LSR Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – What to Do, My Junior Invited Me to Kiss Him on the Bridge of Sighs

After all it was the end of year, the thief also had to submit his performance report, all of people he had to meet this couple, actually when he saw the gay couple kissing he felt that he had a chance, but who knew that this damn gay couple’s combative spirits were strong as hell, especially the shorter one still yelling while chasing.

“I’m warning you with a Wang Ba fist! You better return the wallet to me, if not don’t let me catch up with you!”

“Run! Continue running! We’ll see who last longer!”

“Catch the thief! Catch the thief! Everyone! Here’s a piping hot thief!”

 Fuck not only is he a damn gay he’s an asshole as well!  The thief could only cry tearlessly and continued running with that relentless guy. Luckily Xiao Nian’s and Wei Ru Song’s stamina were better than the average college student, so they eventually won this long distance race.

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you!”

The panting Wei Ru Song applied his Wang Ba Fist, the thief could only huddle on the ground and beg for mercy, only to hear Wei Ru Song’s chilly laugh.

“Why, why steal if you can’t bear the con-, consequences, Junior, call the police.”

Xiao Nian called the police with his phone, he was also tired, panting heavily, his heartbeat fluctuating.

“Thanks, Senior, you head back first, I’m fine by myself.”

“No, I’m scared you’ll get lost.”

Wei Ru Song felt something strange… Looking around he realised it was this bastard, he rudely grabbed onto the thief’s collar and shook.

“What expression is that?”

“Damn gays, disgusting!”

— This unyielding expression , no matter how you look at it it looks like it’s due a beating. This guy doesn’t look that old, if not he probably would not be able to run for so long, but how could he be so old-fashioned? Wei Ru was angry, he tightened his fist about to punch that man’s face before getting stopped by Xiao Nian.

“Senior, don’t stoop to his level.”

“What the fuck, I! I” Wei Ru Song waved his fist in front of the thief, chanting non-stop. “Wang Ba fist warning warning warning warning-“

Xiao Nian could not help it, he laughed softly, Wei Ru Song was puzzled.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You’re really cute.”

“…” This sentence was just like splashing Wei Ru Song’s face with boiling water, Wei Ru Song’s face immediately flushed red, he self-consciously gave Xiao Nian a light punch. “Why are you like this in front of others, so embarrassing!”

“…” Xiao Nian paused. “Senior, to be frank, this is a little nauseating.”

“…” After looking at Xiao Nian, Wei Ru Song punched his junior’s chest forcefully, in that moment Xiao Nian felt Wei Ru Song’s endless strength, his internal organs were about to burst, Wei Ru Song laughed. “Good, I knew you’re not unreasonable!”

– Is Senior taking revenge… he’s taking revenge right?

Lying on the hotel bed Xiao Nian thought he might have exercised too vigorously today, causing him to have too much mental energy. It was 3 in the morning but his eyes were wide open looking at the shadows on the ceiling, all he could think of was Wei Ru Song. Xiao Nian rarely regretted anything, but having cooled down by now he was upset till the point of feeling discomfort in his belly, he should have just kissed first before chasing after his wallet, it could only be said that man’s natural instincts won over romanticism.

Xiao Nian felt that Wei Ru Song was just unexplainably cute, like a kitten’s soft pink paw pads, the first mouthful of warm soup when cold,  a wind chime jingling in the summer breeze, a sun-dried duvet, making people feel happy and lucky to be alive. Xiao Nian always felt like they were so close together, yet still so far, he could not explain this odd feeling, maybe he should just tell Wei Ru Song directly?
Xiao Nian sat up, rehearsing in the dark.

“Senior, I like you, let’s be together.” No, this was too insipid.

“Senior, are you willing to appear on my family’s registry?” This seemed very old-fashioned.

“Senior, I have a chromosome that has been passed down from my ancestor for you.” So gross, Wei Ru Song would definitely warn him with his Wang Ba fist.

“Senior, it’s really beautiful tonight.” But if Wei Ru Song did not get this it would be useless!

This night, Xiao Nian practised over a thousand different confessions, finally he realised their relationship only needed a small step, that step should be taken by Wei Ru Song, also, he felt that there was a possibility that they would just cross the bridge when it came to it, if someone were to take over this bridge, Xiao Nian would kick that person into the river.

Ever since his mother had passed away, the Wei family’s lunar new year felt like it was missing something, a decade had passed, their dining table still had an empty setting waiting for a woman that would never return.

Wei Ru Song was restless, he was either drinking and training with Wei Yang Hai or gaming alone in his bedroom, Wei Yang Hai could just give him a beating in the past, but now that his son was older he could not control him anymore, and so left Wei Ru Song to himself.

Today was the eve of the Lunar New Year, it was a rare occasion for Wei Ru Song and Wei Yang Hai to watch the Lunar New Year performance together, whether it was the awkward laughter of the skits or the lip-syncing from the singers, their interests could not be roused. Just sitting there was also boring, so Wei Ru Song tried to find something to talk about.

“Dad, why do you think I’m dating Xiao Nian?”

“It’s obvious to me,” Wei Yang Hai tapped his cigarette on the ash tray. “I’m your father after all.”

“Then your observational skills are pretty bad,” Wei Ru Song smiled lightly. “We’re really not dating.”

“Then you’re flirting.” Wei Yang Hai did not blink. “Stop playing around with him, what has to be said should be said, stop dilly-dallying around as a man.”

“No, I’m not willing to accept what you just said,” Wei Ru Song sat up unhappily, throwing a pistachio into his mouth. “How am I playing around with him? He started teasing me first.”

“Then why would he come to our house, this fella is pretty handsome, looking at you you really don’t deserve him.”

“Are you really my dad!”

“Ru Song, I don’t wish for you to get hurt, and for you to hurt others, being like this no wonder he would misunderstand, if you really don’t want to be with him, just be honest with him and stop stringing him along.”

“When did I…” Wei Ru Song muttered, losing his previous courage. “I know, why don’t you just date in lieu of me.”

“So you think you’ve grown up and now you can argue with me?!”

“No no no! No domestic violence on Lunar New Year’s Eve! It’s unlucky, unlucky!”

Although firecrackers had been banned in cities for a number of years already, but as the countdown ended on the television, firecrackers could be heard outdoors, reminding people that the Lunar New Year had arrived. In a distance fireworks were being released, it was naturally not as majestic as the display in Yang An, the lights were red and green, it looked a little vulgar, for no reason, Wei Ru Song suddenly thought of Xiao Nian.

Luckily the performance on television ended early that night, the father and son also had nothing to say to each other, Wei Yang Hai returned to his room, Wei Ru Song as well, he looked at his phone that was vibrating non-stop, affably sent out a group text wishing his friends a happy Lunar New Year, then sending private messages conveying his best wishes to Lin Wei and gang, only then did he open Xiao Nian and his private chat, staring at it as though in a trance. It was as though Xiao Nian had telepathy, he sent a sort and simple greeting.

– Senior, happy Lunar New Year

Though simple, it was clear that it was a private message rather than a group text. Wei Ru Song sent an emoji of an old man wishing a “Happy New Year”, followed by a “Give me a red packet”, who knew Xiao Nian really sent a red packet over.

– Junior, you’re a little too forthright aren’t you?

Wei Ru Song opened the packet, 200 dollars, the red packet transfer limit of WeChat was exactly 200 dollars, when he was considering what would be a suitable amount to send to him, Xiao Nian then started sending transactions of 520 dollars. (T/N: 520 = I love you in Chinese textspeak.)

– What the fuck! Motherfucker! I’ll give you a ride! No one could ignore the lure of money. Wei Ru Song’s screen displayed a list of 520s, but Wei Ru Song was only affected for a moment, his logic told him that he could not accept this money.

– Ok ok stop sending, I know you’re rich

– I have no money, I only have this amount left in my account

– Where are you now?

– Venice

– ????? Venice???

– Yeah

Xiao Nian sent a photo, because of the time difference, it was still evening in Venice, the blood red sunset reflecting upon the crystalline water, the entire river dyed red.

​Xiao Nian then sent a video chat invite, Wei Ru Song accepted, Xiao Nian appeared, bright and fresh, while the little box in the right corner showed him being unkempt. Gondolas could be seen behind Xiao Nian, the weather over there was very cold too, Xiao Nian’s fingers were red in the wind, despite using the front camera that exposed everyone’s flaws, Xiao Nian was still handsome beyond words.

“Senior, happy New Year, I’ll bring some souvenirs back for you.”

“Why did you go to such a far country?”

“I’m doing a shoot here, so I decided to extend the trip for a holiday.”

“Damn, what shoot?”

“Fashion magazine.”

“So cool?!” Wei Ru Song was shocked, Xiao Nian actually was a model for a magazine! “Are you planning to enter the entertainment industry?”

“No, this is just for fun.” Xiao Nian said as though it was nothing. “Senior, it’s the Bridge of Sighs in front.”

“Oh, what’s with the Bridge of Sighs?”

“Legend has it that if couples kiss on the Bridge of Sighs, they would be together forever.”

“What?” Wei Ru Song asked abstractedly. “But I’m not next to you?”

“…” Xiao Nian startled for a moment, he exposed a gentle smile. “Ok, next time we’ll come here together-“

“Hello!” A fairy-like face appeared on the screen, a woman in a fur coat and sunglasses greeted Wei Ru Song. “Ru Song, do you still remember me!”


– Oh my god! Did Xu Li Xia hear Xiao Nian’s entire conversation?! Xiao Nian aren’t you embarrassed! Ahhhhh-  Wei Ru Song buried his head in his blanket, his backside raised high in the air, Xu Li Xia covered her mouth, laughing.

​”Is Ru Song embarrassed? Uncle wants to meet you too, let me introduce, this is Xiao Nian’s father, my husband, Xiao Wen Fu.”

“Hello! How are you!” Xiao Wen Fu looked cultured and elegant, his features dignified, with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, his first impression not unlike that of a language teacher, you would never imagine that he could be a president of a Fortune Global 500 company. “Ah I’m a little nervous, heheh… My, this is the first time I’m seeing my daughter-in-law…” Xiao Wen Fu laughed while blushing, “When I first heard Li Xia mentioning you I felt it was strange, why would a girl be named Ru Song, turns out it’s a boy hahaha-“

“…” Your heart is truly big.

“But a boy is good too, I think a girl wouldn’t be able to withstand Little Nian’s bad temper! If you can accept it it’ll be great!”

“No no no, Uncle what are you talking about,” Wei Ru Song was overwhelmed, he never thought that he would ever have a chance to speak with a textbook example of a company president. “Xiao Nian’s really nice, really really!”

“Alright aren’t you annoying, let’s talk about something interesting instead!” Next to him, Xu Li Xia was complaining, the couple’s faces filled the screen. “Would Ru Song like to move and stay with us? Your parents can come along too, we’ll build another house next to ours for you, we can take care of each other!”

 Wait what, you rich people can decide something so casually? You guys think that building a house is like buying vegetables at a market?! Luckily Xiao Nian stepped in quickly, he took his phone back.

“Senior, don’t bother about my parents, we’ll meet at the start of the semester, also, we’ve passed the Bridge of Sighs.”

“What a waste.”

“Why don’t you still give me a kiss, treat it as though its a New Year’s present.”

“…” Wei Ru Song was a little shy. “Then, then I, I’ll send you a selfie, bye!”

Ten minutes later Wei Ru Song finally sent a heterosexual version of a kissy lips selfie, Xiao Nian smiled faintly, he could imagine Wei Ru Song frustratedly trying to take an acceptable photo. He saved the photo as his wallpaper- Senior’s photo is pretty ugly.

 But it’s still unbearably cute. 

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