PM Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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The cafe near He An’s place served as their meeting place.

In a four-seater booth located next to a window, Zheng Feiluan sat next to Cheng Xiu while He An sat alone on the opposite side. As an assistant, Cheng Xiu was aware that he sold his boss out and committed an immense workplace taboo. He pretended to be frightened by the whole ordeal; trembling, he hugged his briefcase. He balanced on one of his butt cheeks, and his image was very similar to how those people with incontinence appeared on advertisements.

He An sat quietly with a cup of steaming hot cocoa in his hands. He had a gentle gaze directed at Zheng Feiluan’s face, his eyelashes occasionally fluttering. His eyes were filled with warmth, as though he was looking at his long-time lover.

They had already known each other for a year and three months, who said this was not a long time?

Even this cup of pleasant smelling hot cocoa, it was Zheng Feiluan who took the initiative to signal the waiter down to order it; it was the first present he had ever received from him. It was so delicious that he was reluctant to swallow it, and he wished that he could keep it forever in his mouth.

Last night he suffered badly and caught a cold. His body temperature was rising gradually and his lips were dry, with his face flushed. Due to the weather in early autumn, he wore an additional thick coat and wrapped a cream-coloured woolen scarf around his neck. His six-month belly was hidden under his overcoat, and the curve was not visible. However, the foetus seemed to be more active than usual.

Was it because it could sense that its papa was nearby?

He lowered his eyes and soothed his child through his clothes, coaxing silently. Be good, don’t be in a hurry. I’ll let you have a taste of the hot cocoa your papa gave me.

Despite being reluctant to part with that mouthful of cocoa, he swallowed it at last.

Once it went down his throat, he immediately felt cold again, and so He An lowered his head and took another sip. This time he held the drink in between his teeth and lips, enjoying the taste as much as possible. This time, he did not swallow it. His thick, long eyelashes trembled as he looked emotionally at his Alpha.

It had been a long time since he last saw Zheng Feiluan so clear-minded.

The truth was, other than the first time they met, when both of them were in a rush, Zheng Feiluan had always been delirious. He would press him down, screwing into him continuously, and rarely spoke. He did not like the Zheng Feiluan he saw on the bed. As an Omega, ingrained in him were the pheromones which desired to be conquered. Occasionally, when they happen to establish a good rhythm, he too would cry out in pleasure. However, this was only a very tiny part of this man’s soul, and in the end, it still was not a complete being.

Only when Zheng Feiluan lost his savagery that came with his loss of awareness did his maturity come to light.

Cheng Xiu had returned from purchasing a new set of clothes. Zheng Feiluan then changed into them right in front of him. Standing at the mirror, he adjusted his sleeves and cuffs seriously. He An sat on the bed, dazed and unable to drag his eyes away — that was the Zheng Feiluan he sought out in magazines! It was a black and white photograph, the man was well-dressed, his eyes steady, and looking extremely refined. Lights and shadows scattered across the scene, and the man just stood there, with irresistible self-control and sexiness exuding from every angle.

The Alpha he loved had now returned to sobriety, and was sitting across him. He was frowning as he read a diagnosis from a year ago.

“Paroxysmal psyche-loss mate-seeking disorder… Mate-seeking disorder?” His finger ran across the words, leaving a mark. Zheng Feiluan spoke, “Explain.”

Cheng Xiu took three pieces of tissues in a row, wiping his sweat as he recited the definition. “Mate-seeking disorder refers to when an Alpha loses control of his consciousness when feeling extreme negative emotions, spontaneously yet uncontrollably seeking his Omega mate and engaging in semi-forced sex with them. This is a self-protective system that would cause the Alpha to forget the entire process once his emotions have calmed, and this phenomenon mostly happens to…”

Zheng Feiluan knocked on the table. “Layman terms.”

“Uh…” Cheng Xiu was at a loss for words. He looked up at the ceiling, his body trembling even harder. He An smiled and kindly helped him out, “I’ll explain.”

Zheng Feiluan glanced at him and gave a polite and business-like gesture, implying that he should go ahead.

He An straightened a little and spoke patiently, “This illness… It can’t actually be considered an illness, because although it’s called the mate-seeking disorder, it doesn’t harm the body. When you feel stressed and exhausted, you’ll come to my place. We’ll have sex a couple of times, and when we’re done, Cheng Xiu will come and pick you up to bring you back home. You’ll have a good sleep, and the next morning you’ll wake up in a much better mood. I’ve asked a doctor before, and he mentioned that the mate-seeking disorder can be classified as a psychological need. There’s no need to change your behaviour, and there’s no need for any medication to treat it. As long as your Omega mate… which is me, accompanies you and satisfies your sexual needs, there wouldn’t be a problem. Whether it is for long term or short, it’s beneficial to your health.”

To provide him an explanation, he had no choice but to mention their sex matters. Feeling shy, he looked down, burying his face in the steam of the hot cocoa.

Zheng Feiluan examined He An for a moment. His suspicions did not abate but deepened instead. “Why are you my Omega mate?”

“Ah, because of the compatibility of your pheromones!”

Cheng Xiu finally heard a question where he had an answer. He snapped his fingers and retrieved a pheromone compatibility report from his briefcase. “President Zheng, the mate-seeking disorder is a rare disorder, and would only happen very rarely to Alphas and Omegas who are highly compatible with each other. He An and your compatibility rating just happens to be extremely high.”

Zheng Feiluan accepted the report and looked through it. He smiled, not taking it seriously. “Extremely high? How high can it be?”

Cheng Xiu solemnly reported, “A 100%.”

“A 100…”

Zheng Feiluan abruptly turned his head and shot a piercingly cold and doubtful look at Cheng Xiu. When he received an innocent expression implying that no matter how much he glared, a 100% was still a 100%, he turned his head to look at He An, the ridicule apparent in his eyes.

Cheng Xiu saw that he did not believe him, so he could only do his best to convince him to accept the truth. “This is the official report given by Number 1 Comprehensive Hospital’s Pheromones Laboratory. When you exhibited symptoms of the mate-seeking disorder for the first time in July 7 last year, He An called me to ask for help. I brought him to do a blood test, and the test concluded that the compatibility rating for your pheromones was really a 100%, which is also referred to as the perfect match. You are also aware that there are only a few Alphas and Omegas that are a perfect match for each other, and their ages might not match each other. Even if their ages matched, they might also not have the chance to meet, and the number of couples who have successfully marked each other, out of a million, there are probably only… Uh…”

He continued rummaging through his briefcase before pulling out a wrinkled pamphlet. Flipping through it, he could not seem to find that inconspicuous number anymore.

“2 pairs.” Zheng Feiluan had found the results on his phone, “It’s a probability of 0.0002%.”

When saying this number, he did not express any delight, but unconsciously gave a disgusted frown. The docile Omega however nodded, a blissful smile appearing on his lips, and he said softly, “Mn. To be like us… it’s really hard to come by.”

This <Report on the Compatibility of Pheromones> was not long. There were only two pages, and Zheng Feiluan quickly finished scanning through them.

His pheromones was an Alpha 482(L9) type, which belonged to a category of excellent leadership dispositions. The Alpha 482 type was actually not rare among the population. What was rare was its potency: the level 9 cap.

This was really few and far between.

The Zheng family ran a huge corporation, and out of consideration for the selection of their successor, they tested the pheromones of their newborn children. It was due to this innate, dominant and terrifying potency, Zheng Feiluan defeated his older brother who was five years older while still wearing his swaddling clothes, and was thus qualified to become the successor to the business.

As for He An’s pheromones, this impressive line was written: Omega 90795(L9) type, no record for this could be found, speculated to have a placating and devoted disposition.


This was the first time Zheng Feiluan had seen such a low serial number.

The lower the serial number of a pheromone, it meant that it had been discovered way later in the population, and also that it was rarer. In normal circumstances, “rare” would have a similar meaning to “precious”. However, when it came to pheromone compatibility, “rare” was beyond a doubt a misfortune, as the rarer a pheromone was, it was harder to find a match.

The probability curve of the compatibility of common pheromones was like a smooth hill, the love did not have to go as far as imprinting themselves on each other, and they could easily meet matches;

The curve of the compatibility of the less common pheromones was like a cliff, it was difficult to meet matches, but the love would be profound and deep;

As for rare pheromones, without exception, it was always a sharp peak — they were the type who would be willing to exchange their lives for love. As long as they meet their match, they would descend into the deepest love, and never be able to tear themselves apart.

“The deepest love” sounded very beautiful, but the reality was very cruel. Most of the time, they were just unable to ever meet their match.

Zheng Feiluan had an Alpha subordinate whose pheromones had a serial number of 3910. He often complained that he was discriminated in the dating market. The ones with types 3 and 4 pheromones could easily match with seven or eight people in a blind dating session, while a person like him whose serial number contained four digits would meet only one who could just about scrape past the passing line in ten sessions.. The other person would usually also have a lot more choices than him, and so they might not be willing to date him too.

If this was the case for a serial number with four digits, there was no need to mention He An’s five digit serial number.

An Omega with a five-digit serial number would only be a lonely goose. The best situation they could hope for would be to get picked up by an Alpha nobody wanted. They would make do and deal with their heats, make do with their marks, make do and give birth to a bunch of dirty kids, and muddle along through their lives aimlessly. Zheng Feiluan had never thought that such an Omega that had been abandoned by love would somehow bizarrely become his perfect match.

It was too unbelievable.

Zheng Feiluan put the papers aside. He crossed his arms, leaning back, and observed the meek Omega in front of him. He tried to seek a “perfect” point about him, but — he was too ordinary, he really was too ordinary. He was ordinary to the point where he could not compare to any of the Omegas he had dated before.

Humans were profit-seeking creatures. Everyone desired for progress. After smelling the roses, how would one go back to the willows?

Zheng Feiluan just sat there silently, looking at He An. His emotions were calm, and his heartbeat remained as steady as it always was.

Was this what they called a perfect match?

He was not some little virgin boy who could be easily deceived.

Everyone knew that the root of sexual desires between Alphas and Omegas was their pheromones. Whether their compatibility was high or low, the body’s reaction would give the most honest answer with their first glance.

Three years ago, Zheng Feiluan met a young Omega who had just stepped into the acting industry at a banquet held by Jiusheng. The moment their eyes met, he felt his scalp tingle, electricity running through his body, and an intense possessiveness that he had never felt before drowned out his control. They left the reception halfway, making love furiously in a hotel room. The sweet scent of the Omega imbued his every pore, and he felt as though he was stuck between heaven and a dream.

That night, he had completely lost his self-control, indulging in his sexual pleasures. His hunger and thirst was comparable to that of being in heat. That sort of satisfaction that came from extreme compatibility, still made him yearn and itch for it now when he recalled it.

They dated for nine months, and during that time period, Zheng Feiluan had given countless investments. He lifted his beloved Omega from an unknown bottom-tier artiste to an up-and-coming new actor, and even went as far as machinating to get him two rather distinguished awards to quell all doubts about his rise. However, the day before he was about to propose, the other person took the initiative to suggest a break up.

The reason was very simple. The Omega had met an Alpha he was even more compatible with.

A compatibility rating of 85% had lost to one of 89%. It was only a simple difference of 4%, and he even suggested using his immense wealth and resources to make up for it, but the other person did not even look back.

This relationship had started passionately and ended resolutely, giving him a transient joy that cycled in a loop. But it also taught him something — when faced with compatibility of pheromones, all feelings were nothing.

If he could not forget a lover with 85% compatibility, then what would a lover of a 100% compatibility mean?

It meant that he would be willing to hand his life over to the other person, permitting the other to dictate his joy, anger, sorrow and happiness; It meant that he would be like the most useless coward, afraid that someone would take his lover away; It meant that he would be unwilling to even let his lover suffer the pain of pregnancy; It meant that if the other person gave birth to a child for him, he would definitely become a hopeless, pampering father…

It would not be how it was like now, with no signs of his heartbeat speeding up in the slightest.

Data printed could be falsified, but the body would never lie. As for their so-called perfect match, there was either a mistake in the blood sample, an error in the test, or this Omega in front of him was harbouring evil intentions, deliberately tricking him. Judging from how he had no sexual desire for this Omega, Zheng Feiluna could infer that their compatibility rating would not even make the passing mark.

So what if they slept together, and that he was pregnant? As long as he could not be swayed, the other person’s plans were bound to fail — sometimes, the pheromones were that simple and direct.

Zheng Feiluan calmly observed He An and spoke to Cheng Xiu, “I want to speak to him alone. Leave first and come back 15 minutes later.”

“Huh? Oh, sure!”

Cheng Xiu stood up with his briefcase. A little worried, he made faces at He An to express his concern.

He An smiled, “I’m fine you can go first.”

Now, only the two of them were left sitting silently in the booth. He An was about to say something to break the silence, but Zheng Feiluan suddenly stood up. He walked over to He An, lifted his chin up, bent over and kissed him on the lips.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

The strong Alpha presence was like a tsunami; a tidal wave with a height of over ten metres crashing down on He An.

He had just been marked last night, and so for him, the Alpha’s scent was utterly dominating. Just like a huge palm enveloping him, it stimulated his blood and nerves, causing his mind to come to a standstill. He was unable to resist his Alpha, and his heartbeat sped up. His breathing was rapid, and his body weakened immediately, falling back wretchedly into his seat.

His cheeks were a dark red, stemming out from his shameful memories, as well as a heat that was forcibly rousing him up. His body burned, his senses faded away, and his eyes clouded over with confusion.

The kiss ended after quite some time, and Zheng Feiluan retreated.

He An panted terribly, and he wanted to loosen the chain-like scarf around his neck.

“Feiluan, I feel very warm… The scarf… tight…”

He murmured a plea.

His hand was then caught and pressed against the other person’s slightly cool wrist. Fingers resting on the skin, he felt the steady pulse. It was slow and rhythmic, like a regular morning bell in a temple.

He An did not understand what Zheng Feiluan meant, and gazed at him, looking troubled.

The other person’s expression was icy.

“A 100% compatibility. Yet with a 10 seconds kiss, my heartbeat did not speed up, my breathing did not increase, and there’s also no other biological reaction.” Zheng Feiluan pinched He An’s chin, interrogating him, “Tell me, how many lies have you made up?”

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