FOYO Chapter 8 (End)

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Chapter 8

The air outdoors was a lot better than the air indoors. The two people strolled along the footbridge.
Without the spotlight, dressed in a suit, Nan Cheng looked a lot more approachable.

Turning around, Fang Yuhang wiped all his tears and snot onto Nan Cheng’s new clothes.
“I think it’s very unfair that Ji Fan gave you the role of an overbearing CEO while he gave me the role of a bitter, artistic youth.”

“Wasn’t it by your request?” 

“Does that mean you requested to be an overbearing CEO?”

“Yeah, I wanted to try it out.” Nan Cheng spoke as though deep in thought.

“Bullshit, you just want to be an overbearing CEO in my world!” Fang Yuhang gave him a smack.

“That’s not really it, you have your own world.” Nan Cheng hugged him from the side. “I just want to be a little overbearing in our world.”

“If you’re the overbearing one, then what am I?”

Nan Cheng pecked him on his lips, “You’re my one and only empress!”

Empress, not too bad~~ Fang Yuhang smiled.

This was a night with a warm breeze, he finally felt the lingering warmth that came with the end of spring and the slight chill that came with the start of summer.

Their eyes curved as they smiled towards each other.

Nan Cheng suddenly became sombre, his embrace tightened.
“Xiao Hang.”

Fang Yuhang looked up at Nan Cheng. In this brightly lit city, there was not a star to be seen in the night sky, however, in Nan Cheng’s eyes reflected the galaxy.

“There are stars in your eyes.” He smiled and stroked his long eyelashes.

Nan Cheng held onto his hand, “Actually, I did go over that night.”

“How come I don’t know about it?”

“It was already very late by the time we left the police station. By then, you’ve already fell asleep.” Nan Cheng patted his head.
“Ji Fan asked me not to worry, that you’ll be fine with him. He would help me settle it the next day.”

“Then what happened?” Fang Yuhang tilted his head up towards him.

“Then, I left. If it was someone else, I would definitely have brought you back. However, as it was Ji Fan, I did not have to worry.”

“Then, does that mean you like Ji Fan?!” The corner of Fang Yuhang’s mouth twitched.

“Why is your imagination so creative!” Nan Cheng smacked his head.

“I just feel that I cannot compare to him. Especially in front of you, I’m especially useless. Whether it’s to do with my tolerance, or even my career. Actually, from long ago I knew that Ji Fan liked you. Ji Fan had assured me, he would never step in between the both of us.”
“I’m different from Ji Fan. Towards my relationship, I’m very selfish. I’m afraid of losing everything. If I’m Ji Fan, I would not be able to wish happiness towards your relationship with another person, and even pretend to be an outsider and help them with their troubles.”
“However, today, I had unconsciously expected you to do something even I’m unable to do. Actually, I completely understand your sadness.”
Nan Cheng pinched Fang Yuhang’s tender face. Dejected, he spoke, “Dummy, if you were with Ji Fan, you’ll be able to feel so much more freedom than with me.”
“If at any day you feel tired of being with me, you must be with him. If you’re with him, I don’t have to worry as much.”
“However, each day you’re with me, I would try my best to make you happy.”
“I was wrong yesterday.”

“You’re the dummy!” Fang Yuhang pulled Nan Cheng’s hand to his mouth and bit  him. “Are you trying to make yourself a cuckold? If I’m with him, why will you not have to worry!”
“To like someone is inherently selfish. I like that you’re bothered about me!”
“Is Ji Fan as perfect as you say he is? I grew up with him. However, I never knew that he liked me that way.”

“Ji Fan is very clear about his own plans. Whatever’s suitable, whatever’s not, he’s clearer than anyone else about it. If he had never said it, it means it’s unsuitable.”

“Also, there’s not a single bit of chemistry between us. I’ve always seen him as an older brother. Even if he told me about it, I’ll also have to reject him. I’ll never date a brother. A type of key only fits a certain type of lock, and you’re the only one that fits my lock.”

He jumped up and clasped his arms around Nan Cheng’s neck. Falling into his embrace, he mumbled, “Hubby, let’s go back quickly. You haven’t unlocked this lock in a few days already, I’m afraid that the lock would get rusty.”

“The lock would also get rusty?!” Nan Cheng laughed.

“I don’t care, quickly help me work it out!” Fang Yuhang twisted in his arms.

“Dummy! I’ll definitely treat you well for the rest of your life.” Nan Cheng told him gently.

“Less nonsense! Quickly go back and test the lock!” Fang Yuhang tugged at his hand and speedily headed to the end of the bridge.


Nan Cheng: Xiao Hang, thank you for providing me with that sense of security I’m lacking in my life.

Fang Yuhang: You even called me dummy! You’re the dummy!

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  1. *coughs blood*
    This baka couple!! TMD!!! Orz

    FYH seems too be extremely insecure, luckily enuf NC is very tolerant. Hahaha what a nice story
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    ‘A type of key only fits a certain type of lock, and you’re the only one that fits my lock’ Here I was thinking how cute, and then he said the naughty aspect of this analogy. Haha.

    Thanks for the cute little story!

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  5. Why did NC break up with cheng yu then? If they understood each other so well shouldn’t they be better off together?

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      I could understand his jealousy. I mean, wouldn’t you? Cheng Yu hold a big oart of his heart forever. Love is selfish, you would want to have their whole heart. But Xiao Hang is childish though.
      Who knows? I’m only guessing.

  6. I think it was pretty good! I can kind of understand where Xiao Hang is coming from though. I have been in situations where cheating has f-ed everything over for tons of people, which then builds up insecurities with the past ones. Heck he is only human so I don’t blame him for acting the way he did! It’s just if anything the mc and ml have communication problems and just nees to take the time to talk.

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