IWDH Chapter 1

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Let’s Divorce if You’re Cheating


Under the lamplight of dusk, the empty house seemed especially sombre and cold. Heavy rain fell outside the window, and on the twenty-eighth floor, someone standing by the French window gazed at the neon lights outside.

The outside world had every colour under the sun, shimmering with the signs of luxury, which was probably the cause for Man’s fall into temptation.

There was too much enticement, money, charm, popularity, all kinds of captivations, that what followed was that they forgot the old oath of eternal love sworn.

Men? Hmph!

Even heterosexuals had extramarital affairs, so what about homosexual lovers not admitted by people?

Lu Yan lowered his head, a forced bitter laugh streaking across his face. His long bangs underlined a shadow, making him look pathetic and sorrowful.

By his feet lay a copy of the latest gossip magazine, with a dazzling picture on the cover. It was a secret photograph, of a comparatively disguised man following a woman to open a room in a hotel.

That man in disguise was the newly crowned best actor, who stood at the apex whether in looks or figure. People commented that when his deep eyes fixated onto you, even the coldest and most heartless person would be moved.

Yet this man who could feed himself by his looks relied on his talent. His acting skill gained the most equitable recognition this year when he claimed the Golden Globe Award.

That woman was the newest ballad princess Wang Qi, who had a sweet and adorable face, paired with a devilish figure. Publicly acknowledged as the public’s sweetheart.

The pair had had many rumours about being a couple, but the implicated parties had earlier denied it.

Yet now there was a photograph that showed them entering a room and staying together for four hours, everyone could guess what happened in those four hours.

It had been a year, during this year, with Qin Yi’s place in the entertainment circle rising, the media gossip of his romantic life had increased, both male and female, orioles and swallows, it was so lively, so exciting!

And he, Lu Yan, was once Qin Yi’s sole lover.

Now, he reckoned that he was merely a long-forgotten adjustment in the other’s life.

Lu Yan gently caressed the ring on his left middle finger, it was from their wedding in Holland three years ago, when Qin Yi put it on him.

Qin Yi said that upon wearing it he would never give a chance to take it off, but now…

Lu Yan resolutely closed his eyes, a burning tear dripping from the corner of his eye. He gritted his teeth in preparation to wrench it off―


The lights were turned on, and brightness flooded the entire living room, erasing the previous sombre cold.

“What’re you staring at? Come and wash your hands and eat!” Qin Yi wore an apron, carrying a bowl with both hands up to the dining table.

Upon seeing Bottom Lu lost in thought, Qin Yi frowned in annoyance: “Why didn’t you turn on the lights? Your eyesight wasn’t good to begin with, and you still have marking to do. How many times did I say, don’t turn on dim lighting, don’t mark papers in such dim lighting? When you go blind, you’ll be crying.”

Bottom Lu pouted, wiping the acrid tear from the corner of his eye.

Upon seeing this, Qin Yi turned into the kitchen and took off the apron, speaking in passing: “The bottom drawer of the cupboard has eye drops, take some. It’ll relieve tired eyes.”

“Oh,” Bottom Lu obeyed, finding the eye drops to drip into his eyes. Blinking, he adjusted his tired eyes. Then he entered the kitchen to wash his hands, and walked out to sit by the dining table in silence.

Qin Yi washed his own hands, dragging a chair to sit down. He picked up a spoon: “Drink some soup first.”

Bottom Lu glared at the bowl of clear soup before him, his lips tightening, as he took a few deep breaths, and gravely announced: “Old Qin, let’s get a divorce.”

Old Qin paused, with no change in expression, not even raising his head.

Bottom Lu’s heart gave a burst of cold, as he wilted back into the chair.

Old Qin opened his mouth: “The reason?”

“We don’t suit each other.”

“Outside the bed, I do all the cleaning and cooking and even earn money to support the family and took care of you until you’re white and plump. In bed, I can always serve you until you’re wailing out. Then the next day you would be blushing, and you’d start thirsting if I don’t touch you within three days. It’s like this, and we’re still not suitable?”

As Old Qin said this there weas still no change in expression, he was impossibly cold.

Bottom Lu almost spat blood, as blood rushed to his face, glowing like a traffic red light.

“Y- Y- You… You’re shameless!”

“Am I wrong?”

“This… I’ll change to another reason. You don’t love me anymore. Right, a loveless marriage won’t be happy.”

Upon listening, Old Qin put down his rice bowl, raising his head to look at Bottom Lu. Both his hands moved, gently pulling open his collar and cuffs. That movement was both elegant, and dangerous.

Bottom Lu was so terrified he leapt up: “You, what’re you doing?”

“Didn’t you say that I don’t love you? I’ll show it to you.”

“Nononononono need.” What a joke, his waist was still hurting. The bathroom play the other day, was still fresh in his memory. “This, ah right!”

Bottom Lu roughly chucked the gossip rag onto the table, and pointed at Qin Yi in anger: “This is the evidence! You’ve had an affair. Let’s divorce! There’s no discussion. I won’t accept a cheating hubby, divorce!”

“Fine.” Qin Yi nodded bluntly.

Bottom Lu started.

“Eat your dinner.”

Bottom Lu’s mouth twitched, and he started causing havoc: “No way no way! Old Qin, did you ever love me at all? Why don’t you care at all? I feel so sad and disappointed my heart has gone cold.”

“En. Eat your dinner.”

Bottom Lu raged: “I won’t eat! I won’t eat. This is not the time for dinner. I don’t have any appetite either―” He abruptly stopped, glancing towards Old Qin in fear.

Old Qin had no expression, but the look in his eyes was scary, giving off the terrifying aura he had when he acted as the Demon Lord.

“You have no appetite?”

“A metaphor. Mainly because I’m not in the mood. Not because I have no appetite, it’s that my mood influenced my appetite. You must believe, your actions have already gravely affected my mental condition.”

In response to this accusation, Old Qin only gave a simply reply: “You’re quibbling.”

Bottom Lu hit the table: “See, you don’t even believe in this situation. I believe there is no longer any trust between us since a long time ago. Let’s get a divorce. A marriage without mutual trust wouldn’t be happy.”

“When you got off work who did you eat with? What did you eat?”

Bottom Lu had a guilty conscience, and his buttocks started to shift: “I didn’t. I just don’t want to eat, wait. The main point is you cheated―”

“Do I need to mention the day we went to the hotel? Do I need to tell you whose name is on the hotel register?”

Bottom Lu was diffident: “I don’t want to listen.”

“August 3. You were the one who registered. That day we were doing hotel play. You were clinging to me, unable to stop yourself, as passionate as fire―”

“Stop!” Bottom Lu’s face immediately flared up in embarrassment.

Of course he knew what happened that day, he had laid in bed for a whole day as a result of that day, his waist was almost broken. He had not expected that the photo of Old Qin and Wang Qi was taken on the same day.

He had miscalculated!

Why hadn’t he seen the date?

He can’t make a pre-emptive strike like this. And he couldn’t make a reason to safely avoid eating dinner as well as the interrogation which would come after dinner.

Bottom Lu felt incessantly guilty, yet his expression still remained stubborn: “This… in this case I could have treated you unjustly. But what about those famous singers and young male celebrities from last month, and the month before that, are they all fake?”

“Besides being on set, which days was I not accompanying you? En?”

Bottom Lu was so anxious he was perspiring freely, trying to recall a time that Qin Yi was not on set and not at home. Wait…

“The fourteenth of last month, you weren’t at home, or at the set. Where were you?” Yes, Bottom Lu remembered that day clearly, he had eaten a delicious cheese lobster that day. It left a deep impression.

“That day weren’t we dining with Dad and Mom?”

Eh? Ah it seems so.

“Fine, don’t think anymore. First, explain where did you eat after work? And with whom?”

“Er, I had a steak at the Western restaurant, with colleagues…” Bottom Lu quietly explained quietly.

“A steak is still considered a regular meal, not like junk food, did you really have to conceal it by nit-picking? Speak, who did you eat with?”

“A teacher at the school. Who else?” Bottom Lu kept fighting even in a corner.

Old Qin immediately released a cold killing aura. Once he saw Bottom Lu like this, he knew that the other was afraid of him getting angry. What Old Qin would get angry with besides Bottom Lu eating junk food, and avoiding regular meals, would be Bottom Lu having contact with a man.

“You went to eat with Xiang Xu?” His voice dropped an octave, deathly cold.

Bottom Lu was like a cat whose tail had just been stepped on, almost leaping a metre: “No! Slander!”

“If not why such a reaction?”

“I… I was being confident. I just went to dine with normal colleagues, not Xiang Xu.”

“Then who did you go with?”

“Sss―I mean Old Qin, why are you so irritating? Do I need to report my whereabouts to you or even who I ate with?”

“Who you ate with, so far has nothing to do with you needing to report your whereabouts to me. But you feel guilty.” Qin Yi crossed his arms, back leaning against the chair, to look up at Bottom Lu.

An angle which was meant to be upward looking turned overbearing due to his aura,

Bottom Lu was guilty, but he tried his best to deny it. “No way. I didn’t do anything against my conscience, why would I feel so.”

“If so, can you say who was the colleague who went to dine with you?”

“Eh! Old Qin, must you truly keep on this matter?”

Old Qin sneered: “Exactly who is keeping on this matter? Hasn’t that Xiang Xu yet to give up on you? Isn’t he waiting for our divorce to snatch you away? Last time didn’t he almost succeed?”

“Old Qin, you can’t just appraise people willy-nilly. How could that time be almost successful? Don’t you trust me? I’ve already rejected him. Besides, Xiang Xu also realised his own mistake, so he specially invited me for a meal to apologise.”

After Bottom Lu finished howling, a fit of silence remained in the room.

After a long time, Bottom Lu tiptoed towards the living room, “Um… tomorrow there’s a mock exam, I’ll go prepare. You can eat first―”

“Hold it!”

“Old Qin, I was wrong. I shouldn’t stubbornly resist, I shouldn’t collude with villains, I shouldn’t conceal facts when I knew, I shouldn’t make a pre-emptive strike to try and get through, I shouldn’t have trusted to luck.”

Old Qin looked at Bottom Lu’s loud repentance, and his index finger lightly tapped the table. “Drink some soup, warm your stomach.”

“Old Qin, you don’t blame me?” Bottom Lu carefully asked.

“How can I blame you when you’re so afraid? Besides, it’s only a meal, I’m not so petty.”

Bottom Lu was profoundly moved, he had expected that after knowing that he went to dine with Xiang Xu, Old Qin would get mad. He had not expected such magnanimity, such understanding. Thinking like this, he had gauged the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure.

“Old Qin, you’re so nice…”

“Old Qin, what are you doing?”

In his bewilderment Bottom Lu could feel his pyjamas being pushed aside, Old Qin’s hands constantly swimming on his skin, as Old Qin’s lips lit fires everywhere.

Old Qin did not reply, continuing to plough industriously.

Bottom Lu stared blankly, feeling his own pants drop, and his legs being lifted. Suddenly the drowsy bugs were frightened off, as he opened his eyes to see Old Qin leaning down from above: “T- Tomorrow there’s a mock exam…wu…”

After a very long kiss, in bewilderment Bottom Lu found his hands cuffed to the headboard, and with this any gentleness was frightened off.

He scowled: “O- O- Old Qin, what happened to not blaming me?”

No matter how slow-witted he was, he knew that this was Old Qin settling the score! Originally Old Qin was notorious for his jealous nature, how could he foolishly believe this person a gentleman?

Old Qin leant down, and with a burst, entered. His waist slowly moved, as he gave Bottom Lu a wet and lingering kiss.

“En. I won’t blame you, after we finish this.”


Bottom Lu gave a hurried gasp, his XXX-addled brain having only one thought:

He really needed the divorce!

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