FSGSM Chapter 6 (End)

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Chapter 6: It’s okay even if he wasn’t a scholar (End)

I won’t listen to you! I won’t listen to you!

Little Fox Spirit ran up the mountain, barefooted, crying and shouting all the way, “Master! A bad guy is coming after me!”

Although it had previously taken more than a month for him to leave the mountain, he seemed to have no trouble finding his way back now. Shutting his eyes in fear, he fumbled around blindly and made it home somehow in no time at all. As soon as he saw the familiar shape of his house, he threw all manners to the wind. Without even bothering to knock, he pushed the door open and charged straight into Master’s room.

A brief moment later, he was thrown out again; Master had returned Little Fox spirit to his original form and tossed the little fellow out of the house by his large furry tail. “Didn’t you leave to look for a man of your own, you little nuisance? What the fuck are you back for?!”

The dishevelled beauty that was Little Fox Spirit’s master stood before the door with his arms akimbo, baring his pinked chest and his manhood in broad daylight without feeling the slightest bit of shame. Balefully glaring at the small furball huddled in the vegetable garden, he spat out a single threat, “You wait here outside. If you dare interrupt me again, I’ll shave off all your fur!”

The intimidation worked. Little Fox Spirit curled up into a shivering mess and hid himself deep in the vegetable garden, shuddering in time to Master’s every word. Despite feeling very aggrieved and sorry for himself, he dared not even show his head. Only after Master had slammed the rickety door shut once more did the little fox come out from his hiding place under the cauliflowers, his mouth drooping piteously in sorrow.

“Boohoo…” Neither allowed into the house nor permitted to make any noise, Little Fox Spirit could only huddle on a tiny stone bench and weep his heart out after changing back to human form. As he cried, he sobbed to himself, “The stinky priest only wants to catch me, and Master doesn’t want me anymore… Master stopped loving me after he found himself a man. I’m so pitiful…”

“Hey… ”

Following the trail of Little Fox Spirit’s tiny footsteps, Wu Tian arrived at the wooden hut. The air was thick with the obscene, bewitching scent of debauchery. After taking a sniff to confirm that his older brother was indeed around, Wu Tian turned to the little sobbing mess on the other side of the fence. The little fellow was so distraught he’d even forgotten to keep away his fox ears. Just as Wu Tian was about to ask the crybaby what on earth he ran away for, the man was cut off by a scream before he could even say a single word.

“Ah——!!!” The stinky priest is here!

This time, Little Fox Spirit was truly terrified. Frightened out of his mind, he reverted to his original form with a poof and scooted immediately under the stone bench, where he curled up into a ball of floof, leaving only his round little butt trembling on the outside. Even the smallest disturbance was enough to spook him into nearly peeing or pooping himself. Only when he heard the sound of Master approaching, cursing and swearing, did he dare to crawl out of his little nook.

As soon as he saw Master’s trouser legs, Little Fox Spirit leapt forward and climbed his way up, from the trousers to the shoulder barely covered by an unbuttoned shirt, before pouncing at last onto Master’s head.

“Master…” Although he was still afraid of being scolded, he was much more afraid of being caught and subdued by the demon catcher.

But Little Fox Spirit never expected Master to treat him this way instead: not only did Master not protect him, Master even tossed his round furry body into the arms of the stinky priest as soon as he saw the man passing through the gate in the fence.

“Do you know how much effort it took me to get rid of this little nuisance? I’ve barely gotten any fun underway with your brother and here you are, driving him straight back to my place!”

Wu Tian tucked the flailing bundle of floof securely against his chest and rolled his eyes at the irate beauty standing before him. “It’s not like I have any choice either!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d forgotten the keys to their home, Wu Tian would never have come looking for his brother. But the trip was not a waste after all; he’d managed to find himself a little cutie along the way.

Staring daggers at Wu Tian, the beauty yelled in the direction of his room, “Wu Fa! Your younger brother is here to pick up the keys from you!” Then, he turned away gracefully and sashayed back to the hut, complaining in a muffled voice, “Can’t you leave him a spare in the garage or something…”

Watching his master return to his room to resume his romp with his man, Little Fox Spirit became overwhelmed with despair. Trapped by the hand on the furry scruff of his neck, distraught beyond the point of tears, the little thing began sneaking pitiful glances at Wu Tian out of his reddened eyes.

“Please lemme go. I just became a spirit not too long ago… I’m still a baby. I haven’t hurt anyone.” Little Fox Spirit’s words turned into sobs, “I’m a good boy…”

But Wu Tian paid him no mind. He merely wrapped the little fellow up with his jacket, caught the keys thrown from the room by his brother, made his way back down the mountain, and stuffed the furry bundle into his waiting car.

Little Fox Spirit knew all about the horrible fates of captured demons; according to the stories he had read, such demons were always turned into pills for sale by the priests who caught them. As the car drove further and further away from his home, Little Fox Spirit finally poked his fluffy head out from the clothing. Trembling with fear, he called out, “Scholar…”

“Mm?” Focusing his attention on the road, Wu Tian acknowledged the little fellow with a hum.

“Are you going to turn me into a pill?”

The question amused Wu Tian very much. This little fox was really quite a little fool, and there was no end to the silly things he said. Wu Tian replied, teasingly, “Well… I’m no alchemist myself, but I can sell you to others who specialise in making pills.” As if feeling this was not scary enough, the man added, “Just so you know, little foxes who have newly become spirits fetch the highest price.”

“Ah ——” As expected, the little fellow dove right back under the jacket with fright. Even when Wu Tian reached over to scoop him up at last, he could not stop trembling like a shaking sieve.

Although Wu Tian was very gentle as he hugged the furball to his chest, and the embrace was very warm, Little Fox Spirit was still very sad. “Can you please not sell me off? I didn’t do anything bad…”

“Didn’t do anything bad?” Wu Tian was in an excellent mood. Holding the steering wheel with one hand, he ruffled the little fox’s soft, milky yellow fur with the other. “You seduced a scholar, didn’t you? Isn’t that doing something bad?”

“Ah!” What nonsense. “But you’re not a real scholar…” You’re a stinky priest!

“I’m still in school, though. Doesn’t that make me a scholar as well?” Wu Tian continued teasing him on purpose, “Not only did you seduce a scholar, you even bedded the scholar. That’s a clearly a bad thing that you did, isn’t it?”

“No it isn’t!” Little Fox Spirit rushed to refute the accusation. He struggled out of Wu Tian’s arms, climbed into the front seat, and plopped himself down with his butt towards the man, looking as if he were very angry.

A long while later, perhaps he was cowed by the thought of being sold off, Little Fox Spirit turned his head around furtively to peer at Wu Tian. He tried to explain himself, “Fox spirits are born to seduce men. Fox spirits who don’t want to bed men are not proper fox spirits.”

Proper fox spirits?” This was the first time Wu Tian had heard of such a ridiculous line of reasoning, and he found it quite charming.

“Yeah! For example, Master is a truly proper fox spirit. ”

“Haha!” This little dummy! Proper fox spirits would never chase after a demon catcher with such persistence, or insist so hard on banging said demon catcher. “So, in order to become a proper fox spirit, you bedded me. Doesn’t this prove that you’ve done something bad?”

“No no no!” In a fit of desperation, Little Fox Spirit turned into his human form with a poof. Butt naked, he sat cross-legged on the front seat and sulked. “I didn’t do anything bad. You’re the one who did, and now you’re blaming me…” His voice trailed off into a sob.

“What did I do?”

“You stole my demonic essence.”

That was an indisputable fact. Wu Tian turned towards Little Fox Spirit and reached out to rub his head. “I’ll let you harvest all the vital essence you want tonight.”

“But I dunno how to! ”

“That’s not a problem. I’ll teach you.”


“Yeah, really. I’m a baby-pooch if I lie… Is your butt still hurting? ”

“?(????w????)? Y-yeah. It s-still hurts a little…”

“Then I’ll be gentle tonight, and give you a good rub.”


So, did Little Fox Spirit become a truly proper fox spirit? Only Wu Tian will know the answer, and we guess we’ll never find out.

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