FOYO Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

This east wind brought with it a sense of vitality. As the wind blew, the presence of spring could be felt.
However, Fang Yuhang did not feel a sense of vitality at all.
He pulled his clothes tightly around him, his heart feeling as though it had dropped into an icy vault.

He broke up, he broke up with Nan Cheng.
They had been dating for six years, and broke up today.
Because Nan Cheng’s ex-boyfriend was here.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. The call was from Nan Cheng.
Fang Yuhang accepted the call. Could Nan Cheng be regretting it?!

A flurry of confusion could be heard over the line.
“Nan Cheng, I think I should go,”
“Why are you leaving? Have a meal first, you can leave tomorrow.”
“Your little boyfriend is angry already.”
“Don’t lower yourself to his level, he’s just immature.”

After that, Nan Cheng’s voice sounded. “Xiao Hang,”

Fang Yuhang sniffed, “Fuck off! You called me just to get me to listen to your livestream, both of you can get lost! Don’t disturb me again, let’s break up! Have a good life with that whore of your ex-boyfriend! Scram!”

Nan Cheng’s voice lowered, but his anger could be heard, “What are you saying, Cheng Yu isn’t —”

“Fine, he isn’t! I am! I sold you my ass for the past six years, have you fucking paid it yet?!!” Fang Yuhang took a few deep breaths, desperately trying to hold back his tears. “Enough, I won’t let you foot the bill anymore! Don’t contact me again, we’re breaking up.”

He hung up the phone and added that number into his blacklist. All his actions were completed as he trembled, and even his voice was trembling. He could not longer hold it back, his tears flowing down his face the moment he hung up.Standing on the street, he started crying, without the strength to even wipe his tears.
Crying so unreservedly, as people walked by, they all turned their heads towards him.

“What are you looking at, never seen a person cry before?!” Fang Yuhang roared, wiping his tears with his sleeve and walked off.
He walked aimlessly, after about seven or eight turns, he stopped at an unfamiliar crossroad, realising something.
Now, he was homeless.

In the myriad of twinkling lights, he was alone. Fang Yuhang crouched under a lamp post, and gave Ji Fan a call.


“Hey, Xiao Hang.”

Having his heart frozen for so long, to suddenly hear this Tianjin accented voice of Ji Fan, he felt warmed by it. However, this fellow’s words made his heart cool down again.
“Hey, Xiao Hang. Did you say that you were going to celebrate some anniversary with that man of yours? The night is short, why are you calling me?”

He answered lightly, “We broke up.”

Ji Fan did not treat it seriously, “Why did you guys break up again? Do you have to break up at least seventy or eighty times this year before you’ll stop? Didn’t you guys just break up last week? How come you broke up again this week?”

He bit his lip, remaining silent.

Ji Fan chattered on, “Every time you guys argue you’ll come over to my place, and before your seat even warms up, you’ll be brought away. Why is it that each time you guys fight, I’m the one that’s troubled! @#¥%&*……”

Over here, Fang Yuhang was still keeping quiet and wiping at his tears. He had a quirk, in front of strangers, he could cry all he like, but in front of his friends, he would never cry. For some reason, he had to let everyone know. At the start, he was the one chasing Nan Cheng, now he was also the one to kick Nan Cheng away. Since he was the one who initiated the break up, why should he cry!

Once he was done chattering on, Ji Fan discovered that the other person on the end of the line was not speaking. Didn’t he use to be very good at interrupting?

“You really — broke up?”


“Then — staying over at my place?”


“Then — I’ll go pick you up?”


Ji Fan hung up, cursing gloomily. “Fuck! Am I a busy little bee or what? I still have to be the mediator for the two of you every day! Fucking hell, I’m still single!”

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  1. I think it isn’t right to tell to other people your lover’s shortcoming though. Tsk tsk. This ML also has his mistake.

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