FOYO Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

After Fang Yuhang went onto the show, he felt as though he had fell into a trap laid by his friend. Other than hitting the button, there was pretty much nothing else for him to do. He might else well have spent his time drinking.

He looked at his phone.
Since last night till now, Nan Cheng had not contacted him at all.
Was he even watching this show?
After he watched this show, would he still continue ignoring him?!

It was already the fourth female guest’s turn on stage.
“I’ll like to direct the question at number 14.”

Fang Yuhang was hugging his own chest in a daze, and did not notice the number 14 card on his chest.

“I’ll like to direct my question at number 14.”

Fang Yuhang only reacted after he received a nudge from guest number 15. “Oh, please go ahead.”

“Is number 14 always so inattentive to girls?”

Fang Yuhang replied seriously, “Yes, I’m unable to pay girls any attention.”

The audience off the stage was in an uproar, they were starting to doubt Fang Yuhang’s character as a person.

The expression of the fourth female guest turned cold, going on stage, she put out his light, and then successfully walked off hand in hand with number 15 next to him.

Fang Yuhang finally registered that in his daze, he had forgotten to switch off his light.

After the male guest number 15 left the stage, according to the show, another male guest would have to replace him.

As per normal, the host started whetting the audience’s appetites.

Fang Yuhang pulled a long face, his appetite was completely not whetted at all.

After the suspenseful music played and a few colourful spotlights focused on a spot, male guest number 15 walked onto the stage from an ascending platform.

The girls off-stage started screaming, “Wow! So handsome—”

Fang Yuhang’s eyes were about to fall out, he was sure that this time, he had completely fallen from Ji Fan’s trap.

With everyone’s eyes on him, male guest number 15 walked towards his position with the aura of a superstar.

He reached out a friendly hand to Fang Yuhang, “Hello.”

Fang Yuhang’s face drooped, “Hello my ass! Nan Cheng, are you crazy!”

Nan Cheng asked in reply, “What about you?!”

Fang Yuhang had a resigned expression, “I’m definitely crazy!”

“If you’re crazy, I’ll be crazy with you.”

Fang Yuhang scolded silently, crazy your ass! Did you plan this with Ji Fan behind my back! You guys are working together to kill me in anger!

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