LSR Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – What to Do, My Roommate’s Mother Witnessed Us Showering Together

Wei Ru Song was shocked awake by Zhou Bin’s yell, he immediately recovered his spirit and energy, even Xiao Nian who was carrying him did not perspire as much, Wei Ru Song was soaked in sweat as though he was a melting ice cube. Jumping down from Xiao Nian’s back, but his actions affected his backside. He grimaced in pain, clasping his two cheeks and limped over to Zhou Bin.

Zhou Bin, I’m really having a fever, if you don’t believe you can take a look at my backside, I was jabbed three times! Three times! My backside is now covered with

“…” Of course Zhou Bin could not pull Wei Ru Song’s pants down to take a look, they already had a record of outdoor sex, additionally Wei Ru Song had clearly taken action first before reporting it, if he really had to see the doctor, why did he not just apply for leave? Was he not just throwing a tantrum on Xiao Nian’s back? “Why did you not apply for leave? Even sending a text would be fine, you’re making me feel disrespected.”

“Sorry Counselor Zhou, I was really feverish and groggy in the morning…”

Wei Ru Song apologised to Zhou Bin, his head was still heavy and legs were weak, having bowed his head in apology he nearly fell forward, Xiao Nian immediately supported him from the back.

“Hello Counselor Zhou, I’m Senior Wei’s faculty junior and roommate, I swear, Senior is really seriously ill,” Xiao Nian composedly pushed Wei Ru Song behind him. “He had having a fever for the entire morning that’s why I brought him to the hospital,” Xiao Nian took the medication and medical report out from his coat. “Here’s the evidence, it was wrong for Senior to skip classes, but with his current condition he really should go back quickly to rest.”

In the eyes of Zhou Bin it clearly looked like a husband protecting his wife, in this faculty with overwhelming male hormones and his undaunting singlehood, he was losing to a young and ugly couple who did not have the right to date!

“Go go go, we’ll forget about it this time.”

Also, was Xiao Nian a little too good looking? Observing from such a close distance it was observed that his looks were truly above average, if he were to be an idol he would definitely be a superstar. Being a little biased towards his looks, as well as Xiao Nian’s politeness and obedience, Zhou Bin decided to let them go.

Wei Ru Song immediately limped back to his room, with the way Xiao Nian took care of his every needs, Wei Ru Song was moved: My son has matured! Could he help wash his dad’s clothes?

“Sure,” Xiao Nian was happy to answer. “I always wondered why you never used the washing machine with me.” This fella did not know how to wash his clothes by hand, but was very adept at using the washing machine. In a few moments he removed Wei Ru Song’s clothes leaving his underwear, “We’ll use the machine together from now onwards.”

Xiao Nian artlessly continued to remove Wei Ru Song’s underwear, Wei Ru Song quickly stopped him.

“This is fine, I’ll go take a shower.”

“Why?” Xiao Nian asked smoothly. “It’s only a pair of underpants.”

“No it’s fine,” Wei Ru Song pushed away Xiao Nian who followed him into the bathroom. “It’s only a pair of underpants, I can wash it myself.”

After Xiao Nian left, Wei Ru Song was about to collapse, not sure if he was thinking straight, but he kept feeling that Xiao Nian was… overwhelming nice towards him? This pampered young master really busied himself taking care of him, and he felt like he was on the highway to being gay, unable to return. How! Wei Ru Song rubbed shampoo into his hair, something did not smell right, it seemed like he accidentally used Xiao Nian’s shampoo? It was herbal scented, Wei Ru Song suddenly remembered burying his nose in Xiao Nian’s neck the previous night, and resting his head on Xiao Nian’s shoulder just now, he also noticed this herbal scent wafting towards his nose.

How did it turn out this way? Wei Ru Song sat on the toilet in the nude, washing his hair while reflecting, his feelings towards Xiao Nian were just like the lyrics “love arriving too quickly just like a tornado”, striking without any warning. At first all Wei Ru Song wanted to do was escape, but slowly he lost a little of his resistance, because he understood that what he was rejecting was the premise of him being together with Xiao Nian, and not Xiao Nian as a person. Thinking about it, Xiao Nian was also not perfect, he did not know how to wash his underwear, had a paralysed face, no common sense, Wei Ru Song, being hardworking and diligent, complimented him perfectly, but then again, with Xiao Nian’s finances he also did not have to do anything by himself, truly an evil capitalist– Wait, what was I talking about originally? Oh right, how did I start liking Xiao Nian? Wei Ru Song honestly could not think of a reply.

Nearly done showering, Wei Ru Song was about to rinse the suds off his hair but the shampoo kept flowing into his eyes, this herbal scented shampoo also had a cooling effect, stinging his eyes, the flowing liquid, Wei Ru Song’s tears, he quickly stood up wanting to turn the shower on. With a slip however, his needle-pricked backside fell back firmly onto the toilet seat cover, painful enough for him to want to be reincarnated! Wei Ru Song leapt up, feeling like he had landed on a sizzling hot metal plate, but ended up slipping again. This time it was worse than falling onto the toilet, with his long legs, and a Powerpuff Girls’ pose he fell and knocked his head loudly against the toilet, so painful he nearly went into shock, then his backside kissed the ground, even more miserably than Titanic’s Rose and Jack’s tragic kiss of the century. Wei Ru Song’s eyes darkened in pain, instinctively calling out.

“Ahhhh Junior! Junior! Xiao Nian! Help! Help! My royal backside! Help-“


Xiao Nian heard Wei Ru Song yelling as though he was about to give birth and ran into the bathroom urgently. Opening the door to see a provocative image of a naked man finishing his shower, Wei Ru Song’s legs falling apart, his thing slanting to one side, his head on the toilet seat cover, looking very posed, Xiao Nian was frightened.

“Senior, are you ok? Are you able to get up?”

“First, first wash my damn eyes…” Wei Ru Song was trembling. “Is this karma for using your shampoo? Am I so undeserving of this luxury shampoo?!”

Xiao Nian did not know to laugh or cry, reducing the water pressure and carefully washing Wei Ru Song’s face. He then carried him onto the toilet seat cover and helped him wash his hair. Wei Ru Song’s body ached all over, unconsciously leaning on Xiao Nian, allowing him to handle him however. Xiao Nian was very gentle, his touch nearly melting Wei Ru Song.

“Senior, why are you so stupid.”

“You actually called me stupid?” Wei Ru Song feebly supported himself on Xiao Nian’s waist. “Who gave you the guts to do so!”

“What would you do without me?”

“Still dare to mention this? When I was living alone previously I didn’t die and had to wait to be discovered by people smelling the stench of death.”

Therefore, the root cause of all these problems was because Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song became roommates! Wei Ru Song finally found the source of his troubles. When Wei Ru Song was staying alone for a year was he not safe and sound? Other than that time when he slipped in the bathroom, something like this did happen in the past, only this time there was Xiao Nian to save him, actually it was not too bad… Wait! Am I growing dependent on him?! Wake up, Wei Ru Song! You cannot continue like this! This could only be a beautiful mistake!

“Senior, are you able to move,” Xiao Nian bent over, tweaking Wei Ru Song’s cotton candy backside. “Are you able to stand up?”


Wei Ru Song could not believe what was happening, he suspected that either his brain was fried or Xiao Nian’s one was, or maybe both their brains were fried, was Xiao Nian actually teasing him?! Xiao Nian’s lips quirked slightly, but it was still captured by Wei Ru Song’s sharp gaze. Wei Ru Song, not to be outdone, also reached over to Xiao Nian’s backside to pinch it tightly, Xiao Nian looked at him wanting to laugh but holding it in, only then did Wei Ru Song, sitting on the toilet, realised that Xiao Nian was actually this tall. Xiao Nian started stripping in front of Wei Ru Song, those abs, those pecs, that clavicle, that Adam’s apple– Wei Ru Song hurriedly looked down, but his short hair could not cover his red ears, Xiao Nian helplessly laughed.


“No! The bathroom is just too warm!”

His voice still echoing, Xiao Nan fondled Wei Ru Song’s ear, stroking it gently, causing Wei Ru Song to be covered with goosebumps. It was not nauseating, but only caused by the ambiguous atmosphere.

“Why are you strip- strip- stripping…”

“Because the bathroom is warm.”

Xiao Nian removed his pants, Wei Ru Song’s line of vision also just happened to be right at his crotch, the shape of that object clearly defined under the soaked underwear, Wei Ru Song immediately recalled the performance of this item last night, and for some unknown reason starting to feel shy… Xiao Nian then started removing his underwear in a very seductive manner, using his index finger to hook onto his waistband and pulling it away from him body. What was he trying to do, Wei Ru Song thought fearfully. Xiao Nian pulled down a corner of his underwear, his sexy adonis belt extending into the still covered crotch, causing Wei Ru Song to be lost in them. No, he could not lose himself this way, Wei Ru Song reached out and pulled Xiao Nian’s underwear up, like a mother pulling her son’s low waist pants.

“What are you doing, trying to show off?”

“Nothing,” Xiao Nian’s face was full of innocence. “I want to shower.”

“Then I’ll go.”

Wei Ru Song staggered out of the bathroom, he could have been jinxed today, his feet were slippery, nearly falling again after taking a few steps. By then Xiao Nian was completely nude, looking at Wei Ru Song’s faltering steps he was worried, quickly supporting him from the back. Wei Ru Song thought Xiao Nian was standing firmly, so he fell backwards confidently, however Xiao Nian was unprepared, resulting in him falling and sitting onto the toilet, and pulling Wei Ru Song down at the same time.

Now the situation was: Xiao Nian sat on top of the toilet seat cover, and Wei Ru Song was sitting on top of Xiao Nian’s object. Wei Ru Song was frozen, he did not dare to look at Xiao Nian, his feet were unable to touch the ground, he fruitlessly struggled a little, only to slide back onto that thing dejectedly, Xiao Nian could only carry him off his body. Wei Ru Song hurriedly escaped the bathroom, only to start squawking after a few seconds, returning to the bathroom and hugging Xiao Nian in fear.

“Ah ah ah ah Junior there’s a woman outside! A fairy! A goddess! Fuck am I dreaming or hallucinating?!”

“Don’t be scared,” Xiao Nian wiped his face. “Let’s go out to take a look.”

“I, I don’t have any clothes…”


Hence Xiao Nian passed Wei Ru Song his t-shirt, due to their height difference Xiao Nian’s t shirt was long enough to cover what should be covered on Wei Ru Song, while Xiao Nian kept his pants for himself. Placing a towel on Wei Ru Song’s head, the two of them left the bathroom one after the other.

Sitting on Xiao Nian’s chair was a lady, around 30 years of age, the more Wei Ru Song looked at her face the more he was creeped out- How did she look so similar to Xiao Nian? If Xiao Nian was to become a female he would look exactly like this! Could it be Xiao Nian’s sister?

“Why are you here,” Xiao Nian cocked his brow. “Mom.”

Mom?! Mom?! Mom?! This fairy sister was Xiao Nian’s mother?!

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