LSR Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – What to Do, We Tried to Moan Louder Than The Neighbour Only to Find Out That He Was My Classmate

Looking very sleazy from the outside, heading up the stairs they found that the interior design of the guesthouse was still pretty atmospheric, with pink lights, posters of seductive ladies, Wei Ru Song suspected that the entrance of the guesthouse was very low-profile on purpose to avoid police knocking on the door.

Their room was on the 3rd floor, when they were on the 2nd floor there was a scantily clad woman with heavy make up leaning by the stairs, eyeing Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song, the amount of time spent looking at Xiao Nian was thrice the amount of time looking at Wei Ru Song, then she spoke.

“Sex toys once open considered sold, there’s no enema nozzle in the bathroom you’ll have to provide your own.”

“… No need no need.”

Wei Ru Song speedily grabbed onto Xiao Nian and ran away, their room number was 320, right at the end of the corridor. Upon entering they were affected by the ambiguous lighting, the sex toys displayed prominently next to the bed, Wei Ru Song was stunned. He shook his head to get rid of the enigmatic images appearing in his mind.

“Junior, I keep feeling like there’s something wrong.”

Wei Ru Song looked at the size of the bed. He suddenly felt that with the size of the bed, it would really be a waste to not do anything on it. Xiao Nian also played along with Wei Ru Song, arm in arm looking at the big bed in contemplation.

“Senior, what feels wrong?”

“Of course it’s-” Wei Ru Song rubbed his face. “Is there only 1 bed?! Huh!? What happened?! I’m still a pure and innocent virgin! I’ve never shared a bed with anyone in my life!”

“…” Xiao Nian was a little doubtful. “Really?”


Looking into Xiao Nian’s bright eyes, the memory of the passionate night with Xiao Nian on the rooftop started playing in Wei Ru Song’s head, he felt a little shy recalling it… – What rubbish is this?! Author let me warn you, don’t write nonsense! That night we did not sleep on a bed together it doesn’t count!

— It’s going to happen soon anyway.

The room was not big, the bed taking up about two-thirds of the space, there was no space on the floor to set up a sleeping area, what was more, having to pay an average of 100 dollars per person for the night, Xiao Nian might not mind, but Wei Ru Song definitely minded, in no circumstances would he be thick skinned enough to ask Xiao Nian to sleep on the floor. Also, they had already exchanged hand jobs, sharing a bed was essentially nothing. It was not like a pregnancy could occur with two guys sharing a bed (at most someone’s backside would hurt).

His mind struggling for a short period of time, Wei Ru Song gave up, sitting on the bed.

“Go, Junior, you’ll shower first.”

Wei Ru Song immediately felt that in this atmosphere it was a little strange to let Xiao Nian go shower… Xiao Nian also obediently went to shower, just like being in their dormitory, this was clearly the actions of a clear conscience. Wei Ru Song unconcernedly took out his phone to play games, while the game was loading he glanced around the room, only to discover that the bathroom was separated with glass walls! Wei Ru Song could see the suds forming on Xiao Nian’s body! The white bubbles sliding down the lines of Xiao Nian’s muscles, flowing down the sexy Adonis Belt into the thick bush-

– STOP Wei Ru Song! Do you know you’re in grave danger?! Do you know you’re inching closer and closer to being gay! You’re on the path of no return! At that moment Xiao Nian suddenly turned and saw Wei Ru Song staring at him, their eyes met, awkward but- sparks flew…

Wei Ru Song guiltily looked down and played his game, but his mind was chaotic, without finishing a game Xiao Nian was done showering, he wore a white bathrobe, exposing his statuesque chest, water dripping from his black hair down his body, under the lights his features looked even more defined, his eyes like the vast and open sea. Xiao Nian used the towel around his neck to dry his wet hair and walked towards Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song felt like a wife being targetted by her overbearing presidential husband, he retreated a little and covered his chest.

“What, what are you doing?”

“Your turn to shower, Senior.”

“I’ll finish this game first.”

“It’s ok, I’ll play it for you,” Xiao Nian smoothly took over Wei Ru Song’s phone. “Shower quickly, then head to bed.”

“Oh oh, then you better not lost! My rank is about to be promoted!”


Now it was Wei Ru Song’s turn to go to the bathroom, he already knew that the bathroom was exposed, so he thought about using a towel to cover himself. However, by doing so it would seem like he lacked self-confidence, that he would be very affected by being seen. However Xiao Nian was very focused on playing the game, he ignored Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song felt annoyed. What, I’m also fit and muscular! Are you not interested? Why are you not peeking!

It was as though Xiao Nian felt the resentment coming off Wei Ru Song, he looked up only to see Wei Ru Song with a constipated expression. The usually blank face of Xiao Nian twisted, he clearly only just found out that the walls of the bathroom could be seen through. After looking at each other, Wei Ru Song hurriedly turned around flashing Xiao Nian his white and tender backside, an image that could bring people ecstasy.

Done showering Wei Ru Song exited the bathroom, also wearing a bathrobe. In a script this would be the moment where both people strip and started rolling on the bed enjoying themselves. Of course, this would be the script of a porn film, Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song who shared a pure and virtuous relationship would never allow such a lusty image to insult their rapport!

Having exercised today Wei Ru Song was tired, he lay on the bed, limbs spreading out, and started snoring within a few minutes. Xiao Nian helplessly covered him with a blanket and continued lying next to him playing games.

Wei Ru Song, in his sleep, vaguely felt the bed shaking and heard noises, and flailed awake.

“Junior, what happened?! An earthquake?!”

“Ah– yeah! God! Ah ah fuck yeah! Oh ah-“

“Junior you’re watching porn?!”

In Wei Ru Song’s heart, “Xiao Nian watches porn” was even more shocking than going through an earthquake. Xiao Nian shook his head.

“Bad soundproofing, the sound is from next door.”

Seemed like people next door were engaged in very vigorous activities, the noise level high, it was likely that both their beds were separated only by a wall, soundproofing was usually pretty bad in places like these, they could only see who was noisier.

Wei Ru Song was both tired and angry, the moans of the girl next door also sounded very fake.

“Ah… I want that big cock! Oh! Ah–Yeah yeah–“

– Wow Sister, your voice sounds just like those post-processed dubbing, couldn’t be any faker! Wei Ru Song was furious, kicking the wall.

“Lower your volume! People are sleeping!”

Who would have guessed that this resulted in them being louder, the actions even more intense, the sex toys next to the bed all started shaking, not only was the girl moaning, the guy was groaning as well.

“Oh! Fuck! How slutty! Tighter! Oh-“

“Ah ah fuck yeah, ah- uh- oh!”

“Fuck this-“

Wei Ru Song was enraged, he was about to leap out of bed and go next door and debate with this couple who were currently discussing life’s greatest harmonies, but was dragged back by Xiao Nian.

Xiao Nian kicked the wall savagely, dust drifting down, seemed like the couple next door were scared mute.

“How does it feel to get fucked by your husband?”

 HUH?! Wei Ru Song looked at the expressionless Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian also looked at him and kicked the wall again, it was elegant and sexy, sexy yet a little overbearing, his overbearing showing his energy.

“How, great till you’re speechless?”

Having lived together for 3 months, Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian were very well-coordinated when gaming together, quickly understanding what Xiao Nian was trying to do, Wei Ru Song cooperated and stepped on the headboard. Being a martial arts practitioner, his movement was definitely fast and forceful, with this step it nearly broke the bed.

“Oh– Ah ah– Yamete! Yamete! No! Um ah no…”

Wei Ru Song called out pitifully, it was as though he was performing with the skills he had studied for life. Xiao Nian sighed helplessly, mouthing at him “Be a little sluttier” and called out again.

“Holding onto me so tightly and still saying no?”

– Damn! Master Xiao you’re truly worldly! But I’m not too shabby myself! Wei Ru Song cleared his throat, quickly calling out sluttily.

“Ah! Ah! What a big cock! Hubby you’re the best! Fuck yeah! Ah ah- I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh!”

Xiao Nian gave Wei Ru Song a thumb’s up, giving him a complimentary expression, a Wei Ru Song who received such validation worked harder, his voice pitching up.

“Oh– oh! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna die… Fuck yeah! Ah! Yeah! Oh yeah– oh! God!” (T/N: The last few phrases were in English.)

Xiao Nian quickly shook his head and mouthed to Wei Ru Song “No English”. Wei Ru Song nodded and continued, flipping back to Asian channels.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh oh–“

Aggressive knocking resounded from the door, giving Wei Ru Song a big fright. – Could it be the police conducting a raid?! Xiao Nian consoled him, “Don’t worry, they won’t arrest actual couples. Quickly remove your clothes and hide in the blankets.”

Wei Ru Song quickly stripped leaving his underwear on, but Xiao Nian told him to make the scene more realistic he should remove the underwear as well. Wei Ru Song hardened his heart and took off his underwear, throwing it onto of the pile of clothes on the floor. Xiao Nian also threw his robe with the pile of clothes, creating a messy scene.

Looking at each other determinedly, Xiao Nian opened the door. Outside the door was a guy who looked around his age, his furious face changing upon seeing Xiao Nian, and screamed.


“What now?!”

Wei Ru Song got off the bed but felt his balls shrinking in the cold, quickly covering himself with the blanket and stuck his head out from behind Xiao Nian.

“Fuck fuck fuck!”

“Wei Ru Song?!”

“Liu Xing Hang!”

Wei Ru Song wanted to die on the spot, he remembered that the entire school thought Xiao Nian’s dick was salty was due to Liu Xing Hang, what the fuck should he do now?! The thought of eliminating the eyewitness flashed through Wei Ru Song’s head– No no no murder is illegal I can’t do that–

“No, Liu Xing Hang you listen to me, I–“

“Sorry sorry sorry,” Fucking stop apologising and listen to me! Wei Ru Song was about to kill Liu Xing Hang, but Liu Xing Hang had ran away. “You guys take your time, I’ll go back too, it wouldn’t be good if my girlfriend cooled down.”

“We’re done for, fuck, we’re done…”

Wei Ru Song staggered and fell on the floor, tragically hugging his head.

“Junior, you might as well just really fuck me to death now.”

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