LSR Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – What to Do, My Dad Also Encourages My Roommate and Me to Get Together

Wei Ru Song’s first instinct was to kick Xiao Nian out, after all he came without warning, like an emperor secretly visiting his country, most importantly, Wei Ru Song did not remember ever inviting Xiao Nian to his home, even he did it was only as a courtesy, who would have known that Xiao Nian would really appear?! This progress was too fast, Wei Ru Song could not put up with it.

During his prime, Wei Yang Hai had an explosive temper, any small things could cause he to beat Wei Ru Song. Only after the death of his wife did Wei Yang Hai calm down, but he had never lost his edge, whether he could beat Xiao Nian it was unclear, but towards his son Wei Ru Song was sure he could not escape.

“Junior, Junior, heheh,” Wei Ru Song quickly pulled him to his bedroom. “Come, come, it feels like we haven’t met in awhile, I miss you very much, let’s reminisce in my room.” 

Having yet to even take a step Wei Ru Song was dragged back by his collar.

“What are you doing? Xiao Nian has yet to drink even a drop of water since coming to our home, quickly go get him a glass.”

“Oh, ok.”

Wei Ru Song resentfully went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, he paid attention to their conversation topic, to say that he was not afraid was a lie, even though there was not much of an actual relationship between him and Xiao Nian, that they were not officially together, they had already done most of what could be done, but what should be done had yet to be done. Wei Ru Song’s conscience was definitely not clear, if anything was to be found out by Wei Yang Hai, Wei Ru Song might actually be paralysed by him and end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

“You’re really too talented hahaha–“

Wei Yang Hai’s loud laughter drifted from the living room, Xiao Nian modestly said.

“No, it’s all because of Senior, Senior takes care of me very well.”

“It’s a miracle if Ru Song doesn’t give you any trouble, he can still take care of people? Forget it, he still needed me to wipe his backside at the age of ten.”

 Fuck you old man your lying skills is as good as your Wang Ba Fist?! What nonsense like you’ve ever wiped my backside for me! Wei Ru Song suspected this was karma, after learning all of Xiao Nian’s blackmail material from Xu Li Xia it was now Xiao Nian’s turn to receive his blackmail materials from Wei Yang Hai. Wei Ru Song had to prevent a tragedy from happening, he had to save the proper image of him that Xiao Nian has, he quickly took the glass and returned to the living room, pushing Xiao Nian away with a twist of his butt, not waiting for Wei Yang Hai’s reaction, he hooked onto Xiao Nian closely and laughed.

“Dad let me tell you, Junior and I have gone through both life and death, we’ll be brothers for life.”

“Hmm? How did you go through life and death?”

“Junior and I–” Wei Ru Song did not plan only telling Wei Yang Hai about the lift incident, his ability to make up stories was non-existent, he stamped Xiao Nian’s foot. “We’re such great friends, if Xiao Nian forgot toilet paper I’ll bring it to him, each time he call I’ll be there, no matter the weather, even if I had to swim there I’ll still deliver the toilet paper to him, don’t you call this having gone through life and death?”

“Senior,” Xiao Nian quietly poked Wei Ru Song. “Why don’t I remember any of these?”

Wei Ru Song glared at Xiao Nian.

“I said it happened so it happened.”

Xiao Nian smiled helplessly.

“Ok, as you wish.”

“I knew you were talking rubbish,” Wei Yang Hai stood up and headed to the kitchen. “I didn’t know your junior was coming so there’s not much in our house, quickly go to the market before it closes to get some chicken, duck or fish.”

“Alright I’ll go now.”

Without giving him a reason, Wei Ru Song also pulled Xiao Nian along.

“Why did you come here?”

“Didn’t you invite me?”

“When?” Wei Ru Song seriously considered for a moment before thinking of a possibility. “Was it when I was gaming?”


“Junior, you still don’t know me well enough,” Wei Ru Song defeatedly clutched his cheeks. “I would even announce my bank account password if you ask for it while I’m gaming.”

“Do you wish that I didn’t come?”

Xiao Nian felt a little wronged and glanced at Wei Ru Song, this fella, comparing his previous icy face, he had so many more expressions now, Wei Ru Song felt guilty looking at him.

“It’s not that I wish you didn’t come, I’m just afraid of my dad finding out anything, if he knew I was in an ambiguous relationship with a man, he would definitely castrate me.”

“When did you get into an ambiguous relationship with a man?” Xiao Nian laughed, his mouth curved. “You got into an ambiguous relationship with me right?”

“Who did you learn from to speak so coyly?” Wei Ru Song vowed silently to never let Xiao Nian watch a certain streamer with him again. “Don’t talk nonsense in front of my dad, ok?”


Xiao Nian obediently nodded his head.

“Nice,” Wei Ru Song patted his shoulder satisfactorily. “What do you want to eat, Elder Brother would buy it for you.”

Wei Ru Song pondered, actually Xiao Nian and him were like being suspended in mid air, neither going up nor down, he did not start it nor had Xiao Nian finish it, if Xiao Nian really liked him, why did he not directly confess to him? Wei Ru Song was startled by this unusual thought and trembled, Xiao Nian thought he was cold, so he took off his scarf and wrapped it around Wei Ru Song.

By then Wei Ru Song did not believe in any suspension effect, at the brink of death, he already had the answers to many of his questions. Maybe Wei Ru Song had overestimated Xiao Nian, he was not a hero, but instead a coward like him, Wei Ru Song completely understood his point-of-view, also, Xiao Nian’s parents were both public figures of a certain status, naturally they would have to face quite a fair bit of pressure from the public.

Many years later when Xiao Nian knew how Wei Ru Song analysed him, he would find it both funny and infuriating, and end up fucking Wei Ru Song so hard it could be considered a punishment. For now, the blame would be pushed to Xiao Nian, the person who started the flames would be in charge of dousing the flames, if the fire really spread, then, then they would decide again later… There was no other choices, Wei Ru Song admitted that he was really silly.

At the dinner table Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian sat on the left and right of Wei Yang Hai, it was obvious that Wei Yang Hai really liked Xiao Nian, pouring him liquor and serving him food, that liquor happened to be the Nv Er Hong that Wei Yang Hai had stored preciously for many years. This was prepared by him for Wei Ru Song, he originally thought he would have a daughter, but only to find out that it came with an extra organ, at that time Wei Yang Hai was pretty disappointed. After that when Wei Ru Song complained about training Wei Yang Hai would scare him by telling him, if at birth the doctor had accidentally cut his prick off together with his umbilical cord he would be a pampered little princess now, Wei Ru Song could only clamp his legs tightly together, terrified.

Who would have guessed that with Xiao Nian’s arrival, Wei Yang Hai would take the Nv Er Hong out, Wei Ru Song felt that this was an omen. Drinking a fair bit, Wei Yang Hai had asked everything he could, to the point where he even knew the name of Xiao Nian’s great-great-grandfather’s dog.

“Dad, stop asking,” Wei Ru Song pulled on Wei Yang Hai’s sleeve. “Are you checking his family’s registry?”

“Of course I have to check,” Wei Yang Hai pounded the table, the force big enough to cause all dishes on the table to jump. “As a father isn’t it normal to examine the family background of his son’s partner? Don’t you agree?”

“Yes yes yes– wait, what partner?!”

Wei Ru Song nearly bit his tongue, he was about to leap up but was pushed to seat down by Wei Yang Hai.

“Don’t hide it from me, you think I’m old and confused and therefore easy to cheat?”

“No, I didn’t, I, I,” Wei Ru Song was incoherent. “I didn’t, there’s nothing between the both of us! Nothing!” He raised his glass. “Our relationship is even more transparent than this 20 years old baijiu!” (T/N: Baijiu is a clear liquor)

“Stop it,” Wei Yang Hai sneered. “Stop lying, stop fucking covering it up, are you still a fucking man?!”

“Yes!” Wei Ru Song answered, his voice bright and loud.

“Then lift your head up and stand proudly! Doesn’t matter if you like a man or a woman, as long as it’s someone you like it’s fine!”

“Yes! No, no–“

Wei Yang Hai no longer bothered with Wei Ru Song, he turned towards Xiao Nian next to him and lifted his glass, Xiao Nian immediately clinked his glass with him, Wei Yang Hai embraced Xiao Nian and finished the glass in one mouth, speaking sincerely.

“Xiao Nian ah, Ru Song this child, I really owe him a lot in these past years, he grew up without a mother, I also don’t know how to bring a child up, always thinking that it was easy with a boy, if the boy wasn’t obedient, I just have to beat him up, right? Hahahaha–“


Wei Ru Song suspected that Wei Yang Hai was drunk, he had never spoke about this with him, seems like this Nv Er Hong was really very strong, if by the age of 40 he still could not get married, (T/N: Over here the author used the feminine word for marry, implying that Wei Ru Song was to be married into another person’s household.) one small kettle of Nv Er Hong would make Wei Yang Hai drunk till the next morning. Still when Wei Ru Song was about to go support Wei Yang Hai he was stopped by Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian put a finger to his own lips, Wei Ru Song could only sit compliantly.

“You guys think I’m drunk? I’m still sober, I never told Ru Song about this before as I found it too quarrelsome, now that I’m already at this age, if I don’t talk about it now I might not have the chance to do so in the future.”

Wei Yang Hai grabbed onto Xiao Nian’s hand, folding up both his and Wei Ru Song’s hands together, Wei Ru Song wanted to free himself, thinking about it he poked Xiao Nian, asking him to cooperate and use their hands to form a heart shape, good-naturedly smiling at Wei Yang Hai showing their “love”.

“Ru Song, you have to treat him nicely, Xiao Nian is a good child, your temper is so bad, too headstrong, don’t be stubborn with him, Xiao Nian is younger than you, you have to give in to him, ok?”

“I didn’t…”

“Are you back mouthing now!” 


Wei Ru Song no longer had any hopes of explaining, he felt wronged, Xiao Nian and him, ignoring the fact that they did not sleep with each other, they had not even snored together, why did everyone think that they were the epitome of a model couple?

“Uncle, don’t worry, Senior doesn’t bully me, he treats me very nicely, he had met my mother, my mother likes him very much too, if there’s an opportunity both families should meet up for a meal.”

“No problem!”

Wei Yang Hai cheered up considerably, insisting on finishing the bottle of Nv Er Hong with Xiao Nian, as though they were celebrating Wei Ru Song’s marriage to Xiao Nian.

Despite Wei Yang Hai’s multiple invitations, Xiao Nian was still determined to leave, Wei Ru Song naturally walked him to the door.

Their bodies having been heated by the alcohol, the cold wind outside the house sobered them up by quite a bit.

“You should go back in, it’s cold.”

“I’ll send you there,” Wei Ru Song blinked, his face flushed due to the liquor. “Why, you don’t want me to?”


One following the other, Wei Ru Song’s head ached, their shadows stretching extremely long in the warm streetlights, moving non-stop. Wei Ru Song was bored, he lifted his foot to try to step on Xiao Nian’s shadow, but because of the way they walked, he kept missing. Wei Ru Song suddenly managed to step on it, but at the same time he crashed into Xiao Nian’s firm back.

Xiao Nian turned around, his wide hand covering the back of Wei Ru Song’s neck. His palm was a little colder than Wei Ru Song’s neck, Wei Ru Song cringed a little, but did not avoid it. Xiao Nian’s head tilted towards Wei Ru Song, both their exhalations smelled strongly of alcohol, brushing past their faces.

Wei Ru Song helplessly closed his eyes, he could already imagine that in 0.01 seconds he would be able to feel the warmth of Xiao Nian’s lips. Suddenly he felt a push, having drank till he was a bit dizzy, Wei Ru Song unstably fell backwards.

“Fuck,” For the first time ever, Xiao Nian was this furious, he pulled Wei Ru Song up from the ground and quickly ran after someone. “My wallet has been stolen!”

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