ISMM Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

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Headache, what a headache.

I looked at Gu Yiliang who was burying his head in his food and eating seriously. Meanwhile, my hair was almost turning white from the headache.



Although the feeling of secretly enjoying the fluff was really very exciting, this bias was really too headache-inducing.

So at the end of the day, was he straight or not?

If he was straight, he was still a natural at performing so many flirtatious actions and saying such flirtatious things.

It was definitely not because I would so easily fall for such flirtations.

If he was not straight, he did not look like it. Many of his actions were frank and open, and he would never think of anything in that manner.

If he was straight, then I could just enjoy the fluff with a peace of mind. If he was not —

It also seemed to have nothing to do with me enjoying my fluff.



But it had something to do with me personally!

If he was not straight, not only did I secretly enjoy the fluff behind his back, I even acceded to the company’s request and openly did fanservice with him. In that case, did I not become a scum who was playing with his feelings?!

That was no good, no good.

Disconsolate, I chewed on the beansprouts, hating the scientists for not having yet invented a test for heterosexuality. Just like litmus paper as a pH indicator, I would stick it on his head, and then according to the change in colour, I would be able to test his heterosexuality.

They all talked about Schrodinger’s cat. Gu Yiliang was probably Schrodinger’s heterosexuality.



Somewhat full, I pushed the fried noodles in front of me away. Biting the straw for the soymilk, I continued feeling disconsolate.

Gu Yiliang saw that I stopped eating, and he frowned slightly. “You’re full already?”

I nodded hesitantly.

It was the same during our previous meal. I had this bad habit of having big eyes but a small stomach, always ordering a ton of food as I wanted to try everything but never being able to finish it all. I too thought that it was a bad habit to have, but I had never been successful at getting rid of this habit.

He looked at me in resignation and smoothly shifted what was leftover of my noodles over in front of him. Under my astonished gaze, he finished it in a few mouthfuls and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Next time, don’t waste your food again.”

Me: “…”

Me: “But I’m greedy.”

He thought for a moment. “Then just bring me along whenever you’re having a meal. I’ll help you finish them.”



Aroooooooo! How sweet!



What Schrodinger’s heterosexuality? I tossed everything momentarily to the back of my head. With tears in my eyes, I nodded.

Amused, he glanced at me. “You’re so happy even though you have to treat me to food. If I end up selling you, are you going to help me count the money as well?”

I nearly fell for his enticing trick! Waking up in an instant, I shook my head firmly. “I won’t.”

He asked curiously, “Oh? Why not?”

Hah, you think only you can flirt?

Refusing to lose, I smirked seductively. “You can’t bear to sell me.”



Him: “…”

Me: “…?”

He burst out laughing.

My seduction having failed, I wiped the expression from my face and reached out to hit him in anger.

He blocked my attack, smiling. “You speak so daringly now that you’re away from the cameras?”

I responded resentfully. “You’re not much better away from the cameras either.”

He looked puzzled. “What did I do?”

Your random off-camera remarks and casual actions — if they were made known in the chat, the Niangzi army would be wild with joy as though they were celebrating New Year’s, alright?!

With thousands of words gathered in my heart, I was silent for a moment. The desire to enjoy my fluff still took the lead, and so I patted his shoulder. “Nothing much. Little fellow, you’re very authentic. Continue maintaining this attitude.”



He probably did not understand what nonsense I was saying. As he shrugged his shoulders, about to speak, my phone on the table rang. The screen showed that it was a call from Lao Huang1 next door.

I had to take this call. Picking up my phone, I mouthed an apology to Gu Yiliang. He nodded, and I walked a few steps away to answer the call. “President Huang—”



— “Enough money, enough money. I can earn it myself too.”

— “Not tired, not tired. It’s only filming. You’re the one who has to take care of yourself, don’t smoke anymore.”

— “No need, no need. I haven’t finished filming this one yet.”

— “I know, I know. I’ll go see you when I’m free. If not, you can come see me?”

— “Sure sure sure, I’ll just tell you if I don’t have enough money, alright?”



“Did you make any new friends?”

Without thinking, I glanced over at Gu Yiliang. The lights of the little stall were not bright enough, and I could not see his expression clearly. “I did. He’s very good to me. Let me tell you—”

I laughed and answered quietly, praising Gu Yiliang valiantly in all matters while I went to look for the boss to settle the bill.



By the time I paid the bill and hung up, the world had changed.

When I spoke to Gu Yiliang, he only acknowledged me with a sound.

When I looked at Gu Yiliang, he averted his eyes away.

When I walked next to him, he walked by himself properly, not looking at me at all.

When I poked at his arm, although he did not say anything, I could see that he was not happy.



What happened? Was he abandoning me before he even dallied with me?

Just now, he even unabashedly said that he would accompany me for every meal, but now he was going to start giving me the cold shoulder?

This scum, he’s playing with my feelings!



I watched him take out a pack of smokes. Before I even said anything, he kept it again.

I was even more confused. Did he get possessed in the amount of time I took for a phone conversation?



I walked circles around him, chanting as though I was calling his soul back. “Gu Yiliang Gu Yiliang Gu Yiliang Gu Yiliang—”

A delivery uncle riding a small trishaw brushed past me. Gu Yiliang pulled at me, a little angry. “Watch out!”

Losing my footing, I fell firmly into his arms.

Grasping me for a while, he did not let go. In the end, he made me walk on the inner path while he walked next to the road.



Ah, this was the familiar top-quality boyfriend material of Master Gu! It was him! Chanting his name to call his soul back did work!

I poked him, “Hey, why are you ignoring me?”

He was silent for a moment before giving an irrelevant answer. “Later on, go back and practice the script properly with me.”

Me: “Huh?”

Him: “We’ll train your acting ability.”

Me: “Hmm?”

Him: “We’ll make you ascend into the ranks of talented actors.”

Me: “Huh?”

Him: “Then you’ll be able to get casted in more projects.”

Me: “Oh?”

Him: “Your future will be very bright.”

Me: “Me?”

He looked at me with a complicated gaze. “I’m speaking seriously to you, don’t act like a fool.”

Me: “…”



I pondered over our conversation, analysing every word.

It was probably during my phone conversation when he sat alone by the table and considered my professionalism. He probably felt that it was a little forced for us to be partners, and so he was not very happy. However, he did not plan on giving up on me. He wanted to pull me up instead, training me into becoming someone who was appropriately suitable to become a company-dictated CP with him.

Ahh, Gu Yiliang is so nice.

I was moved by my own pondering, and pulling at his arm, I swung it a few times. “You’re really nice.”

He did not pull his hand away, but he looked at me with questioning eyes.

My gratitude was beyond words, and I swung his arm again. “You didn’t look down on me.”

His gaze became even more complicated.



I hummed a song while he kept silent, and we walked a short distance.

He looked troubled, and with every couple of steps, he would turn his head to look at me hesitantly.

I caught his hesitation and asked, “What’s wrong?”

He paused before speaking. “How long… have you been like this?”

I was born with poor acting skills, so I answered, “It has been like this since I entered this industry.”

He stopped in his tracks. “Aren’t you… afraid of people talking about you?”

I had already read so many comments and reviews. “Just let them talk, I’m used to it already.”

A long silence. Then he asked, “… A lot of people know about this?”

This question was really too strange. “Isn’t this something completely obvious to everyone? You know about it as well.”

Him: “…”



The atmosphere did feel a little tense. I looked at him, uncomprehending. “Is there something wrong?”

He looked into my eyes, very troubled. His tone was a little veiled, “Can you not be like that?”

Was there a need to use such a grievous tone? Did my acting really get people’s hackles up?

Tilting my head, I considered it. In the end, I was still rather confident about myself, and so I laughed as I pinched his cheek. “Sure, don’t I have you now?”

He came to a sudden stop.



Baffled, I watched Gu Yiliang finish his third cigarette in the small garden of the hotel.

Was it not just teaching me how to act? He was even the one who suggested it. Why did it look as though he was suffering bitterly? Was this his pursuit and persistence for acting?

When he was about to light up his fourth cigarette, I caught his hand holding his lighter. “Don’t smoke anymore, don’t smoke anymore. We’ll just forget it if you don’t want to do it, don’t force yourself.”

I smiled, “I’m currently doing pretty well now anyway. I have projects to act in and money to earn, I’m prospering—”

He again descended into a long bout of silence. Then, as though having come to a decision, he caught my wrist and spoke solemnly. “Alright, we’ll do it. I’m not forcing myself.”

Me: “?”

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