LSR Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – What to Do, My Roommate and I Watched Gay Porn Together

“Is this the only option?” Wei Ru Song bit the bullet and asked the host. “I think that we can use another method…”

“Does everyone want to see?”


Wei Ru Song felt like something was not right, he looked down to see a bunch of girls cheering off the stage, they were holding their phones up, their youthful faces as though obsessed, scaring Wei Ru Song.

“Since everyone wants to see it,” The host smiled and held his hand out to them. “Don’t disappoint everyone!”

Wei Ru Song still wanted to resist, but Xiao Nian stopped him.

“Let me be the one to apply it and kiss you instead.”

“Good, that’s good!” Wei Ru Song broke out in a smile, but a few seconds later he felt that it was not very honest of him to do so, so he spoke sternly. “Junior, you don’t have to suffer this.”

“Ahhhhh so pampering!”

“Ahhhhh so sweet!”

“Ahhhhhh please kiss him to death!”

– Damn, if you’re applying the lipstick then you’ll apply the lipstick, I’ll do the makeup for you! Wei Ru Song energetically pushed his sleeves up, he chose the lightest coloured lipstick and opened it, applying directly to Xiao Nian’s mouth. Xiao Nian tilted his head down to make it easier for Wei Ru Song, his line of sight naturally falling onto Wei Ru Song’s face. Surprisingly, Wei Ru Song was very serious about doing something like this, he carefully applied the lipstick along Xiao Nian’s shapely lips, just like a kindergartener colouring pictures, afraid of colouring out of line.

– This is too cute. Whether it’s Senior’s slightly creased brows, or his lightly bitten bottom lip, his focused gaze… Xiao Nian suddenly grabbed Wei Ru Song’s wrist, giving him a scare.

“What, what happened?” Wei Ru Song asked panically. “I really didn’t mess it up! I’ll show you, I applied it perfectly on you-“

The lipstick was lightly fragranced with a fruity scent, with a sticky texture, against his lips it could only be described as intriguing. Screaming and yelling could be heard from the crowd, the shutter sounds from mobile phones made Wei Ru Song felt a little like he was a world-famous superstar. Xiao Nian was still holding on to Wei Ru Song’s wrist, a blink, Wei Ru Song was still looking at him wide-eyed, like an owl that had been scared silly.

Xiao Nian suddenly felt a little embarrassed, he was clearly the one who took the initiative to kiss Wei Ru Song, a flush was appearing quickly on his fair face, he cupped his lower face, softly apologising to Wei Ru Song.

Before Xiao Nian kissed him, Wei Ru Song could never understand why Xiao Nian always said that he was cute, how cute could a guy like him be? However, at this moment, Wei Ru Song finally saw the light, “cute” this word was created for people with poor vocabulary to describe the person they like!

Thus Wei Ru Song’s face also heated up, pulling Xiao Nian along, he quickly ran away from the crowd.

The people on the street were noisy and lively, the shops playing popular love songs, neon pink lights creating a sweet dreamy setting, hawkers were holding onto beautiful roses, the spirit of Valentine’s Day could be felt everywhere. 

Wei Ru Song’s heart however, was currently chaotic, he felt as though he was a warrior escaping for his life with his lover, living freely together, spending their lives together, leaving behind these worldly troubles.

The truth was that Wei Ru Song was getting squashed in the crowd, there seemed to be someone handing out free gifts in front, creating a jam. Wei Ru Song was about to get squashed to death, so he suggested to return back to the dormitory with Xiao Nian.

Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song faced each other, Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian’s expression was a little… passionate? Wei Ru Song actually also thought about it, but who would do that immediately after defining their relationship! Although they had already did that, but it was not like that, now the lead seemed to have been taken up by Xiao Nian, the first confession, the first kiss, Wei Ru Song was always the one following after Xiao Nian. If Xiao Nian was also the first to suggest doing that, as a senior, would Wei Ru Song seem as though he did not have much dignity?! Also, they were both guys, what was there to be shy about! After a lot of consideration, Wei Ru Song  resolutely decided to give an invitation to Xiao Nian.

“Junior, why don’t we go get a room.”

Xiao Nian stared at Wei Ru Song for a little.


They hurried to a convenience store, hand in hand.

Wei Ru Song was very nervous, after all, he had never slept with anyone before, this was the first time, it was normal to be nervous as a first-timer. The two guys, at the aisle with condoms, conducted a very deep, solemn exchange about human nature.

“Junior, what flavour do you like?” Wei Ru Song saw the colourful packaging of the condoms, a little stoned.

“What flavours are there?” Xiao Nian did not know why they were bothering with flavours.

“Strawberry, peach, watermelon, milk–” Wei Ru Song seriously read them out.

“Choose a flavour you like.”

“I’ve never used them before, but I like strawberries,” Wei Ru Song laughed. “There are plain ones ribbed ones extra thin ones long lasting ones…”

“Up to you.”

Long lasting! Definitely the long lasting ones! Looking at it would make people blush and their heartbeats increase! A man’s thing was inborn, but stamina could be worked upon! One should definitely spend a long time displaying their prowess on the bed! Wei Ru Song considered all these, even though when he had a wet dream previously he was the one getting screwed, but it was a dream after all, dreams were always the opposite of real life, Wei Ru Song naturally was very confident.

Choosing condoms they could also waste half a day, quite a number of couples had already came and left.

“Then we’ll choose this one.”

Wei Ru Song passed a box of Durex long lasting strawberry condoms to Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian turned the box to its back and took a look.

“Too small.”

“Oh oh,” That was right, Wei Ru Song considered for a moment, then he took a medium sized one, and passed it again to Xiao Nian. “This one, I’m still pretty self-aware.”

“…” Xiao Nian raised an eyebrow. “XL.”

Wei Ru Song uncomfortably rubbed his face. –Damn Xiao Nian why must he make me explain it.

“I, I’m not so big…”

“I am.”



They looked at each other, both without words.

They shared a feeling of slight awkwardness, ambiguity, and embarrassment, Wei Ru Song stuttered.

“I, I thought, it would be me… you… umm, you know.”

Xiao Nian composedly selected an XL one, but his ears were bright red.

“I’ll make sure Senior feels good.”

Alright, their preparations were complete, someone would provide the front while the other would provide the back, they would be able to have a fun and blissful night. However, after asking the surrounding hotels, they were all fully booked, other than the presidential suites. Xiao Nian the bloody rich guy wanted to swipe his card again, but was stopped by Wei Ru Song.

“Forget it, let’s do it next time.”

“But we’ve bought the condoms already.”

“Junior, this I have to educate you.” Wei Ru Song was clearly the first one to take this step, but now his ability to push the blame was very impressive. “Dating is a step-by-step process, even if we were alone in a room, sparks flying our affections welling our self-control decreasing, but to meld together, there still needs to a respite in the middle, we should advance slowly, don’t you think so?

On the surface Xiao Nian went along with Wei Ru Song, agreeing to what he said, but he knew that Wei Ru Song was just running away, he was not prepared to get his asshole poked, but still, Wei Ru Song was originally a heterosexual, he was supposed to be the poker, but now he had to stick his backside up for people to poke, Xiao Nian could accept this.

Hence they again held hands and returned to the dormitory.

Having spent so much time outside today, as well as getting involved in odd situations, jumping around like that they were even more tired than Mario (T/N: A reference to Super Mario lol), Wei Ru Song planned to gift the lipsticks to Chen Xuan Xuan, they decided to ignore the condoms, both of them quickly showered and went to bed.

In the dark their breathing could be heard clearly, they knew that either had yet to fall asleep, Wei Ru Song was physically tired, but his brain was still in excitement mode, so he quietly asked.

“Junior have you fallen asleep?”

“No.” Xiao Nian replied immediately.

“Then I’ll ask you something.”

“Just ask.”

“Have you ever done that before.”


“Tell the truth, I don’t mind.”

“Really, no.”

“Fuck,” Wei Ru Song bounced up from his bed, his voice full of grief. “You don’t have any experience and still want to fuck me?!”

Xiao Nian also sat up on the bed, answering solemnly.

“But I’ve looked at the study material before, I’ve scored a 100% in theory.”

“Tsk, I know you’re a top student,” Wei Ru Song continued pushing. “But full marks for theory doesn’t mean you’ll get full marks for practical, you know?”

“We’ll know when we try it.”

– Hey, last time why did I never felt that Xiao Nian was such a punk?

“No, let me look at the study material too,” Wei Ru Song rubbed his hands together in the dark. “Let me study as well.”

“It’s so late, forget about it.”

“Junior, you can’t be like this,” Wei Ru Song climbed up from his bed and joined Xiao Nian in his bed, lying next to him like a concubine lying on her couch, his face full of anticipation towards Xiao Nian, “We have to learn together then we can improve together!”

“Senior,” Xiao Nian flipped over to look at Wei Ru Song, the bed was very narrow, they were nearly nose-to-nose. “Do you really not know or are you pretending not to know?”

“Really don’t know.”

What could Wei Ru Song know? He just did not want all three bases to be taken by Xiao Nian first, so he went crazy for a moment and suggested to get a room.

“Then fine,” Xiao Nian leaned over and pecked Wei Ru Song on the mouth. “I’ll turn on the computer.”

Wei Ru Song was still a little unused to Xiao Nian’s sudden attacks, lying on Xiao Nian’s bed he touched his lips, enjoying the feeling.

Xiao Nian’s 8 seconds start-up computer was ready.

“We’ll watch something normal.”

Xiao Nian clicked on an icon in the folder, Wei Ru Song was curious.

“What’s considered normal? What’s not normal then?”

“It’s a one to one situation,” With Xiao Nian talking about this, Wei Ru Song then felt that he was only a normal guy, with sexual desire and would also watch porn, Wei Ru Song felt pretty reassured. “Not normal would be sadomasochism, many partners etc.”

Wei Ru Song nodded, only to be startled.

“What the fuck! So the study material you’re talking about would be a video of 2 guys having sex?!” 


“Eh… Fine, consider me ignorant.”

“So are we still watching it?”

“Watch! Of course we’ll watch! You’ve already switched on your computer we can’t leave it alone, right?”

Xiao Nian lightly glanced at Wei Ru Song.

“After watching if anything happens I’m not responsible.”

Wei Ru Song was stubborn.

“We’ve already bought the condoms, at most there’ll be a war on the bed.”

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