MUTED Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

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When Yi Tian received the call, he was in a meeting.


During this period of time, a scandal about the Wu family being involved in bribery had been exposed to the public, and the powerful people supporting the Wu family had been dragged out into the light as well. It was not uncommon to hear about senior officials colluding with private enterprises, and to be honest, how many of these officials, who always proclaimed that they were the people’s servants, actually kept their hands clean? If things had been like usual, the scandal would have been easily dealt with, by having a few people stand up and put on a show, then wait for the storm to pass. However, right now, it was a very sensitive period, when the elections were happening. Crackdowns were happening everywhere, everyone sought stability, and yet such an enormous flaw had to appear in the Wu family. The media revealed that the family had obtained quite a number of large projects through bribery, and the entire country was in an uproar. The most powerful person supporting the Wu family too was stuck, and he could only make a sacrifice for the greater good, ignoring what was happening to the Wu family.


People would always hit the one who was down. As their rivals, the Yi family naturally would not let go of this opportunity. With a few uncles working behind the scenes, the younger generation then publicly fanned the flames further. If they did not yank out every single root of the Wu family cleanly this time, the Yi family would not stop.


Leading the company, Yi Tian went all out for three days. In those three days, the total number of hours he had slept added up to less than six, and he had managed to take over quite a number of industries that the Wu family had been monopolising in the city.


Normally, he would not answer any phone calls during a meeting. However, when seeing the number dialling in, he immediately gestured at the presenter, signalling a temporary halt, and strode out of the meeting room.


“What’s going on?” A little fatigued, Yi Tian pinched the center of his brows, asking darkly.


“Yi-shao, the person you wanted us to watch over,” the person on the other side of the line finally continued quietly after hemming and hawing, “is currently being resuscitated in the hospital.”


Yi Tian froze. His knuckles on his hand holding the phone, due to his tight grip, were bulging out.


“Location.” The word was spat out in an icy voice, and the caller hurriedly reported the hospital’s address. Yi Tian hung up, exhaling harshly. Only after settling his emotions did he then turn back and ended the meeting directly, before rushing to the hospital. In the meeting room, everyone looked at each other. What happened? Why did the complexion of their boss look so awful?


Luo Yu kept his phone away, directing an empty gaze in front. Although he had not been scolded, the boss’s emotionless voice was even more frightening than if he were to yell. Next to him, Liao Fei passed him a cigarette, silently asking him how things were. Taking the cigarette, Luo Yu scratched his nose, saying tragically, “I think I’m finished.”


Liao Fei gave him a look of scorn. “Who fucking asked you to go buy cigarettes when you were supposed to be keeping watch?”


Luo Yu was a little aggrieved. How was he to know that that man would go into the lake and commit suicide?! He had been following him for the entire day, watching him choose toys for the little girl, offer flowers to the dead, and finally sitting down by the lake and gazing blankly at nothing. He, Luo Yu, was so bored that he felt as though moss was about to grow on him! His past missions were all so exciting and full of adrenaline, and now, he was expected to just watch this man. Furthermore, this was someone whom they all looked down on, someone who had climbed into their boss’s bed! Was this not a waste of his talents?! Also, he had only used five minutes to buy a pack of cigarettes, and yet the person had disappeared while he was gone. If not for his quick instinct and accurate judgement, jumping into the lake to drag him out, this person might be on his way to meet the King of Hell already. The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. Fuck, why did this person had to choose the period when Luo Yu was supposed to be watching over him to seek death? He was really too fucking unlucky!


“Isn’t Yi-shao disgusted by this person? If he really dies, Yi-shao wouldn’t react, would he?” Thinking over it, Luo Yu asked Liao Fei, a little uneasy.


Liao Fei shot him a look, implying that he should be praying for himself. Luo Yu yanked at his hair, turning it into a bird’s nest.


When Yi Tian arrived at the hospital, the medical team was still trying to save that man. Luo Yu ran over, trembling a little as he explained. With no expression, Yi Tian finished listening to him. After holding back for a moment, he still could not help but lift his foot and kick Luo Yu to the ground. As he was about to kick him again, Liao Fei walked over and stood in front of Luo Yu, bowing his head and apologising, “Yi-shao, I’m sorry. This time, it’s our fault, and there won’t be a second time again.”


Liao Fei usually was rather reticent. However, he was a very reliable person, and clever as well. After a few more years of experience, if nothing extraordinary happened, he would be leading the team in the future. Now, for him to stand up and take responsibility himself, it was evident that he was pleading for mercy on Luo Yu’s behalf. Yi Tian glanced at him, finally turning away and heading upstairs without looking into the matter anymore.


The light outside the operating theatre was still on. Sitting down by the door, Yi Tian took out a cigarette from his pocket, holding it between his fingers and fiddling with it. His assistant, Su Wenyang, who had followed him here, stood by the side silently.


“Did I go overboard?” Yi Tian did not look up, but Su Wenyang knew that the question was directed at himself.


“When things aren’t done well, the punishment is deserved,” Su Wenyang answered methodically, his face aloof.


Yi Tian smiled. This was Su Wenyang’s character, never considering any feelings with regards to these matters, and there was no negotiation over them. Actually, Yi Tian was also not looking for any words of comfort. In all honesty, he had no qualifications to blame Luo Yu. As with how he treated Mu Ran normally, his subordinates would naturally have a certain attitude towards him. Even if Mu Ran could not be saved, there was no need for him to rage, as that man was of no significance. It was just that… Yi Tian’s lips tightened, and his expression darkened. Why was there this feeling of panic welling within him?


After a long period of waiting, the resuscitation efforts finally ended. When the doctor stepped out, he reported that the man had been saved, but due his physiological weakness, he was currently in a coma. Yi Tian watched as the man was pushed out of the operating theatre. His eyes were tightly closed, his skin ashen, and it seemed as though he would stop breathing at any moment. Yi Tian did not step forward, but remained standing there. Then without another word, he turned and left.


Su Wenyang followed after him. When they went past Luo Yu and Liao Fei, he instructed them to watch over that man properly.


Once they left, Luo Yu released a long, slow breath. Rubbing his vaguely aching stomach, he asked, a little puzzled, “So, is this person important or not?” His boss first wanted nothing more but to have this person die, but now that this person had nearly died, he wanted him to be saved. Now that he was saved, his boss was unwilling to even stay for an extra second more. Luo Yu felt that he really could not understand anything.


“It doesn’t matter whether he’s important or not, we’ll just have to do according to what our boss instructs.” Liao Fei shook his head. Only such a stupid, witless fool like Luo Yu would not be able to understand what was going on. Among them, they did not know if there was any love, if there were feelings there, but just by how that person was able to live until now, it could be confirmed that things were not so simple between him and Yi Tian. Who was Yi Tian? If he did not deliberately allow it, who would be able to cling onto him for so long? Ignoring everything else, just the matter of drugging Yi Tian alone, if it was done by someone else, that person might have already died a few hundred times.


Having learned their lesson, the two people dared not be careless. They took turns, staying on guard in the ward, and even took turns to sleep. Luo Yu was truly scared. If this person were to wake up and seek death again, jumping down the building or something during a moment’s inattention, he might as well pack up his bags and return to his hometown. No, it was uncertain if he could even return alive.


When Mu Ran woke up, Luo Yu happened to be shovelling his food down. Yesterday, to watch over Mu Ran, he did not eat the entire day. Due to his stomach grumbling away, he also had not been able to sleep well at night. In the morning, Liao Fei could no longer take it anymore, and went downstairs to buy him some buns. As Luo Yu ate, he suddenly looked up with grease smeared over his face, and saw Mu Ran staring dazedly at him. Instantly, he blanked out.


Ai, you’re awake! Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Thirsty? Hungry? Are you…”


Liao Fei picked up another bun, shoving it in Luo Yu’s mouth. He then walked over to Mu Ran’s bed, providing him a simple introduction. “Hi, I’m Liao Fei, and that’s Luo Yu. We’ve met before, do you remember that? Yesterday, it was Luo Yu who rescued you.”


“Ah, shouldn’t we give Yi-shao a call?” Luo Yu did not wait for Mu Ran to respond, but grabbed his phone and scrambled outside.


After Luo Yu left, Mu Ran turned his eyes towards Liao Fei. He did not speak, nor did he have any other reaction. A while later, he again turned his head back, fixing his eyes silently on the ceiling. Having been ignored, Liao Fei was not angry. He stepped forward and helped Mu Ran to sit up, then poured him a glass of water. Mu Ran continued ignoring him, and neither did he take the glass of water.


Silently, Liao Fei sighed, placing the glass by the bed. “Just drink it when you feel like drinking then.”


At this moment, Luo Yu returned dejectedly. Upon seeing Liao Fei, he immediately started grumbling, “How come the boss is uncontactable?!”


Liao Fei did not reply, only asking him to get the doctor. In the morning, Su Wenyang had already given him a call and informed him that Yi Tian would be going overseas for a few days, and he would not be able to return temporarily. They were to keep the person in the hospital to recover, and to wait for Yi Tian to return and deal with the rest.


Liao Fei knew that with regards to the Wu family matters, the Yi family had employed all sorts of methods. Right now, his team was running all over the place, and all of them were busy. It just happened that he received a call from Xiaoliu at that moment, and the man was wailing about not having gotten any sleep in three days due to watching over people, and that he could not carry on anymore. Xiaoliu then complained and grumbled about how Liao Fei and Luo Yu had managed to get their hands on the easiest and most relaxing task. Liao Fei smiled wryly in his heart. They did manage to get the easiest task, but it was also the task that could most easily go wrong.


“I really don’t understand, why is there a need to watch over that man? Even asking you, laoda1 and Luo Yu to do it. Isn’t this a waste of your talents and resources?” Xiaoliu had always respected Liao Fei very much, and his words were usually spoken without thinking. He had always called Liao Fei “laoda”, and after correcting him a few times to no avail, Liao Fei just let him be.


“Alright, just go watch your target. In the future, just keep these words inside your heart, and keep your mouth shut. The doctor’s here, I won’t talk anymore. Bye.”


Ai ai ai laoda you can’t be like that… I…” On the other side of the phone, Xiaoliu started wailing again. Liao Fei ignored him, hanging up decisively. Looking up to see Luo Yu foolishly dragging the doctor and running back, Liao Fei’s head hurt. Could this group of brothers just let his life be easier?

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