MLP Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Edited by Isalee



He barged into the instructors’ office, not caring that he had left a horrible impression on the instructors due to having requested for oxygen on the train and getting locked into the toilet. Shamelessly, he spoke loudly, “Instructor, please change my room.”

Wang Shunwei’s brows came together, “What do you mean?”

Bai Xinyu wiped his tears, “Change my room please!”

Wang Shunwei had a poker face. “The accommodations for new recruits are a little tough, but it’s possible to overcome it. After the recruit training has ended, your accommodations will change to another one with better conditions. I know that you lived quite a comfortable life before, but now that everyone is in the same unit, everyone has to be treated the same way. No one is allowed to get any special treatment, and I have no reason to change your room.”

“Instructor, I beg you, change my room for me. I’m not complaining about the living conditions, I’m not. The conditions are quite bad, but that’s not the main reason…”

Wang Shunwei frowned, “What’s wrong with you, little comrade? I’ve led the troops for so many years, but I’ve never heard a recruit wanting to change their room.”

Seeing that he had no hope in changing rooms, Bai Xinyu suddenly recalled what his mother told him before he left. She said that his brother had gotten someone in this session to take care of him, what was his name? He hesitated, “Instructor, do you know a Yu… Yu Fengcheng? Which room is he in? H-he’s from my hometown… I want to look for him.”

Wang Shunwei revealed a strange smile. “You want to look for him?”

Bai Xinyu nodded, looking at him, extremely urgent.

Wang Shunwei suddenly became friendlier. He rubbed his hands together as he stood up, “Come, come, come, I’ll bring you to look for him.”

Bai Xinyu followed him with uncertainty. Walking and walking, he again returned to his own room. Surprised, he said, “He’s in the same room as me?”

He could not help but feel delighted, hoping that this person was impressive enough to subdue that jinx.

Wang Shunwei had an anticipatory expression. At the door, he shouted, “Comrade Yu Fengcheng.”

Bai Xinyu searched for his saviour, his eyes opened wide.

However, he saw that scary, hateful jinx turn his head, stand up straight, and shout loudly, “Here!”

Bai Xinyu felt that his world had collapsed.

Eyes full of derision, Wang Shunwei patted Bai Xinyu on the shoulder. “He’s looking for you.”

“Ohhhhh.” Yu Fengcheng walked over with a faint smile. “Why are you looking for me?”

Bai Xinyu’s face was pale, looking at him in shock and fear. He wanted to cry, but could not make a sound.

Yu Fengcheng watched him stand there like a statue. Grabbing his arm, he dragged him out of the room into a secluded corner of the corridor. “Tell me, why are you looking for me? Itching for a beating?”

Bai Xinyu’s lips trembled, unable to speak.

Yu Fengcheng trapped his head between his arms, looking at him from above. “You must be Bai Xinyu.”

Astonishment flashed across Bai Xinyu’s eyes.

“I guessed it once I saw that stupid look of yours.”

Bai Xinyu was furious. “Then why did you…”

Yu Fengcheng smiled wickedly. “You actually dare join the troops like this? You’re looking for someone to take care of you? Do you think this is a childcare centre?”

Bai Xinyu sniffed, “Whatever, don’t bother me then. No one’s begging you to bother about me. It’s enough that you don’t create any trouble for me. After all, my brother is friends with your uncle so you should give some face.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled. “So what if I don’t?”


Yu Fengcheng lowered his head, that handsome face gradually drew closer to Bai Xinyu. “I’m annoyed just looking at how cowardly you look. How are you a man?”

Bai Xinyu mustered up his courage. “None of your business.”

Yu Fengcheng’s face came even closer. Bai Xinyu felt that the atmosphere was not quite right, but as a pure innocent heterosexual, he was unable to pinpoint what felt wrong about it.

Yu Fengcheng said, “However, it’s not that you don’t have any good points at all. At least you’re quite good-looking.”

This weakling, with his pretty mouth and delicate appearance, looked delectable.

Bai Xinyu frowned. He contemplated this sentence, but still did not realise what was going on.

Yu Fengcheng leaned into his ear, whispering, “If you want me to take care of you, it’s not impossible. However, you have to be under me.”

Lightning struck Bai Xinyu! Only now did he realise what that damned ambiguous atmosphere was. So this Yu person was interested in backdoor dealings! Bai Xinyu cursed all his ancestors silently. No matter how spineless and useless he was, he could not gift his buttocks to ensure his safety! Was he that gullible?!

He pushed Yu Fengcheng away. “Scram, you damned homosexual. Don’t stand so close to me!”

Yu Fengcheng did not get angry, but he gave a terrifying smile. “Your body is the only thing that interests me, but you’re unwilling? Then you best be prepared, I’ll wait for you to come crying and begging.”

He pinched Bai Xinyu’s fair, soft cheek, and walked away, whistling.

Chills ran through Bai Xinyu’s body. He wanted to cry, but was unable to do so. This dark, endless corridor seemed to represent his upcoming life in the army.

Yu Fengcheng, wait and see. I will definitely never surrender to you!

Bai Xinyu mentally prepared himself for a long time before taking his own sweet time returning to his room. Once he entered, Yu Fengcheng immediately looked up, his eyes slowly sweeping him from top to bottom. Goosebumps followed in the trail of that gaze. He pretended not to notice it and unwillingly returned to his bed, unpacking his luggage.

Suddenly, he heard the snipping of a pair of scissors behind him. It sounded very deliberate, and his cap was pulled off the next second. Wrenching his head around, he saw Yu Fengcheng gesturing at him with a pair of rusty scissors, and he was horrified. “What do you want to do this time?”

Yu Fengcheng removed his own cap, revealing his extremely short crew cut and clean, gleaming forehead. It could barely be called a hairstyle, but it set off the shape of his face as well as his features. His bright and piercing eyes with his straight nose was very good-looking, and he appeared tall and handsome. Pointing at his head, he spoke, “Do you see this? This is the model haircut. If you leave that pile of hay on your head till tomorrow, Instructor Xu is going to shove your face into the ground and shave it all off.”

He waved the scissors and laughed evilly, “Don’t say I didn’t take care of you. I’ll now help you settle this problem.”

Bai Xinyu immediately covered his hair, his eyes widening, “Fuck! Y-you, don’t come any closer.”

Yu Fengcheng felt that Bai Xinyu’s rounded eyes were like that of a little startled hamster, and he wanted to laugh.

While this was going on, Qian Liang came over. “Bro, what he’s saying makes sense. Your hair really won’t make it, you should just cut it. We’re men, why are we bothered about a couple of strands of hair?”

“No, I don’t want it. You can’t, I’m not cutting it!” Bai Xinyu saw that Yu Fengcheng had already come closer. Twisting, he wanted to escape from behind the bed, but he forgot that the spaces between the beds were very narrow. The moment his foot landed on the ground, he was about to stand up, and his knee slammed into the next bed. He howled in pain, and holding onto his leg, he sat back down.

Yu Fengcheng’s huge hand grabbed his collar and dragged him back. Pressing him onto the bed, he held him down with his knee on his chest.

Bai Xinyu covered his hair and he shouted, “I’m not cutting it! Let me go, molest… No, fuck, save me—”

The new recruits in the room all burst out laughing.

Yu Fengcheng covered Bai Xinyu’s mouth. He lowered his head, and gave Bai Xinyu a frightening smile. “If you keep moving around, I’ll really molest you.”

Everyone else thought that Yu Fengcheng was joking, and only Bai Xinyu knew that this bastard might actually be telling the truth. Tears welling in his eyes, he looked at Yu Fengcheng. Hesitating between becoming bald and his dignity, he contemplated it for a moment, and finally gentled his voice, “Da-ge1, can I cut it myself?”

Yu Fengcheng flicked his forehead. “No. You either let go now, or I’ll tie you up and cut your hair. It’s your choice.”

Resentment flashed past Bai Xinyu’s eyes. He hugged his head as he deliberated over it, and at last, he sniffed and put down his arms. As the pressure from Yu Fengcheng’s knee was suffocating his chest, he could barely breathe. Tugging at Yu Fengcheng’s pants, he said, “Hurry up and get off.”

Yu Fengcheng smiled, “You want to pull it down? Just say a word, I’ll take it off for you to see.”

Bai Xinyu scolded, “Are you crazy?”

Yu Fengcheng stood up, pulling him up from the bed. “Sit properly. If you move about, I won’t care if I cut your ear or nose.”

Bai Xinyu felt a mixture of grief and indignation. “Those scissors are so dirty.”

Yu Fengcheng chuckled, “I know.” He grabbed a bunch of Bai Xinyu’s hair and heartlessly snipped the scissors.

“Ah!” Bai Xinyu shrieked, “Mirror, where’s the mirror? What sort of fucking haircut did you give me? Qian Liang, give me a mirror.”

Qian Liang searched for a while, “Aiyah, why would there be a mirror here?” He looked at him, amused.

Yu Fengcheng pinched his shoulders a little forcefully. “Sit down properly.”

Bai Xinyu looked at his hair strewn all over his bed. He knew that with this cut, there was no turning back. Just like his hair, he was finished, and he shrivelled up. He could no longer maintain his meticulous kept hairstyle, and he despised the haircuts without any fringes the most. It was because his forehead was a little big, and without any fringe, he would definitely not be handsome enough. However, thinking about it from another angle, in this place where only the pigs were female, what was the point of being handsome? If he was a little uglier, the jinx behind him might even stop eyeing him.

So it was all because he was too good-looking… Young Master Bai thought narcissistically. While feeling depressed, he also felt a trace of glee.

Yu Fengcheng was not polite at all. The scissors snipped away, and Bai Xinyu watched his newly dyed fashionable chestnut-brown hair flutter to the ground. Just like his dear little heart, it scattered all across the floor.

After the haircut, Yu Fengcheng swept the stray hairs of his head, speaking with satisfaction, “Not bad.”

Qian Liang roared with laughter, his shoulders shaking.

Bai Xinyu touched his prickly hair. An ominous feeling welled up within him and he leapt off the bed, scrambling towards the toilet. Looking into the mirror, he shrieked. Who the fuck was that idiot in the mirror who looked like his hair was chewed off by a dog!

Yu Fengcheng leaned against the doorframe, smiling as though he was harmless. “How is it? Don’t you look more alert now?”

His finger trembling, Bai Xinyu pointed at him, “You… you…”

Qian Liang and the other recruits in their room all gathered around, watching the show from the door. The eighteen and nineteen year old kids all rolled about in laughter.

Bai Xinyu was furious. Unable to control himself, he lunged at Yu Fengcheng, swinging his fist.

Qian Liang shouted in alarm, “Bai Xinyu!”

Yu Fengcheng grabbed his wrist. He again used the same move he did on the train, twisting his arm. Bai Xinyu yelled in pain, and his arm was twisted behind his back. At the same time, his body was turned around as well. He reached out with his other hand, wanting to scratch Yu Fengcheng’s face, but it was also caught by him.

“Ow, ow it hurts, let go of me!”

Yu Fengcheng snorted, “You know it hurts, yet you still dare to start this?”

“Who the fuck started this? You’re the one who started this, you crazy ass!”

Yu Fengcheng shoved Bai Xinyu into the washing area, kicking the door shut and keeping Qian Liang and the rest who were watching the show outside.

Fighting was not allowed amongst the troops. Qian Liang saw that the situation was not right, and quickly pounded on the door. “Hey, stop it. Yu Fengcheng, just let him go, don’t start any trouble.”

Yu Fengcheng kept the door closed with his back, not allowing them in. He spoke breezily, “Don’t worry, I’m just chatting with him.”

Bai Xinyu opened his mouth, about to shout, only to feel Yu Fengcheng slide a hand around his waist and pull him closer to his body. He froze, not daring to move. His buttocks were now pressed against Yu Fengcheng’s body, and he could feel a bulge twitching there.

Yu Fengcheng placed his lips next to his ear, speaking softly, “If you continue moving, this matter can’t be settled so easily.”

Goosebumps crawled up Bai Xinyu’s body. Not even in his dreams did he think that he would one day be sexually harassed by a man. He thought that he could take the number one rank in shamelessness, but this Yu fellow was even more shameless than him! His voice quavered, “W-what exactly do you want?”

Yu Fengcheng chortled, “I want to do you. Can you still not see that?”

Bai Xinyu shuddered and gave a toothless threat. “You dare?!”

“Whether I dare to do so or not, you’ll know it if you try.”

Bai Xinyu cried out tearfully, “I’m not a homosexual, stop eyeing me. M-my brother is really impressive, he’ll beat you up!”

“Oh. Wasn’t your brother the one who threw you into the army? If you’re waiting for your brother to rescue you, you’ll have been fucked into unconsciousness several times already.”

Bai Xinyu was both angry and anxious, wanting desperately to bite somebody.

Yu Fengcheng laughed lowly. “You also don’t have to feel pressured. After three months, when you discover that you can’t even remember what a woman looks like, by then you’ll think I’m pretty good.”


“Wait and see.” Yu Fengcheng kissed him on the ear before letting go.

Bai Xinyu stumbled a few steps back. Looking just like a proper young lady who had just been bullied by a tyrant, he watched Yu Fengcheng in fear and shock.

Yu Fengcheng laughed delightedly, shaking his head. “Not bad, I can play with you for quite some time.” He opened the door and left, whistling.

Qian Liang ran in, staring at him, “Hey, are you all right?”

Bai Xinyu’s eyes welled up with tears. He thought, I’m in deep shit.

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  1. Ehh… I’m all about Bai Xinyu finally straightening up. But I can’t help but feel icky about him actually getting r*ped in the army. I hope ML is only teasing and other than a few groping and squeezing to scare BXY, he won’t do anymore (even those are sexual harrassment in reality) . Because if he does, that’s a crime that should be brought to the military court. I’m pretty invested in the story already so hopefully it won’t turn that way. I have a problem with authoritative figures (such as army officers and policemen who are supposed to protect people) committing a crime and getting away with it, because it happens in real life and it’s a scary thing. So fingers crossed, I hope ML is just playing around. Beat BXY up if you think he needs to “toughen up”, but please don’t r*pe him.
    But thanks for the chapter update, Alex!

  2. Looking at the Bai Xinyu of right now it’s pretty hard to imagine him becoming a badass but I definitely going to stick around to find out. I’ll be watching in the VIP seats with binoculars next to Yu Fengcheng.

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  3. I retract my words. Although I want YFC to straighten BXY, sexual harassment is a different matter. No matter how wilful a person can be, they don’t deserve to be sexually harassed 🙁

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