LSR Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – What to Do, My Roommate and I Kissed, We Kissed, We Kissed, We Kissed

Previously when Wei Ru Song was chasing Chen Xuan Xuan he had never asked for help before, this was not the case now, in this situation, Wei Ru Song decided to call a friend.

The first one to be called was Huang Han, although Huang Fan was a prime example of a scumbag, but it had to be admitted that he was very good at chasing girls, whether his techniques could be adapted to chase a guy was however uncertain, but Wei Ru Song wanted to ask first anyway.

– Fan the dog, are you there

– here

– I want to ask you something

– Hold on, it’s inconvenient for me to type now, we’ll voice chat 

Huang Fan sent an invite for a voice chat, Wei Ru Song accepted, he faintly heard someone next to Huang Fan swearing “Motherfucker”, the voice was very familiar, but Wei Ru Song could not recall who it belonged to at that moment.

“Hey, Ru Song, what’s with you?”

There were very strange sounds coming from Huang Fan’s side of the conversation, sounding like flesh slapping together, there were also sounds like wet surfaces rubbing against each other, occasionally interspersed with weak mumbling and heaving breaths , Wei Ru Song sensed that something was not right.

“What are you doing? Why is it so noisy?”

“I’m training my cat.”

Huang Fan’s voice was flippant as always, but there seemed to be a subtle sexiness in it, the slapping sound slowed down, “Pa! Pa! Pa!” The sound was loud and clear, no need to explain, it was clear what the sound was.

“Are you abusing the cat?” Wei Ru Song secretly thought that Huang Fan was truly an asshole, he actually abused animals. “Stop hitting it, it’s your pet after all. Let me ask you, have you ever play-flirted with someone, after playing for a while it seemed to start getting serious?”

“Ah? No,” Huang Fan first agreed, then thinking about it, “That’s not actually true, my currently relationship is just like this, but our situation is a bit more special, we were friends only to become lovers.”

“Huh? Didn’t any of you confess your feelings?”

“I did,” It sounded like Huang Fan was abusing the cat again, the noise loud enough to destroy the house. “He didn’t appreciate it, but since we see each other all the time, and we’re childhood friends, he also would. Not. Be. Rude. Right?”

“Huang Fan fuck your whole family hmm hmm- Ah… Oh!”

“…” Wei Ru Song finally recognised the cursing, it was Xu Yang Sheng! Fuck! Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng were screwing! I’ll never be able to look them in the eyes! Fuck! Xiao Nian and I have yet to screw but you guys are already there?!

“Please be clear, I’m the one fucking you now.”

“Ha ah–“

“Take your time playing,” Wei Ru Song could listen no longer, he held his phone away from him with two fingers along with the vulgar sounds, and quickly ended the call, “Have fun.”

Upon hanging up, Xu Yang Sheng forcefully flipped Huang Fan onto the bed, their bodies still joined together, he was so furious he trembled, his hands tight around Huang Fan’s neck, looking at the evil amusement in his eyes, he gritted his teeth.

“If I don’t fuck the shit out of you we’ll consider your asshole tight!”

Actually having been fucked for half a day Xu Yang Sheng was exhausted, to get off Huang Fan’s body was already very difficult, if Huang Fan had not supported his waist, Xu Yang Sheng would have been fucked into the headboard already. Looking at Xu Yang Sheng’s lack of lethality, Huang Fan “nicely” thrusted the weapon in his body a few times, Xu Yang Sheng could only give in and support himself on Huang Fan’s chest to prevent himself from falling.

“Don’t, ah ah… Don’t move! Ooh–“

Huang Fan sat up suddenly and kissed Xu Yang Sheng, Xu Yang Sheng’s eyes opened wide in disbelief, looking at Huang Fan’s long but not exactly thick eyelashes, quivering slightly. He used all his strength to push Huang Fan away.

“Take care of your damn mouth! You, you think you’re biting cabbages?!”

“Cabbages,” Huang Fan slid his hand into Xu Yang Sheng’s hand, intertwining their fingers. “When I bit you the bottom part of your body clenched so tightly.”

Seemed like he should no longer discuss this situation with anyone else, Wei Ru Song thought about confessing to Xiao Nian over the phone, if there was going to be an issue there would be a buffer period, but this felt very insincere, Wei Ru Song was very traditional, he believed that to like a person he should directly confess to them face to face.

Contemplating about it during the entire break, Wei Ru Song finally decided– Wait for school to start.

It would be Valentine’s Day soon after the start of the semester, Wei Ru Song planned to invite Xiao Nian to a meal at Venice Buffet Restaurant, 300 dollars each, even if his confession was rejected he could just console himself with food.

“Junior, do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?”

Wei Ru Song after completing a round in his game, pretended to casually remove his headphones and asked.

From Xiao Nian next to him drifted, “I don’t.”

 If you dare to say that you have one I would have chopped you to death! Wei Ru Song was secretly smug.

“Then shall we have a meal together? We’ll go to Venice Buffet Restaurant, the last time your mother brought me there, I think the food’s pretty good.”


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! A good start meant that he was halfway to success! Wei Ru Song’s heart now had a bunch of cupids drumming and cheering just like a celebration. Actually, Xiao Nian usually also never rejected Wei Ru Song’s invitations, it was only that Wei Ru Song’s current romance filter was fully powered, he did not allow for any flaws, even a small minor obstruction had to be considered for and get rid of.

Xiao Nian turned around, only to find out that Wei Ru Song was not looking at him, he was disappointed, but discovered that the ear peeking out of Wei Ru Song’s hair was as red as blood, he cheered up immediately, sliding his chair, moving right next to Wei Ru Song and started caressing his ear.

“Senior, are you lacking in oxygen? Your ear is very warm.”

“What what what are you doing!” Wei Ru Song felt as though a small electrical current ran through the point where Xiao Nian was touching him, creating sporadic fireworks that shot straight into his brain, making him feel dazed. “I wore my headphones for too long! It’s nothing.”

Wei Ru Song pushed the back for Xiao Nian’s chair– Get lost! Returning Xiao Nian to his original position.

The relationship between Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng, amongst the four of them only Lin Wei was left unaware. Both Lin Wei’s character and mindset were both very conservative, Xu Yang Sheng always laughed at him saying he was suited for living in the previous century. When Wei Ru Song’s and Xiao Nian’s rumours were spreading, Lin Wei was the only one who never believed in them, not because of their close friendship, but because he thought that a guy would never like a guy. If Lin Wei knew that Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng were together, Lin Wei might have jumped off a building.

“The both of you, it’s time to disclose.”

A few nights before Valentine’s Day, Wei Ru Song invited Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng to the rooftop for a smoke behind Lin Wei’s back, his mission was to get information, in the dark and windy night, three gays hid on the rooftop and shivered in the cold.

“What’s there to disclose, it’s just,” Huang Fan was very cold, he took out his smokes for everyone. “Remember when we went to watch the fireworks display? To tell you the truth I wanted to invited Old Xu originally, so I lied to you guys saying I already invited a girl.” At this point Huang Fan was still flaunting, only to stop when he side-eyed the silently smoking Xu Yang Sheng. “Amongst the four of us Old Xu and I have known each other for the longest, this you also know, we’ve been friends even while in our mothers’ wombs.”

“Scram, if I had the foresight I would choose to be born a few days earlier than you, then I’ll ask your mother to abort.”

“Old Xu, no need to be agitated,” Huang Fan quickly stroked his feathers to calm him down. “Old Xu was my first love, but from young Old Xu had a glib tongue, it was only whether he wanted to discuss certain topics or not, he never had a lack of people next to him.”

“You didn’t have a lack of people either,” Wei Ru Song shook his head. “Don’t hide your own crimes.”

“I didn’t hide anything, I was happy with both guys and girls, I’m bisexual, I just wanted to explore, who knows if I would find someone suitable, but Old Xu and I were always hanging out with each other, it was also unbearable for me.”

“Fine, stop talking, let this all be my fault,” Xu Yang Sheng was starting to get angry, pointing his middle finger at Huang Fan. “You’ve never talked to me about any of this ok? You want to fuck my ass the whole time, when did I ever stop you? My dick is not for display, I’ve been very irritated recently, let’s not talk about feelings first, let’s just fuck ok? If you don’t please me I’ll still go find a girl.”

– Wow… So fierce? Wei Ru Song had knew them for about seven or eight years already, clearly it was easy to hurt each other when discussing their feelings…

“Ru Song just ignore us, I’m not a nice guy, neither is Fan the dog, just let us continue arguing between ourselves, let’s talk about you instead,” Xu Yang Sheng threw the cigarette butt on the floor and stamped it out with his slipper. “You keep feeling that we’re making fun of you, you’re just too close to the situation that you’re blind to its ongoings. My tongue is a little poisonous, but I really treat you like my brother, both Fan the dog and me both think that there’s something between Xiao Nian and you, it’s really fucking obvious, you’re only missing a declaration written across your faces.”

“Are you serious…”

Wei Ru Song had to reflect on himself.

“If you like him you have to tell him, don’t be like someone who behaves like Teddy, only after fucking then he confesses, it’s very insincere, you know that right?”

This statement was very pointed, Huang Fan’s skin was definitely praiseworthy for being so thick, Wei Ru Song felt that the atmosphere between Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng was very… dangerous, as though they were about to fight or fuck, he gratefully thanked them and ran away.

He could not even solve his own problems, he did not have the right to bother about other people.

This year for Valentine’s Day Venice Buffet Restaurant had prepared an event, there would be a 10% discount for couples, Wei Ru Song saw the sign on the entrance, his eyes lit up, he excitedly asked the host for a couple table, the host eyed them over and coldly said.

“Stop joking.”

“For what reason do you think we’re joking?” Wei Ru Song was angry. “We don’t look like a couple?”

“You don’t,” The host gave Wei Ru Song a side-eye glance, he looked at Wei Ru Song’s brandless clothes and saw a poor student, whereas the brands that Xiao Nian wore he had never seen them before, although Xiao Nian looked very classy, but there were also poor people out there who looked decent. “There are still normal seats available inside.”

“I’m not eating here.”

Wei Ru Song angrily pulled Xiao Nian along, walking away, only to hear the host muttering behind their backs.

“So young and so cheapskate, still acting as a gay couple to bluff people, how disgusting.”

“They’re really a couple,” A loud voice interrupted. “Are you looking down on homosexuality?”

Wei Ru Song suddenly froze, he turned around, it was really Chen Xuan Xuan, she was hugging the arm of a strange boy, that boy quietly told her to let it go, Chen Xuan Xuan ignored him and continued arguing with the host.

“I can testify that they’re a couple, shouldn’t you apologise to them?”

“Words don’t prove anything,” The host pulled the security guard over. “We’re also a couple, Xiao Li, come over, don’t you agree that we’re a couple?”

“Uh…” Xiao Li, a hostess, looked at him awkwardly. “Forget about it, maybe they’re really a couple?”

“No we can’t, there’s no conviction through the word of mouth,” The host was very insistent. “Kids these days with their horrible attitudes!”

“How are their attitudes horrible? A dating couple wants to have a meal how is it affecting you?!” Chen Xuan Xuan was furious. “Can your restaurant’s staff be of higher standards?”

“How are we not of high standards? Have we spoken any vulgarities? Also, we’ve never had homosexual couples before, who knows if they’re really a couple?”

Due to Chen Xuan Xuan’s loud voice, as well as the crowd at the entrance, together with a large number of passersby, unknowingly they were surrounded by an audience.

Wei Ru Song was frustrated, but yet speechless, at this moment Xiao Nian spoke up.

“Everyone can see for themselves, I’ll prove that we’re a couple.”

His voice still echoing, Xiao Nian kissed Wei Ru Song.

So it turned out that Xiao Nian’s lips were warmer than his, Wei Ru Song thought dazedly.

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