MUTED Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

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The entire time, Yi Tian did not have much of a reaction, and when he heard what Xu Ran said, he did not look angry either. When the couple had left arguing, slamming the door shut behind them, he was still sitting on the couch, not moving, and it was even more impossible for Mu Ran to make a sound. The two people sat quietly in the huge living room, like two ice cold statues.


A while later, Yi Tian suddenly opened his mouth, calling out Mu Ran’s name. His voice was low, and it did not carry any special emotions, but instead sounded like he just casually called out to him by a whim. However, after waiting for some time, that person who used to hurry over anxiously and eagerly after hearing his name did not have any reaction at all.


Thinking about what Xu Ran said, Yi Tian’s heart sank. Without a sound, he turned to look over at the other person.


Mu Ran had two hands placed neatly on his lap, and despite a long time having gone past, he did not even move in the slightest. He was still looking out blankly into the distance, his eyes lowered slightly. From Yi Tian’s angle, he could only see the left side of Mu Ran’s profile, the corner of his eye and his eyelashes. As he slid his gaze down, it was his straight nose, and his slightly pale lips.


Momentarily, his heart seemed to have seized a little. He seemed to have been a little jarred, and he was lost in thoughts. By the time Yi Tian registered what he had done, he had already leant over, turning his head and pressing a kiss to Mu Ran’s lips. It was only an instant of motionlessness, and before thoughts of questioning, resistance and running away appeared, Yi Tian had already lifted his hand, gripping Mu Ran’s chin and forcing his tongue between his lips. Probing inside, he pried his teeth apart and gently teased the soft tongue within, occasionally slipping his tongue back out and nibbling on Mu Ran’s lips.


This was a kiss that was not very indulgent, neither did it carry too much of a lust in it, and it was also the first, official, proper kiss between Yi Tian and Mu Ran.


It was unlike the deliberate humiliation Yi Tian did to Mu Ran in the past, nor was it Mu Ran mustering up all his courage to sneakily kiss Yi Tian on the cheek after Yi Tian had fallen asleep. This was the first time Yi Tian was gently kissing him, the taste even carrying a hint of cautiousness that could barely be detected.


With Yi Tian’s action, Mu Ran tilted his head slightly, allowing him to kiss him. He did not have any reaction, and even his eyes were so blank that there was no change in emotions within them.


Yi Tian stopped what he was doing, letting Mu Ran go. After confirming that this person was completely indifferent, he gave a self-mocking laugh, feeling that he himself was probably a little abnormal to think about using such a method to test Mu Ran. He wanted to test if he would suddenly hug him, smiling as he said “I’m only pretending to be sick to deceive you”, to test if he would suddenly wake up and grab on tight to what had just happened, refusing to let it go.


However, this person really did not have his consciousness with him anymore.


At night, after dinner, Yi Tian saw that Mu Ran was a little sleepy sitting on the couch, and so he led him up the stairs to rest. After that incident in the bathroom last night, he no longer dared to leave Mu Ran alone, and hence he decided to take his pyjamas and bring Mu Ran into the bathroom together with him.


Yi Tian did not feel awkward, quickly removing his own clothes. His hair was a little messy from disrobing, yet he did not mind, lifting his hand and tossing his clothes into the laundry basket before reaching out to remove the lounge clothes Mu Ran was wearing. Mu Ran would not do it himself, so Yi Tian did not waste his time telling him what to do. Straight away, he lifted Mu Ran’s limbs, removing his top and bottoms leaving Mu Ran only in his underwear.


Recently, Mu Ran had been injured multiple times and ended up in the hospital, and he had lost quite a lot of weight. Now, he was so thin that he seemed almost skeletal, and his skin was so very abnormally pale. Seeing the very distinct scar on his stomach, Yi Tian froze where he stood, and it took a moment before he turned his head away, lowering his eyes as he removed Mu Ran’s underwear and leading him into the shower.


Yi Tian’s figure was tall and slim, his shoulders broad, his limbs long, and his buttocks taut. The thin layer of muscles on his body looked firm but not exaggerated, and his appearance was both outstanding and sexy. In the past, when Mu Ran saw his body, he would not even know where to look, but now, even when the two of them were in such an intimate space, there was not even a hint of a blush on his face.


Actually, to take a shower together after making love was something that was very charming, but this had never happened between Yi Tian and Mu Ran before. In the past three years, the number of times they had sex was not many, and Mu Ran’s courage had probably been completely used up that time he drugged Yi Tian. After that, he only dared to do things like secretly kissing Yi Tian on the cheek when he was asleep, and he didn’t even dare to touch his lips. Instead, it was Yi Tian who had held the other man down and had sex with him a few times when he was drunk. That could not actually be called making love, but a one-sided venting of sexual frustration only. From start until end, it was so painful for Mu Ran that he could only break out in cold sweat, not enjoying it at all.


Yi Tian pulled Mu Ran to stand in front of him, placing his injured hand on the hanging glass shelf that was used to store items. After confirming that Mu Ran’s wrist would not get caught under the shower, he then picked up the showerhead, adjusting the temperature of the water and spraying it onto Mu Ran’s back. Under the light, beads of water slid down Mu Ran’s smooth back, following the curves of his waist all the way to his tailbone, finally disappearing between the halves of his buttocks.


Yi Tian’s breath caught, and he averted his eyes a little wretchedly.


Ever since that time when he broke up with Mu Ran, Yi Tian did not find anyone else to satisfy his sexual needs. One, he was busy with the matters of the Wu family, and two, he was also not interested. Sometimes, when he thought about it, he found it laughable himself. When getting into bed with those people, other than relieving his sexual needs, the main intention was actually to hurt Mu Ran. Once Mu Ran was gone, he instead no longer had much interest in sleeping with those people anymore.


Yi Tian looked down, his hands working faster as he tried his best to avoid his gaze focusing on Mu Ran’s body.


He applied shower gel onto Mu Ran’s body, and when he rinsed off the foam on his neck, some of the water splashed onto his face. Yi Tian reached out, wiping it dry, but the motions of his hand became more ambiguous as he continued wiping. His thumb slid from Mu Ran’s cheek to his lips, and Yi Tian rubbed gently at them, his breaths becoming more and more urgent.


It was warm in the bathroom, and quite a bit of steam lingered in the air. Outside of the glass door, nothing could be seen clearly. In such an ambiguous and intimate space, the hidden desires and thoughts within a person’s heart started to emerge. Yi Tian tossed the showerhead to one side, wrapping his left hand around Mu Ran’s waist and dragging him over to himself. His right hand left Mu Ran’s lips and slid over to the corner of his eye, softly closing his lifeless eyes, and he then bent his head down, kissing Mu Ran on the mouth.


Unlike the gentle and somewhat probing kiss of the afternoon, Yi Tian now abandoned all scruples, even biting and licking at Mu Ran’s lips and tongue a little boorishly. The showerhead drooped down in a corner, the water still running noisily, and accompanied by the occasionally wet sounds between their mouths, the little space seemed to become even more sultry. After an unknown period of time, Yi Tian, panting, finally let go of Mu Ran. Having been pinned down for too long, and finally able to get some fresh air, Mu Ran’s breaths became heavier instinctively, and his usually pale lips were now red and swollen due to the kiss.


Yi Tian’s left hand was still on the back of Mu Ran’s waist, and his belly, right up against Mu Ran, was so tense that it hurt, while his cock had long reacted to the situation already. However, he was in no hurry, tilting his head down and slowly laving at Mu Ran’s ear, lips, and then to his collarbones, his left hand trailing all over his body as well. It was just that the moment his right hand relaxed, he accidentally looked up into Mu Ran’s blank and lifeless eyes. In an instant, he froze where he stood, as though a basin of cold water had just been poured all over him, and even his erection softened.


Yi Tian let go of Mu Ran, picking up the showerhead with a dark expression before turning the water temperature down and giving himself a shower. The kiss in the afternoon could be said to be a test, but what about now? What exactly was going on now? Was it a second test? Inwardly, Yi Tian gave a self-mocking laugh. Even he did not believe that.


Switching the water off, Yi Tian swiped up his wet fringe to the back of his head, revealing his defined facial features. He looked at Mu Ran, who was still standing there, not moving at all once Yi Tian did not guide. What Yi Tian was feeling now wasn’t something exactly pleasant. Silent, he walked over, wiping away the drops of water on Mu Ran’s body. Upon confirming that his wound was fine, he dressed the man up before leading him out of the bathroom.


In bed, it was just like yesterday. Yi Tian held the other man in his arms. However, this time, he slept in front of Mu Ran, his right hand curled around Mu Ran’s waist to hold him tight against his chest.


When Mu Ran shut his eyes, falling asleep, Yi Tian was still staring at him. After a long time, seeing that his breaths were still slow and steady, Yi Tian finally closed his eyes, falling asleep as well.

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