PM Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Not getting a response for a long time, Zheng Feiluan’s pen paused, and he lifted his lids to look at He An. “You don’t agree?”

He An remained silent.

His fingernails dug deep into his palms. A millimetre, and another millimetre, the marks gradually got deeper and redder.

Only after seeing him like this did Zheng Feiluan’s tone finally gentled a little. “Do you not disagree with one of the points, or are you disagreeing with all three points?”

“My… my child.” He An asked, “My child has to be aborted too?”

Zheng Feiluan laughed. “If not?”

These two words sounded very polite and sincere, as well as extremely uncaring. He An’s fists tightened some more, his knuckles turning white. His fingernails broke through the skin of his palm, and blood welled up, staining the tips of his fingernails red.

He shut his eyes, gasping a few times. Repeatedly, he admonished himself to not flinch, and to just say whatever he wanted to say.

The fear of resisting an Alpha is only psychological, but your child is a living thing. It’s right there in your stomach, and can only have a chance to survive based on your courage!

The piercing pain in his palms was transformed into a sharp spear, breaking through an Omega’s basic instinct to completely submit to an Alpha. Before his backbone could be broken, He An forced himself to shout, “Please let me… let me keep my child!”

Zheng Feiluan’s eyes darkened, lightly clicking his tongue in annoyance.

He, who was very used to behaving in various social settings, immediately wore a friendly mask. Pushing the paper towards slightly, he asked warmly, “Please allow me to ask a question. Mr. He, where are you currently working?”

He An did not understand his motive. “At a nearby pet shop, the one by the corner. It’s called ‘Pet Castle’. Occasionally, when the flower shop next door has a lack of manpower, I’ll help deliver flowers too.”

The blue ballpoint pen of dubious quality spun between Zheng Feiluan’s fingers.

He smiled mockingly, “A petshop?”

As though this was a very comical answer.

The next second, he packed his smile away, and sat up straight. Keeping his elbows apart on the table, his fingers interlocked. His gaze was lowered, looking straight at He An, and in them were an oppression that could not be ignored — that was his way of controlling the situation that he frequently used as an Alpha leader-type on the negotiating table.

His top tier pheromones concentrated, as though he was heaven, and the other was hell. Even a strong Alpha could not bear such pressure for a few minutes, not to mention an Omega that had been marked by him.

As expected, He An shuddered violently. His pupils contracted, and it seemed like he was pushed back into the couch by a pair of invisible hands with great force. No matter how much he struggled, he could not get up. His chest was limp, his legs weak, and his thin shoulders pressed against a leather surface that was not exactly soft. With a deep depression, it was like he was not leaning against the couch, but the couch was swallowing him up.

Zheng Feiluan cleared his throat, elaborating solemnly, “Mr. He, what we’ll discuss next, or you could call it a negotiation, must be based on three clear statements. One, it is impossible that we will become legal partners. Two, the child you birth will never be recognised by the Zheng family. Three, I will never pay a single cent of alimony. This means that you will be fully supporting the child yourself, so as to fulfill my requirement of drawing a clear line between the both of us.”

“However, to support a child by yourself, you must have enough money, and your work — if I may be direct, the pet shop by the street, and the temporary work at the flower shop — does not provide you with a steady pay, and the amount is not high. To raise a child in Yuanjiang, it is definitely not enough. In conclusion, there is no evidence at all that allows me to believe that you will be able to raise the child alone.”

He An’s face reddened upon hearing him, and his bloodstained fingernails dug further into his flesh.

He argued, “I can sign an agreement with you, the type that e-exempts you from any responsibility. After the child is born, all the expenses, the milk powder, its clothes, diapers, seeing the doctor, going to school, I’ll be responsible for all that alone. I won’t ask you for a single cent. If it’s like this… Can we do it like this?”

“However, the objective reality is right in front of our eyes — your income is not enough.” Zheng Feiluan was unmoved.

He An was stimulated. “I will think of ways!”

“You ‘will think of ways’. It doesn’t mean that you ‘can think of ways’. This is a question of ability, not attitude,” Zheng Feiluan retorted icily. “I’m very sorry. No matter how sincere you sound, they’re all empty words. The custody of a child is determined by law, and you don’t have the qualification to help it renounce its custody, and the judge would also not recognise your agreement of absolving all responsibilities.”

He paused, the temperature in his gaze dropping rapidly, sharpening with a hint of cold suspicion. “Let me make a simple speculation: One day, in the future, if you were to be completely broke, and have no way to take care of the child. Would you think of an idea, to go to the Omega Protection Society and apply for a paternity test, then request me to fulfill the responsibility of raising the child? Or you may go one step further, coming up with the idea of bringing that child you birthed and request me to divide my assets equally among your child and the children I would have when I’m married?”

“Mr. He, I’m not doubting your current character, but there’s a reminder I have to give to you. When a person is hungry, cold, and at a dead end, they would easily throw away their past determination and beliefs to do some matters that they themselves would spurn. You can live very comfortably alone, why are you insisting on being dragged down by a child? The family it can give you is nothing compared to the price you’ll have to pay for it. If we nip it in the bud right now, both you and I can get rid of one enormous ticking bomb. Isn’t this good?”

It was not good.

It was not good at all.

Every cell from He An’s ears to his stomach rejected this objective and cold-blooded persuasion. How adorable this ball of flesh and blood in his stomach, he was clearer than anyone about it.

He removed his scarf. The section right next to his neck was wet, long soaked with sweat.

He then undid the buttons of his jacket, revealing his belly that was covered with a thin, white sweater. That appearance was delicate, like a glutinous rice dumpling, and extremely likeable.

“Feiluan, an Omega like me will not easily meet a compatible Alpha. If this child is gone, I may never have another in my life. Please let me keep it, it’s already six months old, it can move already, come, feel it…” He An exposed his weakness, wanting to pull Zheng Feiluan’s hand over. “Once you touch it, you won’t bear to get rid of it…”

Only to hear a patter, the ballpoint pen had bounced away, landing somewhere close. Zheng Feiluan calmly moved his hand to pick it up, cleverly avoiding He An’s touch.

He An froze for a moment, slowly pulling his empty hand back.

“A six month old foetus, aborting it would truly have heavier consequences on the body.” Zheng Feiluan stared at the tip of the pen, evading the main point. “I will compensate you well enough, you don’t have to worry.”

“I don’t want your compensation, I want my child!”

He An slammed a fist onto the table, standing up. His face was pale, and the table shifted, causing the cups and the papers to move. “Is there no margin for discussion at all? Feiluan, I’ll sign another agreement with you, just the two of us. However much of your money this child will spend, whether it’s the alimony, or the division of your assets, I’ll owe you twice the sum! If greed takes over me, and I try to scam your money, you will garner no loss, and the child neither! I will be the only one punished!”

His emotions were too agitated, and his volume increased, attracting the attention from people sitting further away.

Zheng Feiluan’s expression changed abruptly, and he reprimanded harshly, “Sit down!”

Instantly, the anger of an Alpha surged to its peak, and his out of control pheromones thickened into a terrifying aura, enveloping He An. He An’s vision darkened, his legs turning weak. One by one, his meridians, his bone marrow and his muscles seem to disappear. He fell back onto the couch, and even his bones of his neck were sapped of energy.

He was unable to raise his head, bowing low instead. The ends of his hair was soaked with sweat, collecting into little droplets, sliding down his fair neck down to his collarbone.

When an Alpha was at the height of his anger, the Omega’s terror would be pushed to its limit as well. He An was thrown into a terrifying hallucination. He was trapped in a dark room. His head, his feet, the four walls, everything was covered in countless beetles and spiders stacked upon each other. The shiny shells rose and fell like waves, and the scuttling of their slender legs sent chills down his spine.

In their position, they wriggled about, their bright little eyes staring at He An. If he had the tiniest intention to resist Zheng Feiluan, they would all swarm towards him, climbing through the legs of his trousers, the sleeves of his shirt, and his collar. With their disgusting feelers and legs, they would crawl over his skin, and use their reeking teeth to bite into his bones.

He wanted to vomit.

He An curled up in one corner of the couch, covering his mouth tightly. He was no longer able to tell Zheng Feiluan, “no”.

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