POBE Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Renzi did not expect that his usually aggressive father would suddenly become so dispirited. Thinking that he must have given him a very big shock, he was extremely ashamed. Holding onto his dad’s hands he spoke, “Dad, it’s my fault. I didn’t withstand the seduction of men, and became gay. Please, hit me!”

Old Mister Yu continued burying his face in his hands, and did not reply. Renzi was even more upset, he stood up and yelled, “The cane! Where’s the cane?!”

When the people outside heard Renzi calling for the walking cane, they only said, “Our Second Young Master is becoming sillier. He just came home, and is looking to get hit?”

Who would have thought that Old Mister Yu would grab onto Renzi. This elderly man’s palm was very rough, against Renzi’s smooth and soft palm, it however gave him a sense of warmth and steady strength.

“Dad?” Renzi looked at Old Mister Yu with reddened eyes. Old Mister Yu patted Renzi’s shoulder, “Take a seat.”

Renzi obediently sat down, saying, “This time, I’m serious. If you really want to hit me, I’ll take it.”

Old Mister Yu sighed. “This, I know as well. You have never specially mentioned the previous girls to me before. The things you said just now, are they all from your heart? Have you thought things through?”

Renzi felt the stinging in his eyes, he reached out and wiped at his own eyes. “I’ve been thinking about this for the entire past month. I felt a little terrible as I was thinking about it, but this is fact. I was troubled, but once I thought it through, I was fine. I felt that even if I told you about it, I won’t feel ashamed as well.”

“It’s not shameful, it’s good that you’ve thought it through.”

Although he had Yu Yuntao leading the pack, but Renzi had not hope that his dad would accept it so quickly. “Dad, are you really not angry?”

“This is nothing, if because of this, you’re able to learn to become responsible, I’ll even feel that this is something good. As long as you don’t do anything wicked.”

“Nothing wicked, I don’t do wicked things. I remember everything Dad has taught me as a child, I won’t dare to do wicked things.”

“So, who is it?” Old Mister Yu asked. “Who made you like this?”

Renzi became bashful. Seeing him like this, Old Mister Yu clicked his tongue. “Who is it? Do I know him?”

Renzi nodded. Old Mister Yu thought about it for a moment. “Don’t tell me it’s that fellow from the Gu family?”

Renzi’s face flushed upon hearing that. “Dad, how, how did you, huh?”

Old Mister Yu leapt up, shouting, “The cane! Where’s my cane?!”

Renzi hurriedly grabbed onto his father. “Didn’t you, you say you weren’t going to hit me?”

Old Mister Yu yelled, “Why would I hit you? I’m going to hit him!”

Naturally, Renzi had to protect his beloved. “Why do you want to hit him? He didn’t do anything wrong!”

Old Mister Yu scolded, “Why? Why? This minx seduced you!”

Describing Gu Xiaoshan as a minx, this was unprecedented! Renzi was stunned, only to watch his father stride out, yelling for his walking cane. He again grabbed onto his father. “No, no, he doesn’t know anything.”

Old Mister Yu was taken aback. “What do you mean? You just said that you got hard when you look at him. Don’t tell me, you just got hard by yourself?”

Renzi nodded his head in embarrassment. Old Mister Yu sneered, “Useless!”

At this moment, the butler knocked on the door and asked, “Master, the cane is here, do you still need it?”

Waving his hand, Old Mister Yu spoke clearly. “I don’t need it anymore, take it away.”

The butler respectfully acknowledged it and retreated.

Old Mister Yu coughed, and Renzi quickly served him some tea. After drinking and soothing his throat, Old Mister Yu said, “Take a seat.”

Renzi sat down. Although he was a little hungry, he dared not touch the food on the table. However, Old Mister Yu picked up his chopsticks and started eating. “So, it’s really that one from the Gu family?”

Renzi nodded, then replied, “Haven’t you always liked him? Our families are so close, you even arranged a date with him for Elder Brother! Why would you be so upset when it comes to me?”

Old Mister Yu snorted. “You can suppress him?”

“He’s Madam White Snake and I’m the Leifeng Pagoda, of course!” 1

Old Mister Yu rubbed at his throbbing temple. “It’s really that a grown son can’t be kept at home. You’re completely not in his eyes at all, but yet you’re all for him already?” 2

Renzi protested, “We’ve known each other for so many years already, why would I not be in his eyes? He’s also not blind.”

Old Mister Yu was exasperated. “Are you a fool? It’s because you’ve known each other for so many years, and he’s also been gay for so many years! He’s never even considered you before, can’t you tell that you have no hope?”

Instead, Renzi was very optimistic. “If I haven’t tried it, how would you know that there’s no hope?”

Old Mister Yu snorted. “Then go try it out. He’ll definitely reject you.”

Seeing how confident Old Mister Yu was, Renzi started to doubt himself. “Why?”

“Have you seen the people he has been with over the years? There’s not a single decent one. Even if we introduce any to him, he’ll reject them all. Why do you think that’s so? It’s because he’s not ready to settle down, he’s still at the playful age. He’ll only be with you if he’s a fool. If he’s with you, both Old Gu and I would watch him, how would he be able to play? Unless you don’t want him, or if the two of you are tied together for life, he’ll only agree to be with you if he’s crazy.”

Renzi was immediately convinced by his dad. Oh god, Dad, you’re so wise! You even completely understand the mind of a gay!

Old Mister Yu asked Renzi to calm down, and kicked him to his room to sleep. Seeing how Renzi was listless, his father leaned against the door, speaking, “If you’re really gay, I have no opinions about that. However, you must find someone you can rely on, ok?”

Renzi did not reply, only burying himself under his blanket unhappily.

Tossing and turning, then Renzi peeped out from under the blanket with glistening eyes. “But, without trying, how would I know?”

Old Mister Yu could not bear for his son to walk down this foolish path. “You can! Then, think about it. If you woo Gu Xiaoshan, what would happen if you fail?”

“Uh… It doesn’t seem like there would be much of a conclusion. At most, people would laugh at me, then, he… would ignore me…”

“Yes, as long as you’re prepared to lose this friend if you fail, then, no harm trying.”

Renzi’s heart was just burning like it was aflame. Now, after Old Mister Yu had dumped a bucket of cold water on him, all that was left was smoke and ashes.

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