HSAV Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: This Transmigration is really Tragic

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Xiao Yu’an stared at the light curtains and the trails of smoke that were in front of him. He lightly touched his forehead before realizing that he was covered by a scented blanket that was embroidered with a gold dragon.

Using an arm as support as he tried to sit up, long hair flowed down his shoulders like a waterfall.


Xiao Yu’an pulled at a few strands.

Ouch, that hurt.

Xiao Yu’an thought at a furious speed, then started questioning himself.

Did I get reincarnated?

Is Marx’s coffin bolted down? 1

“You’re awake, your majesty? I’ll help you get dressed.” A young girl came in, carrying toiletries and holding a crown, dressed in a dull bronze colored robe.

Your Majesty?

Xiao Yu’an felt a little bad. Despite being transmigrated, it turned out it was a realistic setting, and he wouldn’t be able to fly like in a cultivation world.

Though Marx would probably cry in his grave, Newton could definitely rest in peace. 2

“Are there any gods or monsters and stuff like that in this world?” Xiao Yu’an asked.

The girl stared blankly at him, “Did you want to go to the temple, your majesty?”

Oh, so it wasn’t a fantasy setting.

Xiao Yu’an’s face showed disappointment.

“The former emperor has died for many days now, you shouldn’t grieve for too long, it is bad for your health, your majesty.”

Hm? So I’m a newly crowned emperor?

“Do you have a mirror?” Xiao Yu’an asked.

The servant girl carried a copper mirror over and knelt down to give it to Xiao Yu’an.

Xiao Yu’an looked over his features.

Woah, I look as beautiful as a painting. My lips are red and my skin is so clear.

Xiao Yu’an sighed, then made his judgement.

Teen Emperor.

These types of emperors don’t have any military power. Used by their mothers or uncles, and turned into a puppet. They became angsty hot headed teens living a carefree extravagant life without ever caring for the politics of their kingdom.

No matter what, this road wasn’t going to be easy.

But now that I had the opportunity to get transmigrated, even if I wasn’t a main character, it’s not too bad!

Xiao Yu’an got excited.

“What’s your name?” he asked

The servant girl was suspicious for a second, but still answered enthusiastically, “My name is Hong Xiu.”



Wait, why did this name… why did it sound so familiar?

Teen emperor? The former emperor that passed?

Xiao Yu’an hesitated, but decided to test the waters, “What has Princess Yong Ning been doing recently?”

“Your majesty,” Hong Xiu knelt on the ground, her head hung low, “I heard that the Princess has been learning to play instruments.”

The Xiao Yu’an who was sitting up straight, now flopped down onto the bed like a corpse.

“Your majesty? Your majesty? Are you alright? Your majesty?” Startled, Hong Xiu quickly asked.

“Life grabbed me by the throat, and then slapped me in the face.”


“I know that only real warriors are brave enough to look at the painful reality of life, and face it head on.”

“Y-your majesty?”

“But my fate is sealed by the unpredictable flow of space and time. Only this blanket has the slightest bit of warmth now.”

“Your majesty! What happened? I’ll go get the royal doctor!” Hong Xiu frantically scrambled to call for people before being stopped by Xiao Yu’an.

“It’s nothing, I’m just trying to escape reality.” He waved his hand in the air weakly.

Xiao Yu’an finally understood now. He didn’t just get transmigrated.

He got transmigrated into a novel.

Transmigrated into that one shitty harem novel called <The History of the Four Kingdoms> that he read before he died.

Hong Xiu was the servant girl for the teen emperor from the original novel, and he was the one that was going to get sliced to death by the male lead.

Xiao Yu’an turned over to face the wall as Hong Xiu tried to process what was going on.

Sigh, it’s better to be a no name character than this. The extravagant president hadn’t even met his soulmate yet and then he got cancer. There was enough to criticise already, then he got transmigrated into such a supporting character… sigh, life was just so painful.

After organizing his thoughts, Xiao Yu’an sat up and asked the distracted Hong Xiu,“Where’s Yan He’Qing?”

“Your majesty, I…I am too foolish, I don’t know who your majesty is referring to.” Hong Xiu was at a loss, kneeling on the ground and about to press her head into the ground.” 3

Xiao Yu’an hurriedly pulled her back up, “The male lead- I mean, the hostage prince from Southern Yan? Still don’t know? The one that my dad, oh wait- no, the hostage prince that was captured by the previous emperor.”

Hong Xiu was still confused.

Xiao Yu’an then thought for a long while before saying: “The prince that I want to turn into my property.”

Hong Xiu suddenly understood: “Oh! I know!”

Xiao Yu’an: “…”

Do I have to say that to make sense?!

Why do I feel like I’m just getting closer to the day I get carved to death?!

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