GM Chapter 4 (NSFW)

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Chapter 4 (NSFW)

Fang Guo was half-asleep, able to sense the outside world, yet still in a daze. He could not summon his strength, and walked as if he was high up in the clouds, with each step feeling weak and flabby. He decided that he was dreaming.

In his distraction, everything around him was red, a festive colour.

The candle-light flickered, sometimes bright sometimes dark.

Outside there seemed to have rustling and snatches of conversation, the drone echoing, like rats hidden in the dark, noisy enough to induce a headache.

Suddenly, a light footfall sounded. The broken conversation disappeared in an instant, and returned the silence that should exist at night.

Fang Guo’s furrowed brow relaxed, and in his daze he had only a thought, that he could finally sleep.

Unfortunately this idea was about to go unfulfilled.

The door of the bridal chamber was pushed open, and the one who entered on initiative was a leg, clad in black cloth shoes with white soles. The door closed, and that person walked in, standing in the candlelight, to look down from high up at Fang Guo, his bride.

His back was to the light, and his face in shadow, rendered indistinct. There was only a rough silhouette, yet it was handsome. His body was tall and thin, and he wore a black guazi jacket over a dark red changpao, the material soft and slippery. The jacket’s cuffs, collar, and hem were embroidered with dark patterns, which was rather delicate and ornate.

Those clothes he wore, was the same set as the bridal dress that Fang Guo now wore.

The dragon and phoenix gowns for a wedding ritual.

Fang Guo had a delicate and pretty look, and wearing the phoenix gown and crown, his face made up, had actually become a dainty bride.

The man stood there, and for quite a while he did not move, until the sound of the night watch gong sounded outside, signalling the second watch1.

He turned around, and walked towards the table.

On the table was placed a bottle of wine and goblets, and he poured out two goblets, taking them towards the bedside.

Helping Fang Guo up, he made the other hold a goblet. He himself then made the gesture of the nuptial cups, and the deep and strangely eerie face exposed to the candlelight was fixated on Fang Guo’s half-lidded eyes.

Leaning close towards the other’s ear, he whispered: “Fang Guo, Guoguo. Do you remember me? Do you?”

Fang Guo gave a heavy breath, leaning away his head with some discomfort.

He wanted to sleep.

Seeing him like this, the man gave a laugh, which carried some doting indulgence.

“Very well, you did not know me to begin with…” Suddenly, that laughing indulgence turned extremely gloomy and cold: “But now you and I are married, so you have to remember me. Remember me, Guoguo, my name is Wei Ran. Wei Wei’s older brother, Wei Ran.”

That voice seemed to carry some magic, hypnotising Fang Guo into remembering the name. Demanding to engrave it deeply in his heart, never forgetting, not even if he died.

“I am your husband, Wei Ran.”


“Yes. You are my wife, Guoguo.”

Fang Guo fixed a gaze on Wei Ran, and giggled.

He absolutely did not understand.

A helpless expression revealed itself on Wei Ran’s handsome face: “Never mind. It ‘s alright even if you don’t understand. You just need to remember, Fang Guo and Wei Ran got married. Henceforth, they are a married couple.”

Wei Ran drank the wine in both goblets, and leant forward to feed Fang Guo by mouth.

Fang Guo was caught off guard, and swallowed it. His originally dazed brain, was even more confused now.

After a fit of giddiness, he fell back onto the bedsheets of red brocade.

With eyes half-open, what entered his sight, was a sight of red, flickering candlelight, which illuminated the bedsheets sticking to his cheek. The sheets were embroidered with a design of mandarin ducks playing in water, which at this moment, held some dubious allure.

Fair and slender fingers reached forward, undoing the mandarin button on Fang Guo’s neck. His fingers were very nimble, yet the action of undoing the button was slow and elegant. When it came time to pull away the jacket, revealing the underclothing of white silk, he only pulled it open a peek.

That hand explored in, while the other hand helped up Fang Guo to turn around. Fang Guo thus leant back onto the bed, with one side of his underclothes falling open, exposing a white chest with a hint of pink.

Wei Ran’s hand wandered all over the place, his body temperature slightly warm, like a cold-blooded creature. Fang Guo’s whole body heated, and could not help but move his body, following that cold comfort.

Upon the red brocade covers, the pale body was like the blossoming of a bewitching flower, carrying a charming scent. Nobody could resist it.

Wei Ran had no expression on his face, only his eyes, darkening to a frightening degree. Those eyes were glazed with possessiveness and obsession more terrible and frightening than the abyss, he wanted to own this living person, his obsession towards this living person was deeper than the ocean.

From a very very long time ago, as he lay in the sickbed, hearing his own younger sister chatter about this youth named Fang Guo.

His obsession thus emerged suddenly, eager to possess this youth as warm as the sun. The depths of his obsession, solidifying in his soul after his death, forcing him to go through a ghost marriage. Till now and in time to come, the predestined marriage agreement was concluded, to tangle unto forever.

Wei Ran turned back, turning a glance towards the wine bottle behind him.

The insides had an aphrodisiac added, and even if it was stuff that made them both comfortable, it still displeased Wei Ran.

Every medicine had its side effect, he could not be more knowledgeable about this.

What if an accident occurred?

Wei Ran absolutely would not permit even the tiniest accident to happen to Fang Guo, yet for this night, he would let them off for now.

Because, tonight was their wedding night.

Wei Ran leant down, holding in his mouth Fang Guo’s lips reddened with lipstick. Upon contact, he appeared to have tasted the world’s delicacies, impatient and itching as he sucked in the kiss, ferocious and overbearing.


Fang Guo was filled with protest, attempting to throw him off, yet his body was confined, and his jaw pinched shut by Wei Ran, so he could only shift upwards, and with difficulty, but could not escape Wei Ran’s kiss.

His bodily fluids spilled out from his mouth by itself, alongside moans and groans. Fang Guo frowned, giving a groan of discomfort, like a small creature that provoked tenderness in people.

Wei Ran leant down, pulling off Fang Guo’s trousers, and from who knew where took out some grease, tracing the buttock cleavage to smear it into the sunken depression, moving back and forth tens of times, until it fully softened, before he pulled up Fang Guo’s waist.

Putting both of Fang Guo’s legs around his waist, he held up the other, face to face, and snatched up his lips in another kiss. At the same time, his lower body moved, breaking into that hidden place. Thus they were truly married, and their relationship became reality.

Although the foreplay had been prepared accordingly, and he would not be injured, yet as a male, his body was not one made to lie under, and upon the instant of entry he could not avoid the discomfort and soreness. Fang Guo gave a whimper, which was swallowed as it intermingled with Wei Ran’s lips and tongue.

Wei Ran’s interest was aroused, and thus no longer acted as a gentleman. He was more like an overbearing and unreasonable plunderer, and regardless of Fang Guo’s whimpered pleas, began to invade and expand on this territory. He pushed in until Fang Guo hugged Wei Ran in a continuous entreaty, and gradually, the tone changed.

He had gained pleasure from this, and thus began to enjoy it.

The crimson dragon and phoenix candles had burnt to a third, with teardrops of wax accumulating at the candlesticks’ base. Outside the gong for the third watch sounded, and the sky had lightened somewhat. Within the house the whimpers and pleas seemed to have been broken, intermittent in frequency, still wretched.

The candlelight illuminated the shadows on the wall, two shadows, four limbs entwined, closely touching. One person was on his knees lying forward, the other person grasping onto his waist, continuously colliding and pushing in from behind.

The kneeling youth had red spots around the corners of his eyes, his tears flowing uncontrolled. Saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth, and his lips seemed to have been smeared with rouge, his tongue pressing against his teeth, extending out a bit when the thrust became ferocious.

His eyes misted over, he gave a whine that he could no longer bear it,

“Haa, haa…”

Coarse gasps sounded, since begging countless times did not work, he still could not help but beg. His voice carrying a hint of crying, seeming to have been tormented too much.

Wei Ran leant down, sticking to Fang Guo’s back. He placed a gentle kiss on the back of his neck, yet his lower body continued its fierce thrusts. He did not even give the least bit of relent, ruthless and cruel.

“Good Guoguo, dear Guoguo, bear it some more. Just one more time.”

Fang Guo gave a sob, truly aggrieved.

This was not the first time the person behind him had said these words already, but each time he never kept his word.

He was naturally aggrieved, he was exhausted to begin with. For multiple times already he had not been allowed to fall asleep, and even as it was nearly time for the skies to lighten, there was still no sign of being allowed to rest.

Fang Guo felt exceedingly wronged, and thus cried.

Only that the cry, so small in volume, did not seem like a complaint but more like a tantrum. A groan here, a moan there, like being delighted, like an evil spirit who had seduced someone and would not allow any halt or escape.

It was already at this stage, how could Wei Ran control himself?

He had had a deep obsession with Fang Guo to start with, and now that the status of the married couple had been determined, and the fact of their marriage was right and unalterable, he would naturally have to enjoy himself to the fullest.

AN: the phrasing of this chapter is rather constrained, yeah, because I’m shy.

Don’t dare to write too excessively, I was very self-conscious when writing this. Afterwards I didn’t dare to read through.

Clearly I read other people’s work, and could calmly read it no matter how unconstrained. Yet I get shy when I’m writing it out.

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  1. My guess the culprit is the little Meimei, Wei Wei🤣 Maybe She had a crush on Fang Guo when in HS, or had a nice impressions about him (like He is the only people who ever talk to her intovert self). Then She continuously talk about him to her sickly brother, resulting her brother felt envy, curious, and obsessed even after he died. That’s just my wild imagination though (lol).
    I kinda felt sorry for Fang Guo.. basically he’s forced into marriage without his acknowledgement, He got drugged (?aphrodisiac wine), and I don’t even know what is his sexuality (what if he is actually straight man?). But what the most annoyed me is why the fack is he still sleeping & dazed?? 😂😅

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