LSR Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – What to Do, My Roommate’s Mother Has Decided That I’ll be Her Daughter-in-Law

“I was visiting City A,” Xu li Xia smiled prettily. “Then I remembered that your college seemed to be in City A as well, so I decided to take a look. Seems like your dormitory’s environment isn’t too bad, is this your boyfriend?”

Xiao Nian pulled the stunned Wei Ru Song towards him, automatically drying his hair for him.

“He’s my roommate and faculty senior.”

Xu Li Xia stood up and held her hand towards Wei Ru Song.

“Hello, I’m Xu Li Xia, I’m Xiao Nian’s mom.”

“Nice, nice to meet you!” It was as though Wei Ru Song was woken from a dream, he wiped his hand carefully on his t-shirt a few times before carefully shaking Xu Li Xia’s hand, her skin was like silky, smooth and tender, she definitely did not look like she was nearly 50, with a son. “I’m Wei Ru Song, I’m Xiao Nian’s roommate.”

“Hahaha,” Xu Li Xia could not help but laugh loudly, her laugh lines accidentally exposing her age. “You’re really cute, don’t regard me as an outsider, just call me mom.”

Wei Ru Song wanted to ask why, but did not dare to do so, and also did not dare to call her mom. He was afraid that by doing so, his father would have to kneel on the washing board till his knees rotted, and so looked to Xiao Nian to solve the dilemma.

“Mom, don’t tease him.”

“Why?” Xu Li Xia’s startled expression was exactly like Xiao Nian’s. “Aren’t the two of you dating?”


– Haven’t the rumours stopped? How could their parents have heard about them!

“What’s so surprising?” Xu Li Xia’s gaze turned meaningful, she considered Wei Ru Song who was wearing Xiao Nian’s t-shirt with a towel on his head, then glanced at Xiao Nian who was only wearing a pair of pants. “Ok fine I know, kids these days, it’s fine, I’ve always been very open-minded. You have to be nice to him, don’t bully him, ok? If not I’ll beat you when you come home.”

What a rare occasion to see all these expressions flitting through Xiao Nian’s face, he wrinkled his brow about to speak, but was interrupted by Wei Ru Song.

“No, sister, Junior doesn’t bully me, Junior is very nice to me, he’s really concerned about me, we get along very well together.”

“Wow! Seriously?” Xu Li Xia looked surprised, just like a cute and playful 18 year old pretty girl. “Do you know, Xiao Nian is an oppressive tyrant at home!”

“Really?!” Wei Ru Song side-eyed Xiao Nian. “He’s so tyrannical?!”

“Mom,” Xiao Nian was embarrassed. “If there’s nothing else you better leave now, I still have classes later.”

“Then does Ru Song have classes?” Xu Li Xia affably held Wei Ru Song’s hands. “If you don’t let mom treat you to lunch, I’ll let you many childhood stories of Xiao Nian, you don’t be fooled by his current image, he’s actually very naughty!”

“No I don’t, but…” Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian was not too happy. “Junior doesn’t seem very willing…”

“Don’t bother about him,” Xu Li Xia clasped onto Wei Ru Song’s neck, her high heels clacking on the floor. “Come, a mother-in-law bringing her daughter-in-law out for fun is very ordinary.”

“Wait wait wait mom mom mom mom-” Wei Ru Song’s neck was gripped to the point where he felt a little breathless, and ended up urgently calling her mom. “I’m not wearing any pants! Wait wait wait I can’t lose my virtue this way!”

“Can’t you see that he’s unwilling to go?” Xiao Nian grasped onto Wei Ru Song’s arm and tried to pull him away from here. “Senior is nice, he’s too polite to reject you.”

“Really?” Xu Li Xia democratically asked. “Ru Song, are you willing to go with me?”


Wei Ru Song warily wore his pants, his eyes bouncing from Xiao Nian and Xu Li Xia. Xiao Nian’s face threatened “If you go that’s the end of our friendship”, while Xu Li Ya’s face kindly smiling “Come let’s go play”. Wei Ru Song really felt that he was at an impasse, Xu Li Xia was also an elder, of course the priority would go to the elder. After deciding Wei Ru Song closed his eyes.

“Sister, I’ll go with you.”

“Oh yes!” Xu Li Xia patted Xiao Nian’s shoulder, with an old-is-gold big-hearted tone to appease her son. “Son, it’s going to be fine, I just want to improve my relationship with my daughter-in-law, you just continue learning and improving!”

Done, she pushed Xiao Nian’s head down and kissed his cheek loudly, leaving a sexy bright red lipstick mark on him, then dragged the plebeian Wu Ru Song out of the door like wind.

Xu Li Xia hailed a cab and directed it to go to the city center’s Venice Buffet Restaurant. A meal here was equivalent to Wei Ru Song’s living expenses for a week. Just as they entered Xu Li Xia was recognised, so she asked Wei Ru Song to go ahead and eat while she took photos and signed autographs with her fans.

Wei Ru Song usually had a huge appetite, when coming for buffets, he would be like a hungry ghost shovelling food down till the servers rolled their eyes at him. However, in front of Xu Li Xia he did not dare to eat like usual, making himself seem lower-class. Luckily he had just recovered from his illness, and truly did not have much of an appetite, so when Xu Li Xia came to the table she saw only a few pieces of steam chicken and salad on his plate, eating elegantly like a highborn lady. Xu Li Xia laughed out loud.

“Ru Song, there’s no need to be courteous with me, I’m not an evil mother-in-law, don’t be so cautious, eat more, I like my daughter-in-law a little plumper, hehe.”

“No, I’m not, Sister, there’s really nothing between Xiao Nian and me,” Wei Ru Song, with chicken in his mouth, nearly teared up. “Sorry, sister, I just recovered from a fever, in fact it was Xiao Nian who brought me to get an injection, therefore I don’t have much of an appetite.”

After hearing this, Xu Li Xia guiltily stroked Wei Ru Song’s head.

“You should have mentioned this earlier, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry, let’s go eat something light instead.”

She pulled at Wei Ru Song, wanting to change restaurants quickly. –Are all rich people this unrestrained?! We’ve barely warmed up the seats and we’re going to leave?! Wei Ru Song hurriedly pulled his hand back.

“It’s ok it’s ok, Sister I’m hungry, this restaurant is pretty good.”

Xu Li Xia cheered up, after hearing herself being referred to as a sister.

“Ah please stop calling me Sister, I’m too old for that.”

“How could that be, you look like you’re in your twenties, on my first glance I really thought you were Xiao Nian’s sister.”

“You’re really a sweet talker, oh haha,” Xu Li Xia smiled widely, feeling the urge to hug and kiss Wei Ru Song. “Why don’t you be my daughter-in-law? As long as you’re willing to accept Xiao Nian.”

 We’ve gone one big round why is she still insisting on me being Xiao Nian’s wife? Why can’t your Xiao Nian be my wife instead? Wait, there’s something wrong about this?

“Actually, I can see that Nian Nian likes you very much.”


– So clever, you actually realised this? Let me tell you the truth, I can also see that… Wei Ru Song of course did not dare to say it aloud, if not he would seem a little bitchy, like he was being demanding of Xiao Nian, and he did kind of take advantage of Xiao Nian, ordering him around, still planning to teach him to hand wash his underwear. If Xu Li Xia was to know about it, would she feel that he was abusing her precious son?

“I saw Nian Nian showering with you, as well as drying your hair, I’ve never seen him treating anyone this way,” Xu Li Xia’s eyes shined playfully and slyly. Gossip was truly something that removed 10 years off any woman’s age. “You know, Nian Nian is such a bully at home, everyone has to listen to him, he’s always dismissive towards his dad and me, most of the time it’s always a cold war, if not for your presence today, he might not have even spoken to me.”

“Ah? Really?” Oh god, Wei Ru Song sighed involuntarily, it was as though he saw the sudden fall of a rising Oscars-worthy movie star, what a waste for Xiao Nian not to study acting! The future leader in China’s entertainment circle was buried just like that. “But I feel that Junior is really quite a nice guy, he’s very obedient, treats people very sincerely.”

With Xiao Nian’s mother stirring the pot, nothing could confirm their relationship more than this. Wei Ru Song was afraid, if this were to continue all that was left was only someone’s asshole getting fucked.

“Ai, thinking about it we were at fault,” Xu Li Xia bit the straw in her glass while speaking, her habit of biting the straw flat, it was the same as Xiao Nian, no matter how tough the straw was Xiao Nian would still bite it flat, seemed like this was hereditary. “When Nian Nian was young we were busy with work and missed showing our concern for him, when we realised how important it was to guide him in life it was too late, he no longer needed it, and also did not appreciate our care and concern. We also know that we can’t cry over spilled milk, so we never wished to be close with him, we just hope that he could find someone he love and the person who loved him, after all he’s a part of me, of course I wish the best for him…”

This atmosphere was not right, Wei Ru Song quickly picked up two napkins in preparation to pass it to his mother-in-law, the fairy sister, to dry her tears. Xu Li Xia was amused by Wei Ru Song’s nervous expression, he was too adorable, no wonder Xiao Nian would like him.

“It’s fine, don’t feel burdened, if you really don’t like him, I won’t say anymore.”

“It’s not that I don’t like him, just, it’s just not that type of like, it’s a normal type of like, actually there’s a little of that like, just…” Wei Ru Song wanted to swear as he could not think of a reason. “… I will treat Xiao Nian well?”

“Good!” Xu Li Xia finally gave into her impulse to hug Wei Ru Song. “From now on you’re my daughter-in-law! Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a drink!”

“Wait Sister did you misunderstand something-“

Wei Ru Song was stunned, what was going on? What did he say that made him get married?!

“Yeah here’s the mistake,” Xu Li Xia was solemn. “You have to call me Mom from now on, ok?”

It was the middle of the night when Wei Ru Song returned to his room, an overwhelming alcohol smell entered with him, the lights were switched off, seemed like Xiao Nian was asleep. Wei Ru Song was drunk, but he felt that it was worth it, with this outing, he had received tens of thousands of blackmail material on Xiao Nian, all provided to him by Xu Li Xia. For some crazy reason, Wei Ru Song started crawling on to Xiao Nian’s bed while removing his clothes, his head full of mini versions of Xiao Nian dancing with his bare ass. The beds in the dormitory could barely fit two girls, to have two guys sharing it was asking too much. Xiao Nian for some reason was sleeping like the dead, there was no reaction from him, allowing Wei Ru Song to play around drunkenly. Wei Ru Song lay next to Xiao Nian and called out.

“Nian Nian, Little Nian, Tushie Nian, I’ll call you Tushie Nian ok, I know you like this name best, I heard you fell into the toilet when you were young, hahahaha Tushie Nian.”

In the dark Wei Ru Song did not know if he was harassing Xiao Nian, looking at him lying there with no reaction, Wei Ru Song became aggravated and started singing loudly into Xiao Nian’s ear.

“Wife, ah ha, you will never get the hurt, ah waiting for a thousand years, waiting ah ah ah-“

For some unfathomable reason, after chatting with Xu Li Xia that night, Wei Ru Song was full of fighting spirit, he felt that he had been too polite to Xiao Nian, after all Xiao Nian was younger than him, and actually wishing for someone to take care of him, to be concerned about him, obviously Wei Ru Song was the one to give Xiao Nian this loving and peaceful environment hahaha-

The sky flipped suddenly, Wei Ru Song feeling dizzy felt a weight on his body, turned out that Xiao Nian was pushing him down on the bed. In the dark he dazedly saw Xiao Nian’s black as the night pupils, the heat in them was scouring, causing him to sober up for no reason, his hair straightening up in fear. After all if someone was screaming and yelling in your ears while you were sleeping, anyone would get angry, Xiao Nian must have been really pissed off this time, with a squeeze of his hand he squashed Xiao Nian’s face to a goldfish.

“Wei Ru Song, are you looking to get fucked?”

– Wait, Junior, are you dreaming? I’ll give you a chance to change your words, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, we’ll restart.

“Ah, what did you say?”

“I said, are you looking to get fucked?

 Fine, you see, now the readers all know that even if there wasn’t anything between us, there’s going to be something between us.

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