LSR Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – What to Do, My Roommate is Bringing me to Get an Injection But I’m Afraid of Pain

That girl was clearly frightened by Xiao Nian’s cold and domineering attitude. Not only the girl, Wei Ru Song was also a  little scared, after all they were close enough for people to misunderstand their relationship, Wei Ru Song could tell if Xiao Nian was truly angry or not.

– Wow Junior, you’re truly heartless, so chilling, so bad… Wei Ru Song looked towards Xiao Nian with a “Well done” expression. Senior really likes your heartlessness your chilliness your badness! Once the girl escaped after deleting the photo, Xiao Nian muttered.

“Head hurts.”

“Hmm?” Wei Ru Song quickly passed the jacket to Xiao Nian. “Careful, don’t catch a cold achoo!”

This sneeze was very loud, snot came out, Wei Ru Song felt as though his eyeballs were about to fly out from his nostrils, his body hollow.

“Crap, I’m in for it.”

The consequences of the passionate rooftop night had fallen solely on Wei Ru Song, whereas for Xiao Nian, other than feeling tired due to not having enough sleep, after showering and changing he returned to his Prince Charming image, even a Wei Ru Song covered in his blanket could feel the sparkling rays of brightness emitting from his body.

“Junior,” Both of them trying to pretend that nothing happened the night before, but whether it really affected them no one knew, “Do you have any fever medication?”

“I’ll go buy it now,” Xiao Nian thought about it. “If not I’ll bring you to the doctor.”

He quickly moved next to Wei Ru Song’s bedside ready to take care of him, but Wei Ru Song immediately pawed at Xiao Nian’s hand.

“No need, no need, I can’t move.”

“I’ll piggyback you.”

“It’s expensive to see the doctor, I don’t have enough money left this month.”

“I’ll cover you.”

“There’s really no need,” Wei Ru Song peeked out of his blanket, his eyes red. “Just help me buy some medication, I’ll be grateful for life.”

Xiao Nian therefore passed Wei Ru Song a towel and hastily left the room. Only after he left did Wei Ru Song felt that something was not right – Xiao Nian was supposed to be in class, did he heroically skip classes because of him. Might be because he was having a fever, his IQ and defensiveness went down the drain, he would submit Xiao Nian’s name for China’s Touching Moments, and let his heroic deeds become the talk of the town.

Wei Ru Song’s dream might have affected Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian was caught immediately after leaving.

“Xiao Nian, where are you going?”

The balding, beer-bellied department head of Student Affairs called out to Xiao Nian.

“… Heading to class.”

Xiao Nian suspected the amorous situation last night had used up his entire life’s luck, normally the department head, with his figure, would be out of breath in two steps, but out of the blue he was actually patrolling around today, and of all people Xiao Nian was caught.

“Class?” The department head’s eyes cracked open like a nutshell, thoughtfully observed Xiao Nian’s empty hands. “You don’t need to bring any books for class?”

“Lab, no need for books.”

Xiao Nian was really supposed to be in his IT coding lab tutorial, but he did not plan on attending it, after all it was more important to take care of Wei Ru Song! However Xiao Nian had not applied for leave, neither could he be bothered to do so.

“Oh, then you better hurry,” The department head patted Xiao Nian’s shoulder, smiling kindly. “Right, if possible, could you help me get your mother’s autograph? I’m her fan…” The department head flushed slightly. “I really like her acting as the language teacher Xu Li Fei in <Number 1 Teacher>! I was influenced by her to become a teacher! She’s really very amazing!”


“Student Xiao Nian you’re the best! I won’t disturb you any longer quickly go for your class!”

In such a situation, Xiao Nian could only head to class unwillingly.

Wei Ru Song was still anxiously staring at the door, his eyes nearly boring through it.

Finally he could only think of Xiao Nian, fisting the towel in his hand and sang.

“Missing you tonight, how I wish you could be by my side…”

In the end ten thousand years had passed, a Beijing hunter had also reincarnated into Daniel Wu, Xiao Nian had yet to return, Wei Ru Song gripped his blanket, his body heating up, his eyes dark.

“Junior ah, junior… Come back quick, my love can no longer hold on…”

Twenty thousand years had passed, Wei Ru Song felt like he had waited for eternity, he imagined ten ways for Xiao Nian to die: When going down the stairs he would trip and fall to his death, walking down the slope he would trip and fall, going pass the park a tree would fall and crush him, get hit by a car and die, get crushed by a door to death… in short Xiao Nian still did not return.

Wei Ru Song was like Sun Wukong trapped in a pot on fire, but he was made of flesh, he felt that he was heated to the point where he could smell his meat cooking. Wei Ru Song was fit and healthy, falling sick less than once a year, when people like this fell ill, it was usually very serious. Wei Ru Song had pretty much sang all the songs he could sing, singing out all his emotions, and finally could not help but cursed.

“Xiao Nian you treacherous bastard! Even if I were to become a ghost I’ll haunt your bedside and continue singing! Xiao Nian Xiao Nian Xiao Nian ah ah ah!”

Wei Ru Song’s throat was dry till it smoked, but he was so enfeebled he could barely leave the bed, he could only lay on the bed and cursed Xiao Nian non-stop. Heaven rewards the diligent, Xiao Nian really returned.

“You still have the strength to sing by me bedside?” Xiao Nian removed his shoes only to see the motionless Wei Ru Song on the bed, and hurriedly went over to check on him. “Senior are you alright?!”

“Asshole you finally remembered to come back…” Wei Ru Song lifted his burning face, exhaling depressingly. “Quick get me water, even if I was a camel I would have been parched!” 

Xiao Nian deftly poured a glass of water for Wei Ru Song, when Wei Ru Song was done drinking he handed him a bowl of porridge, Wei Ru Song stuck his head out of his bed, lifted the plastic spoon falteringly, eating his porridge while dripping it all over the place and chattered non-stop at the rarely seen busy image of Xiao Nian.

“Where did you go? I thought you fell down in a ditch somewhere, Comrade Xiao Nian, do you know that you have others relying on you, you have to remember your missions and tasks!” 

“I was stopped midway by the department head of Student Affairs, I had to attend my class.”

“…” Wei Ru Song had to pity Xiao Nian, he had never been caught skipping classes at all, once even brushing past the counselor and escaped by the skin of his teeth. “Then Junior you have truly lived honourably and died gloriously.”

“Use the thermometer to check your body temperature,” Xiao Nian could only commend Wei Ru Song for still being so spirited despite being so feverish. “Finish the porridge and take the fever medication, we’ll see if you recover after a nap.”

Who knew the thermometer reflected a temperature of 40 degree Celsius, even Xiao Nian with his lack of common sense also knew that this was very dangerous, immediately dug the burning coal like Wei Ru Song from the bed.

“We have to go to the hospital.”

Not going not going not going-” Wei Ru Song gripped the bed railings tightly. “If you force me I’ll slam my head on the railings and die!”

“Listen,” Xiao Nian’s big hand cupped Wei Ru Song’s cheek, due to the big difference in temperature, Wei Ru Song only felt that his palm was cold and refreshing, and all he wanted to do was bury his face in his palm, but Xiao Nian held onto his hair and caressed it. “Just comply with me.”

Wei Ru Song was groggy, it seemed as though an angel was next to him talking gently, being tempted by beauty he was seduced into agreeing.

Xiao Nian helped Wei Ru Song to the hospital like how he would help a granny across the road, but in actual fact Xiao Nian had never been to a hospital. Not afraid of getting a beating if heard, his family was rich, if needed private doctors would just do house calls for them.

Luckily he was still intelligent, just that he was usually too lazy to do anything, he went to take a queue number. As it was in the afternoon therefore there was not too many people, their turn arrived quickly.

The doctor was also direct and brutally honest, he measured Wei Ru Song’s temperature, wow, 40˚C, what was there to cure, just bring him to the morgue, what? He did not want to die? Then he would need an injection. No injections? With such temperature he definitely needed an injection.

– Then just burn to death, why are you whining so much as a guy?

Despite being highly skilled in martial arts, Wei Ru Song was deathly afraid of pain, he had always been afraid of needles, he would rather get poisoned by a whole bottle of medicine and still not want to get jabbed. Xiao Nian recalled the incident where they fell down the slope and could also guess why Wei Ru Song refused to get the injection. He was forced to take action, grabbing onto Wei Ru Song’s head and held it against his thigh, yanked down Wei Ru Song’s pants exposing those firm and snowy buttocks, in one go skilfully solving the situation.

The one giving Wei Ru Song the injection was a nurse in training, the doctor did not know that Wei Ru Song was afraid of pain, believing that he adhered to typical male stereotypes, so he gave the nurse a chance to practise. Wei Ru Song trembled, the nurse too trembled, Xiao Nian looked at their trembling and also wanted to tremble, but still endured.

“It’s ok, Senior, just a while, it’ll be over very quickly.”

The nurse lifted the syringe, she kept eyeing Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian gave her an encouraging smile, the nurse was suddenly overwhelmed, losing control of her hand, the needle pierced Wei Ru Song’s ass.


Wei Ru Song yelled liked a pig being slaughtered, the nurse too yelled.

“Ah ah ah I’m sorry!”

She clumsily pulled the needle out, applied the alcohol wipe, even his ass was burning, the chillness of the alcohol was like a death omen, he hopelessly hung his head, and mourned despairingly.

“Oh– Ah! Umm! Hiss…”

“Just, just relax first,” No matter how alluring Xiao Nian was, the nurse was shook up by Wei Ru Song. “The needle, the needle will break – You see, the needle has bent.”

Wei Ru Song’s iron backside had managed to bend the needle, Xiao Nian sighed, and helped him replace his pants, Wei Ru Song could not help by tear thinking that he had cheated death, he suddenly felt a chill on his right butt cheek, and heard Xiao Nian’s conversation with the nurse.

“Don’t make a mistake this time, if not there isn’t anywhere else for you to inject.”

– Fuck Xiao Nian are you humane?! You’re sacrificing my ass to flirt?! Ahhhhh ohhhhh ahhhhhh I’m going to kill your entire family ahhhhhh-

Anyway under such chaotic conditions Wei Ru Song finally got an injection, he was blank, could not move, and had to be piggybacked by Xiao Nian.

Xiao Nian carried Wei Ru Song back to school, a touching scene not unlike “a silly old man with an injured leg, a youthful son carrying his father”. Passing by a milk tea shop, an originally dull Wei Ru Song suddenly recovered.

“I want a red tea ice cream boba macchiato, no ice 30% sugar thank you.”

Xiao Nian ignored Wei Ru Song, continued walking, so Wei Ru Song started throwing a tantrum.

“I want to drink milk tea! Milk tea! I want!”

“Be a little more docile.”

“I don’t want to I want to drink tea I want to drink tea you’re annoying!”


“Wei Ru Song?” This voice made the feverish Wei Ru Song sober up, he lifted his head to see counselor Zhou Bin’s speechless expression considering both Xiao Nian and him. “You’re not in class, what are you doing here? Dating?”

Wei Ru Song wanted to slap himself, just now he was still showing off that he had never been caught skipping classes, this time, caught red-handed, and was still labelled with the crime of “dating”.

“No I’m not, I have a fever-“

Wei Ru Song waved his arms, as the action was too big, Xiao Nian nearly dropped him. Holding his backside tightly Xiao Nian lifted him a little, but of all places to push it was where he got the injections. The nurse’s skills were so bad that Wei Ru Song still felt the pain then, Xiao Nian’s push was like rubbing salt in, Wei Ru Song yelled on the spot.

“Fuck ah! My ass! As they were near the school campus, most of the passersby were students. Everyone spontaneously looked at Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song was so embarrassed he quickly hid behind Xiao Nian’s back and refused to look up, silently hoping that it would be Xiao Nian who would be embarrassed it was nothing to do with him, but Zhou Bin had to ask.

“Wei Ru Song what are you doing? Do you have to be so alarmed?”

Fine, now everyone knew there was an issue with Wei Ru Song’s golden ass.

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