LSR Chapter 27 (NSFW)

Chapter 27 – I Knew Asking You Guys Was Useless! I’m Getting Screwed By My Roommate Now!!!

This time Xiao Nian’s kiss gentled a lot, Wei Ru Song was kissed to the point of dizziness, his legs weak and his feet unstable, if not for the support of Xiao Nian’s thighs, Wei Ru Song might have been kissed onto the floor.

Evidently sexually aroused guys all became ferocious, Wei Ru Song tried very hard to tell which tongue was his own, so as to protect it from melting in this kiss.

“Go shower first, go,” Wei Ru Song, like chasing a dog away, got down from Xiao Nian’s body, breathing erratically he pushed him into the bathroom, blinking his slightly wet eyes, “Shower properly before coming out.”

As Xiao Nian entered the bathroom Wei Ru Song flew in front of the computer and opened Baidu, entering “what to do I’m going to making love with my boyfriend”, “my first time making love i’m a virgin with no experience”, “what to do my boyfriend’s dick is too big”, and “steps for gay sex”, Wei Ru Song’s fingers flew across the keyboard, typing and deleting, deleting and typing, staring at the screen he fell into a trance, he heard the shower coming on from the bathroom, and finally solemnly typed.

“What to do if my asshole tears because I had sex with my boyfriend?”

The answers from the friendly community made Wei Ru Song tear up: Oh my, so scary!

Wei Ru Song frantically ran to the bathroom door and tried his luck.

“Junior, are you really doing me today?”

“What did you say?” The sound of running water had blocked Wei Ru Song’s question. “I can’t hear clearly.”

Xiao Nian turned the tap off, the atmosphere turned quiet.

“I, I said, are you really… doing me today?”

“If not?” Xiao Nian opened the door suddenly, sticking his wet head out. “Since things are happening this way.”

“No, what to do if we disturb others?” Wei Ru Song pointed next door. “What if the neighbours know about it…”

“Are you still bothered by this now?” Xiao Nian cocked his brow. “Don’t they already think that we’ve already had sex many times?”

“That’s true,” Wei Ru Song cracked. “I’ll shower when you’re done.”

Wei Ru Song stripped himself in the warm bathroom, he lamented a little. After all the Wei Ru Song from eight months ago would have never thought that he would one day really have sex with Xiao Nian, then all he wanted to was to draw a Military Demarcation Line between him and Xiao Nian, now all he wanted to was to be together with Xiao Nian, was this coincidental or was it destiny? Wei Ru Song had never believed in fate, when he was young, a fortune teller still predicted that he would have a happy family full of children and grandchildren, but when he was in elementary his mother had passed away, with his current relationship, it was highly unlikely that he could have children. Wei Ru Song started imagining things, while carefully washing his prick, washing halfway he then realised this organ was not going to be in use…

Upon exiting, Xiao Nian again started kissing Wei Ru Song, hoarsely asking.

“Use my bed?”

“Up to you.”

Xiao Nian took out a bottle of lubricant from his bag, Wei Ru Song was embarrassed as he did not prepare anything, making him look very amateurish, so he dug around his drawer, finding the previously carefully selected XL Durex strawberry flavoured long lasting condom and passed it to Xiao Nian. Looking at it, Xiao Nian could not help but snort in laughter, making both Wei Ru Song’s ears and heart itch.

Both of them got onto Xiao Nian’s bed, this time Wei Ru Song took the initiative to loop his arms around around Xiao Nian’s shoulders, lightly biting on those two thin lips, like a puppy who had just grew its teeth eating meat, Xiao Nian’s lips curved, Wei Ru Song being laughed at was a little bashful.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You’re so cute.”

“Junior, now that we’re doing this, I just talk directly,” Wei Ru Song seriously held onto Xiao Nian. “Your dick is too big, I’m afraid that my asshole will tear, I’ve checked Baidu already, if the tear is very seriously I’ll have to go to the hospital, you’ll have to bear the responsibility.”

“…” Xiao Nian met Wei Ru Song’s gaze for a few seconds, and collapsed into the bed laughing. Wei Ru Song had never seen Xiao Nian laughing like this before, laughing till his tears came out, he embraced Wei Ru Song, “Senior you’re really too cute, you’re making me die from laughter.”

“Hey! What’s so funny! It’s not your backside getting punished.”

“Ok,” Xiao Nian smacked Wei Ru Song’s backside. “Come, if I don’t please you, I’ll change my last name to yours.”

“You’re a virgin why are you so confident!”

“Believe in me.”

Twenty minutes late–

“Xiao Nian why the hell did I believe in you ahhhhhh-“

Although Xiao Nian had patiently and slowly spread him out, Wei Ru Song could also take in 3 fingers, but when it came to the real thing, a tearing sensation from that big object trespassing the secret cave still came from where they were joined.

“It’s torn it’s torn it’s torn! Call for the ambulance! Quickly! 110! 119! 120! What’s the number for the ambulance?”


Xiao Nian placed his index finger on Wei Ru Song’s lips, he gripped Wei Ru Song’s slender waist, bending over to kiss that chattering mouth, at the same time, forcefully pushing that fierce rod of flesh into the narrow cave. Wei Ru Song’s scream was trapped in his throat, flustered he seemed to have bitten Xiao Nian’s tongue, Xiao Nian’s tongue retreated a little, and vigorously entered his mouth again, exploring the cavern energetically, while starting to move his hips.

The entry of the giant object was too apparent, Wei Ru Song felt that he was being split into two, he had always been afraid of pain, he teared, feeling this pain that he had never experienced before. Wei Ru Song instinctively pushed Xiao Nian away, but his channel was holding on to the intruder tightly, as though they were born to fit together.

Their mouths separating, connected by a bright, thin silvery thread that soon broke apart. Xiao Nian’s beautiful face was infused with lust, presenting an unfamiliar perverse expression, he licked his lip and pushed Wei Ru Song’s thighs even further apart.

“Relax a little, Senior, I’ll let you feel good soon.”

The channel was stretched open, having no choice but to give way to the intruding flesh, together with the increasing number of thrusts, the pain felt originally seemed to dissipate, a pleasure that had never been felt before came from the area, like a jolt shooting up the spine, spreading along the limbs. Wei Ru Song’s painful groans unconsciously changed, and the originally dry and resistant channel also started to accept the desirous invasion without having to think about it, this virgin body had now been brought to paradise, from now own he would love this incomparable pleasure.

“Ah, mm…” Wei Ru Song’s face was flushed, his thighs unknowingly clamping around Xiao Nian’s waist, along with the increasing speed, his panting also became more urgent, “Softly, slow down a little, uhh, ahh–“

Having this foreign sexual desire was very exciting, Wei Ru Song had already lost his reasoning, whether he actually wanted Xiao Nian to slow down or to be merciful, his hole had been fucked open, the thrusting was now smoother and easier, like an indigenous country welcoming its invaders, sincerely offering their honey and gold, that object that was completely incongruent with Xiao Nian’s pretty face was now comfortably accepted within the body, Xiao Nian did not slow down, his organ was thick and long, it was about 20cm, a slight movement in the channel could already bring Wei Ru Song intense thrilling pleasure, Wei Ru Song’s fingers dug into Xiao Nian’s back, his pleasure nearly to the point of pain, he was drowning in the sea of bliss unable to recover his rationale, in sex, humans were still relying on animalistic instincts.


Xiao Nian’s voice was husky, Wei Ru Song nodded his head carelessly, tears of pleasure on his face, his almond eyes were dazed, his voice moaning.

“Mm, mm ha… Good…”

After receiving this confirmation Xiao Nian bent down and gave Wei Ru Song a kiss as a reward and started thrusting energetically, Wei Ru Song unused to this vigorous motion started calling out loudly, as the speed was too fast, the friction caused the lubricant to turn foamy, staining their pubic hair, the heavy balls smacking onto Wei Ru Song’s sensitive body, the slapping sound bright and clear. When the thick shaft happened to enter at a certain angle, Wei Ru Song’s body that had already dissolved in pleasure curved upwards immediately, it was so good his brains were about to melt.

“There– Oh!”

As though fireworks were exploding in his head, his mind blank, Wei Ru Song was lost in bliss, Xiao Nian discovered, the location of Wei Ru Song’s pleasure button was deep, he pulled out halfway, leaving half buried in Wei Ru Song’s body, nudging a little he found that spot, Wei Ru Song nearly cried out loud, his prick started swaying along with the intensity and frequency of the thrusts into him, Wei Ru Song started stroking his own shaft.

The pleasure from prostate stimulation and getting a hand job was completely different, every jab at the prostate was fiercely pushing Wei Ru Song to his end, but he still allowed Xiao Nian this murderer to do as he please, as Wei Ru Song was an accomplice.

“Ah ah– Junior, Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian, ah ah! Fuck, fucking hell!”

Wei Ru Song ejaculated as he cried out Xiao Nian’s name, it was quite not a small amount, some splashing on his flat stomach, spattering their tightly joined bodies, dripping down to his asshole, stretched open by the thick shaft it was smooth, red after getting fucked.

As Wei Ru Song ejaculated his muscles all clenched tightly, nearly causing Xiao Nian to ejaculate as well, Xiao Nian groaned and stopped for a moment. Only when the muscles relaxed again then he continued with his actions. Wei Ru Song was exhausted, his eyes unable to focus, his long legs hanging listlessly off Xiao Nian’s body, after release he felt a little sore, but soon he was again pushed into the sea of desire.

Xiao Nian’s stamina was too good, he finally stopped after a long while. Wei Ru Song thought he was going to climax, but instead, Xiao Nian pulled out from him, Wei Ru Song’s asshole clenched down slightly, as though trying to prevent him from leaving.

“What happened…”

“The condom broke.”

The condom did not survive the intensive actions, Xiao Nian threw the broken condom to the side of the bed, aiming at Wei Ru Song’s relaxed hole, he shoved it in again.

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