ll definitely be an eyesore!


Passersby — It’s quite nice, there’s nothing jarring about the dance at all. Even girls would regret that they can’t dance so well.


Cross-legged, Ning Lan sat on the floor of the training studio, scrolling through the comments. Afraid that he would not be able to endure the hurtful words, Wang Bingyang half-jokingly consoled him, “Any publicity is good publicity, right? It’s better than not being talked about, haha.”


Smiling, Ning Lan nodded in agreement. After he finished looking through the comments, he gulped down all the water in the bottle, standing up and bouncing on the spot a couple of times. Looking in the mirror, he touched his arms and legs. “How do I even look like a girl… Ai, I’ll eat an additional bowl of rice for lunch.”


Those offensive comments seemed to have been filtered out, and completely could not affect him.


While feeling relieved that Ning Lan could endure the pressure, at the same time, Sui Yi felt an inexplicable annoyance.


To someone like Ning Lan, that night could also be something that was easily forgotten, right?

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