LSR Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – What to Do, My Roommate and I Are Trapped on the Rooftop

His thin pants unable to block the cold wind, Wei Ru Song could feel his balls shrinking. A bell rang in the distance, Chen Xuan Xuan’s tears glimmered like pearls.

The wild wind blew, a beauty’s tears, the desolating setting, it was as though this scene was lifted from a Korean drama, only missing the background music for more impact, then Wei Ru Song would domineeringly yet warmly embrace Chen Xuan Xuan, with strongly pulsating heartbeats, the both of them would melt into each other, with tenderness in their hearts — yeah right. Wei Ru Song was quick-witted, but his mouth was not too clever, hence resulting in so many misunderstandings. He stood in front of Chen Xuan Xuan and uncomfortably scratched himself, thinking about how to reply. At this moment Wei Ru Song had a little craving for a cigarette, he had only stopped smoking after dating Chen Xuan Xuan, so his craving was not too strong. Wei Ru Song was a model example of the type of people who could sacrifice everything for the person they liked, when they were dating Wei Ru Song was also well-known for quitting his games at any time to cater to Chen Xuan Xuan.

– Sorry sorry my girlfriend has cramps I’m going to deliver brown sugar water

– Sorry sorry my girlfriend didn’t bring her textbook I’m going to deliver it to her

– Sorry sorry my girlfriend wants to eat Haagen Dazs right now I have to go out and buy

Fuck, forget about quitting, why did he still have to show off his relationship? Report this asshole for showing off and destroying the gameplay experience!

With their current relationship, Wei Ru Song believed that even though he was not perfect, but towards Chen Xuan Xuan he had a clear conscience. Their faculty was just like a monastery, more thorns than roses, he was not like Xiao Nian who could attract any and everyone, even if Wei Ru Song were to have outstanding qualifications, Chen Xuan Xuan would still have many admirers, now that Wei Ru Song was no longer around, for Chen Xuan Xuan to only discover his good qualities now, naturally it was too late.

“Better not,” in the end Wei Ru Song still could not come up with a flowery speech, he had never dated anyone before, putting so much effort into the relationship only to break up for a ridiculous reason, and to get back together now, this would not even happen in a novel. Wei Ru Song swiftly thought of a lame excuse, “I have started to smoke again.”

“I can accept that.”

“I…” Xiao Nian’s earlier speech suddenly popped into Wei Ru Song’s head, which he then repeated word for word. He must have thought about the speech many times, being able to recite the speech flawlessly not unlike the Chinese poems he had memorised from young. “I’ll sleep talk and scare people, sing awfully in the shower, blame my junior when I lose during video games, always steal my junior’s drumstick when eating…”

“Wei Ru Song!” The more he spoke the more upset Chen Xuan Xuan got, finally with a loud yell he quickly shut up, Chen Xuan Xuan’s eyes were filled with tears. “If you don’t want then don’t, why so many excuses! You’re only blurring my vision!”

“…” Wei Ru Song could only be direct. “Sorry, you deserve better.”

“Every time you mention your junior you sound very intimate,” Chen Xuan Xuan could not help but laugh after calming down. “It’s hard to believe you when you say there’s nothing going on between the both of you.”

“There’s really nothing going on between Xiao Nian and me…”

For some unknown reason, whenever Wei Ru Song had to repeat this sentence he was no longer full of indignation and frankness, in fact, afraid of exposing anything he avoided Chen Xuan Xuan’s gaze. After all, females did have very strong sense of intuition, to Chen Xuan Xuan Wei Ru Song’s reaction definitely looked like he was trying to hide something.

“Shut up!”


Wei Ru Song’s usual obedience caused Chen Xuan Xuan to feel tearful, she turned to leave.

“Forget it, just let it be.”

Wei Ru Song watched Chen Xuan Xuan leave, and still decided to show some concern for the last time.

“Wear a few more layers when you’re back, drink more warm water, remembering to apply your eye cream, it’s late, sleep early.

“You’re really an asshole!”

Chen Xuan Xuan’s curses could be heard drifting from the stairwell. Wei Ru Song smiled, pretending to be unbothered, but realised that there was no one there to see his fake smile. He slowly crouched, clutching his head in the midst of flapping bedsheets, he was rattled, his brain stuffed with confusing thoughts, he definitely needed nicotine to settle down.

They could not smoke in the rooms due to the presence of smoke alarms, and as the rooftop was usually used to air clothes the no-smoking rule was enforced, but most smokers would still smoke on the rooftop. Wei Ru Song stood up deciding to head downstairs, he would be in trouble if the door to the rooftop was locked, but he happened to meet Xiao Nian just as he opened the door.



Xiao Nian passed an army green jacket to Wei Ru Song, with one glance it obviously belonged to Xiao Nian, it definitely was from some luxury brand Wei Ru Song could not pronounce, the total value of whatever Wei Ru Song had on doubtless was not even worth the value of a sleeve. Xiao Nian’s clothes were very trendy, most people would look weird in them, only Xiao Nian could pull them off like those fashionable and lofty male models, all of a sudden the 180cm tall Wei Ru Song could only feel small.

“I thought that since you had yet to come down, I would bring you a coat.”

“Ah it’s fine, I’m about to head down, I want to get cigarettes.”

“There’s some in the pocket.”

“Eh?” Wei Ru Song was surprised, reaching into the pocket he really felt a cigarette box, they were HuangHeLou, he nearly threw the box in fright. “Fuck did you steal your father’s cigarettes?!”

“How could it be,” Xiao Nian was a little startled. “How could he smoke such cheap cigarettes.”

– Cheap? Excuse me? Is your dictionary pirated?! But Wei Ru Song did not bother arguing with Xiao Nian, honestly he was pretty touched, a careless Xiao Nian who always forget his umbrella and textbook actually thought of him, Wei Ru Song was happy.

There was an old storage room on the rooftop, the lock long broken, and everyone usually threw their cigarette butts there. Wei Ru Song lighted up, covered himself with the jacket, and playfully blew the smoke towards Xiao Nian’s pretty face.

“You want one?”

Wei Ru Song spoke generously, as though the HuangHeLou belonged to him. Xiao Nian’s gaze darkened, with a slight frown he tugged on Wei Ru Song’s wrist.

“Senior, do you know what it means to blow your cigarette smoke on another person’s face?”

“Ah?” Wei Ru Song was unable to free himself after struggling, he had forgotten Xiao Nian’s crazy strength, and with Xiao Nian’s reaction he thought he had angered him. “No, I don’t know, I just thought it was fun, there wasn’t any meaning to it.”

“Don’t do that next time.”

Xiao Nian let go of Wei Ru Song, red marks could be seen on his wrist, with the cigarette between his lips Wei Ru Song rubbed his slightly painful wrist, and curiously asked.

“What meaning does it have?”

“Implies that you want to sleep with the other party.”

Xiao Nian replied serenely, but Wei Ru Song felt like he was punched, he trembled for a moment, causing the cigarette ash to fall on the ground.

“I I I I was wrong, we’ll pretend that that didn’t happen! I really didn’t know this was the implication!”


“Where did you get the cigarettes?”

Wei Ru Song had never seen Xiao Nian smoked, and ever since Xiao Nian appeared he had also quit smoking, so of course he would never have thought too highly of himself and believed that Xiao Nian bought him the cigarettes.

“My dad says to bring this around, if I were to get bullied just let them smoke this, to express pacification.”

— With the existence of your fan club who would dare to bully you… Wei Ru Song thought secretly. Suddenly they heard the chain of the lock on the door moving, Wei Ru Song quickly bit onto the cigarette between his lips and pulled Xiao Nian into the storage room to hide. He forgot that the rooftop would be locked at midnight!

Previously it was mentioned that due to fear of students jumping the rooftop would be locked at midnight, to prevent accidentally locking couples who forgot the time on the roof, the dormitory guard would always patrol the rooftop first before locking the door to prevent any accidents.

Dating was one thing, smoking was another, it was forbidden to smoke on the rooftop, there would definitely be demerits if caught, although Xiao Nian did not smoke, but he did smell of cigarettes after Wei Ru Song blew the smoke onto him, they would expose themselves if they came out, and now they had to make a tough decision.

Should they receive the demerit, or get locked for one night on the rooftop? After a period of silent argument and consideration they decided that their comfort was more important. Wei Ru Song left the storage room like he was about to face his death, there was no one around, only leaves blowing in the wind could be seen – the dormitory guard had left?! That meant that they only had the “locked on the rooftop for one night” option left? 

“Junior did you bring your phone?”


Xiao Nian calmly shook his head, he too wore only thin layers, but was it because of his youthful and fit body, it seemed like he was unbothered by the cold wind? Wei Ru Song’s eyes dimmed and he nearly fell over.

“Then we really have to stay on the rooftop for one night?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“No no no, there has to be another way,” Wei Ru Song forced his brilliant brain to work. “Aren’t you the reincarnation of the strong and mighty Da Wa? You should be able to kick the metal door down right?”

“Who is Da Wa?”

“The Da Wa from the Gourd Brothers? Where’s your childhood?” Wei Ru Song recalled that Xiao Nian also did not know who the river snail fairy was. “Oh right you don’t have one, so can you kick the door open?”

“… Thank you Senior for thinking so highly of me.”

Fine, expecting Xiao Nian to kick a metal door open was asking too much, then should they yell for help? There should still be some stragglers at this timing? After all over pressured risky students did come from this group of people. Wei Ru Song ran to the railings and yelled with all his might.



Loud cursing could be heard from a block.

“Stop yelling for fuck’s sake! If I fail my exam tomorrow I’ll rip your dick off!”

What a bunch of uncaring people in this word! Wei Ru Song shut his mouth, wanting to cry but unable to do so and returned to Xiao Nian, throwing the long extinguished by the wind cigarette onto the floor.

“How, no choice but to spend a night here. There’s only one condition,” Wei Ru Song removed the jacket and handed it to Xiao Nian. “You’re younger than me, you have a limitless future, you can’t die…”

Wei Ru Song sneezed loudly.


Xiao Nian received the jacket and sat against a wall that blocked the wind, and opened his arms towards the shivering Wei Ru Song.



“I’ll hug you.”

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