LSR Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – What to Do, My Neighbour Thinks My Roommate and I are Fucking

If there was smoke, there was fire. If Wei Ru Song’s injury had to be blamed on someone, there could only be Xiao Nian.

If Xiao Nian had brought his umbrella, he would not have been stuck in the cafeteria. If he was not stuck there, Wei Ru Song would not have to go past that slope. If he did not have to go past that slope, there would be no possibility of falling down that slope, then he would not have injured himself, and the counselor would not have mistakenly thought that he was having sex with another man there. Anyway, Xiao Nian was definitely the main culprit. 

Xiao Nian also felt guilty, after all Wei Ru Song had reminded him daily to bring an umbrella, to eat his breakfast, to bring his pencil case… He felt that even his mother was not as naggy as Wei Ru Song, and also was not as… concerned about him as Wei Ru Song? Xiao Nian was very touched, and so decided to be in charge of buying Wei Ru Song’s breakfast from then on. 

Ever since Wei Ru Song said that Super Delicious cafeteria’s food was the worst, Xiao Nian went to the cafeteria that Wei Ru Song preferred to takeout food. Xiao Nian was a very loyal person, he could eat at the same cafeteria, eat the same meal for a very long time, but once he was sick of it, he would never return to it again. Not to suggest anything, just that when Xiao Nian ate at the cafeteria that Wei Ru Song preferred, he realised that the food at Super Delicious was really very bad.

After all, being one of the main characters in this explosive story, everyone was way more curious about Xiao Nian than Wei Ru Song. However, Xiao Nian gave off a noble and lofty impression, to the point where people could only look from afar and wonder silently, why would Xiao Nian let Wei Ru Song suck his dick? Why would Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song have outdoor sex? Why was Xiao Nian’s dick salty?

Of course, Xiao Nian also had friends, Han Hai, who was his classmate since junior high. He saw Xiao Nian appearing for the first time at Mrs. Zhu’s Cafeteria. The service aunty saw that Xiao Nian was good looking, and gave him the biggest chicken drumstick available. Han Hai looked at the tiny ass drumstick on his plate, and looked again at the huge drumstick on Xiao Nian’s plate, and could only give a heavy sigh.

“Xiao Nian, Wei Ru Song and you…”

“Nothing between us.”

“Then why will there be that sort of rumour?”

“…” Xiao Nian felt that it was a difficult to explain situation, but to not explain it was also weird. “I didn’t let Senior give me a blowjob, neither we fuck in public. About my salty dick, that was purely Senior saying rubbish.”

Xiao Nian while explaining, carefully stored the huge drumstick in the lunchbox.

This was the first time Han Hai heard crude words like “dick” and “fuck” coming out from Xiao Nian’s good looking lips. It not only did not feel like a violation, but actually sounded refined. He would have to pay attention to his speech in the future.

“But the two of you… There’s really nothing?” Han Hai was unwilling to stop asking.

“What could there be?”

“So who are you packing this lunchbox for?” Han Hai asked knowingly.


“What’s with the drumstick?”

“His leg got injured, so this is for him.”

“Such an affectionate junior,” Han Hai continued, “Even if the two of you really have something going on, I wouldn’t look down on you. You’re my lifelong brother, no matter whether you like men or women I’ll still support you!”

Despite Xiao Nian being very touched, he still had to clarify:

“I really am not gay.”

As the abrasion on Wei Ru Song’s calf was really very big, it resulted in his calf being wrapped like a baguette. He could only balance on one leg to shower, and felt like he was performing gymnastics each time he took a shower. However, one of Wei Ru Song’s attributes was his optimism, finding joy in hard work was part of being a man, so our senior Wei Ru Song had one leg on the covered toilet while having a personal concert in the bathroom under the shower.

Wei Ru Song deepened his voice and announced, “Next, we’ll invite our popular music king, Mr Wei, to perform <Shower Song> for us!” Next, imitating the screams of fangirls, “Ah ah ah ah Song Song I love you, Song Song we will be together forever! Song Song you’re so handsome! Ah ah love you Song Song!” Finally, with his own voice and a flirtatious tone, “Shh, fans, I love you all.”

Winking at the foggy mirror, Wei Ru Song sang loudly into the shower head:

“I love showering my skin is good, oh oh oh oh oh, wear the shower cap and jump, oh oh oh yeah!”

As Wei Ru Song was staying alone previously, no one would know that he could be so engrossed in singing. This was no longer the case, but Wei Ru Song seemed to forget about it, getting more and more enthusiastic. Just as he was trying to reach high notes, the door to the bathroom opened, with Xiao Nian anxiously standing outside with a lunchbox.

“Are you alright, Senior?”

Wei Ru Song’s soapy body holding on to a shower head with the water turned off and one leg supported by the toilet bowl, with this position, they faced each other. Luckily Wei Ru Song’s reaction was fast enough, he quickly soaped his body, giving a simple and honest smile.

“Eeeeee! It’s fine, I’m singing while showering, gave you a shock right? Hahahaha…”

Wei Ru Song turned on the tap without knowing that the shower head was aimed towards the door, which unintentionally happened to be right at where Xiao Nian was standing. As such, he was soaked. Wei Ru Song, seeing this wet and tempting image, was about to lose control – Hey don’t speak nonsense when did I lose control?! Wei Ru Song quickly turned off the tap but it was too late, Xiao Nian could only stand at the door dripping with water like a wet puppy. Seeing the pathetic image, Wei Ru Song was suddenly filled with fatherly love and called to Xiao Nian.

“Come in and shower, don’t catch a cold.”


Xiao Nian left the lunchbox on the table, stripped and exposed his firm and muscular torso. Those muscles, that silhouette, was comparable to one of those highly lauded Greek statues.

They were both men anyway, not like looking at each other would damage their reputation. Still, being male he was still competitive, it was not unusual to compare that area. Of course, whoever was smaller would be embarrassed, but Xiao Nian’s size was definitely overkill! Wei Ru Song admitted that he was the perfect Asian size, Xiao Nian was taller and more muscular than him, there was nothing wrong for him to be a little bigger – Fuck how was this only a little bigger?! Wei Ru Song suddenly felt inferior after seeing Xiao Nian’s nude body, how he wished that he could be flushed away by the toilet. Only those two pecs, so heavy must be more tiring to run with, he was confident that Xiao Nian was definitely slower than him in running. After cheering himself up he started showering happily again, feeling an urge to sing but was a little shy in front of Xiao Nian. Xiao Nian was also surprisingly understanding, he started soaping himself while giving a small nod to Wei Ru Song.

“Senior if you want to sing just sing.”

Thinking about it, they were sharing a room, if nothing happened they would have to get along for 3 years, this was also an ensuite, there would be harmonious situations in the future where one would be showering while the other had to use the toilet, what could be wrong with singing in the shower? Wei Ru Song brightened up, and with his back facing Xiao Nian started singing again.

“Des-pa-cito tomato ah potato, eh eh eh eh eh eh, don’t care about the expenses a glass of beer oh give me a glass of water to forget, let me sing you a song let’s go see the meteor shower landing on this planet…” (T/N: this is just a mishmash of songs)

With such a random selection of songs, Xiao Nian could no longer stand it, he interrupted Wei Ru Song.

“Senior, I’m done showering, I’m leaving first.”

“Eh? Oh oh ok ok.”

By the time Wei Ru Song exited the bathroom, Xiao Nian had already put on his earphones and started playing video games. Without the amusement of showering anymore, Wei Ru Song dragged his feet and went to bed. From the upper bunk a head stuck out and tried calling out to Xiao Nian.



“So you can hear me, actually there’s nothing important.” Wei Ru Song had not been exercising recently because of his calf injury, and felt his body aching from the inactivity. “Could you help me with a massage? I’ll massage you back after?”

This should be reciprocal!

“Ok come.”

Xiao Nian quickly climbed onto Wei Ru Song’s bed, Wei Ru Song positioned himself immediately. Xiao Nian vigorously rubbed a knot on his back, and Wei Ru Song could only groan.

“Oh… Oh!”

“Is this ok, Senior? Am I hurting you?”

“No! Feels good!” Wei Ru Song was about to lose himself with this feeling. “Harder!”

“Oh! Ah! Ha…”

“Feels damn good!”

“Ah… Uh….” Wei Ru Song could no longer speak clearly. “My, my turn next.”

At this moment, in room 323 next door:

“Fuck that robot!”

“Why did you look back finish him off!”

“Fuck fuck fuck what is that player doing over there! Fuck!” Lin Xiang was killed, he removed his earphones and drank some water. Right then, he suddenly heard some weird noises coming from room 325. “Eh? What’s going on?”

Having mentioned before that the soundproofing in the dormitory was lousy, as well as Wei Ru Song’s bed being positioned right against the wall shared with room 323, anything that happened could be heard. Lin Xiang stood up and pressed his ear against the wall, and could not believe what he was hearing.

“Is this ok, Senior? Am I hurting you?”

“No! Feels good! Harder!”

“Fuck!” Lin Xiang’s head was about to explode. He dragged his roommates up. “Don’t beat me, listen to what’s happening next door?! Fuck, doesn’t it sound like Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian are fucking?”

“Huh? What if we get reported for this?”

“Why would we get reported for eavesdropping, we’ll just report them back till year 2027! Quick! Come and listen!”

Thus there was a group of people sticking to the wall like lizards.

“Feels damn good!”

“Ah… Uh… My turn next.”

“It’s fine, as long as Senior feels comfortable.”

“Comfortable as hell! Ah ah ah I’m gonna die! Fucking great! Ha ah…”

“Fuck!” The group was about to leap up with anger and go next door to catch the couple in action, but was stopped by a few.

“Don’t, don’t, we don’t know who would feel more awkward!”

The third storey was occupied by Year 2 students, Lin Xiang and the rest also happened to be classmates of Wei Ru Song, they quickly surrounded Wei Ru Song in class.

“Ru Song ah, Xiao Nian and…”

“Innocent! I’ve never sucked Xiao Nian’s dick neither have I had sex with him.”

Wei Ru Song had learnt to answer quickly. The occupants of room 323 glanced at each other. Yang Shan, the meekest out of them, then commented.

“Nah, it’s your freedom to love, haha, but when you’re doing this kind of things could you pay more attention next time? You also know, the soundproofing in the dormitory really isn’t very good, we all heard what happened last Friday.”

“Huh? Heard? What did you guys hear?”

“Xiao Nian and you doing that, we could hear your voices pretty clearly…”

“Xiao Nian and I what?! When did I do that with him?! Huh?!”

The probing looks of occupants from room 323 changed to disdain.

Done with classes and meals, Xiao Nian was looking through his music tabs. Once he saw that Wei Ru Song was back, he frankly reported to him.

“Senior, I heard a new version today.”

“Me too.”

“We’ll say it together.”

“3, 2, 1.”

“Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song were fucking so loudly it disturbed their neighbours.”

“Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian were fucking so loudly it disturbed their neighbours.”

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