LSR Chapter 17 (NSFW)

Chapter 17 – What to Do, My Roommate and I Engaged in Intercrural Sex

“Lover?” Chu Yun He considered Xiao Nian and asked amazedly. “You’re his lover?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Is there proof?”

“Junior, Junior,” Wei Ru Song felt that his body was burning and his brain was swollen, falling onto the floor like his legs were made of jelly, so as to prevent himself from kneeling to Xiao Nian he quickly clung to Xiao Nian. “Why are you here? Bring me back quickly, I think I’m drunk.”


Wei Ru Song was afraid of embarrassing himself so he was whispering into Xiao Nian’s ear, it seemed to Chu Yun He that they were flirting quietly with each other, suddenly, as though he was possessed, he raised his brows.

“He told me he didn’t have a boyfriend.”

“He threw a tantrum and decided to go to a bar,” Xiao Nian rebutted, nodding slightly towards Chu Yun He. “Sorry to have troubled you, here’s wishing you a merry Christmas.”

Xiao Nian lifted Wei Ru Song with a fireman’s carry, as though he was about to dump Wei Ru Song into a grave and left.

“Junior, I’m feeling hot.”

Wei Ru Song groggily entered the taxi, his head leaning onto Xiao Nian’s shoulder and unconsciously removing his coat, Xiao Nian stroked his abnormally red cheeks, they were practically hot enough to cook eggs.

“Did you eat something?”

“No,” Wei Ru Song also felt bizarre, he felt like the drinks he drank were not cocktails but pure spirits instead, burning throughout his entire body. “All I drank were 2 cocktails, they weren’t too strong, only tasting like juice.”



Wei Ru Song felt nauseous, was this cab driver a retired F1 driver, there was very little traffic at this timing, so the old taxi was speeding along, as though “as long as he drove fast enough, sadness would never catch up”. The wind, through the gap in the window, slapped Wei Ru Song’s face, but this wind did not sober him up, instead, made him more nauseous, his belly churning, bile welling up his throat.

The taxi driver was clearly experienced, with one glance at Wei Ru Song he spoke coldly.

“200 dollars cleaning fee for vomiting in the taxi.”

Hearing that he would have to pay 200 dollars, Wei Ru Song hurriedly swallowed, Xiao Nian massaged his back and gently told him.

“It’s alright, we’ll reach soon.”

Wei Ru Song was afraid he would spew upon opening his mouth, he could only tighten his lips and nod, only to feel nauseous again, and so tried to distract himself.

All along Wei Ru Song had only drank beer, after all he was a martial arts practitioner, also, he was of age, when at home during the holidays he would have some chicken feet and beer with his father after training, ten cans of beer had basically no effect on him, thus he was very confident in his drinking ability. However he had only drank 2 cocktails tonight, were cocktails really so alcoholic? Wei Ru Song went through his memories, he ordered a watermelon daiquiri, played games on his phone, Chu Yun He appeared, treated him to an old-fashioned, after much reflection Wei Ru Song screamed silently, but was suddenly enlightened and thus cheered up.

Finally arriving at campus, Wei Ru Song felt as though he was floating, and had to be carried by Xiao Nian out of the taxi. Wei Ru Song still felt nauseous, but he could not hold back his shock and indigence.

“Junior,” Wei Ru Song was solemn. “I know why I’m like this, it’s because I-“

Wei Ru Song gagged, he quickly closed his mouth, this could not happen, he could not be one of those characters in Wuxia novels who died halfway through their speech without exposing the murderer, he had to expose the truth! And the truth was, it was-

“I drank fake alcohol-” Wei Ru Song vomited.


Xiao Nian no longer had anything to say to Wei Ru Song, but this Wei Ru Song was still pretty considerate, he was able to vomit into the bushes, Xiao Nian quickly tried to rub Wei Ru Song’s back, but was pushed away.

“I’m fine-” He continued puking.

Wei Ru Song vomited non-stop, Xiao Nian could only wait for Wei Ru Song to even throw up the milk he drank as a child before helping him back to their room and wash up. Wei Ru Song might have threw up till he was weak, he could only sit on the toilet bowl cover and let Xiao Nian clean him up. 

“Ah, ah, fake alcohol is bad…”

Xiao Nian thought that Wei Ru Song was truly dumb, it was clear that that man was suspicious, if he did not decide to go to the bar because he was worried, Wei Ru Song could have ended up crying helplessly in a hotel room tomorrow.

“Junior, stop, stop rubbing!” Wei Ru Song struggled to open his eyes, swiftly brushing past his crotch, “You’re about to rub my dick stiff!”

“It has been stiff for awhile.”

Xiao Nian was clearly the 21st century version of Liu Xia Hui, nothing would affect him, Wei Ru Song was then infected by his state of mind, he also calmed down- What’s wrong, little bird? Why are you chirping in the middle of the night?! Wei Ru Song could not wring his dick like how he would actually wring the neck of a bird, so he decided to give himself some relief. He eyed Xiao Nian, wanting him to get out so that he could work on himself. Xiao Nian after looking at him, hesitantly reached out and gripped Wei Ru Song’s object. Wei Ru Song nearly leapt up in fright.

“What, what what what are you doing!”

“Helping you.” Xiao Nian displayed an innocent expression.

“Why are you helping me?!” Wei Ru Song felt like a 3 year old raising his butt waiting for Xiao Nian to wipe it for him.

“Did you not give me a hint with your eyes?”

“When did my eyes hinted at you?”

“You just looked at me with desire in your eyes.”

– Fine Writer Xiao, you score full marks for language! As Xiao Nian was holding on to his stiff rod, the memory of that ecstatic and pleasurable night on the rooftop again drifted into Wei Ru Song’s mind, he embarrassed clutched his legs together, but did not try to break free, Xiao Nian’s hand was like a warm cocoon, his fingers pale and slender, stroking that deep red shaft it looked no different from when he was playing the piano, there was no eroticism to it. Xiao Nian leaned towards Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song huddled into Xiao Nian, breathing deeply, all he could detect was Xiao Nian’s scent.

Although Xiao Nian was clothed, he was already soaked. Looking at Wei Ru Song’s warm but untouchable nude body, Xiao Nian licked his pale lips, was there too much steam in the bathroom, or was it the beast inside him stirring, Xiao Nian removed his shirt. Wei Ru Song seemed to have puked his brains out, having been stimulated to this extent, his knees pushing Xiao Nian’s thighs apart, only to discover a small, no, a big tent in his underwear, Xiao Nian had been clearly holding it back. Wei Ru Song as though reciprocating, reached out towards Xiao Nian’s pants and released his shaft. Xiao Nian lifted his leg on to the ledge, exposing himself, facing Wei Ru Song’s nakedness.

“Don’t worry about me.”


Wei Ru Song stood up, trembling, pulling Xiao Nian to sit on the toilet seat cover, then like the previous time he straddled Xiao Nian’s waist, face to face they started stroking each other’s rods. Xiao Nian, whether it was his length or his circumference were both considerable, Wei Ru Song however was already used to it, their rods rubbing against the other, drops of precum emerging from their tips.

“Junior, Junior…”

Wei Ru Song’s panting got heavier, he was about to climax, Xiao Nian’s hands were really skilful, if there was a hand job competition in this world, Xiao Nian would definitely be the champion if he participated. Unlike Wei Ru Song who was lost in pleasure, Xiao Nian was about to go crazy, he only had to remember that there could have been another ending to this situation he was furiously jealous.

If he did not go to the bar, Wei Ru Song would have been taken away by that man, that man definitely would not have just simply exchanged a friendly hand job with Wei Ru Song… Damn it.

Xiao Nian really swore aloud, this vulgarity rang in Wei Ru Song’s ear like a blast of a cannon, loud enough to clear all thoughts in Wei Ru Song’s head. He came upon hearing Xiao Nian’s sexy cursing, calling out Xiao Nian’s name. It was like a physical blow to Xiao Nian’s head, that extraordinary excited clamouring made him do something he would never have done before.

“Can I use your thigh.”

Wei Ru Song did not react, he understood what Xiao Nian was asking, could be that the shock of the climax had yet to leave his body, or he had no defence against Xiao Nian’s intriguing voice, Wei Ru Song murmured.

“Just don’t hurt me.”

Upon hearing that Xiao Nian immediately turned Wei Ru Song around, his chest to his back, hugging him, grinding vigorously between Wei Ru Song’s tightly clenched thighs. He had never experienced such stimulation before, his inner thighs both tender and sensitive, as well as with Wei Ru Song’s martial training, his thigh muscles were defined beautifully, the thick pole rubbing between the fair thighs, the skin slowly turning red.

“Stop, stop it, Junior, Junior–“

This was too peculiar, peculiar till Wei Ru Song was about to give up thinking about anything. It was not that it was uncomfortable, but it was too enjoyable, Wei Ru Song no longer had any barricades in his heart, he was instead both satisfied and in bliss.

“Ru Song.”

Xiao Nian tilted Wei Ru Song’s head, his voice not hiding his possessiveness and lust, he was about to gnaw on Wei Ru Song’s lips, but in the end still looked away and bit his own lip. Wei Ru Song noticed it, but chose to pretend he did not, only closing his eyes while his inner thighs were stimulated eagerly, allowing Xiao Nian to release his passion between his thighs.

It would be the 31st of December tomorrow, the last day of the year, Wei Ru Song, like always, happily joked around with Xiao Nian, but their relationship did not seem to have progressed any further.

Maybe they both understood their feelings, but neither was stupid, they were trying to see who would give in first, they were both evenly matched.

“Senior, shall we celebrate New Year’s eve tomorrow? There’ll be a fireworks display around Tower 213 at Yang An.”

“Sure! Let’s go together!”

Wei Ru Song replied urgently, as though he had a guilty conscience, if he were to be late in replying it would be like he was hiding something. Maybe tomorrow, as long as he took the first step, he should get a reply, if the answer was not what he was expecting, he would just push Xiao Nian down the stairs!

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