LSR Chapter 15 (NSFW)

Chapter 15 – What to Do, I Had a Wet Dream In Which I Made Love With My Roommate

“Senior, what’s wrong,” Xiao Nian deftly carried Wei Ru Song who was huddling into a dumpling shape. “You recognise him?”

“He’s my classmate, infamous for spreading gossip,” the spreading of their rumours was definitely helped along by Liu Xing Hang, Wei Ru Song was not bearing a grudge, it was only that the memory was carved deeply in his head. “You still remember when I said that your dick was salty? He was the one who kept asking, then spread it around, damn it, the more I think about it the angrier I get, fuck I’ll go murder him right now!”

Wei Ru Song threw the blanket away about to get off the bed, only to be pushed onto the bed by Xiao Nian.

“Senior, calm down, maybe he won’t mention it? After all everyone thinks we’re a couple, isn’t it very normal to have sex as a couple?”

“Yes, you’re not wrong, but,” Wei Ru Song rubbed his face. “But… Nothing did happen between the both of us, I feel very wronged and judged.”

“If you want, something can happen.”

A thread of teasing could be detected in Xiao Nian’s tone, but his face was still expressionless, causing Wei Ru Song to stupidly ask.

“Something can happen?”

Wei Ru Song then realised, Xiao Nian was… teasing? Flirting? Instructing? No, not instructing, although Wei Ru Song was a little slow, he was not that dumb.

The seductive lighting fell upon Xiao Nian’s face, his eyelashes long enough to leave faint shadows on his cheek, his straight nose, perfect lips, Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian’s face was too good looking to be real, he leaned forward as though he was possessed, only until he scented Xiao Nian’s shampoo, Wei Ru Song shifted his body, like waking up from a dream.

“Let’s, let’s sleep, sleep till tomorrow afternoon and we’ll have kiln-baked chicken!”

Having said that Wei Ru Song lay on the bed like he was shot and quickly went to sleep, but something felt weird, only when he felt the bedclothes brush his bare body did he suddenly realise- shit, nearly slept in the nude!

Thus Wei Ru Song frantically grabbed the clothes on the floor and put them on, then threw Xiao Nian’s clothes on to his face.

“Wear them, I’m not taking responsibility if you get impregnated tomorrow.”

Xiao Nian smoothly grabbed the clothes that were thrown on him and wore them, bade Wei Ru Song goodnight, closed his eyes and fell asleep. While falling asleep Wei Ru Song paid attention to Xiao Nian’s eyelashes, they were really very long…

Xiao Nian jerked awake in the middle of the night, like an octopus Wei Ru Song had held on to Xiao Nian, their bodies seamlessly joint together. Xiao Nian was hugged to the point he felt a little uncomfortable, wanting to push him away, but was afraid of waking Wei Ru Song. He could only slowly control his breathing, but then heard Wei Ru Song muttering.

– Was Senior about to sleep talk again? Xiao Nian groggily lifted his phone about to record, but was stopped by Wei Ru Song.



– I was exposed so quickly? Not waiting for a response, Wei Ru Song spoke.

“Don’t, Junior…”

“…” Xiao Nian found it a little amusing, he lazily whispered into Xiao Nian’s ear. “Don’t what?”

“Don’t, don’t touch-“

Xiao Nian’s thigh was clasped tightly between Wei Ru Song’s two thighs, Wei Ru Song unconsciously rubbed twice, causing Xiao Nian to do something he would never, nor had the chance to do if Wei Ru Song was awake. He used his knees to spread Wei Ru Song’s thighs apart, and ground against Wei Ru Song’s covered backside. Wei Ru Song instinctively wanted to close his legs, but was forced apart by Xiao Nian’s knees. He called out Xiao Nian’s name again, Xiao Nian, being provoked by Wei Ru Song, simply pushed Wei Ru Song under him.

“Senior, I’m not a gentleman.”

Wei Ru Song was dreaming, he dreamt that he was kissing Xiao Nian, their tongues entwining, dancing like two nimble snakes exploring each other’s mouth, Xiao Nian’s warm hands touching his skin, burning him, moving into his pants, holding his rod, causing tremors to run through Wei Ru Song, drowning him. Xiao Nian’s hands were skilful and erotic, doing all that he could to pleasure Wei Ru Song, making him want to shift his hips along with his actions.

His front being teased wonderfully, Wei Ru Song was drowsy, something cold and slippery dripped into that area that had never been visited, something swiping around that hole, a finger entered, not painful. Although it was a foreign sensation, surprisingly Wei Ru Song did not reject it.

The finger entered slowly, all the way in, Wei Ru Song only moaned, as his front was played with so pleasurably, even his balls were not ignored, Wei Ru Song was floating in these sensations, he was actually fine with this if Xiao Nian was the other party? Doing this kind of things… the second finger also entered, the channel clenched tightly around the long and slender fingers, preventing further entry, but was forcefully stretched apart, Wei Ru Song frowned, wanting Xiao Nian to stop for now.

“How can I do that.”

The third finger too entered, they unyieldingly stretched that tight channel, experiencing this for the first time he was very bashful, having his hole being played like that, Wei Ru Song started pleading, but he also knew that this was a dream, if he woke up it would be fine, he just had to wake up…

Wei Ru Song forced himself to wake up from the enticing dream-

“Xiao Nian– eh?” Xiao Nian was placing handcuffs around Wei Ru Song’s wrists, the insides of the handcuffs were layered with soft fur so as not to damage the skin. Wei Ru Song was suddenly alert, “Ju- Junior, what are you doing?”

That forceful image of Xiao Nian in his dream had yet to fade away, Wei Ru Song had some lingering fears.

“You’re not too honest when you sleep, sorry Senior, I’ll have to offend you this way.”

“Fuck you scared me!” Wei Ru Song burst. “I thought you were about to screw my ass-“

 Don’t continue don’t continue don’t continue- Wei Ru Song desperately swallowed the word “hole”, Xiao Nian exploded with laughter in the dark, but for some reason Wei Ru Song could imagine his expression.

“Relax, Senior, I won’t do that to you.”

Out of nowhere a feeling of disappointment welled up in Wei Ru Song, he quickly shook his head- Wake up Wei Ru Song! You’re a shining example of a heterosexual! This feeling is only a temporary impulse, a youthful confusion! Quickly come back!

“Good night.”

Xiao Nian pecked Wei Ru Song on his white forehead, turning his back towards him and fell asleep. Wei Ru Song thought he would be unable to fall asleep, but found that his reason for insomnia was too silly, implying that he was guilty, so he fell asleep in moments.

Back from the trip Wei Ru Song reminded himself to not get influenced by the baffling ideas in his head, and also worried about how he could prove his innocence if Liu Xing Hang was to open his big mouth. This was too shameful… Wei Ru Song recalled his splendid acting, why was he so proud of his skills at that time, he only wished he could travel back in time and kill that cocky version of him.

How would Liu Xing Hang describe him? Wei Ru Song was fucked by Xiao Nian till he called him hubby? Wei Ru Song was fucked by Xiao Nian till he spoke English? No no no this was truly a tragedy! How would he be able to look people in the eyes in the future?

However, it was calm and peaceful for the next month, no one was judging, Wei Ru Song then felt relieved and continued hanging out with Xiao Nian happily.

Wei Ru Song sometimes liked to bother Xiao Nian, when Wei Ru Song was tired of revising and saw Xiao Nian tapping away on his keyboard, he felt very petty- Hah, just wait till you get to Year 2, you’ll study till you explode! Wei Ru Song then dragged his chair next to Xiao Nian and started calling, “Tushie Nian, Tushie Nian.” Xiao Nian, with his headphones on, would then reply, “Shut up, fool.” When waiting to re-spawn in-game Xiao Nian would always turn and squash Wei Ru Song’s cheeks into a goldfish mouth.

“Stop calling me that.”

“Ok ok.”

Xu Li Xia was the one would told Wei Ru Song about this nickname, she said that when Xiao Nian was small his backside was round and chubby, when wearing split pants the exposed buttocks were smooth and fair just like eggs, very very adorable, there was even photo evidence which Xu Li Xia shown to her acknowledged daughter-in-law, sharing it with Wei Ru Song.

– Actually continuing harmoniously like that isn’t too bad, right? Not sure, must we really be in love…

Christmas came upon them, Wei Ru Song had never celebrated such western holidays, but his classmates were all very excited, especially the single guys, acting as though with such festivals they would be able to leave their single-dom behind- as if!

Their plan this year was to drink all night in a bar, exactly the same as last year. Previously, Wei Ru Song was a 100% focused on Chen Xuan Xuan, so he rejected spending time with these emotional, heartless, infatuated single guys to wave farewell to their loneliness, but this year was a little different.

“Ru Song, are you going?”

Lee Wei was Wei Ru Song’s good friend, his looks although embarrassing, but had an honest and sincere character. It was all due to his looks that he still could not get a girlfriend.

“Brother Wei, don’t you know? Ru Song’s already attached.”

Xu Yang Sheng immediately provoked him, this person could be considered a friend with a bad influence on Wei Ru Song, always laughing at him. Lin Wei was stunned.

“Ru Song, you’re really dating Xiao Nian?”

“No! I’m not! What nonsense! I’m not!” As no one had mentioned about this to Wei Ru Song, he was again agitatedly explaining. “Do you think it’s possible?”

“Sure, why would it be impossible?” Huang Fan slyly leaned over, he was the playboy type, with above average looks and family background, changing his girlfriends faster than his underwear. “Two guys staying together in a room, all alone, spending so much time together, giving each other a hand…”

Huang Fan winked while saying “hand”, Wei Ru Song lifted his middle finger.

“Hand your ass.”

“So are you going?” Lin Wei anticipatedly looked at Wei Ru Song. “Romantic Bar has a match-making event on Christmas! There’s no gender limits, heheheheh hahaha-“

“Fine,” Wei Ru Song recalled that during his previous Christmas he presented Chen Xuan Xuan with flowers but failed to have dinner with her, and he could only return back to his room and played games the whole night. Who would have thought that with a new year his relationship still could not last till Christmas, no matter what, he could not be like a loser this year anymore. “Then I’ll go.”

“You can invite Xiao Nian.” Xu Yang Sheng suggested.

“Better not,” Huang Fan was aware of what would happen. “If Xiao Nian were to join us how would we attract any girl’s attention?”

“It’s fine, it’ll just be the few of us then.”

As for Xiao Nian, Wei Ru Song felt that he would have his own plans, it could not be that two guys would spend Christmas in their room playing video games together, right? It would sound so miserable…

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