POBE Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Gu Xiaoshan’s life was not actually as good as Hei Zi thought it was. The number of times he went on board a yacht or attended a party in a year was less than the number of times Hei Zi and Renzi participated in such activities in a month. This should be because the amount of things Gu Xiaoshan had to handle daily was even more than Renzi could imagine. Although Renzi had also once been a CEO, but that was only for fun. He had thrown all the work to his employees, and he was only in charge of making appearances and signing documents, and so, his work load could not be compared. It was because of this, his dad was unhappy with him and replaced him with his more reliable elder brother, Yu Yuntao.

After that, Renzi heard that Yu Yuntao was an overtime freak, he was very strict with his subordinates, and caused many people to suffer. Renzi even privately asked Zhi Xuan, “I heard that my brother is very strict, and is making everyone very tired! Aren’t you tired?”

“No, actually, it’s a lot more relaxing than before.”

Renzi was taken aback, “Why?”

“Because I no longer have to do things that a CEO should do. Now, I only have to do what I’m supposed to do, so it’s a lot more relaxing.”

Renzi thought about it, “Are you insinuating that I increased your workload?”

“I’m not insinuating it, I think I’ve been very direct about it.”

After Renzi left his post, Zhi Xuan still remained as the CEO’s assistant. At that time, many people said that “A change of sovereign brings a change of ministers”, that now Renzi was gone, it was likely that Zhi Xuan would not be able to hold his position as well. Although Renzi was a little worried, but he was still optimistic about it. He also spoke to Yu Yuntao, “Trust me, Zhi Xuan is great! Whoever uses him will all agree to it! Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of him, slowly try him out, and you’ll know how good he is!”

Yu Yuntao looked at Renzi complicatedly, “I will consider your opinion seriously.”

In the end, Zhi Xuan was not removed from his post.

Even though Zhi Xuan was no longer Renzi’s assistant, whenever Renzi faced a problem, he would still look for Zhi Xuan. As Renzi was after all still the direct relative of his current boss, Zhi Xuan would still help him out. Troubled with the “2028” situation, and thinking that Hei Zi’s suggestion would most likely be unreliable, Renzi sent Zhi Xuan a text.

“In my dream, if I had sex with someone, what do you think this means?”

“Are you 10? Why are you even asking about this.”

Renzi discovered that after he was not his boss anymore, Zhi Xuan’s tone was no longer as polite as before. Rather aggrieved, Renzi replied, “Of course, I know. But the other person is someone that I would never have considered chasing after before, so I’m very troubled by it.”

Zhi Xuan thought about it before he gave a reply. “This is not impossible. It doesn’t have to be so freudian, your dream does not always have to do with sex. However, I’m not too familiar with such matters. I remember that similar research has been done before. In extreme dejection, or under extreme pressure, a person may dream that he would have sex with a person he doesn’t like, or even hate. This might be a way of your dream showing you that you’ve been “fucked by life”.” After sending this long message, Zhi Xuan thought about it again. In the first place, what kind of trouble or pressure could Renzi have?

Renzi was amazed. “There’s such a thing? But the person in my dream isn’t someone I hate too.”

“Then, the criteria is, did you feel good? Physically and emotionally.”

“It was good, emotionally, and physically.” Renzi was very honest.

Zhi Xuan was also very direct. “So after you had sex with the person in your dreams, you enjoyed it. That usually means that you want to have sex with this person in reality too.”

Renzi nearly threw his phone away. “What? Are you sure?”

Of course I’m not sure, I’m just bullshitting.

— Zhi Xuan only wanted to quickly dismiss Renzi. “I can’t say that I’m a 100% sure. But it’s likely to be the case. You said, “someone that I would never have considered chasing after before”, but since you don’t dislike this person, it means that subconsciously, you may have desires for this person. It might have been suppressed by various factors in your life, and so only appeared in your dreams.”

Yes, this is also all bullshit. Hopefully Renzi can quickly be satisfied with this explanation and let me go, I really have no interest in discussing his wet dreams.

Renzi had been completely convinced. He exclaimed, “Zhi Xuan, you’re really knowledgeable!”

“I’m very happy to have been able to help you.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“Aren’t you mostly troubled that the person is not “someone you would chase after”? Then, you can put her in that category, then start to “chase” her. That should solve your current trouble.”

Looking at the word “her”, Renzi felt that it looked very unpleasant. “Oh, only, this person is not too easy to handle. Do you want to know who this person is? Why don’t I tell you the details of my dream, and you help me analyse it?”

“Are you sure you want to discuss such private matters with me?”

“I don’t mind!” Renzi displayed his full trust in him.

“I mind.” Zhi Xuan replied coldly.

Zhi Xuan was really not interested in listening to Renzi describe the contents of his dream with some voluptuous girl. This was really too incompatible with his physical and emotional well-being as a pure gay.

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