PD Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Sextastrophe1 Scene 

All good vibes Wen Xunchuan had for this person vanished in a split second when he realized their roles didn’t match up. The laughter in his eyes also disappeared emotionlessly. 


He wanted to take back his hand, but his wrist was grasped tightly by the other. 


Wen Xunchuan glanced up at this person. There was clear annoyance in his eyes as he gently lifted his brows. “Bro, what do you want?” 


The person leaned towards him and lips hooking into a curve. “You tell me.” 


His entire breath sprayed on Wen Xunchuan’s face. Wen Xunchuan wrinkled his eyebrows a little, indicating his dislike, yet didn’t turn his head to avoid it. 


Just like that, the two of them stood and stared at each other for a while. Seeing that this guy had no intentions of letting go of him, Wen Xunchuan suddenly chuckled deeply. He lifted his free hand and slowly let it fall on the chest of the guy in front of him, fingers lightly, gently sliding down the button seam of his shirt. 


Seemingly unprepared for him to make such a move, the guy before him suddenly hitched his breath and the pressure on Wen Xunchuan’s wrist relaxed. Then, Wen Xunchuan’s gradually pressed his body close and lifted his hand to hook around the man’s waist. 




Before he even finished, Wen Xunchuan had already lifted his groin to press against the gradually stiffening heat between the man’s legs and stolen his sentence, “… mean to compare sizes with me?” 


With a light laugh, that person jerked the arm around his waist tight and brought Wen Xunchuan into his lap. 


“Nah.” A hint of banter emerged in his pitch-black eyes as he thrusted his hips a few times at Wen Xunchuan’s lower body. He smiled with vague intention. “Is there any need?” 


The hand Wen Xunchuan was about to take back stopped in front of him. He lifted his eyelids and peered at the man, as if instantly taking in the ridicule in his eyes.


That look in his eyes and mockery in his tone thoroughly irritated Wen Xunchuan. 


Angered into a returning smile, he hung his eyelids. Long, thick lashes hid the craftiness that flashed deep down in his eyes. When he lifted his head again, those slender, narrowed pupils were already flooded with lust2


He lifting his arms and hooked them around the neck of the man in front of him, drawing close. Pressing soft lips against the person’s ear, he said in an utterly magnetic voice carrying a vague hint of seduction, “Would you like to try?” 




The sound of water coming from the bathroom came to a stop. Next to the window, Wen Xunchuan puffed a cigarette between his fingers. When he heard the door, he cast his gaze sideways. 


When they had checked in at the hotel, he’d glanced at the ID card held out beside him. This guy’s name was He Linzhou, and he was indeed very young, only twenty three going by traditional age3 .


He Linzhou stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe and in slippers. The sash around his waist was tied loosely, and the wide neckband revealed a wide expanse of a study chest. 


Wen Xunchuan’s eyes slowly drifted down the muscles on his steamy chest. Between his firm, powerful legs, that object already appeared fully erect, tenting the bathrobe between his legs impressively. 


He Linzhou didn’t dodge Wen Xunchuan’s gaze in the slightest, instead straightening up and taking strides towards him with long legs. 


“So? You satisfied?”


As he stood before Wen Xunchuan, the childish smugness on his face gave the latter an urge to laugh.  


Wen Xunchuan brought his clasped cigarette to his lips and took a puff, then turned and blew white smoke out the window. Rather unfortunately, the smoke, yet to disperse, met with night wind that blew in from the window and wafted right in his face. 


The smoke made him squint his eyes. He turned nod at He Linzhou and encouraged, “En, not bad.”


He Linzhou took the cigarette from him and pressed it out on the marble windowsill. Casting a look at the ashtray that could be seen if He Linzhou had just taken a step, Wen Xunchuan knitted his brows a little. He pursed his lips, unable to hold back from scolding, “How dirty is that?”


“It’s not like you have to clean it.” He Linzhou casually tossed the cigarette butt on the windowsill. He propped his hands on both sides. This movement was affectionate, as if he was about to circle Wen Xunchuan in an embrace. 


He Linzhou leaned forward, drew up to his ear, and gently kissed the helix. In a deep voice, he asked, “Baby, you gonna shower?”


This “baby” made Wen Xunchuan’s hair stand on end. Discreetly, he shook away the goosebumps all over his body. 


He Linzhou kissed his way down Wen Xunchun’s outer ear until his earlobe was engulfed in warmth. Only then did Wen Xunchuan snap out of his own introspection of whether it was this disgusting when he was the one to make this move. 


Tugging gently on his earlobe, He Linzhou urged, “Hm?”


Wen Xunchuan turned his head away to evade his flirtation. Straightening up off the windowsill, he grabbed He Linzhou’s bathrobe collar and pulled him towards the bed. A bit of laziness and nonchalance mixed in with his light voice as he said, “Nah.”


“How come you’re not afraid of germs this time?” He Linzhou’s large hands caressed Wen Xunchuan’s waist. He slowly, obediently backed up with a slight teasing look in his eyes. “Can’t wait any longer?” 


As he said this, his calves struck the bed frame without warning, and he was pushed onto the bed conveniently by Wen Xunchuan. 


His bathrobe opened up amidst this tugging. That huge, hard object stuck up high from his groin, rather distinct in both its size and shape. 


But without even sweeping a glance in that area, Wen Xunchuan’s long legs stepped into a straddle around his waist. Through a thin layer of cloth, Wen Xunchuan traced his ass crack around the outline of that object. Slowly, he unbuttoned the collar of his own shirt. As he looked down at He Linzhou, his gaze appeared that much colder, but although his voice was completely steady, his words were provocative, “Mm. I want you to fuck me to death.”


He Linzhou’s heated gaze zoned in on his hand movements. Wen Xunchuan undid two buttons on the casual black button down to reveal slender, sexy collar bones from underneath the shirt collar and a small expanse of fair, exquisite muscle. His hands continued down, slowly undoing the button on his chest, partly revealing the smooth, tight chest underneath the collar. 


He Linzhou’s breathing sped up, and his hands somewhat hastily groped the waistband of Wen Xunchuan’s pants, reaching to unbutton them. But Wen Xunchuan suddenly grabbed his hands and bent over, looking straight into his eyes that were heated and reddened with blazing lust. As quiet as a whisper, Wen Xunchuan asked, “You wanna do something exciting?”


He Linzhou returned his lustful gaze with uneven breathing. “What?” As he spoke, his hands moved of their own volition, groping under Wen Xunchuan’s shirt. Before the large hands even wandered from Wen Xunchun’s back, he grabbed onto He Linzhou’s wrists.


He Linzhou looked up hesitantly at him. Wen Xunchuan’s slender fingers forcefully squeezed between his and locked He Linzhou’s hands above his head. Wen Xunchuan bent over, meeting his gaze. His body pressed up against He Linzhou’s naked chest. His lips slid past He Linzhou’s and down his smooth chin. His scorching breath was about to light the person beneath him on fire, the muscles under his palm slowly heating to a boil.


Lips quivering gently, He Linzhou muttered, “You devil.”


His eyes unfocused bit by bit as he plunged into chaotic lust caused by the person on top of him, so much so that he wasn’t able to notice the smear of coldness deep in that person’s eyes. 




He Linzhou tugged wrists that were firmly tied to the iron bed frame as hard as he could. Somewhat annoyed, he demanded, “Release me! I’m not into this kind of stuff.” 


Wen Xunchuan got up off the bed and smoothed out his wrinkled shirt. He cast a glance downwards at He Linzhou. “What? You scared?” 


When He Linzhou saw the switchblade in his hands that’d appeared from nowhere, his whole expression changed. His body stiffened abruptly and he asked in a voice that unconsciously raised several notes, “What are you doing?”


Wen Xunchuan played with the small knife in his hands  very slowly, turning the metal blade several times. The blade swished open between his fingers, reflecting a thin, dazzling beam under the lighting. 


He cast a glance at the member between He Linzhou’s legs, still full of vigor at a time like this. Eyes flashing coldly, he sneered, “Something exciting.”


“Fuck your mom! You fucking pervert!” Actually angry, He Linzhou thrashed his legs on the bed in fear of Wen Xunchuan approaching him the slightest bit. 


When the cold, metal knife handle was propped on He Linzhou’s calf, his movements came to an abrupt halt, and his rigidly straight back emitted a fine layer of cold sweat. Eyes that had been brimming with anger instantly mixed in a bit of fright. “Fuck off! I’m warning you, don’t fucking touch me!” 


“Hm?” The knife handle in Wen Xunchuan’s hands slowly slid up his long, bare calf. His curved lips contained a hint of relish. “I want to hear how exactly you’re going to warn me.” 


When the bottom of his thigh touched the coldness, He Linzhou bit down hard on his molars and glared at Wen Xunchuan’s face that looked like it wouldn’t hurt a soul. He seethed furiously between his teeth, “I’m gonna destroy your ass someday4!” 


Wen Xunchuan laughed. He examined He Linzhou’s face, on the verge of breakdown, in a rather good mood. “Really?” he drawled. “I’m so scared.” 


He drew the blade edge back towards his palm. The sleek, dull edge slowly grazed the erect stick on He Linzhou’s groin.


He Linzhou’s tense state of mind suddenly burst in an explosion. His face went deathly pale and his temples pounded nonstop as he screamed at Wen Xunchuan in an unhinged manner, “FUCK YOUR MOM!”


Wen Xunchuan’s expression turned grave. Lifting one leg, he got into a kneel on the bed before pinching He Linzhou’s chin and making He Linzhou meet his own eyes. Using the other hand, he circled the back of the knife once around the crown of He Linzhou’s dick and snorted, “With what?”


Despite clearly being panicked out of his mind, with a body completely stretched taut, He Linzhou still refused to show any weakness in his bearing. Unable to move with his chin pinched in Wen Xunchuan’s hands, he straightened his neck and glared at him just like that. 


But after sticking it out for a while, his eyes reddened a little.


Little brat, Wen Xunchuan taunted inwardly. 


Seeing this little kid scared half to death, his wicked penchant was finally satisfied. 


Actually, he was never going to do anything to this person. It was only because the drinks at the bar got to his head that he would get so stirred up by just a few casual provocations. Now that he was sobering, Wen Xunchuan thought his actions at present were pretty ridiculous. 


He got up off the bed, folded back the switchblade, and tossed it on the bedside cabinet. Then, he reached over and pulled the blanket over He Linzhou’s naked body. 


He Linzhou turned his head to avoid Wen Xunchuan’s gaze. “Release me!” He growled angrily. 


Wen Xunchuan ignored him and sat on the single sofa beside the bed. With his head resting on an arm propped on the coffee table, he tilted it and looked at He Linzhou. “Now tell me, who are you?” 


“What are you pretending at!? Why didn’t you say you didn’t know me when you were crying to suck my dick?!”


Furrowing his eyebrows, Wen Xunchuan said coldly, “I advise you to speak properly right now.”




He Linzhou turned back, glaring at him with reddened eyes, and gnashed his teeth in anger. “You stood me up many times. Now you’re not replying to my messages and pretending not to know me?!”


After staring at him for a while, Wen Xunchun truly couldn’t find any traces of a lie from his expression. 


Still immersed in his own story, He Linzhou continued, “Didn’t you just say you went on vacation on Moments yesterday? So how did I catch you in the bar today in 4k?” 


At this point, Wen Xunchuan more or less understood. 


Either this dumbass got the wrong person or some dumbass out there was chatting people up while pretending to be him. 


Pursing his lips, he got up and walked to the doorway of the bathroom. There, he picked a pair of pants off the ground and fetched a cell phone from its pocket. 


“What’s the password?”


He Linzhou looked at him in alarm. “What are you doing?!”


“Calling the police for you.”




Wen Xunchuan lifted his eyelids and pointed his chin at the switchblade on the bedside cabinet. “Are you going to say it?” He asked in an utterly threatening tone.


“… Six 1s.”


Wen Xunchuan he sat back on the sofa with a satisfied expression and entered the password on the screen, unlocking it. 


When He Linzhou’s mobile wallpaper appeared before his eyes, he couldn’t hold back immediate laughter. It was a solid black background with nothing but a giant 1. 


“What are you laughing at?” He Linzhou was somewhat irritated.


“Quite proud, aren’t we?” Wen Xunchuan mocked with light laughter. Not even looking up, he tapped open the Wechat icon on the screen.


With barely any effort, he found this so-called person who didn’t reply to He Linzhou’s messages since that person’s display picture was a selfie Wen Xunchuan had sent out in a group chat a month ago. 


Wen Xunchuan didn’t have much interest in the conversation between these two people. He hastily scrolled up. Apart from a screen filled with sexts and a few uncensored, HD dick pics, the rows of bright orange transaction records that came in view every few swipes caught his attention. He did a bit of rough mental math: just the transactions that he had scrolled through added up to at least two hundred thousand yuan5


Wen Xunchuan’s eyes lifted from the screen, and he raised his eyebrows at the person on the bed. 


Alright then. Not only did this guy have a poorly functioning brain, but he was also a rich idiot. 


He tossed the phone beside He Linzhou’s pillow before getting up from the sofa and picking up his coat. 


“Wh-where are you going?” He Linzhou asked hurriedly, eyeing his movements like a hawk. “Are you leaving?”


“Yeah, or else?” Wen Xunchuan put on his jacket at a steady pace. “You saying you want to change your wallpaper?” 


He Linzhou went into a bit of a panic. He wanted to get up but couldn’t move with his hands tightly bound to the bed frame. “If you leave then what about me?”


Wen Xunchuan spared him a glance as he stepped towards the door. “We haven’t even slept and you expect me to take responsibility?” 


“Hey, Lin6! Release me!” He Linzhou fumed. 


Wen Xunchuan’s hands paused on the doorknob. So, the little imposter even left him a real name, he thought. 


Turning, he said in a sincere voice with an earnest look, “Promise me when you have time, go to the hospital and get your head checked out, okay babe?” 


Following that was the thud of the door, shutting inside the ear-splitting “FUCK YOU!”

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