POBE Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

He Jun was very curious when he saw Yu Yunren in person. The media’s portrayal of Yu Yunren were all embellished, he was either making an official appearance at a business conference, or hugging a model and attending a party, looking very much like a playboy. However, after seeing the real person, he felt that that might not be the case. That day, in Jichan Estate, everyone was discussing the flavour of the new tea. They suddenly heard the tinkling of the wind chimes, then someone came in. He made his way cautiously through the corridor, as though he was afraid of falling. At first, He Jun did not pay much attention to him, but he discovered that Gu Xiaoshan’s eyes had immediately turned towards that person, and was watching him very carefully, seemingly also worried that he would fall. He even asked the waiter, “Has the floor been wiped clean?”

“Who is he?” He Jun asked quietly.

President Goo laughed, “Your big love rival!”

Hearing this, Gu Xiaoshan frowned in incomprehension. He Jun smiled instead, “Oh, so that’s Second Young Master Yu?”

Gu Xiaoshan finally realised what they were talking about. He could not help but laugh, “What nonsense have you been saying behind my back!”

When Yu Yunren entered, he straight away commented, “Brother Xiaoshan, why did you choose this time? It’s raining out there!” Then, he sat down cross-legged, a little huffy. He Jun studied him, to his surprise, Yu Yunren was not the sleazy playboy he had imagined he would be. Instead, his actions and way of speaking seemed more like a child. Yu Yunren drank a mouthful of the hot tea, his eyes widening “This is very nice!” His tone was exaggerated to the point where it seemed false, but it sounded very sincere.

He Jun laughed, “This is White Dragon tea.”

Yu Yunren looked towards He Jun, his eyes very bright, just like a child. He Jun carefully observed Yu Yunren, seeing that although he was a grown man, but there was not much hair on his face, and his stubble could barely be seen. His skin was pale and fair, his lips like the colour of cherry blossoms, the pale pink colour radiating outwards. It seemed like most of the colour on his face was concentrated around his eyes. His eyebrows were vivid, as though they were drawn on, and both his top and bottom eyelashes were very thick, highlighting the shape of his eyes. His eyes were olive-shaped, round and tapering at the edges, his irises as black as ink.

They all said that Yu Yunren was his “love rival”, and at first, it made He Jun a little nervous. After interacting with him, He Jun instead felt that in this group of people, Yu Yunren was the least well-spoken, but the easiest person to get along with.

As such, when Gu Xiaoshan went overseas for work and he could not get in contact with him, He Jun chose to contact Yu Yunren for help. Yu Yunren was also not impatient with him, and was even very polite. This feeling of being respected, He Jun would never find it amongst the friends of Gu Xiaoshan. In fact, on many occasions, he also could not find it from Gu Xiaoshan.

Especially so at this moment, when Gu Xiaoshan admitted that He Jun was not his boyfriend in front of Yu Yunren. He Jun felt that he should have long understood that he was not Gu Xiaoshan’s boyfriend, and in the future, he also would not be.

He Jun was not the only one, even Gu Xiaoshan was also very surprised that Yu Yunren would suddenly ask if He Jun was his boyfriend. Was this not something that would put people off? He Jun did not feel comfortable about it, and Gu Xiaoshan could also feel that. However, he did not want to give him the wrong impression. Maybe this was for the best. Gu Xiaoshan took out his cigarettes, wanting a smoke. Renzi snatched at the box, then tossed it away. “Smoking in a public area, don’t you have any common courtesy?”

Gu Xiaoshan only picked up the cigarette box and headed outside.

Gu Xiaoshan had only left for a short moment before He Jun followed. Renzi did not notice as he ate his double skin milk dessert, only realising that everyone was gone when he raised his head. He quickly wiped his mouth and ran out to investigate. Stepping outside, he saw Gu Xiaoshan with a lit cigarette between his lips, both hands in his pockets, dressed stylishly and neatly yet with a slightly rakish air, just like a billboard model. He could not help but feel that Gu Xiaoshan was very handsome, but was a little indignant as well. “Why did you all leave so quickly? Leaving me alone.”

“Your table manners are so horrendous, worse than Ha-cube. He Jun could not watch any more, so he left first.”

Renzi had a recalcitrant expression, he walked two steps closer, and leaned into Gu Xiaoshan. His face showed his unhappiness, but Gu Xiaoshan ignored him, and only blew out a stream of smoke, a provoking look upon his face. Renzi should have been furious with having smoke exhaled into his face, but seeing the smoke escaping between Gu Xiaoshan’s thin lips, he actually — hardened.

Fuck, where’s my dignity?

Oh fuck, Brother Xiaoshan is really damn sexy.

Fuck, no, where’s my dignity?

Oh damn it, Brother Xiaoshan is really damn sexy.


As both Renzi’s big head and little head were fighting with each other, Gu Xiaoshan had already stubbed out his cigarette and swaggered off.

Watching Gu Xiaoshan’s thin figure from the back, Renzi gnashed his teeth in anger. He’s really an irresponsible scum man, walking off after making me hard!

Gu Xiaoshan had only taken a few steps before he returned. Looking at Renzi, he asked, “You’re still not going?”

Renzi was taken aback, “Going where?”

Gu Xiaoshan gave a resigned look, “Going home. You plan on spending the night here?”

Renzi scuttled behind him, his heart still pounding with emotions over Gu Xiaoshan.

Gu Xiaoshan drove Renzi. Along the way, Renzi received a call from Yu Yuntao, who wanted to know if his silly brother was fine after “running away from home”. Renzi glanced at Gu Xiaoshan, “I’m at Brother Xiaoshan’s place, everything’s fine.”

Hearing the relaxed tone in his voice, Yu Yuntao did not know if he should be angry or amused. “Sure, don’t cause trouble for people.”

Renzi heard this and was upset, “What trouble can I cause for others?”

“I was just being polite. Cause him as much trouble as you like, as long as you’re not causing me any trouble.” Then, Yu Yuntao hung up.

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