FOYO Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Clearly, the new male guest was more attractive to the female guests and the audience.

Especially Nan Cheng, he looked both gentlemanly and kind, while spreading his pheromones everywhere.

He had became the focus of the entire crowd. The next four rounds, all questions from the female guests were all to do with him.

Fang Yuhang shot Nan Cheng a disdainful look, then secretly texted Ji Fan: Are you crazy!

Ji Fan: Uhh… I thought that this could…

Fang Yuhang: This could what! You set a fucking trap for me!

Ji Fan: That this… could increase the show’s ratings…

Fang Yuhang: Fuck off!

Fang Yuhang tried to ignore Nan Cheng.
Now, Nan Cheng was interacting with female guest number 8. He could only standby and observe in jealousy.

Female guest number 8 suddenly turned her focus towards Fang Yuhang. “Does number 14 have some issues with number 15? Your expression towards number 15 is a little unfriendly.”

Fang Yuhang was a little startled, “Umm, uhh, this, ah…”
Should he let Nan Cheng be disgraced to vent his anger?!
No! No matter what, Nan Cheng used to be his man.
To let his ex be disgraced, did that not mean he himself was disgraced too?!
He definitely could not be disgraced in front of the entire country!
Picking up the mic, he replied. “Number 15 is a very good person, we’re friends, there’s no issues between us.”

Female guest number 8 asked again, “After looking at the interests of number 15, I feel that number 15 has a little of that alpha male instincts. Actually, I don’t really like guys with alpha male instincts, they always like to decide on things on other people’s behalf.”

Fang Yuhang recalled the image of Nan Cheng cooking at home in an apron. He coughed a couple of times, and told the truth, “Actually, actually number 15, he doesn’t really have the alpha…”

Nan Cheng picked up the mic and interrupted his stammering. “The female guest is correct. I usually won’t discuss anything with my other half. If I’ve arranged everything, then the other half won’t have to worry about anything.”

Fang Yuhang’s rage was about to explode, something must have been wrong with his head to have complimented Nan Cheng just now!

“So, does that mean that you’ve reconciled with your ex, arranged for everything, then, your current partner doesn’t have to know anything?! Like that, you can openly cheat on them?!”

The audience went into an uproar.

Female guest 8 spoke up, “Number 15 has cheated before?! How does number 14 know about it?!”

Fang Yuhang gritted, “Because, the one dating number 15 is m— my sister!”

Female guest 8: “Your information states that you’re an only child.”

Fang Yuhang was furious, “She’s my cousin.”

Female guest 8: “So, this means that number 15 has cheated before?”

Everyone in the country watching the show at the moment started preparing their popcorn.

Having started to lose control of the atmosphere, the host muted his mic and asked the director, “This is starting to deviate from our original direction! Should we halt the live show?”
Director: “Don’t do anything! The ratings are increasing!”
Host: “Then what should I do? Should I say something?”
Director: “Just hand the stage over to them, you can just watch by the side!”
“Oh…” The host helplessly walked to the side, handing the stage over to the three guests, and started watching the show as well.

Nan Cheng replied the female guest, but his stare was directed at Fang Yuhang, “You think I cheated?”

Fang Yuhang turned his head away, “If you were in my shoes, what do you think?!”

Nan Cheng continued looking at him, “I didn’t cheat!”

Hearing that, Fang Yuhang was a little relieved. While arguing and fussing with Nan Cheng, all he wanted was to hear an explanation. He also did not want to leave him. But this explanation came too late! It was unable to suppress his rage!

“Then, when your current partner ran out, why didn’t you chase after him! You just let your ex stay openly in your place?! When your current partner went over to stay at his friend’s place, why didn’t you go over and bring him back!” Fang Yuhang’s voice rose in volume, the agitation clearly heard in it. He sobbed, “You didn’t use to be like that!”
(T/N: In Chinese, the pronouns for him and her, she and he, sound the same. The audience thinks FYH is talking about a girl, when he’s actually talking about himself.)

Nan Cheng’s brow creased, his eyes filled with tenderness. He spoke sincerely into the mic, “I’ve dated him for six years, this is the 373rd time he has said he wanted to break up with me.”

Fang Yuhang’s eyes were already filled with tears, “What the hell! Hasn’t he treated you well at all?”

Nan Cheng replied gently, “He’s very good to me, extremely good to me. In this life, I don’t ever want to leave him.”
“I’m from a single-parent family. Because of spousal abuse, my parents got divorced, and my mother has taken care of me from young. My mother had passed away when I was in high school, and the person to shine a light through the darkness enveloping me was my ex. However, for various reasons, I broke up with him.”
“I had thought I would never be able to walk out from the dark again. Until I met him. He was willing to accompany in the dark, and slowly pulled me out from it. Because of him, I then knew that dating someone could bring about such warmth.”

Female guest 8: “A tragic background can’t hide the fact that you cheated…”

Fang Yuhang had already turned his back to the audience, and removed his mic. His memories with Nan Cheng, scene by scene they played in his head, forcing the tears down his cheeks. “Bastard! Don’t find excuses for your cheating.”

Nan Cheng continued, “In my life with him, breaking up had become part of our routine. During our 1st year, we broke up 143 times, our 2nd year, we broke up 97 times, our 3rd year, 82 times, our 4th year, 37 times, our 5th year, 12 times. This year is our 6th year, we’ve broke up twice. This is our 2nd time.”

Fang Yuhang desperately held back his urge to slap him, “Do you have to hold such grudges!”

Nan Cheng still continued, “The 1st time we broke up, it was because when he came back after spending the new year with his family, I didn’t go and pick him up.”
“The 2nd time we broke up was because I didn’t buy the action figure that he liked.”
“The 3rd time was because…”
Fang Yuhang threw him a punch, causing the mic on him to fall off. “You only know how to bear grudges, I was only joking! Tell me! When did I break up with you?! When!!”

Nan Cheng’s heart ached deeply for him, allowing him to hit him non-stop. He did not defend against him, only reaching out to pull him into his arms.
“But each time you said you wanted to break up, I was always serious about it. Each time you mentioned you wanted to break up, I’ll remember them all, remember what you didn’t like about me, and I’ll change it. I’ve already made 372 changes, now I’m trying to change the 373rd one!”
“I shouldn’t have such alpha male instincts, and shouldn’t have disregarded your feelings and bring Cheng Yu back to our place. This time, Cheng Yu came was because of his boyfriend. After being together for a year, his boyfriend started abusing him. Just like me, Cheng Yu’s from a single-parent family… He…”

Fang Yuhang was taken aback. He was not an unreasonable person. He knew that with Nan Cheng’s experience, family abuse was his trigger.
Even if the person looking for his help had nothing to do with him, as long as it was because of family violence, Nan Cheng would stick his oar into it. This time, it was Cheng Yu looking for help, and he was someone who had once gave him warmth.
Even though he was concerned for him, Fang Yuhang still felt a grievance within him. “Why didn’t you just tell me earlier! Am I so petty?!”

“… Uhh…”

Rubbing his eyes, Fang Yuhang muttered, “Fine, I’m petty, I like getting jealous. Couldn’t you have just let me know earlier, so that I could be prepared?”

Nan Cheng embraced him, “Things happened too quickly, Cheng Yu’s boyfriend had been looking for him. After you left, his boyfriend arrived. Now, we’ve already reported it to the police.”

Fang Yuhang clasped onto Nan Cheng’s hand, “Cheng Yu’s boyfriend is so disgusting! So, is he alright now?”

Nan Cheng hugged him tightly. “What about you? Are you ok? I called you so many times while at the police station, but your phone was always switched off.”

Fang Yuhang mumbled, “I was angry, of course I would have switched my phone off!”

Nan Cheng caressed his back, “So, can you forgive me? Next time, just tell me which part of me you don’t like, and I’ll change! However, I really don’t want to hear the words break up again.”
He pulled Fang Yuhang’s hand and placed it to the left of his chest, “Hear this, it hurts over here.”

Fang Yuhang sniffled, holding onto Nan Cheng’s hand. “Dummy! Can you also forgive me, I’ll never say I want to break up again.”

Nan Cheng smiled, warmth gradually returning to him. He pinched at Fang Yuhang’s palm, “Let’s go, and stop performing a live show here.”

Fang Yuhang took a little inhale, somewhat shy. “Can we go?! There’s so many people watching.”

“Ji Fan says we can.”

“Then ok, let’s stop hindering other people’s dates and leave quickly.”

Clinging onto each other, they both left the stage.

All the spectators eating popcorn across the country were left confused.
“So… male guest 14 is with male guest 15?!”
“So, this show is over just like that???? (Confusedblackguy.jpg)”
“100 marks for this drama!”
“Why didn’t they put another mic on them, I watched such a long silent film!”
“I think I was just force-fed a bunch of PDA…”

Host: “You guys still owe the audience a kiss~”
The director was very emotional. “Camera 15, zoom in, zoom in! Music! Music! Host, maintain the atmosphere! The ratings are going up…”

The host improvised, “Congratulations to male guest 14 and male guest 15 for successfully coming together! The show will now present you with a 7-day trip to Sanya sponsored by XXXX! Congratulations to the both of you!!!”

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  1. Ohhh, so that’s how was it. 373 times! Fang Yuhang is so extreme!

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  2. Did he give him a chance? His phone was switched off and he had to deal with the abusive ex, reporting to the police and trying to call MC the whole night. Friend Ji could’ve told him if he received any texts but ML might not have wanted to inconvenience him late night.

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  3. MC is a rational person. He even pitied the ex thereafter. If only Nan Cheng clarified everything to him first before Nan Cheng arranged everything. Yet Nan Cheng didn’t. Nan Cheng is really an alpha-ish man. He thinks he is doing the right thing. Yes, he empathize with his ex. But he could have at least notified MC first – the reason of their meal with the ex, and there will be an arrangement. Not this unpleasant surprise he will give MC. So it is just right for MC to break up with him. Nan Cheng should need to learn more on how to be in a relationship. First rule: consult your other half first. Second, give your other half security and assurance so that they won’t feel insecure of everything – including the ex, and wouldn’t easily gets jealous. Man. I am single here, NBSB. Geez, Nan Cheng. And this is MC’s first relationship. Of course MC would be lost in their relationship. He had given his best, consideration and everything. Yet he just gets more insecure and jealous as time goes on. Ai. *sigh smh

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