LSR Chapter 30 (NSFW)

Chapter 30 – My Roommate and I Have Finally Finished Acting Out This Drama Yay Yay Yay Yay

A wave of humiliation welled up in him, what flames of desire, they were immediately extinguished by Wei Ru Song, what replaced it was loud and resounding background music and the comedic scene of someone crying while running down the beach:

 Xiao Nian fucking hell you played me–

“Why the fuck didn’t you say this earlier!” Wei Ru Song leapt up and started whaling on Xiao Nian. “Fuck you could actually watch me get jealous over nothing and become the evil second female lead!”

“Ok ok,” Xiao Nian caught Wei Ru Song, lifting his face to give him a kiss, “I was wrong, if you are willing, we can tell him now.”

“Wait,” Wei Ru Song was a little worried about Shen Wan Qing’s mood, although he looked like someone that could not be affected by anything, but was actually a warm-hearted and gentle guy. “What if your cousin cannot accept it?”

“Then,” Xiao Nian spoke seriously, “I won’t play with him anymore.”

“The fuck are you a kindergartener, still using this method of unfriending?”

Wei Ru Song somewhat had to see Xiao Nian in a new light now, Xiao Nian laughed at him.

“Why, you feel bad for him?”

“He’s still your cousin, our roommate, affecting his mood, it’s not very nice…”

“It won’t.”

“Why don’t all three of us have a meal together after the exams instead?”

“Sure,” Xiao Nian then asked, surprising Wei Ru Song, “Shall we go get a room?”

The adulterous couple agreed, they did not bother returning to their dormitory room, heading straight to the first floor, hiding from the dormitory manager, escaping from the window in the activity room. Alipay should be declared one of the most life-changing inventions in the 21st century, they ran out of campus and hired a car through Didi, after accepting the job the driver drove the car over, he nearly drove away after looking at them: two young, fit guys, one wearing a singlet and flower underpants, the other wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants, wanting to go to Hotel Diamond in the middle of the night, what was happening with society these days, people’s morales were so unlike the past.

​Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song had already been completely blinded by their sexual desires, especially Xiao Nian, after being together with Wei Ru Song, his dressing had become more and more casual, even if he was just wearing underwear at that moment he could still pull Wei Ru Song to get a room.

They had not done it in nearly two months, full of pent-up sexual frustrations, once they entered the room Xiao Nian pushed Wei Ru Song onto the bed, urgently and aggressively biting at Wei Ru Song’s lips, his tongue forcing its way between Wei Ru Song’s lips, the sudden pain from the bite made Wei Ru Song bite back. They made out passionately, Xiao Nian pushed Wei Ru Song’s singlet up his chest, exposing his firm pecs, his fingers teased the dainty nipples, pinching them till Wei Ru Song moaned pleasurably.

Their mouths separated unwilling, Wei Ru Song’s face was red, his lips shiny with saliva, his breathing erratic and his arms hooked around Xiao Nian’s neck grasping firmly, the both of them rolled into the bed. Wei Ru Song raised his knee and nudged on the tent between Xiao Nian’s pants, his tone teasing:

“I used to think you were the abstinent type, who would have thought you’re the beast type.”

“You don’t like it?”

Xiao Nian removed Wei Ru Song’s pants, spreading the firm butt cheeks apart with force, they were so supple they felt great, the fingers digging into the flesh leaving faint marks, Wei Ru Song hurriedly grabbed a few condoms from the bedside and threw them towards Xiao Nian.

“Use the condom!”

By the time they were done all the condoms were used up, Wei Ru Song was nearly paralysed, letting Xiao Nian adjust him freely, between his legs he saw Xiao Nian removing the used condom, they were finally done with the bed play, he wanted to enjoy the afterglow with Xiao Nian, unexpectedly Xiao Nian pushed his half-erect shaft against him again.

“Let’s do it one more time.”

“What the fuck are you a fucking donkey!”

“We haven’t done it for two months already.”

“But we still can’t overdo it ah–“

Wei Ru Song could only resist feebly, but to no result, Xiao Nian pushed forward, pressing against the hole it entered easily, causing Wei Ru Song to start groaning again. Without the barrier of the condom, Wei Ru Song was even more sensitive to the unbearable pleasure of that ferocious weapon invading his body. Whether it was the shaft that was stuffing him full, or the large balls slapping loudly against his body, they were all a catalysis for their passion, Wei Ru Song had completely abandoned himself to despair, allowing his judgment to be drowned, sinking together with Xiao Nian.

They said there was no land that can be spoilt by ploughing, only cows that can be exhausted to death, but Wei Ru Song thought that after so many rounds he could not produce anymore sperm, his final shot was actually empty, he was both tired and in bliss, his ability to think was destroyed by the countless thrusts into his body. As Xiao Nian ejaculated into Wei Ru Song, Wei Ru Song’s legs were clamped tightly around Xiao Nian, his body arched like a bridge, his body trembling with each shot of cum, entering his weak channel, Wei Ru Song’s eyes were unfocused, as though he was about to faint.

When Xiao Nian carried Wei Ru Song to the bathroom, Wei Ru Song had already lost consciousness.

He woke up at 11.48am the next day, Wei Ru Song leapt up, not unlike that of a dying person sitting up in panic– and ended up falling into the bed crying, it felt like last night what he did was not sex, but a fight with four 400kg sumo wrestlers, smashed into pieces before being fitted back together by Xiao Nian.


“I’m here,” Xiao Nian was lying next to Wei Ru Song looking through his phone, Wei Ru Song’s voice was hoarse as though he was singing karaoke the entire night, Xiao Nian immediately passed the glass of water next to the bed to Wei Ru Song, “Drink some water, you’ve worked hard last night.”

“Fuck off, you useless guy…” Wei Ru Song rudely accepted the glass, lifting it with his trembling hands and drinking the water in one gulp. “You know it’s hard on me but you still did it so vigorously, my intestines are going to be fucked into the shape of your dick!”


A dangerous glint could be seen in Xiao Nian’s eyes, Wei Ru Song involuntarily shifted backwards.

“Don’t, Junior, I was talking rubbish, if you fuck me again I’ll have to attend classes with my ass sticking up for the week.”

Xiao Nian sighed, pulling Wei Ru Song over and kissing him, “Senior, you really too cute for words.”

“Do we have to check out by 12?”

“It’s fine, take your time, I’ll just pay again.”

“I keep feeling that I’ve forgotten something, what is that…”

Wei Ru Song lay on the bed lazily, closing his eyes he thought about it, he suddenly shrieked, immediately getting off the bed, crawling around and getting dressed.

“Motherfucker I have a calculus exam at 2pm! Ahhhhhh–“

Wei Ru Song, with a weird running posture, rushed to the dormitory, without even changing his shoes he grabbed his bag and ran off, Shen Wan Qing was watching a concert recording, with the appearance of Wei Ru Song, the originally elegant and graceful artistic atmosphere completely dissipated. Xiao Nian entered before he could scold him, Shen Wan Qing immediately hugged Xiao Nian, distressed, he was also experienced, and could smell the leftover scent of sex on Xiao Nian.

“Oh my god, Xiao Nian, I was wondering why since young you’ve never paid attention to girls, turns out, turns out you like men! Oh my god, I really feel sad for our childhood friends Xiao Li, Xiao Hong, Xiao Jing, Xiao Wen, Xiao Lan…”

“… How could you tell?”

“It was like this,” Shen Wan Qing rubbed his face, dissecting everything for Xiao Nian. “When he was so friendly upon my arrival I felt something was fishy,” Shen Wan Qing haughtily brushed his fringe, “I could tell that he was gay with one glance, he would always exchange glances with you, and every time when I’m talking to you, his stare could bore through me like an evil queen, he must be a gay interested in you!”

“So obvious?”

Xiao Nian’s tone had a trace of sweetness to it, but Shen Wan Qing did not hear it.

“It’s fucking obvious! I get goosebumps every time I see it! I, the heterosexual, on behalf of my cousin, reject you!”

Shen Wan Qing copied the Sailor Moon pose, only for Xiao Nian to knock on his forehead.

“Stop creating trouble.”

“I didn’t create any trouble,” Shen Wan Qing sucked his lips in chagrin, rubbing his forehead. “How would I know that you’re dating… You didn’t mention it, and I saw that you were so nice to him, so I thought he was more difficult than you…”

Remembering being terrified by Xiao Nian this demon king when they were young, Shen Wan Qing shuddered, then comparing the current Xiao Nian who was so gentle and doted on Wei Ru Song whenever they were together, it made Shen Wan Qing’s hairs stand on end: Where did the overbearing and demanding Xiao Nian from the past go? Love truly makes people stupid. The main thing was that, in Shen Wan Qing’s opinion, with Xiao Nian’s qualifications, he should find a beautiful generous graceful sexy intellectual cute sweet witty lady who was matchless amongst peers, but Wei Ru Song, crossing his legs while playing games, wearing a singlet with underwear, liked to startle over nothing, like an old lady busying himself in the dormitory…

What kind of modern Prince Charming and Cinderella story was this? Wei Ru Song other than being handsome had nothing going on for him! This was what Shen Wan Qing thought, if he really said it out loud Xiao Nian would probably sew his mouth shut.

“Because you’ve never seriously dated someone before.”

“Like you’re qualified to talk?” Shen Wan Qing could not hold it back. “This is your first love right?’


“Then fine,” Shen Wan Qing patted Xiao Nian on the shoulder. “You’ll get it after a few more times, treat it like you’re trying all the different flavours.”

“No need,” Xiao Nian shrugged Shen Wan Qing’s hand away. “One time is enough.”

Xiao Nian suddenly recalled a movie he had watched, there was a line in it that he remembered till now: People would always change, today you like to eat canned pineapples, tomorrow you can like something else. Xiao Nian considered it, that after going in rounds, he finally realised that canned pineapples were the best, but the canned pineapples were now expired, would he not be regretful?

Life was too short, falling in love with one person was enough.

During the break Wei Ru Song worked at the supermarket daily as a cashier, he was counting money every day, but the money did not belong to him.

Today was Wei Ru Song’s birthday, however, he had never celebrated it since his mother passed away, treating this day just like the rest of the 364 days of the year. Wei Ru Song had never mentioned his birthday to anyone, including Xiao Nian, thinking about it it was also quite lonely, for the first time Wei Ru Song felt a disappointment that no one was celebrating his birthday with him– but this was only for a moment, Wei Ru Song was not the affectionate type.

At this moment a huge birthday cake appeared in front of Wei Ru Song, he could not help but swallow his saliva: Who’s so lucky to share my birthday? Damn you lucky brat!

“A total of 285 dollars.”

Wei Ru Song received 300 dollars and prepared the change, passing both the change and cake to the customer, the customer took the change, but not the cake. Wei Ru Song noticed that the customer still did not accept the cake, he finally lifted his gaze up to glance at this tall customer, and was stunned for a moment.

“Senior, happy birthday.”

Soft amusement could be detected in Xiao Nian’s eyes, he placed an air ticket in Wei Ru Song’s hand, Wei Ru Song scrutinised it, it was a ticket to Venice, Italy.

“Still remember that I said I wanted to kiss you on the Bridge of Sighs?”

Xiao Nian whispered into Wei Ru Song’s ear, Wei Ru Song uneasily turned his head away, his ears redder than the red 100 dollars note.

“I remember.”

“Let’s go together?”


Xiao Nian smiled, only to be suddenly pushed from the back.

“So irritating, kids these days flirting everywhere, quick I want to pay for my items!”

“That’s right that’s right, I really can’t watch this any longer, the Civil Affairs Bureau is just 300m to the left of the exit, quickly submit your complaint.”

“Why is my life so hard, I just broke up so I’m here to buy some alcohol to cheer myself up, only to have PDA shoved into my face…”

“Ahhhh sorry sorry, I’m here now–“

This farce that was created by rumours finally was concluded by this smelly and stinky love.

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