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Chapter 10 — The Photo In The Wallet

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Summer break came to an end. University A once again received a batch of energetic new faces, while a batch of once familiar faces vanished inconspicuously. When school started, Jiang Yuqian was now in his fourth year of his bachelor’s degree, while Zhou Hao was in his second year of his master’s degree.


It was September. The weather was still a little stifling, and the trees in the school extended their branches, forming shaded areas. However, the heat still slowly crept its way across the ground, into the air.


Today, it was really too hot.


The day coincided with the school’s 100th anniversary. For the past few days, the students had been busy preparing the anniversary celebration, hanging banners, mobilising other students, and rehearsing their events…


To no one’s surprise, Jiang Yuqian should be one of the emcees.


Zhou Hao again recalled the past image of that person standing on the stage. He was dressed in a well-fitted suit, wearing a dark red tie. His hair was combed very neatly, not a strand out of place, and every moment, he exuded  the aura of a mature, talented man.


Especially when he was deep in thought, with his lips pressed lightly together and his brows knitted tightly. Zhou Hao desperately wished that he could hide this image away forever, and never let others see it.


The anniversary party was held in mid-September, in the school’s auditorium. There were four emcees in all, two males and two females. Jiang Yuqian was one of them, and the other male was from the broadcasting faculty. As for the two female emcees, one was a senior who had already graduated and apparently hosted a primetime show at one of the national television stations; and the other female…


Zhou Hao froze.


He was seated in the center, and although he was unable to see the stage clearly, he could still vaguely make out the features of the girl.


She was too similar in appearance to Cheng Zixu. Other than the difference in their genders, they were pretty much the same. If not for her height being a little shorter than Cheng Zixu, Zhou Hao would have thought that it was Cheng Zixu in drag.


The party had started. First was a loud and earth-trembling opening dance, and the four emcees appeared after that.


Jiang Yuqian was usually dressed very leisurely, so it was rare to see him in formal wear. Now that he was wearing a suit and tie, with his tall and broad stature, along with his fluent, non-accented Mandarin, Zhou Hao could not drag his eyes away.


A number of girls nearby started holding their phones up, clicking away. Zhou Hao too took his phone out as well, looking nervous and seeming as though he was about to perform something serious.


The shutter clicked. Under the strobe lights was the pure and clean youth he had been gripping so tightly.


After taking a photo, he hurriedly turned off his screen, afraid that others would be able to see what he was thinking about.


Surrounding him were students muttering away. They were looking around, chattering at each other. Zhou Hao was like a statue, sitting in the audience sternly and solemnly, and he could not bear to even blink once.


If Jiang Yuqian caught sight of him now, he would most definitely take this opportunity to mock him. Zhou Hao could even imagine the contempt curling around that person’s lips.


However, that person would not have this chance, as Zhou Hao would never present his primordial self in front of Jiang Yuqian. He would cover up and hide away his chagrin deep within himself.


“Damn, he’s really very handsome!”


“I heard he’s a fourth-year senior, and has been elected as the school’s hunk four years in a row. Ahhhhhh I can’t breathe anymore!”


“Does he have a partner?” A girl asked.


“I don’t think so…” The tone sounded rather uncertain.


“He’s so handsome! And yet he doesn’t have a partner?! He’s most likely gay!”


“Stop seeing gays everywhere with your fujoshi eyes!”


Around Zhou Hao was laughter. Youthful, vibrant, and with endless vitality…


The group of girls had only fallen silent for a moment before they started again. Sure enough, where there were enough girls, they were always like twittering sparrows, with endless things to talk about.


“Look at the girl on the stage. Is that the school beauty Cheng Jinghao? She seems pretty average.”


“Look at how jealous you are. I feel that she’s really pretty!”


“Yeah, she’s pretty good-looking. She has a twin brother as well, studying medicine. He’s also very handsome!”


Everything came to a pause. From those few words, Zhou Hao had gathered important information — that emcee on the stage was called Cheng Jinghao, and she was Cheng Zixu’s little sister.


No wonder they looked so similar…


Zhou Hao stared at that girl carefully for some time. The twins were basically the same, and one truly had to exclaim over the miracles of the Creator.


His thoughts were now jumbled. Zhou Hao sat in the audience dazedly, the only thing he could see was the petite figure, the sissy’s sister…


He sat there all the way until the party’s conclusion before he realised that it had ended.


Quickly, he ran out of the auditorium. Standing by the white wall outside, he waited for Jiang Yuqian.


A while later, Jiang Yuqian came out, and next to him was also Cheng Zixu’s sister. The boy was still dressed in the clothes he wore on stage, while the girl had changed into another outfit. A black knitted short sleeve sweater and a grey chiffon skirt that made her look very tall and slim.


Very quickly, the two people walked past Zhou Hao. Zhou Hao felt that it was an opportune moment, and so called out, “Jiang Yuqian.”


The two people turned their heads back simultaneously. The girl had a polite smile, while the boy looked completely unhappy.


This was exactly what Zhou Hao wanted to see. When Jiang Yuqian was unhappy, he would be happy; when Jiang Yuqian was upset, he would be delighted. The two of them were always at odds, and neither wanted the other to be in peace.


Zhou Hao walked forward. He did not even look at the girl, but stared straight at the boy, his tone deliberately ambiguous, “You haven’t been home in a very long time.”


As he spoke, he even adjusted the boy’s tie on purpose.


The girl still had a standard, model-like smile on her face.


“Hi, I’m Cheng Jinghao.”


She probably thought Zhou Hao was Jiang Yuqian’s friend.


Zhou Hao turned towards Cheng Jinghao, smiling roguishly, “Hi, I’m Zhou Hao. I’m Jiang Yuqian’s…”


He shot a deliberate glance towards the boy. Seeing the slight crease between his brows, Zhou Hao continued, “His friend.”


Cheng Jinghao looked at her watch, speaking politely and generously, “It’s quite late already, let’s have dinner together.”


Jiang Yuqian who had been silent the entire time finally spoke. His voice was insipid, and no emotions could be discerned from it. “You go back first, I still have something on later.” He narrowed his eyes at Zhou Hao and then left.


Zhou Hao waved at the girl, “We’re leaving first, we’ll catch up if there’s a chance.” He then chased after Jiang Yuqian.


The two people left the school side by side. Both were silent, and both ignored the other. Jiang Yuqian hailed a cab, and Zhou Hao wanted to get in as well, only to be stopped by the other person.


“I’m going back to my place tonight.”


“You haven’t been to mine in a very long time.” Zhou Hao’s paranoia was kicking in again. In this short period of time, he started to repeat what he had just said.


Jiang Yuqian was seated in the backseat. The dimness of the car’s interior did not allow his expression to be seen clearly, and only sharp, mocking words could be heard. “Zhou Hao, you’re really too fucking despicable!”


Zhou Hao pushed his head into the car, leaning right into Jiang Yuqian’s ear. He blew a breath deliberately across, speaking, “I’m not as despicable as you. Because of a sissy, you’re even getting close to his sister.”


Jiang Yuqian wanted to close the door. However, he could do nothing, as Zhou Hao was gripping tightly to it.


Zhou Hao also got into the car.


The cab driver was clearly getting impatient, and his tone was a little annoyed. “Where are you going?”




“No. 1 Binjiang.”


They came from different voices.


“Where do you want to go exactly?” The driver suppressed his temper, gritting the words out.


“No. 1 Binjiang.”


This time round, Jiang Yuqian did not speak again. He was too aware of the personality of the person next to him. If Zhou Hao did not get his way, he would never give up. If one day, this person suddenly decided that he wanted the moon, he would definitely build a ladder to get up there.


“I don’t like that you’re close to his sister.”


There was no momentum to this statement at all, as Jiang Yuqian ignored him entirely.


“So they’re a pigeon pair?”


Jiang Yuqian raised a brow. He turned around. “Can you stop?”


“Fine, I won’t speak anymore.”


By the way, Jiang Yuqian had picked up the phrase from Zhou Hao. This was a phrase Zhou Hao used commonly.


When the two of them were “together in their own world”, there would occasionally be someone calling and spoiling the mood. Zhou Hao would often grumble, “It’s always like this, can they stop?”


Or when Jiang Yuqian ignored him, he would find himself a way to retreat. “Fine, I can stop.”


Habit was a terrifying thing. It could silently, unknowingly infiltrate anywhere and everything, and the person himself would not even realise it.


The cab soon arrived at No. 1 Binjiang.


Jiang Yuqian pulled out his wallet, taking out a 100rmb note and handing it to the driver. Zhou Hao glanced casually at the wallet, and he immediately noticed that little photo within.


Zhou Hao reached out, snatching the wallet. With the light coming from outside, he was able to clearly see the two people in the photo.


It was originally a quiet and peaceful night, yet surely, a storm was once again brewing.

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