PM Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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The afternoon sun streamed in lazily through the windows. It was time for the Omegas and the babies to nap, and so the curtains were pulled shut. All the visiting family members slowly left, and Cheng Xiu, along with the muscular Alpha too, made their farewells.


Cheng Xiu had been watching over He An and Linglan in the hospital for the past six days, and he now emitted a sourish stank. As such, he hurried home to have a shower. The muscular Alpha worked as a car mechanic, and as he needed to earn money to support his family, he had only applied for a half-day leave. After coaxing his baby to sleep, he left as well. He An and the little round-faced Omega both could not fall asleep. Each had a bowl of black chicken soup prepared by the muscular Alpha, and reclining in their bed, they started chatting.


He An asked the little round-faced Omega how did he fall in love with the muscular Alpha. The little round-faced Omega scratched his head, giggling a little, and narrated an ordinary yet heartwarming love story.


The little round-faced Omega was a chef, and he owned a small restaurant, cooking for a living.


The restaurant was not big, and focused on doing food delivery. His food was delicious and value-for-money, and the car mechanic shop nearby would often order delivery from him, pretty much treating his restaurant as a staff canteen. As time went on, and many deliveries were made, the two shops became familiar with each other.


One day, like routine, he rode his scooter to deliver the food. The one who collected the food this time was the muscular Alpha whom he was not very familiar with.


When the muscular Alpha accepted the bag, he weighed it in his hand. His thick brows met each other, and his long legs stepped forward. With his strapping body, he blocked the path of the little scooter.


“At that time, I was terrified, and said, ‘Bro, please don’t use your fists. If the food is bad, I can give a refund, but if you hit someone, you’d be in the wrong.’ In the end… In the end he…” The little round-faced Omega looked very bashful. “In one breath, he praised my cooking, and even stuffed dozens of dollars in my pocket. A little embarrassed, he said that he had a huge appetite, but the manager of the shop always ordered standard portions only, and he never managed to fill his stomach. Money for lunch was split equally among everyone, and it was not suitable for him to take an additional portion of rice. As such, he could only seek me out privately, and asked me to add another portion of rice for him.”


As the little round-faced Omega shared about his story with his Alpha, he was full of blissfulness.


Later on, the two people exchanged their phone numbers. Not only did the little round-faced Omega give Alpha an extra helping of rice, drawing a pig’s head on the box to mark it, he even sent him a message everyday, asking him if he managed to eat his fill that day. The Alpha was a rough, county lad, and was bad with words. His heart was all aflame with the concern from the little round-faced Omega, but he could not force out a word of his feelings, and only knew how to repeatedly praise the Omega for his delicious food.


Puffing his cheeks, the little round-faced Omega complained, “He never praised me for my adorable looks, or my good character, and only knew how to talk about food food food the entire time… He’s really stupid…”


Subsequently, the little round-faced Omega’s scooter broke down on the road.


Dejected, he sat by the roadside, giving the Alpha a call seeking for help. In less than two minutes, the Alpha drove over on a motorcycle in a hurry, bringing along with him a huge box of tools. From then on, the Alpha’s lunch again had new ingredients — half of a coddled egg, three pieces of broccoli, as well as a slice of carrot that had been cut into the shape of a heart.


Four months after they met, the little round-faced Omega’s heat was coming onto him. He felt both moist and warm, soft and clingy. Unable to work the wok, he could only temporarily shut his restaurant down.


The obtuse Alpha did not see the Omega for a few days, and finally started to become anxious. In a row, he sent about a hundred text messages, asking him what was going on. Huddled in his bed, the little round-faced Omega typed with his limp fingers, hinting both subtly and overtly many times what was happening to him. However, the Alpha was completely blockheaded, completely not getting it, and he said, “But I want to eat the lunch you make. The past two days, after eating lunch from other restaurants, I don’t have any energy at all during the afternoon, and I have no drive to do anything.”


These two sentences were not a love confession, but they completely went beyond one.


At that time, the little round-faced Omega was lying on the bed. Spontaneously, he recalled the Alpha’s muscles, and his body heated up, his underwear became soaked. Secretively, quietly, he got himself off.


“He had already laid things out like that, so what else could I do? The next day, I… spent a lot of energy, and prepared his lunch, delivering it. Who would have thought that he would be stripped to the waist when he was working, and with how he was gleaming with perspiration, his pheromones were really too alluring. Losing my self-control, right in front of him, I went into… I went into heat…”


The little round-faced Omega raised his hands, covering his eyes in embarrassment. “He carried me to a corner of the storeroom in the mechanic shop, fucking me for the entire afternoon. Then, he brought me to my home, and we rolled around in bed for three days. That was really… really pleasurable, and I was in complete ecstasy. Whatever that I should not say, I said it all, and I only wanted to be fucked by him my entire life…”


He An looked at his besotted face that was both shy and delighted, and he could not help but smile. “What happened next?”


“Next… I became pregnant, and he was so happy that he seemed as though a fool. He dragged me away to register our marriage, saying that he wanted to eat the food I cook for the rest of his life.” A corner of the little round-faced Omega’s lips tilted up, and he could not suppress his blissful expression. “Don’t we need to do a compatibility test to get married? Before that, we felt that it was not important, and we didn’t do it. In the end, when we got our marriage cert, guess what?”


He An went along with him, asking, “What?”


“80%!” The little round-faced Omega beamed with joy. “It’s a whole 80%! I didn’t even dare think it would be that high! I had thought that at the very most, it would be 70+%, but who would have expected it to be that high!”


80%, a good and harmonious round number.


60% was too low, and the couple would easily be overwhelmed by temptations found otherwise; 100% was too high, as too much of a good thing was bad, and the love was present while the people involved were strangers. Only between these two could one find their partner and home.


He An smiled. “It’s really enviable… The two of you will definitely be together forever.”


“Yes, together forever!”


The little round-faced Omega nodded forcefully.


Joyfully, he looked at He An, wanting to share more details of his happiness after his marriage. However, when he saw how He An’s eyes were lowered, how there was a trace of sorrow in his eyes, seeming as though he was enduring some unspeakable pain, he then recalled that He An had mentioned the passing of his Alpha. The little round-faced Omega felt extremely guilty, and said in a panic, “I’m sorry, I was speaking without thinking again. If your Alpha were to know that you’ve given birth to little Linglan, in his death… he will also be very happy.”


Upon hearing the words “in his death”, a black and white image of Zheng Feiluan from a magazine inexplicably appeared in He An’s mind. Surrounding the image was a wreath of yellow and white flowers, and in the center was a huge “R.I.P.”. He An’s laughter spilled from his lips.


“Thank you, he would have been happy.”


As the two people were conversing, the resident doctor led a lady dressed in a suit over, heading straight for He An’s bed. Placing his hand on the bed rail, he introduced, “This is bed 208, He An.”


That lady was someone He An did not recognise, but in her arms was a big, bright stalk of sunflower. The petals of the flower were still fresh and dewy, and a little coffee-coloured teddy bear sat in right in its center. It looked like a gift for Linglan.


He An looked confused. “Hi, you are…”


“I’m Mr. Zheng’s newly hired personal assistant.” That lady’s smile was like a flower, and her sweet voice sounded very practiced. “Mr. Zheng is very happy that you’ve given birth successfully. However, he’s very busy with work these days, and is unable to personally come and visit you. As such, he has instructed me to deliver a flower stalk and a teddy bear here. Please accept them.”


He An could not understand a single word.


“Very happy?”


How could Zheng Feiluan be “very happy?”


Just two months ago, he saw Linglan as a burden, determined to deny his relationship with Linglan, and was even in a hurry to arrange for an abortion to extinguish this tiny life. Now that the child was born, did he suddenly change his mind, and decided to accept his fate?


Also, Zheng Feiluan’s personal assistant… Hadn’t it always been Cheng Xiu?


Without waiting for He An to finish digesting her words, the female assistant continued saying even more bizarre things. “All the suffering you’ve endured to give birth to the child, Mr. Zheng has always noticed it. He cannot bear to let you continue enduring the discomfort of having to squeeze in such a ward like this, and he wishes to provide you with a comfortable place to recover. Also, he wishes that the child is able to receive the best care possible. So, he has selected a maternity room of a very high standard, and it has already been furnished. Shall I let the attendants take you there?”


The maternity room was a single, private room, and hot water and air-conditioning were provided all day long. There were even hospital staff on-call 24/7, and the cost per day was terrifyingly high. Most importantly, there were not many such maternity rooms in this hospital, and they were quite popular. One would need to reserve them at least half a year in advance, and they could be said to be priceless.


What exactly was Zheng Feiluan planning?


The little round-faced Omega in the next bed was confused as well. He stared at He An, asking, “Didn’t you say that… your Alpha has already passed away?”


He An was now in a situation that he could not explain.


He was unwilling to move to the maternity room. That was a place where Zheng Feiluan had paid a lot for, and he might already have prepared a trap there, awaiting his presence. If something were to happen, both Linglan and him would be alone with no aid, and there would not even be anyone he could seek help from. However, the two attendants the female assistant had brought along worked very quickly. One swiftly packed up He An’s belongings, and the other directly pushed the bassinet away, heading to the new room.


The wound on He An’s belly had yet to heal, and the slightest movement would cause pain to shoot through him. There was no way he could get out of the bed to stop it. Watching Linglan vanishing from his sight, he could only do as they wished, and he was thus forced to leave the six-bedded ward.


The maternity room Zheng Feiluan chose was towards the south of the corridor. The windows were bright and clean, and sunlight scattered across the bed, bringing about a lazy warmth with it. The location was very convenient, as the nurse station was only a few steps away. Once the call bell was pressed, he would be able receive help very quickly.


The attendant in charge of taking care of Linglan was a woman of about fifty years of age. She was affable, changing Linglan’s diapers while saying, “You’re really fortunate to have met a husband that loves you so much. Our hospital’s maternity rooms are very popular, and even if you try to reserve half a year in advance, you might not be able to even get one. Who else could be like you, with a room immediately ready for you. To tell you the truth, this room has actually already been reserved. It’s your husband’s care for you and your child, and paying ten times the price in exchange for this room.”


He An’s brows furrowed. He was completely confused, and was made that way by Zheng Feiluan’s 180 degrees change.


He did not understand what Zheng Feiluan was thinking.


Could it be that it was really because the child was born, no longer able to be shoved back into his womb? Zheng Feiluan could not change the reality of things, and so overnight, he changed his attitude, and was prepared to accept him and Linglan?


No, that was impossible.


This idea was too preposterous, and too naive. It only appeared for a second and was immediately extinguished — Zheng Feiluan was not the sort who would easily compromise. To offer such kindness out of nothing, there must be another motive behind this.


Looking at the blooming sunflower on the bedside cabinet, under the blanket, He An clenched his fists, and his uneasiness became more intense.


He An’s uneasiness was quickly proven valid. The moment he entered the maternity room, Zheng Feiluan’s lawyer arrived.


Hearing a knock on the door, He An’s heart violently skipped a beat. He had thought that it was Zheng Feiluan, but the one pushing the door open was an unfamiliar Beta dressed in a suit.


In his hand was a briefcase, and he politely greeted He An. Not waiting for courtesy from the person who would be staying in the room, he made himself at home, dragging a chair over and taking a seat. He then opened his briefcase, retrieving a dark blue folder and placing it on his knees. Before he even introduced himself, He An had an inexplicable distaste for this person. This was because, from certain angles, this person was too similar to Zheng Feiluan — his self-assuredness, his politeness and distance, his upper-class appearance that belied a beastly interior, and his evident haughtiness when looking at others.


As expected, the lawyer immediately spoke in an icy, businesslike tone. “Hello, Mr. He An. My surname is Xia, and I’m Mr. Zheng Feiluan’s personal lawyer. Previously, you had an agreement with Mr. Zheng, with regards to an abortion. It is unfortunate that you one-sidedly violated the terms of the agreement, running away from the abortion and gave birth to the child without any authorisation. This has created a big problem for both Mr. Zheng himself and his family…”


The volume of his voice was not low, and Linglan was disturbed from her sleep. Pouting her lips, she murmured a couple of times, her limbs moving restlessly. It looked like she was about to wake up.


He An quickly interrupted him. “The baby has just fallen asleep, could you speak in a softer voice? I can hear you clearly.”


“I’m sorry.”


The lawyer apologised without a change in his expression, and adjusted the loudness of his voice slightly. “You have caused a great problem for Mr. Zheng, and logically speaking, he can hold you accountable for it. However, considering your current physical and financial state, Mr. Zheng has generally decided not to hold you responsible. However, to protect his own interests, he has drafted a new agreement, and he hopes that he can come to a consensus with you. There’s too many people in the hospital, and gossip can spread. Hence, it’s not convenient for him to come personally, and he has entrusted me to convey his message on his behalf.”


It turned out to be… another agreement.


The cafe scene from two months ago was once again on replay. However, this time, Zheng Feiluan did not even show up.


He An sighed. “Go ahead.”


The lawyer then opened the folder, his finger drawing across the document as he read the first condition. “First, Mr. Zheng requests for you to be careful with your words and actions in the hospital. You cannot mention your relationship to the doctors, nurses or any other people. You went into premature labour, and the child is physically weak as well, and both of you need a comfortable place to recover. Using a large sum of money, Mr. Zheng reserved this maternity room, and has provided the best resources the hospital can offer for your use. He has no other requests for you, and only hopes that you can be grateful in return by speaking with caution. Can you agree to that?”


“Grateful… in return?”


He An repeated that phrase in disbelief. He was almost about to burst out in angry laughter because of those words.


How could he have been so childish as to think kindly of Zheng Feiluan?


Under the pretense of providing him a comfortable space to recover, taking care of him, moving him out of the crowded ward the moment he woke up, this was all because he was afraid that He An would mention the name “Zheng Feiluan” to others, and let others be aware of this unbreakable connection between the two of them — this was completely Zheng Feiluan’s style and logic in doing things, and He An should have long thought of it.


Seeing no response from He An, the lawyer again asked, “Can you agree to that?”


Through those cold and aloof eyes, it was as though He An could see Zheng Feiluan sitting right across him — his fingers clasped together, resting on his knee; his chin slightly raised in his usual haughty attitude as he deigned to grace others with his presence.


This man, never had he once changed ever.


“I don’t have the right to disagree, I never had that. You’re well aware of that, so why bother asking?” He An said, “Instead, please convey this to him, I’ve announced to others that my mate has died, and never have I once mentioned his name to another party. I hope that that will reassure him.”


The lawyer frowned. Towards He An’s surprisingly fierce answer, he was not happy. However, he did not respond to it, and moved past this condition. Next, he retrieved a red envelope from the folder, handing it to He An.


“This is a present from Mr. Zheng for the child, and it’s also the second condition in the agreement. Please be certain to accept it.”


The envelope was very thin and light. He An accepted it with both hands. Opening it, a small card slipped out, falling into his palm.


It was a bank card.


He An looked at it, and the slight, weak trace of anticipation in his eyes was immediately doused.


He had originally thought that it would be a greeting card. Even if it was the sort that cost only 10RMB for a pack in the supermarket, and was plain and boring, without any congratulations, it would still at least show a little of his regards towards Linglan.


However, it was a bank card… What was he supposed to think about this?


He An’s heart iced over entirely. He shoved the card back into the envelope, handing it back with both hands solemnly. “I can’t accept this.”


The lawyer paid him no heed, emphasising coldly, “This is Mr. Zheng’s gift to the child, not you. Please do not step above your position and meddle in this.”


He An froze.


The lawyer continued, “You’ve given birth to an Omega girl, which is unsuitable for inheriting the family business. As such, Mr. Zheng has no intentions to fight for custody. However, she is still Mr. Zheng’s flesh and blood, and Mr. Zheng does not wish that the child’s growth be too bumpy due to having only a single parent. Hence, on his own accord, he’s willing to provide financial help. The expenses to raise an Omega girl in an affluent environment until maturity, including inflation, will cost about 9.45million RMB, and the entire sum has already been transferred to this card. You can take it as a child support fee, and provide a favourable life for the child.”


“I don’t need it.” He An shook his head, refusing. “I have the ability to raise her.”


“If you believe that you don’t need it, you can choose not to touch the money in the card, and just take it as though you’re helping Mr. Zheng safekeep this 9.45million.” With a folder in one hand, and a document in the other, the lawyer sat there calmly, with no intentions of taking the envelope back. “Mr. Zheng’s position is that if you were to meet with any financial difficulties in the future, and you need money urgently, please use the money in this card. However, you cannot disturb him at all, as the greatest sum of money you can get from him is all already stored in this card.”


He An was a simple man, but he was no fool. He could hear the implication in the words very clearly, and his expression immediately changed. Clenching tightly on the envelope, he tore a hole in that red paper.


This was an utter insult to his character.


When the child had yet to be born, Zheng Feiluan was afraid that he would extort money from him, and so forced him to get an abortion. Now that the child was born, Zheng Feiluan was still afraid that he would extort money from him, and so decided to just take the loss, paying up the eighteen years worth of child support fees all at once, completely blocking any chance for He An to ask money from him. Accepting this 9.45 million would mean that he was greedy, and not accepting this 9.45 million would mean that he was greedier — in any case, in Zheng Feiluan’s eyes, he was a scumbag who would use his child to extort money!


He now finally understood it.


That Zheng Feiluan was a cold-blooded, level-headed man, he finally understood it.


Fury caused He An to tremble. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “The child that I gave birth to, I will give it my all and raise her. I don’t need a single dollar of his money! Tell him, when Linglan reaches 18 years old, I will return him the entire sum of money in the card including the interest, and not let him forget about this ‘child support fee’ that he had unwillingly provided!”


“I will convey this to him on your behalf.”


The lawyer nodded apathetically, striking the second condition. He then flipped through the folder, taking out another envelope.


This envelope was a lot bigger than the previous one. It was A4-sized, a pure white colour. It did not seem thick, but the envelope bulged slightly, as though it contained something thicker and heavier than was expected. The lawyer handed it over with both hands, saying, “This is a present from Mr. Zheng to you, and at the same time, it’s also the third condition. Please accept it.”


Warily, He An took the envelope.Holding onto an edge with his right hand, he slipped his left hand into the envelope. His fingers came into contact with a smooth and cold glossy paper, and it seemed to be a pamphlet.


Taking it out, he first looked at the back, before flipping it to the front.


The titles on the front were very eye catching. He An’s hand suddenly trembled, and losing all strength in his fingers, the pamphlet slid to the ground. Various documents inserted within the pamphlet was like snow, scattering across the room.


He An sat on the bed, staring stiffly at that disorganised pamphlet. He felt his throat tightening, his breath choking, and a sharp pain tore through his chest.


It was a pamphlet promoting a surgery.


However, it was not the surgery Zheng Feiluan had once mentioned, to remove their marks, but a completely new surgery that He An had only seen in the news before — PGRT/Permanent replacement of Omega’s cervical gland.


Under the title was a note written in bright red permanent marker.


Replace: Omega Type-000003.

Estimated Compatibility Rating: 7%.


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