LSR Chapter 25 (NSFW)

Chapter 25 – What to Do, I think I Want to Sleep With My Roommate

“I think we can just-“

“Watch first watch first, we’ll watch first then we’ll see.”

Wei Ru Song pressed Xiao Nian to quickly play the video, this feeling was new and exciting, just like forcing a top student who had never cheated to pass his answers, this comparison was a little strange, but they had been roommates for half a year, even when the rumours of Wei Ru Song sucking Xiao Nian’s dick had spread widely in school, Wei Ru Song had never imagine a situation like this would happen, how come they had only defined their relationship today but they were about to start discussing world peace together already…

Xiao Nian selected a video, poised.

“I haven’t seen this video too.”

“Wait!” Wei Ru Song retrieved his blanket from his bed, wrapping himself up like an Arabic woman. “Ok, play it.”

“…” Xiao Nian side-eyed Wei Ru Song. “This is porn, not a horror film.”

“I know, but it’s still weird, if I don’t cover myself with something somehow I feel a little nervous…”

Anyway they started playing the video, it was a Western one. A bald sneaky looking guy appeared first, he was tall and muscular, a black tank top exposed his sinewy tattooed biceps, he looked around and slipped into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, when the shop attendant turned around to take the cigarettes he quickly stuffed a lollipop into his pocket, acting as though nothing happened, he paid for the cigarettes and left.

At this moment came a tall and handsome policeman, he was taller than the bald guy, maybe because of his uniform, he did not seem as brawny as the bald guy. The bald guy saw that the policeman came, he ran away panicking, that policeman then started chasing after him.

Wei Ru Song knew that to watch porn he had to leave his brain behind, just accept whatever that was happening onscreen, seemed like this was a police catching a thief scene, the only thing he did not know was if the bald guy would be the one poking the asshole or would his asshole be poked.

Talking about topping or bottoming Wei Ru Song became very opinionated, for example Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng, Wei Ru Song was sure that Huang Fan was the top, after all Huang Fan was taller than Xu Yang Sheng, and also brawnier than Xu Yang Sheng– forget it, things were not supposed to happen this way, Xu Yang Sheng had a number of girlfriends before, Huang Fan had the dubious honour of being College A’s fuckboy, they both were reinforced concrete, who would have guessed they ended up forming an archbridge.

According to this way of thinking, Xiao Nian was taller and more muscular than him, did that not mean that Wei Ru Song had to obediently raise his backside and get screwed? No, Wei Ru Song still wanted to fight it, after all Xiao Nian was the pretty boy type, if a song was to describe him it would be <Moonlight over the Lotus Pond>, Wei Ru Song also did not know why it would be this song, but anyway he felt that this song described Xiao Nian. Shamelessly speaking, Wei Ru Song believed, and this was also truthful, that he was the fit and handsome type, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a <Man of Determination>, definitely not losing out to <Moonlight over the Lotus Pond>.

Alright, continue watching the video, it was at the point where the bald guy had been caught by the policeman, he was dragged into a dark alley and pushed against a wall, yelling incoherently, followed by a verbal exchange. With Wei Ru Song’s lousy command of English he could still roughly understand the conversation, the bald guy said that he had only stole a lollipop damn it let go of him. The policeman then told him stealing was stealing, he had to go to jail, the bald guy resisted, cursing heavily, said that he would beat the crap out of him, the policeman was like come on baby, he was not afraid of him.

Then the bald guy turned around and started making out with the policeman, the sounds were very wet, similar to the sound of wringing wet clothes.

“Just like that?”

Wei Ru Song felt a little awkward, this awkwardness was like watching a couple being intimate in a television drama while sitting next to his parents when he was young, he could only try to get rid of the awkwardness with random comments, Xiao Nian nodded.

“Want to fast-forward?”

“Uh… Ok, ok.”

Xiao Nian skipped part of the video, the screen now showed the policeman sucking the lollipop, the backside of the bald guy was as bare as his head, both hands on the wall his back facing the policeman, his body forming a right angle with the wall, the policeman then penetrated the bald guy’s backside with the licked lollipop, Wei Ru Song could not help but wrap his blanket around him tightly.

The policeman thrust the lollipop in and out of the bald guy’s backside, then removed it and threw it aside, spreading the bald guy’s firm cheeks apart exposing a darkly coloured hole, he bent his head and started sucking on it. Wei Ru Song’s first reaction was: What the fuck people actually do this! He peeked at Xiao Nian, their eyes met, after a few seconds Wei Ru Song quickly glanced away.

“I, I’m not thinking of anything! Let’s fast forward it again!”

After fast forwarding it was now the fucking portion, the thick shaft was thrusting in the back cave, the camera occasionally panning to show how an asshole that was forced open look like, Wei Ru Song watched till he was very apprehensive, a small hole like this could open to the size of an egg, light pink flesh could be seen as the cock left the hole, only to re-enter, the bald guy was howling, the policeman too panting in pleasure.

Wei Ru Song unconsciously clenched his backside, he turned his gaze towards Xiao Nian again, this time he did not look at his face, but between Xiao Nian’s two legs, comparing it with the one on the screen, he silently switched the monitor off.


“Junior,” Wei Ru Song held Xiao Nian’s hand and spoke sincerely. “You should sleep early, if not you’ll experience kidney deficiency, young people nowadays always think that because they’re young their bodies are immortal, what if an accident happens? Good night, muacks.”

After finishing Wei Ru Song quickly slipped into his own bed.

The both of them silently agreed to never mention again what happened that night, Xiao Nian never took the initiative to ask for that, as such the days passed pretty comfortably.

This day Wei Ru Song just woke up, although as the days turned warmer Wei Ru Song did not want to sleep in any longer, but because he gamed till late last night, today he had difficulties getting out of bed. Opening WeChat he found a friend request, the display photo was black, the name was The Force, the remark: Chu Yun He. Wei Ru Song nearly forgot about the existence of this person, the last time he was drunk he was cut off by Xiao Nian, he was unable to see the wall of Star Wars memorabilia, what a waste, so Wei Ru Song accepted Chu Yun He’s request.

– Sorry for what happened last time 

– Why do you have to apologise to me? It was my fault, I should be the one apologising!!!

– What do you have to apologise for?

– Because I got drunk!! Then I was unable to go to your place to watch the Star Wars DVD!!

– [photo]

– [photo]

– haha, it’s fine, when are you free? We can arrange a time, you can come to my place to watch

– Oh ok sure!

– Right, let me ask you something, the guy who picked you up that day was your boyfriend?

Wei Ru Song contemplated for a second and replied, confirming it, homosexuality was nothing to be ashamed of, if he was afraid of getting mocked and therefore refused to identify the person he liked, that would then truly be shameful.

Chu Yun He was silent for very long only to finally send an emoticon that was acting cute, then a message.

– Too bad

– What’s too bad?

– Nothing much, then you’ll decide the time, when you’re free just contact me, I’ll be there

– Sure no problem!!!

“What happened, you’re so happy?”

Xiao Nian was just done with classes, still delivering food to Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song leapt off the bed and forcefully leaving a kiss on Xiao Nian’s mouth, hurrying to the bathroom to brush his teeth, full of toothpaste he mumbled.

“Do you still remember the guy I met the last time I went to the bar?”

“What happened?”

“He wants me to go to his place to watch Star Wars! He has the Star Wars dvds and memorabilia! I–“

“Finish brushing your teeth and then we’ll talk.”

Outside the bathroom, Xiao Nian spoke coolly, Wei Ru Song was still immersed in the joy of regaining the chance he thought he had lost, and did not realise that Xiao Nian’s expression was different from usual. When Wei Ru Song left the bathroom, Xiao Nian spoke to him seriously.

“Don’t go to that guy’s place.”


“He wants to sleep with you.”

“… What?!” Wei Ru Song thought he heard wrongly. “What does he want to do with me?”

“Sleep with you.”

Xiao Nian spoke directly, Wei Ru Song suffered a shock, asking dazedly.

“Sleep with who?”

“He wants to fuck you,” Xiao Nian changed to an even more obvious phrasing. “Understood?”

“How can that be, I’ve known him for less than a day!” Wei Ru Song was startled deeply.

“You didn’t drink fake alcohol that day, he had drugged the drink, an aphrodisiac, if you were really drunk you wouldn’t be able to get hard.”

“But, but, I’m a man, I still know kungfu, if he really tried something on me I definitely would have beat him till he was impotent!”

Xiao Nian scoffed.

“Do you still remember what I did to you after we came back that night?”

Wei Ru Song was then silent.

“Senior, I’ll admit something to you, that day I really wanted to thrust it in, in that situation, if I were to force you you would have been unable to resist me, but I didn’t want you to regret it after you sobered up, I–“

“Because it was you!”

Wei Ru Song blurted it out without thinking, he immediately regretted it, it made him look so unrestrained! Can we rewind and redo this?

“… No, that, I, I mean,” When Wei Ru Song was nervous he always became incoherent, after stuttering for a while he gave up. “Yes, that’s what I mean.” Wei Ru Song decided not to object anymore. “Because the one doing something like that to me was you, I won’t dislike it.”

Xiao Nian’s eyes widened, looking at each other Xiao Nian suddenly covered his face, as though he could not bear to look at him any longer, Wei Ru Song was also scared by him.

“I made you unhappy?”

“You’re too cute,” Xiao Nian gloomily said. “You’re breaking the rules being this cute.”

Rarely seeing Xiao Nian surrendering, Wei Ru Song could not help but gloat, he smirked and hugged his junior.

“Be nice, come make me happy.”

Xiao Nian really smiled at Wei Ru Song, though it was stiff, Wei Ru Song pinched his face.

“What happened?”

“I don’t want you to go.”

“Nothing would happen this time.”


The two of them exchanged looks, Wei Ru Song gave up, Xiao Nian rather than commanding he instead looked like he was pouting, only at that moment did Wei Ru Song actually felt that Xiao Nian was younger than him.

Rejecting Chu Yun He, Wei Ru Song felt apologetic, but to straightforwardly say that Xiao Nian did not allow him to go would make Xiao Nian look petty, so Wei Ru Song decided to ignore Chu Yun He for now, only to have Chu Yun He look for him instead.

– What’s up, busy with school these days?

– No

– Busy dating so you’re not free?

– Noooo

– I just feel that I shouldn’t take advantage of you…

– This is nothing, we’re friends [emoji]

Chu Yun He sent a smiling emoji, Wei Ru Song panicked, thinking about it Chu Yun He did not really do anything to him, to be so guarded against him, what if he really only wanted to find friends who shared his interest?

– Actually it’s like this, the previous incident, my junior has already told me, I think we should just start afresh

– hahahahahaha you’re really cute

Wei Ru Song, for some reason, could imagine Chu Yun He laughing devilishly.

– So what base are the two of you at now

– What base?

– Slept together?

– No…

– You should be the bottom right?

– …

– …

– You want to be the top?

– As long as there’s guts, a person would dare to imagine

– That’s easy, I’ll teach you

– This has to be taught????

Wei Ru Song even thought of possible book titles: <Chu Yun He’s Idiot Guide to Be a Top> <I Normally Wouldn’t Teach This to Anyone, Chu Yun He Personally Shows How to Be a Top> <Chu Yun He’s Journal: The Most Important Thing About Being a Top is to be Happy>.

– Of course, don’t worry, if I really did anything to you, I’ll be impotent for the rest of my life.

– Fine, tomorrow’s Sunday, we’ll meet at 3pm tomorrow!

Wei Ru Song still could not resist the lure of being a top!

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  1. I haven’t left a comment yet, even though I really wanted to leave a comment about how I keep referring to Weird Ru Song accidentally as Wei Wu Xian….

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