MLP Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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Yu Fengcheng’s thing was comparable to the size of those of westerners. An abrupt silence descended upon the originally somewhat noisy changing room. Everyone was secretly glancing towards the lower half of his body, and the scene was very comical.


Bai Xinyu felt both jealousy and hatred. With regards to Yu Fengcheng’s appearance, there was nothing to be criticized from head to toe. That handsome face, those beautiful pecs, that pair of long, straight legs, and even that thing was more superior than others. Bai Xinyu completely could not understand exactly what this jinx had experienced when he was young to have such a sinister character.


Looking across the entire changing room, only Daxiong could compare to Yu Fengcheng. Daxiong laughed goodnaturedly. “Not bad, bro. What a surprise.”


Yu Fengcheng punched his shoulder, laughing, “Hurry up and go wash up.”


When Yu Fengcheng walked past Bai Xinyu, Bai Xinyu wrenched himself around, facing the storage locker pretending to tidy his things up. He had originally been quite confident about his size, as having slept with so many beautiful girls, he could be considered quite a stud. However, with the revelation of Yu Fengcheng, he had now turned into nothing. This was the negative point of group showers. The part of the body men were most concerned about was normally covered very well by their pants, but once they were exposed, people would not be able to help comparing among each other. Some would be pleased, and some would definitely feel so inferior that they would have to face the wall.


Suddenly, a large hand slammed on the door of the locker. The hand was very nicely shaped, the fingers long and beautiful, the nerves under the skin clearly visible, giving off a sense of strength, and the neat and clean fingernails were of a healthy colour.


Bai Xinyu looked at the arm reaching out from behind him with the corner of his eye. He did not need to turn around to know that the man behind him was definitely Yu Fengcheng. The two men were very close to each other, and Bai Xinyu could even feel the heat exuding off the other man’s skin. He dared not move in the slightest, afraid that he would accidentally touch something he should not. The last time when his backside was pressed against that thing, they were at least wearing pants. This time, if they were to have such direct skin contact, how was he going to live for the rest of his days?


Yu Fengcheng bent over slightly, whispering into his ear, “After making noise and wasting your shower time, you’re still wasting time here. Are you planning to be chased out still covered in soap?”


“I-I’m going now.” Bai Xinyu dared not even turn his head around.


Yu Fengcheng took the bottle of shampoo from his hand, chuckling quietly, “Let me use some.”


He then walked off to the showers, fiddling with the bottle.


Bai Xinyu finally felt that he could breathe again.


Feng Dongyuan asked softly, “Xinyu, are you very scared of him?”


Bai Xinyu glared. “Nonsense, why would I be scared of him?”


Feng Dongyuan nodded. “He might not have done it on purpose this morning. You don’t have to be scared of him. I think everyone’s reasonable, and he doesn’t look like a bad guy.”


Bai Xinyu looked at Feng Dongyuan, suddenly feeling that this child was very pure and innocent. Did he not feel even the tiniest bit of how Yu Fengcheng was specifically targeting him?


Qian Liang said casually, “Hurry up, let’s go, there’s really not much time left.”


A group of half-mature bare-assed guys rushed to the showers, swiftly occupying the shower heads. The moment they turned the water on, some people started howling. “Fuck, it’s cold water!”


“Damn, it’s very cold!”


Bai Xinyu shuddered. “Cold water?”


Chen Jing glanced over placidly, turning the shower head on. After enduring the early moment of shuddering, he said, “It’s now summer.”


“But the water’s still icy cold.”


“This is also part of your training.”


Bai Xinyu thought, Isn’t it because you guys are unwilling to spend the extra money?


Batur was standing right next to them, starting to wash himself leisurely. He even blinked his eyelashes that were clustered with water droplets, speaking earnestly, “It’s not cold.”


Someone shouted, “You’re used to it, of course it’s not cold to you.”


Qian Liang pushed at Bai Xinyu. “I’ve long guessed that it was cold water already. Just wash, don’t be picky.”


Bai Xinyu gulped.


Qian Liang turned on the nearby showerheads, then hooked his arms around Feng Dongyuan and Bai Xinyu. “I’ll count to three.”


The three people gritted their teeth. “One, two…”


Qian Liang pushed the two people forward.


The icy water hitting the skin was so cold that it made their teeth chatter violently. Bai Xinyu gave a howl, bouncing left and right, trying to avoid the spray. However, his body was already wet, and he could not warm himself no matter what.


Qian Liang burst out laughing, and he was immediately dragged in by Feng Dongyuan.


The entire shower was filled with laughter and howls.


Someone suddenly shouted, “There are only five minutes left, hurry!”


Bai Xinyu was currently covered in soap, and he was shuddering as he showered. The moment he heard this, he hurriedly started rinsing himself.


Chen Jing was already done, smoothly making his way out of the showers. Some of the faster ones left too.


Feng Dongyuan urged him, “Xinyu, it’s nearly time.”


“Got it, got it.” Bai Xinyu’s head was covered with suds as well, and there was no way he could open his eyes. In a hurry, he rinsed himself, afraid that he would be chased out like what Yu Fengcheng had said.


Qian Liang ran his hands through his crew cut, water spraying out everywhere. “I’m going to get dressed first.”


Feng Dongyuan said, “I’m done too.”


Bai Xinyu called out, “Don’t go first, wait for me.”


Qian Liang laughed, “How old are you?!”


As Feng Dongyuan hesitated over whether he should stay back to accompany him, he was dragged away by Qian Liang.


Bai Xinyu became gradually more nervous, as he could feel that there were fewer people around him.




Yu Fengcheng’s voice rang out from behind Bai Xinyu. His body stiffened, and he asked reflexively, “What do you want?”


“I’m returning you your shampoo.”


“Didn’t you see me use other people’s shampoo already? You don’t have to return it to me, you can leave.” Bai Xinyu swiftly wiped away the water on his face, turning his head guardedly to look at him.


Unknowingly, the shower room was almost completely empty. So it turned out that he was once again the slowest one, and he was also again unlucky enough to be caught by Jinx Yu.


Yu Fengcheng studied him, his gaze a little unbridled, and his eyes darkening gradually.


With Yu Fengcheng looking at him like this, Bai Xinyu had a shameful feeling as though he was running naked down the streets. Grabbing a bottle of soap and covering his front, he ran quickly towards the changing room. In the end, due to the soap-covered floor, he slipped in less than two steps, and then flew forward.


Yu Fengcheng reached out, wanting to grab hold of him. However, he did not manage to do so, and watched as Bai Xinyu fell down onto the group, sprawling. Two plump and perky butt cheeks vibrated with the impact, water droplets scattering across those fair and tender buttocks. Yu Fengcheng almost immediately felt a heat climbing up from his lower half, and despite the setting, Yu jr. started rising slowly.


Bai Xinyu was stunned from his fall. The first thing that came into his head was, why did he always end up embarrassing himself in front of Yu Fengcheng?


Yu Fengcheng walked forward to help him up, speaking huskily, “Are you deliberately trying to seduce me?”


Pain was shooting across Bai Xinyu. When he finally recovered, he was furious. “Bullshit…”


Hearing the commotion, Feng Dongyuan ran back. He was already dressed, and seeing Bai Xinyu stooping over and gritting his teeth, he was astonished. “Xinyu, you fell?”


Clenching his teeth, Bai Xinyu nodded.


“The floor’s so slippery, why weren’t you a little more careful? Let’s hurry, the next group is coming.”


Bai Xinyu pushed Yu Fengcheng’s hand away, limping towards the changing room.


Watching his back, Yu Fengcheng swallowed unconsciously.


Bai Xinyu did not hurt himself falling, but bruises covered his legs and arms. He was the sort of person who would make a fuss only when there was a crowd. It would be fine if no one was paying any attention to him, but Feng Dongyuan had to be the motherly sort, asking him in great concern where he hurt himself, if it was still painful, and if it affected his movements. Bai Xinyu was the whiny, spoilt type of character, and he said that his ankle hurt, and his knee hurt too. Back in the dorm, Feng Dongyuan took out a bottle of medicated oil, wanting to help massage him.


Bai Xinyu lay down, all ready. Chen Jing walked by and asked, “What happened?”


Feng Dongyuan said, “He fell in the showers.”


Chen Jing bent down, frowning at Bai Xinyu. Bai Xinyu met his eyes and immediately sat up. “Leader…”


“Where were you injured?”


“My leg…”


“Did you break a bone?”


Bai Xinyu gulped, quietly saying, “Not to that extent.”


Chen Jing slapped his thigh. “It’s only a fall, you don’t need any medicated oil. In the future, bumps and scrapes will be very common. Don’t spoil him, go to bed!”


Feng Dongyuan could only put the medicated oil back in his locker, glancing at Bai Xinyu helplessly.


Bai Xinyu sprawled back onto his bed gloomily.


Feng Dongyuan nudged him. “Xinyu.”




“Don’t forget that the commander asked you to arrive five minutes earlier tomorrow morning. You better set an alarm.”


Bai Xinyu jerked up. “Damn, I nearly forgot.”


He recalled the fierce and harsh Xu Chuan, hurriedly setting a five o’clock alarm on his phone. He thought that by waking up thirty minutes earlier, no matter what, he would not be late.


Yu Fengcheng pulled his blanket over himself, teasing him, “When your alarm rings tomorrow, if you don’t wake up, I’ll kick you off your bed, and you definitely won’t be late.”


He even added wickedly, “You don’t have to thank me.”


Bai Xinyu glared at him, swiftly pulling his blanket over his head.


Yu Fengcheng’s lips curved up in a smile. Recalling the image he saw in the showers, he felt his throat tighten a little. The clean and sweet-smelling Bai Xinyu after a shower was sleeping right next to him, and he only needed to reach out to touch him. What a test this was.

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