FSGSM Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: But the scholar bedded him instead

Bed him? Of course he would bed him! Why wouldn’t he bed a forward little cutie who’s served himself up on a silver platter of his own accord?

At the sight of Little Fox Spirit’s sneaky little glances, Wu Tian’s entire heart melted into mush. Yet, as if this wasn’t enough for the little fellow, he even nuzzled against the hand on his face, rubbing against it like a kitten and kissing the palm from time to time.

Were fox spirits natural-born seducers? Or did they possess some kind of powerful man-teasing technique passed down from generation to generation? Wu Tian couldn’t figure it out, nor did he care much about it. After all, all he had to do was to give up some of his vital essence, which would help to strengthen the little fellow anyway.

The loss would be insignificant to Wu Tian. Besides, he even had a secret means to absorb energy from the little fox – a complementary technique that his brother had named ‘human-demon dual cultivation.’ (Although he had dissed the terrible name many times, his stubborn brother insisted on sticking to his deplorable naming sense and refused to change his mind.)

Meanwhile, Little Fox Spirit began leaning towards Wu Tian with a reddened face.

Master once said, to lure a man into bed, one must be lewd enough. Although Master was rather vague about how one should go about being lewd, Little Fox Spirit had a good memory to fall back on. He still remembered most of the things he’d seen while peeping in on his master.

When Wu Tian teased him by asking him how they should carry out the deed, Little Fox Spirit declared, “I’ve peeped at how my master sleeps with his man in bed, so I know all about it. I will teach you.”

He dragged Wu Tian into a corner of a rundown temple and began pawing at his shirt. “First, we must take off our clothes.” After their shirts, off came the pants, the socks, and the shoes. In addition to stripping himself butt naked, Little Fox Spirit made sure to strip Wu Tian bare as well.

“Next, you put your arms around me, and we lie down together.” Proactively, Little Fox Spirit snuggled against Wu Tian’s chest and made the man wrap his arms around him. Then, he tried to recall the details of all the intimate romping he’d seen in Master’s bedroom.

Following the scenes in his memory, he kissed Wu Tian on the mouth and made the man kiss him back. After the exchange, Little Fox Spirit pointed to his nipples with a blush and instructed, “Now, kiss me here.”

Wu Tian was pleased and delighted beyond belief. How much good karma did he manage to accumulate in his last life in order to land himself such a silly little fox spirit in this one?

As directed by Little Fox Spirit’s hands, Wu Tian fondled the soft pink tips of his nipples. “Why do I have to kiss you here?” he asked. “Can’t I kiss your little belly button instead?”

“O-oh! It… it itches…” This was the first time Little Fox Spirit’s nipples had ever been played with in this manner, and they were far too sensitive. He ducked, trying to escape the naughty fingers toying with his nubs. “I-I don’t know,” he stuttered, too shy to speak clearly. “After being kissed h-here, Master cried out. He seemed to feel really good.”

Although he could not give a straight explanation, Little Fox Spirit was convinced that the bedroom activities between Master and his man were the ideal model for him to emulate. Hooking his arms around Wu Tian’s neck, he pulled the man’s face to his chest and tried to make him kiss the little buds.

Yet, when Wu Tian started licking and sucking on those tips at last, Little Fox Spirit let out an odd cry once more, “Ah!

“What’s wrong? ”

“Uh…” Little Fox Spirit was too embarrassed to speak. He hummed and hawed for a very long while before admitting with great reluctance, “It felt so good…”

Where did this precious darling even come from?!

Wu Tian did not want to pretend anymore. Throwing aside his ‘scholarly’ façade, he thrust a hand between Little Fox Spirit’s legs and kneaded. Sweet coaxing words falling from his lips, he glutted himself to the full on the tempting body before him. “Let’s try something that feels even better…”

Just like that, Little Fox Spirit’s innocent and eager ‘invitation’ turned into something more. All through the night, the rundown temple was filled with the sounds of sweet mewling moans and the uncontrollable grunts of a man in the throes of lust, rising and falling in tandem amidst the rustling of leaves.

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