LSR Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – What to Do, My Counsellor Thinks I Had Sex With My Roommate in Public

“No,” Wei Ru Song was very regretful, “I was gaming at the moment and I didn’t know what I said.” Wei Ru Song wanted to rip Big Mouth Monkey’s mouth, but he was also in the wrong. “Now we’re fucked, and also, why am I the one giving the blowjob!”

Since the rumour have spread, he could no longer do anything about it. However, the point was that he no longer had any dignity left, why was Wei Ru Song the one giving the blowjob?

Xiao Nian’s gaze finally sharpened.

“If not, you want me to give you the blowjob?”

“No.” How did they get into a situation where they were discussing who to give a blowjob? Wei Ru Song smacked himself. “Wake up, Junior, don’t you want to prove that we’re just purely roommates?”

“I want to,” Xiao Nian ruthlessly stated, “But you’re the one who told others my dick is salty.”

“Ahh…” Wei Ru Song collapsed and went to knock his head on the wall. “I’m going to restart this.”

After saying this he went to shower. Exiting the bathroom, he saw Xiao Nian playing video games as though nothing happened. After all, it was his dick that was sucked, of course he was not agitated about it, whereas Wei Ru Song had his reputation smeared! He dragged his chair over to Wei Ru Song, and sincerely stated.

“Junior, Senior would like to chat with you, are you free now?”


“I feel that in this situation, I’m the one to blame, but you should have some reaction right?”


“Ok, then what should we do about it? Action speaks louder than words, we should do something to prove our innocence?”


“Are you paying attention?”

“I am.” Xiao Nian replied, while his fingers flew across his keyboard, the monitor depicting a fierce battle. Wei Ru Song was also a gaming addict, and he understood how frustrating it was when someone was talking to him while he was playing. Unexpectedly, Xiao Nian replied him easily, “You were saying that you want to chat with me, am I free, that in this situation you’re the one to blame but I should also have some reaction, then we should do something about it as actions speak louder than words so as to prove our innocence.”

“Ok ok ok, you’re clever you’re the best,” Wei Ru Song quickly complimented him, afraid that he was going to be pissed. “There’s no longer any chance for me, but Junior, with your qualifications, if you were to get a girlfriend, wouldn’t the rumours be proven wrong?”

“I don’t want to.”

Xiao Nian declined decisively. Wei Ru Song was unhappy, this was the perfect solution that he arduously came up with while showering, and yet Xiao Nian rejected it without even considering it.

“Why not?”

“There aren’t any girls that I have feelings for, I can’t play around like that.”

With this fucking righteous attitude, Wei Ru Song surrendered and sighed. He could only be the “senior that gave Xiao Nian a blowjob” then.

Xiao Nian finally finished the battle onscreen, and Wei Ru Song immediately asked with an expectant expression:

“Do you have any other bright ideas?”

Xiao Nian looked at Wei Ru Song’s puppy eyes and sighed.

“No, why not we just avoid meeting each other for now.”

Actually, as both of them were in different years of study, most of their classes differed. Even if they happened to share a class, Wei Ru Song would sneak out of their room when the corridor was empty and ran away as quickly as possible, leaving Xiao Nian to leisurely wear his shoes and lock the door.

About a week passed in this manner. Everyone saw that both Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song did not hang out together, and they also did not dare to tease Xiao Nian, they could only attack Wei Ru Song. Wei Ru Song was pushed to his limits, slamming his books on the table he glared at the teasing classmates.

“Fuck if you guys are so bothered you can go suck it yourself then!”

Everyone could see that Wei Ru Song was pissed, and yet Big Mouth Monkey added fuel to the fire.

“Who would dare to replace you?”

Hence Wei Ru Song started fighting with Big Mouth Monkey. Wei Ru Song was more muscular, therefore he was able to take the upper hand. Feeling refreshed after venting his frustrations, he was able to greet people with a smile upon exiting the class. Who would have guessed that the rumour now became: Wei Ru Song after sucking Xiao Nian’s dick did not want to admit it, and was furious enough to beat up a classmate. 

With the rumour flying around for so long, it finally spread to Wei Ru Song’s counsellor Zhou Bin. Despite his position, Zhou Bin was only a few years older than these students, and so he was still very open-minded. After hearing this rumour he remembered that Wei Ru Song was pretty good-looking, and also that he had a girlfriend. He came to a conclusion that Wei Ru Song might have offended someone and hence was attacked with this rumour. Being attacked like this, to be honest, was also out of Zhou Bin’s hands. He did not know who started the rumour and spread it, and also, if Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian really had something between them, did he not become a meddler? Best not to bother and just play his video game.
Without a conclusion and the topic dying down, Xiao Nian remained College A’s new male god. Stylish and pretty female students could be seen surrounding him trying to flirt, but Xiao Nian continued on without a change in his expression, ignoring everyone. This caused Wei Ru Song to be very anxious.

“Junior, can you do something?!”

“What can I do?”

“Can you at least greet someone? Striding around like that, do you know what people are saying about you? They’re saying that with the way you’re ignoring all the beauties, there can only be 2 reasons. One is that you’re a monk, the other is that you’re gay.”

“They only think that because they already have that mindset.” Xiao Nian said unconcernedly. “It’ll be fine if you don’t bother with them.”

“I’m concerned about you!”

Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian was very big-hearted, this might be because he had already witnessed such situations because of his celebrity mother and rich father since young, but Wei Ru Song had never experienced this before! He had lived as a pure and innocent virgin for 20 years, where even holding hands with someone would cause him to feel restless, not to even mention kissing. He may not be a shining example of a muscular masculine man, but he was still as straight as a telephone pole, to the point where if standing outdoors in a thunderstorm could lead him to getting strike by lightning.

At College A, there would always be sudden rainstorms along with the change in season. Xiao Nian tended to be a little careless and would always forget to bring an umbrella, and it was always Wei Ru Song nagging like a mother to remind him. Wei Ru Song did not have any classes on Friday mornings, and therefore it was always Xiao Nian with a full schedule of classes that delivered the takeout food to him. This was the only day that Wei Ru Song could sleep in comfortably, but who would have thought that this sleep would invite trouble.

Wei Ru Song finally woke up around noon due to hunger. Seeing the heavy rain outside the window, he looked at the clock. It was nearly 1pm, Xiao Nian must have been stuck somewhere due to the rain.

College A was situated halfway up a mountain, its brochure also highlighted that it was an ecological campus, but because of the way the school compound was constructed the campus would always flood when it rained. Apparently someone had actually died a few years back, the school then planted some bushes as prevention. Wei Ru Song quickly called Xiao Nian.

“Hey Junior, how’s your situation?”

“You’re finally awake, I’m stuck at the cafeteria.”

“Ugh you didn’t bring an umbrella?”


“I’ve already reminded you everyday and yet you still forget, why are you like that?” Wei Ru Song complained, but he had also quickly started dressing. “Which cafeteria are you at, I’ll bring you an umbrella.”

“No need, you’re not afraid of getting seen by others?”

“What’s there to see?” Wei Ru Song had nearly forgotten the incident, and could only laugh while crying, “Fuck, at this time you still remember that situation, we’re both straight guys, which cafeteria are you at?”

“I’m at Super Delicious.”

“Don’t go to Super Delicious, out of all the cafeterias Super Delicious has the worst-tasting food.”


Coincidentally, just as Wei Ru Song was on the way to the cafeteria, the heavy rain had slowed down to a drizzle, no longer requiring an umbrella.

“Are you fucking serious…”

Wei Ru Song thought, since he had already left, he would just pass Xiao Nian the umbrella and go eat at the cafeteria by himself. However, halfway there he came face to face with Xiao Nian.



“I saw that the rain wasn’t as heavy, so I came back by myself.”

“Yeah no problem, then I’ll go to the cafeteria for lunch now.”

Passing Xiao Nian the umbrella, Wei Ru Song took a step forward, only to find himself stepping into a puddle.


Wei Ru Song lifted his foot, with the slippery floor due to the rain, he could not hold his balance and fell down the slope. Xiao Nian’s blank face for once had an alarmed expression.


Xiao Nian also slid down the slope.

Zhou Bin saw that the rain was finally only a drizzle, and knowing that the cafeteria was no longer crowded, he left for lunch. Passing the slope he heard sound coming from the bushes at the bottom of the slope, it sounded like people were talking. During this rainy day, who could be there? Zhou Bin doubtfully took a glance and saw a pair of legs sticking out of the bushes.

“Ah… ah! It hurts… oww!”

“Lightly, lightly! It’s going to break!”

“Is it really so painful.”

“Fuck! If you don’t believe you can try it yourself… Ow!”

“It’s going to be fine, don’t be anxious.”

“Ah ah!”

Fuck this was obviously the voices of 2 males, and 1 of them happened to be quite familiar? Zhou Bin felt like he heard it somewhere before.

“Wei Ru Son, do you have to be so dramatic?”

“Oww… Don’t touch my waist ah!”

Zhou Bin was startled. What? Were they really shamelessly fucking in public? Zhou Bin was about to call them to stop, but he also did not know who would be more awkward in this situation, and decided to talk to Wei Ru Song privately. He could only shake his head and walk away.

Wei Ru Song could only cry loudly in pain.

“Ah my precious legs ah…”

“It’s really only a big abrasion,” Xiao Nian wiped the raindrops off his face, “I’ll carry you back.”

On Monday Wei Ru Song returned with an unhappy look upon his face. Xiao Nian just happened to not be on his computer playing games, and immediately noticed his depression.

“What happened?”

“Fuck that stupid counsellor looked for me, and said that my public sex incident a couple of days ago was immoral? Fuck what public sex! I showed him my abrasion and he still didn’t believe me! Said I was talking nonsense, how could it be that a guy like me could cry over such a small injury. Fuck my body can’t be sensitive to pain ah?! I was fucking raised like a prince in my family!”

As such the rumour that Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian had something going on between them was considered confirmed, with the counsellor as an eyewitness, this could be considered breaking news!

The counsellor caught Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian having sex in the bushes at the bottom of the slope!

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