ISMM Chapter 14

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Thanks to his annoying stepmother, we were no longer in the mood to go over the lines, so we agreed to do it some other… I mean, go over the lines some other day. We exchanged a brief “good night” to each other before we returned to our own rooms.

Lying on my bed after showering, I replied to a few messages and started playing with my cell phone absentmindedly. It didn’t take long before I flipped it over and stared at the autograph on the back of my cell phone case.

It was a simple dinner appointment, yet I somehow got to know Gu Yiliang better, and I somehow managed to pry into his true colors. Then, I somehow also found out that he was seriously “cross-talking” with me. Not to mention, I even got myself tangled up in his family affairs. And somehow I… ended up becoming his fan. In order to make my act appear more realistic, I even asked for his autograph.

What a magnificent and dramatic day!



I was using a transparent phone case. With Gu Yiliang’s shiny golden signature, it looked as if the whole cell phone was a merchandise of his and it made me have this illusion that the phone felt rather hot in my grip.



I had no idea if it was just me or if the entire world had gone mad, but Gu Yiliang returned the gesture by handing the pen back to me. He asked me to sign my own name on his cell phone case as well.

As luck would have it, he was using a transparent cell phone case too.



Therefore, we now own couple phone cases which are even more lovey-dovey than all the couple phone cases combined.



I think Gu Yiliang must have gone nuts.



We owned the same iPhoneX model. The only difference was that he was using the silver edition while I was using the space grey edition. When suffused with the fragmented markings of a gold pen, the whole phone case looked as though it were glowing. I had his name in my grip while he had mine in his.

Wasn’t this way too fluffy for anyone to take?!

I was overcome with the need to put the two phone cases together so I could take a picture of them and use Little Chen’s Weibo account to post it on the discussion board!

But I mustn’t!!

Not being able to share this magnificent piece of fluff to the Niangzi Army felt like complete torture! My heart was itching so bad!



I twisted my blanket and rolled back and forth on my bed in agony when all of a sudden, I was reminded of the time I met WilLiam earlier in the day.  Guessing that she might be busy churning out fanfics like crazy after the event, I pulled up her Weibo to take a peek.



Huh? Unexpectedly, her Weibo was pretty quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not the tiniest bit of excitement could be found on it.

She didn’t post on her account or the discussion board. Neither did she update her fanfiction with a new chapter.

Someone was already asking her to update and check on how she was doing in the comments section, but she didn’t reply to the person at all.

So, I browsed through her Weibo account details and found her lofter account. Similarly, she didn’t update anything there either. 

After going through all that, she didn’t even upload that Niangzi banner autographed by the cast of the ship themselves.



Did something happen to the little girl on her way home?

Panicking, I scrolled back a few pages to her old Weibo posts and found a QQ group account. Barely sparing it any thought whatsoever, I used an abandoned QQ account to join the group with the intention to ask if anyone knew what happened to her.  

It didn’t take much effort to pass the verification tests so I was soon added to this  Gazillion Niangzi Forces Harvesting Fluff group.

The screen was flooded with messages to greet newbies. Just as I was about to type and ask about WilLiam, her name quickly popped up.



WilLiam: Welcome!

Yantastic: …Hihi WilLiam-sama~

I muted the constant ringing notifications and sent her a private message.

Yantastic: WilLiam-sama, why haven’t you updated yet today?

WilLiam: Ah, I’m contemplating whether I should stop writing.

Yantastic: ????

WilLiam: I was slaughtered by the fluffiness I saw in real life today. No matter how I wrote it, the fic wasn’t as sweet as the real deal and writing angst wouldn’t be right either. I’ve run out of options.

Yantastic: .

WilLiam: Well, I’mma leave it at that. The group’s picking a fight with me so I’m going to go reply to them.



Perplexed, I exited her chat. I wasn’t sure why she was provoked so I casually scrolled up the chat group for a quick glimpse.

The chat group was filled with tons of people. Messages flooded the screen successively and kept moving upwards incessantly. After skimming through the contents roughly, I somehow got the gist of what was going on.

Apparently, WilLiam couldn’t control herself after she returned from the fan meet and started excitedly talking about how Niangzi was the real deal in the group chat. The group was already restless to begin with after the tagging incident on Weibo last night between the two actors, so everyone kept chasing her for proof. She then said that she had real proof but she didn’t feel like sharing to avoid complicating things for Gu Yiliang and me. People started accusing her of making shit up, to which she responded with, “Just treat it as such then.” Regardless, she would not share it with them. As a result, the anti-fans who were lurking in the group leaked the chat record, whipping up a storm.



This chaotic fight agitated me to no end. My excited mood earlier took a plunge for the worst, hitting an all-time low.

No wonder the discussion board was giving off a weird vibe.

Must be tough on the little girl.

It wasn’t practical for me to personally go and clear things up. Locking my screen again, I started staring absentmindedly at the autograph on the phone case.

The whole thing was unfounded to begin with. Thus, even if I wanted to go and clear things up, there’ll be no place for me to butt in anyway.



Our interactions were genuine and so were my act of defensiveness and mutual understanding towards him, as well as the way we would smile when we gazed at each other. The iced honey tea I drank was real and there was no questioning the cigarette I held in my mouth. Me pulling his wrist wasn’t fake either and the touch I felt on my face was as real as it was going to get. Even the name on the phone case was genuine.

The fluff was true, and the sweetness was real.

Except for the fact that both Gu Yiliang and I aren’t a real item.

As my eyes trailed after the strokes of Gu Yiliang’s name, I was incapable of describing my feelings right now.

All of a sudden, my phone vibrated. I flipped it over, and my screen lit up.



Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam is online [Weibo]

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam made a Weibo post

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam made a Weibo post

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam made a Weibo post

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam tagged @WeiYanzi_William on his Weibo

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam made a Weibo post



Feeling interested for some reason, I slowly unlocked my phone and logged into my own Weibo account.

@GuYiliang_Liam: [Cheers][Cheers][Cheers] Had a great time today. The filming went very well. Thanks to all who came to visit, you must be tired. [Glutton][Glutton]

[The attached picture was a gift from a fan with his fingers in the frame doing a V-gesture.]

My thoughts: Well, it’s a pretty official post.

@GuYiliang_Liam: Recently, I’ve been reading Muxin’s The Lark Cried All Day. The writing is beautiful and it’s so touching. Reccing it to all of you out there! P.S. WeChat Reader is very useful btw!

[The attached picture was a screenshot of a short poem called Temptation.]

Me: … Why is he acting like an old man who writes everything in a diary and posts it regardless of how trivial it is?

@GuYiliang_Liam: “Your eyes, your smile — as resplendent as the stars, as warm as the night breeze, formed the most gorgeous view I’ve ever seen.” @WeiYanzi_William

[The attached picture was the group photo of us that a fan took during the fan meet earlier without any filters. It was sent as it is.]

Me: ……………………………………

@GuYiliang_Liam: Treat for the fans

[The attached picture was a selfie he took with a mirror. Pinching his own cheeks, he looked incredibly silly.]

Me: ……………………………………………………………………



It’s REAL! I believe it’s REAL now! Okay?!

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