LSR Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – What to Do, There’s A Third Party Involved With My Roommate and Me

This matter was really not Wei Ru Song being overly suspicious, there was evidence that Shen Wan Qing was interested in Xiao Nian,  he could not be wrong.

From the matters of clothes, food, accommodation and travel, Wei Ru Song analysed this Shen fellow’s feelings for cabbage Xiao.

Looking at clothes, originally Shen Wan Qing had an artistic youth style, a white shirt, black pants, a trench coat with a checkered scarf, in the winter wind looking lordly and arrogant. After moving in, all his clothes were the same as Xiao Nian’s, Xiao Nian bought a baseball jacket, Shen Wan Qing would have the exact same jacket the next day, wearing and flaunting it. If Xiao Nian were to buy a pair of Dr. Martens, Shen Wan Qing would quickly buy a pair too, and show it to Xiao Nian.

People who did not know would have thought that Xiao Nian and Shen Wan Qing were wearing couple wear. You ask why Wei Ru Song would not just buy the same clothes as Xiao Nian? Very simple, being poor is the root of all evil, this hateful Shen Wan Qing also had money, the clothes on Xiao Nian would cost at least a few thousand dollars, easily ten thousand. All the items and clothes on Wei Ru Song were not even worth Xiao Nian’s shoes, to always compare oneself against the other was not good, kids these days should not force themselves.

Now to look at food, Wei Ru Song was a year 2 student, Xiao Nian year 1, their class schedules were different, before they confirmed their relationship they would deliver food to each other, after confirming their relationship Wei Ru Song even when buying a sausage he would want Xiao Nian to accompany him, so they often waited for each other to finish their classes before eating together. Now with Shen Wan Qing around it was different, Shen Wan Qing and Xiao Nian were classmates, they saw each other more often than the roommate Wei Ru Song, Xiao Nian wanted to eat, Shen Wan Qing would follow, if Xiao Nian said that Wei Ru Song wanted to go to the Not Fat Cafeteria, Shen Wan Qing would even be unhappy.

“The food at Not Fat Cafeteria is so bad it can make me puke out my meal from last night, Brother, I want to go to Super Delicious Cafeteria to eat.”

“But Senior says that the food at Super Delicious Cafeteria is disgusting, he never goes there to eat.”

“Look at you, fine, we’ll go to Not Fat.”

So Xiao Nian would bring along Shen Wan Qing like a pet to eat with Wei Ru Song, even while eating he could not relax, Wei Ru Song loved eating chicken drumsticks, he did not know whether Xiao Nian was pretending to be restrained or he really did not like it, he would always give the drumstick to Wei Ru Song. Today was the same, Wei Ru Song felt that when Shen Wan Qing was around, Xiao Nian and him were like an underaged couple hiding from teachers and parents, even if their eyes met for a few seconds they would shift away guiltily. Xiao Nian as usual gave the drumstick to Wei Ru Song, Shen Wan Qing immediately made a fuss next to them.

“Why does Senior have a drumstick!”

“Because Senior likes to eat it.”

“Fuck, then I don’t like to eat it?!”

“What does that have to do with me?”

 Good Junior, Senior will send you a flying kiss from my heart. Shen Wan Qing did not make anymore fuss, but as Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song were dating secretly and they were too shy to declare it to others, there was still someone playing a huge gooseberry there. 

Next, accommodation– Fuck do we still need to talk about this! When there was just Xiao Nian and him, they were happy and free, as though one was a fish in the other’s pond, keeping watch over the moonlight! Now with a Shen Wan Qing, Wei Ru Song felt too awkward to sing in the shower, Xiao Nian also controlled himself and no longer kissed Wei Ru Song for no reason. Wei Ru Song could only cry without tears: Come on, come baby, I want to be kissed to death by you! Also, Shen Wan Qing was bad at video games, he moved when he was not supposed to, once outside he would be shot down, Wei Ru Song had no choice but to try and save him, and was also shot down, seeing Wei Ru Song being shot down Xiao Nian would naturally follow after to try and save his lover, and the group of three, dead, would sit there and just watch the list of top players that did not include them.

Finally, travel. This really was about to make Wei Ru Song crazy, Shen Wan Qing was even better than Wei Ru Song at sticking to Xiao Nian, for some reason, Xiao Nian also allowed Shen Wan Qing to do so. With the couple wear, they went to class together, finished class together, ate together, went back to the room together, played games together– as the first wife Wei Ru Song was also brainwashed into thinking that they were very compatible, this would not do, Wei Ru Song wanted to find a time to discuss with Xiao Nian, how to get rid of Shen Wan Qing.

Actually, at first, Wei Ru Song did not have this kind of attitude towards Shen Wan Qing, but as Shen Wan Qing had ignored Wei Ru Song’s gestures of friendship, and he could see that he was a wealthy young master from his habits and behaviour. But despite sticking to Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian also did not bother with Shen Wan Qing, continue going his own way, sometimes when Shen Wan Qing was in the bathroom showering, Xiao Nian would grab Wei Ru Song and start kissing him, kissing him till his lips were swollen then only letting him go.

To continue holding back was not a solution, the break was approaching, if this was not settled before the break, when the new semester started there would still be Shen Wan Qing there as an obstruction!

“Sycophant, isolate you, go to the toilet, won’t bring you. Caterpillar, put in bag. Pencil case, throw down stairs.” (T/N: I couldn’t find a way to translate it like the author wrote it, so here’s a direct translation. Every phrase between punctuations is translated from 3 Chinese characters.)

Recently Wei Ru Song had been chanting this version of the Three Character Classic, although it was originally meant for cursing bootlickers, but now he felt that it was useful for cursing anyone. Even his heterosexual friend Lin Wei also came to ask Wei Ru Song.

“Did you get into an argument with Xiao Nian?”

“Why do you think so?”

Their relationship was very good, the more obstacles they met, the harder they would love!

“Nothing, I just noticed that you guys don’t really hang out together these days.”

Xu Yang Sheng and Huang Fan who had been immersed in their sorrowful, awkward and abusive relationship had also sensed it, in the cool and refreshing summer night the three of them crouched on the rooftop and smoked, having been their life mentor for so many times, finally this scum couple found their conscience to help Wei Ru Song out.

“Eh Ru Song, what’s with the guy next to Xiao Nian?” Xu Yang Sheng loved gossip, once his ass stopped hurting his mouth started stirring, “Could it be that Xiao Nian has shifted his attentions, clinging together in love in front of you?”

“You think Junior will be like you two assholes?”

“Yo, you,” Huang Fan threw his arm over Xu Yang Sheng’s shoulder, biting the cigarette filter and exhaling smoke, “We’ve been friends all these while, you’ve only known Xiao Nian for so long, have you been dragged over to the summoner’s rift?”

“Ha, must be, we see now, Wei Ru Song you superficial brother.”

Xu Yang Sheng immediately supported the words of his husband.

“Fuck, can’t you guys say something decent?”

Wei Ru Song wanted to use the cigarette to burn Xu Yang Sheng, but Huang Fan shielded him immediately.

“Look for me if you want revenge, Yang Sheng is innocent!”

“Really makes me want to puke.”

Wei Ru Song rolled his eyes.

“I don’t believe that you won’t be like this if something happens to Xiao Nian,” Huang Fan always like to provide stupid ideas, but they sometimes came in handy. “Back to topic, I feel that, you should talk to Xiao Nian, and ask him not to be so close to that guy.”

“Actually the problem doesn’t lie with Xiao Nian,” In Wei Ru Song’s heart, his beauty filter on Xiao Nian was at a full 100%, even Xiao Nian’s farts would smell good to him. “Shen Wan Qing is the one sticking to him.”

“He has feelings for Xiao Nian?”

“I’m 99% sure.”

“Fuck, this makes me want to have feelings for Xiao Nian too.”

Xu Yang Sheng drooled, his backside was then kicked by Huang Fan, he immediately howled in pain.

​”Why don’t you invite that Shen Wan Qing to talk, we’ll support you.” Huang Fan’s grandiose way of thinking was like a gangster. “I’ll find a few people to come, if he doesn’t listen we’ll beat him up.”

“Don’t, don’t, you’re making it seem like we’re like elementary students scheduling a fight, what’s more it’s a gang fight…” Wei Ru Song had skills, he could beat up ten Shen Wan Qings by himself, no need for backups, “I’ll talk to him myself.”

“That’s fine too, look for us if you need anything, we’ll always be your eternal support.”

“You’re my good brothers, no need to say anymore, let me tell you a secret,” Wei Ru Song solemnly patted Huang Fan’s and Xu Yang Sheng’s shoulders, crooking his finger mysteriously at the both of them, Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng hurriedly tilted their ears over, “Watsons’ having a 20% sale tomorrow, you guys can stock up on condoms.”

When Wei Ru Song thought about it again, if this was to be discussed in front of everyone it would become a joke, making him seem like the evil second female lead found in idol dramas, interrogating the innocent Shen Wan Qing:

“Do you have any wishful thinking for Xiao Nian? Just say it, how much money do you want then you’ll leave Xiao Nian alone!”

No, back to topic, Wei Ru Song did not want Xiao Nian to think that he was immature, after all Xiao Nian had never expressed any annoyance towards Shen Wan Qing, like this there was no way he could make a fuss about it.

There was no choice, Wei Ru Song could only secretly search Baidu on his phone: “How to confront a third party?” The results displayed a bunch of contact information for emotional counselling as well as ridiculous methods to attack the third party: firmly standby your position as the first wife, control your emotions, stop having catfights with the third party and accusing your husband, expand your social network so to restore your charm…

Fine, but to be truthful, Xiao Nian and him were only lovers, not husband and wife, if he really fell in love with someone else, then Wei Ru Song would– would not be able to do anything too.

Even the emotionally-retarded Xiao Nian could see that Wei Ru Song was unhappy, especially when the school break would arrive next week, he also was no longer as intimate with Wei Ru Song as before, with Wei Ru Song’s stubborn character he would never admit it, he would rather Xiao Nian to realise it himself and look for him instead.

Finally one night as they were revising, Xiao Nian shoved a cigarette box into his pocket, and called out to Wei Ru Song.

“Senior, go up and have a smoke with me.”

“I’ll go too I’ll go too.”

Shen Wan Qing with a twist of his butt wanted to tag along, Wei Ru Song looked at him being so enthusiastic, he was despondent, he stood up only to sit down again.

“You smoke?”

“If you teach me I’ll know how to do it!”

“Don’t be stupid,” Wei Ru Song did not see Shen Wan Qing’s face fall. “Senior, let’s go.”

Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song went to the rooftop together, the summer breeze was refreshing, tousling Xiao Nian’s hair, presently a perfectly youthful side profile, Wei Ru Song as though seeing the light for the first time, quietly studied Xiao Nian, the world looked so much brighter now.

“Cigarette.” Wei Ru Song held his hand out to Xiao Nian.

“Not giving it to you,” Xiao Nian did not take out the box, “Smoking is bad for your health.”

“Then why did you ask me up here?”

“For a date,” Xiao Nian replied calmly. “We haven’t been alone in awhile already.”

“You also realised,” Wei Ru Song said sourly, his own words making him feel the sourness in his teeth, making him feel like he was a jealous woman. “No, I mean–“

Xiao Nian at this moment was astute, he stared at Wei Ru Song’s exasperated face for awhile, and could not help but laugh.

“Got jealous?”

“I–” No! That was false, so what if he was a guy, he was human too, guys can also get jealous! Wei Ru Song refused to comply. “That’s right! I’m jealous! Even if you say I’m small-minded I’ll still say it, it’s suffocating me to death!”

“Suffocating to death–“

Wei Ru Song clasped Xiao Nian’s neck, looking up and kissing him, like the kissing scene from <Waterloo Bridge>, kissing Xiao Nian to the point where he could not speak.

“Senior, actually I’ve never told you about something,” After their mouths separated, the flames of desire burning in their eyes, “Shen Wan Qing is my cousin.”

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  1. Xian Nian…. Cousin you say? Uh…. So you are the type that likes to watch your lover suffer?? Lmao if I was Wei Ru Song I’d bans hum from my ass for a month! This bastard!!

    1. Hahaha I knew there’s something! Esp. the moment when they were eating at the cafeteria. It made me think of XN’s restrained actions… He’s too careful, and just for a roomate? Quite fishy. It doesn’t look like they’ll be much drama since it’s already ending.
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  2. Xiao Nian should’ve said so in the first place. Why didn’t he properly introduce his cousin to his lover? Even if they didn’t admitted they were in a relationship, Xiao Nian should’ve still introduce SWQ as his cousin to his lover. Ugh, so dense.

  3. that’s a jerk move ngl like you made your bf insecure for a while before saying that??? not cool

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