FOYO Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

How did it feel to be downhearted? It was when Fang Yuhang could not feel any warmth despite huddling under a blanket.

Previously, whenever he threw a tantrum, Nan Cheng would always come and bring him back. Even if he went to Ji Fan’s place, he would also appear within ten minutes.

Today, however, his man would probably never come again.

Fan Yuhang fell drowsily into his sleep.

The next day, Nan Cheng still did not give him a call.

His hair in a mess, Ji Fan came out from his bedroom, “You guys haven’t made up?!”

With his swollen eyes, Fang Yuhang replied, “I’ve already said we’ve broken up, broken up! Why would we make up!”

Ji Fan scratched at his head, he went back to his room, then brought him an application form.

“What’s this?” Fang Yuhang held onto a stack of papers.

“Do you still remember? Our station has a program, it’s called, “Are You The One”.” Ji Fan spoke mysteriously.

“What’s that got to do with me?!” Fang Yuhang again collapsed onto the sofa, falling into a daze.

“Participate and find a date!” 

“I’m gay, how would I date the female guests?!” Fang Yuhang was dumbfounded.

“You can just switch off your light.” Ji Fan spread his hands out, this was such an easy thing!

“Then why would I participate?!” Fang Yuhang threw Ji Fan a disdainful look.

“You’re participating just for show. A few days ago, one of the male guests got married, and his wife did not allow him to continue on the show again. We happen to have a lack of guests this season.”

“He’s already married, why does he still want to participate? Looking for trouble out of nowhere, just like Nan Cheng that bastard!” Upon mentioning Nan Cheng, Fang Yuhang flew into a rage again.

“You think it’s easy to find a rich, tall and handsome male guest! It’s all packaged by us! To push up ratings!”


“It’s up to you. Anyway, we’ll definitely be able to fill up the slow. I wanted you to come because I can schedule you for tomorrow, and tomorrow happens to be the start of our season. If you come, I’ll sweet-talk Nan Cheng into watching the show. You should perform well on the stage, and frustrate him to death!”

“For all you know, he’s enjoying himself at this moment! Frustrating him to death?! I’m afraid, I’ll be the one frustrated to death!”

“Then forget it, I’ll just go look for someone else.” Ji Fan looked like he was about to take the application form back.

“Don’t,” Fang Yuhang stared at that application form. “You, can really make him watch this episode?”

“Listen to me, I definitely have a way! Let’s frustrate him to death.” Ji Fan was full of confidence.

Fang Yuhang was really frightened by Ji Fan’s baseless confidence.

That application form was also only a formality. He carelessly filled it up, and passed it over to Ji Fan. “For my background, don’t introduce me as some overbearing CEO or some rich man’s son, just an artistic youth would be fine.”

Ji Fan gave him an “ok” sign.

Author’s Note:
This story is completely fictional.

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    “It’s up to you. Anyway, we’ll definitely be able to fill up the slow.

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