ISMM Chapter 2

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I witnessed a beautiful and thriving new world radiating with positivity.

In here,

When I smiled at Gu Yiliang, I was making eyes at him.

When I brushed shoulders with Gu Yiliang, it was because I didn’t have the heart to look back.

When I lowered my head in the same frame as Gu Yiliang, I was being shy.

When I turned to talk to others happily in the same frame as Gu Yiliang, our hearts were still connected internally.

In here,

When Gu Yiliang smiled at me, he was overcome with the need to talk to me.

When Gu Yiliang brushed shoulders with me, he’d hate to leave my side deep down.

When Gu Yiliang lowered his head in the same frame as me, he was trying to restrain his love for me.

When Gu Yiliang turned to chat with others happily in the same frame as me, he was faking it to avoid suspicion.

It was love regardless of whether we were standing or sitting, moving, or staying still.

If we happened to wear the same brand of accessories, that meant we were openly being lovey-dovey.

If we happened to wear similar clothing, that meant we were secretly being lovey-dovey.

If we happened to be wearing the same outfit, that meant we were screwed. The fans would speculate and discuss when we’d get married, how many tables did we get, as well as how many babies we’d adopt, to the extent that they could be used to build a Babel Tower capable of puncturing a hole in the sky.

All in all, the things we did dripped with all kinds of honey and sugar in this wonderful world. After a few brainwashing posts, I was almost diagnosed with diabetes.

So, how do I put it? If I weren’t Wei Yanzi who also happened to know Gu Yiliang, I would almost believe that we were already married.



The only thing was that Niangzi [1] sounded absolutely terrible as a ship name.



A member of the Niangzi Army even poured in their utmost effort into compiling a long Weibo post containing information like some sort of a huge timeline, the possibility of us staying in the same city, fan MVs, fanfictions, and the likes. All the hyperlinks were listed together, so all I needed to do was tap on one after another. I had already memorized all my lines, so I was very free. I felt more relaxed and content reading all these than the trash posts I saw earlier, so I tapped on a few of them to read them in passing.



Here were the activities inside my brain for the next half hour:

Whoa, this MV is just too beautiful and sad!

Whoa, this photoshopped picture looks too real!

Whoa, this fanart is just too cute!

Whoa, this fanfiction is just…

…too smutty and abusive that I can’t finish it.

For a few milliseconds, I almost screamed “Niangzi is rio (real)! ” internally.

I quickly put a stop to this sudden impulse.



Pray tell, when the entire internet indulges in bickering about the non-existent enmity and hatred between you and your adversary, what does it mean when a minority of them persevere in believing the romance and love that was completely non-existent between you and your adversary? Just what exactly does that mean?

This was a declaration of righteousness and love! This meant that only goodness and beauty existed in their hearts!

So long as everyone devoted a little love, the world would turn into a wonderful place!

Finally, someone believed that I wasn’t a vicious person, always plotting how to steal resources from Gu Yiliang, as well as a venomous fiend who only knew how to cause problems for him in secret!

Although that was an overstatement, I was still practically on the brink of crying in joy.



I had this feeling that my state of mind had probably been shattered by the trashy posts Little Chen kept sending me to read over the last three days.



But I’m totally sailing on this ship.



I still hadn’t figured out what they meant by “our boys are spreading the love” in my comments section. After I returned to my own Weibo page, I suddenly discovered that I slipped a finger while searching for Gu Yiliang and liked this one post.

It was mainly about the Song of Waves production team. They finally announced the mysterious casting of the second male lead, which was Gu Yiliang of course.

The rest of the words were just usual braggings and praises about how capable Gu Yiliang was, which I didn’t have much patience for.



My train of thought suddenly stopped.

Wait a second.

Isn’t Song of Waves the production team I’m in right now?



Can you guys believe it? The first thought I had in my mind after realizing it was:

Are our boys going to spread the love again!?



With a darkened expression, Little Chen pushed and entered through the door with heavy steps before massaging my shoulders.

I was surprised by his sudden action. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Brother Wei…” His expression was laced with bitter anguish. “Your adversary is going to be in the production team soon…”

Before I could tell him that I already knew about it, he quickly leaned down and asked in a low whisper, “Should I go and prepare some croton scissors and wire cutters…”

“Stopstopstop! Stop right there! This instant!” I glared at him. “Make sure you give your brain a good scrub when you take a shower tonight. What kind of nonsensical things do you keep in there?!”

Heaving a long sigh of relief, he replied sincerely, “Okay then. Murder is illegal in this world anyway.”



Say, even my personal assistant thinks I’m a vicious wretch. Without this ship to balance my villain-like image, what would my life look like?



I lazily waved my hand to dismiss Little Chen to get a cup of bubble tea. Shrinking back into my chair, I couldn’t help but load another fan MV to watch.



This scene was where Gu Yiliang appeared in his debut movie. His acting skills then still looked young and inexperienced, but it was still a shit ton better than mine where I was also edited into the same frame.

I acted in that one in the first half of the year.

Thanks to the editor’s godly hands, they harmoniously ironed out my awkward acting.

As I stared at Gu Yiliang donning a period costume in the screen, I had to admit this was a job that was especially made for him. From his face to his capabilities, there was simply nothing to nitpick about. This didn’t fall into the same category as being graced by God to be adept in this line of work. God would’ve had to pelt his body with a sumptuous banquet to achieve this effect.



I watched in all seriousness, suddenly realizing that this was the first time that I was seriously admiring his work.

—in a fan-edited MV.

—where I held the title of the other main character.



Somebody was knocking on the break room door. Assuming it was Little Chen, I answered, “Please enter,” without raising my head to look.



The door was pushed open. Noticing that there wasn’t any sound momentarily, I glanced over and saw the man I had been watching on the little screen. He was standing at the entrance looking very much alive, eyeing me with a strange look on his face.

Translator Notes: 

[1] Niangzi (娘子) is a play on their names: Gu Yiliang (Niang) and Wei Yanzi (zi). Niangzi can also mean wife, lady or girl.

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  1. Wait, can ML see the screen where our MC us watching him? That would make this more hilarious, haha.
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    Ah, I don’t know what to say.

    Thanks for the update.
    I’m glad you pick up this story 😁

    1. I am going to imagine the ML and MC as Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan cause I don’t think YiZhan will ever be real but at least in this way I can enjoy YiZhan’s fanon love😍😭

  3. Thank you for your hard work!

    What are the numbers between certain paragraphs? They kind of break the flow of reading, like stopping to turn a page.

  4. I just started this and I freaking love it already oh my gosh! Thank you so much translator-sama for sharing this!

  5. Lordy.

    Is he that desperate for positive affection from the fans that he instantly becomes a fudanshi for his own ship?

    …is he going to unconsciously play it up for the shippers now?

    Plus his adversary is going to think him a weirdo.

    Wait, does he ship himself as the gong or shou? Seke?

  6. Our protagonist has turned into a fudanshi! Haha. That was fast! He’s even starting to believe it himself. That’s way too much funny.

    Now I’m dying to see the other’s reaction. He definitely saw the MV!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  7. “This meant that only goodness and beauty existed in their hearts!”??🤣
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