POBE Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Saying that, Renzi felt tearful. “Actually, this is also good enough. I can occasionally stay over at his place, and he’s also willing to cook for me. It’s nearly like a marriage.”

Old Mister Yu spoke up, “Nearly your ass, getting an erection by yourself, can this be called a marriage? This is called widowhood! Can you grow a backbone?”

Renzi was slightly taken aback. “But you asked me not to chase after him.”

Old Mister Yu clarified, “I didn’t say that, I asked you to think it through properly!”

“I have thought it through! If I didn’t think through it properly, I’ll have already brought 999 roses to Brother Xiaoshan’s office a couple of days ago.”

When Old Mister Yu heard that, he nearly fainted. “What? What lousy method is this?”

Renzi nodded, “I also thought it wasn’t realistic. After all, carrying 999 roses is very tiring.”

Old Mister Yu nearly vomited blood. “Is that the point? Are you a fool? Is there anyone else who would go for such outlandish methods immediately? He’ll only be scared to death! Next time, you’ll definitely be on the security’s blacklist.”

“Are you exaggerating? I saw many people using this method to woo!” Renzi protested, “I did ask! Apparently Zhi Xuan also created a scene with roses for my brother, and it worked on him, despite him being such a cold person.”

Old Mister Yu rubbed his forehead, “If they’re both attracted to each other, this is called affection. You, doing this all by yourself, will be called harassment!”

Renzi’s face was full of defeat. “Really?”

Old Mister Yu spoke gravely, “Think about it, if Old Guo’s daughter brought 999 roses to your office for you and confessed loudly, would you be touched?”

Renzi recalled that Old Guo’s daughter was 190cm tall, and was in prison before. He was alarmed, “I won’t dare to be touched.”

“Would you put her in the security’s blacklist?”

Renzi nodded, “Definitely.”

“Ai, consider that I owed you in my past life! In the next life, you’ll be my father instead!” Old Mister Yu sighed. “You can’t continue this way.”

Renzi was confused. “I know it’s hopeless for me.”

“In my opinion, it’s not completely hopeless. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If I always think that nothing would work out, that I can’t do it, you wouldn’t have this company today.”

Renzi’s eyes immediately brightened. “I, I still have hope?”

“You have, you must have.”

Renzi was still feeling weak, when he heard his dad’s words, his spirits immediately recharged. He hugged his dad, “Dad, you’re really my biological dad!”

How did I raise this son? All my care and attention, was it still not enough? How did I raise him to be like that? Old Mister Yu was resigned, he must have committed a sin to raise a silly son like this. At his age, everyone was enjoying their lives in peace, all carefree and no worries, but he still had to guide his son in being gay!

Actually, this matter of being gay, Old Mister Yu was also muddling through it. He had never experienced anything like this before, and did not know any friends who were gay as well. However, he felt that most people should be similar. According to his years of meeting people and knowing them, he could not go very wrong. And so, he asked Renzi, “In your situation, do you know what’s the first thing you should do?”

“I should first tell him that I like him?”

“Hell no!”

“Oh right, you said, this would scare him.”

Old Mister Yu sighed, “Actually, scaring him is not the important part. The main thing is, if you tell him this, he would not take it to heart.”

Renzi was enlightened, and understood. In the eyes of others, he was just like Ha-cube. If Ha-cube told him it liked him, would he believe it? Was there anyone Ha-cube didn’t like?

After the heart-to-heart conversation, Old Mister Yu saw that Renzi’s spirits had improved, and so was a little more relieved. “You really need the right solution for your mental worries.” I’ll never have guessed that Renzi would ever have any mental worries!

When he descended the stairs, he saw Yu Yuntao fiddling on his phone, sending a text to someone. “Are you chatting with Zhi Xuan?”

“No, I told Gu Xiaoshan that Renzi is sick. He says he’ll come and take a look.”

Old Mister Yu nodded, “Fine, anyway I also wanted to ask him to look at our baby.”

It was only slightly past the end of the work day, and Gu Xiaoshan appeared with a basket of fruits. Old Mister Yu thought, why did you bring fruits? Roses would have been much better. However, he still welcomed the guest with a smile, “It’s good enough that you came, why did you bring a gift too?”

“It’s fine, as long as Renzi likes eating them. If he doesn’t, just give it to Ha-cube, it won’t be wasted.”

Old Mister Yu was still rather calm, and did not behave any differently from before. Gu Xiaoshan did not notice anything strange, after a short chat, he went upstairs by himself to Renzi’s room. Just

Renzi had long been notified that Gu Xiaoshan would come. He was unable to rest, and felt very anxious. Straining his ears, he tried to listen to the on-goings outside. A few times, it was the housekeeper that opened the door, and his emotions went up and down like a rollercoaster. Unable to take it, he even told the housekeeper to not open the door anymore. And so, when the door again opened three minutes later, Renzi said unhappily, “Didn’t I ask you not to come in randomly? Now, my words are useless, are they?”

Gu Xiaoshan was amused, “Second Young Master, what airs you have.”

Hearing Gu Xiaoshan’s voice, Renzi perked up. If he had a tail, it would definitely be wagging. He turned around to look at him, his face becoming lively. Gu Xiaoshan entered and placed the basket of fruits by the bedside. “You’re sick?”

Renzi nodded, “I got a fever.”

With no compunctions, Gu Xiaoshan touched Renzi’s forehead. Renzi was having a fever, and felt that Gu Xiaoshan’s hand was cool to touch. It felt very comfortable on his skin. Feeling dizzy, he blushed as he looked at Gu Xiaoshan.

“It’s a little warm. How did you get a fever?”

As Renzi was dizzy, he was unable to say a word. Gu Xiaoshan only thought that Renzi was being silly like usual, and so laughed. “To catch a cold and have a fever in the hot summer, you’re really capable.”

Renzi’s wits gradually recovered, he looked at Gu Xiaoshan. “That’s because there were some things I couldn’t think through…”

Gu Xiaoshan continued smiling. “Oh? What things?”

Hearing Gu Xiaoshan’s tone, as expected, he did not think that Renzi’s worries was a big deal, and only treated him like how he would treat a small child. Renzi finally understood that his dad was right, even if he immediately pulled out 999 roses and kneeled to propose, Gu Xiaoshan would not take it seriously. If it was just like before, Renzi would have blurted everything out. Luckily, his dad had reminded him, “Troubles have to be taken slowly, then they’ll be like troubles. Worries, have to be held back, then people would be interested. And to be interested, the other person has to think of you at leisure.”

And so, Renzi suppressed his urge to blurt everything out. Bashfully, he turned his head, remaining silent. Such a Renzi was a novelty and very interesting, and so aroused Gu Xiaoshan’s curiosity. “What happened? You really have worries?”

Hearing that, Renzi was upset. “What do you mean? Can’t I have worries? I haven’t been sleeping or eating properly for the past few days already. Look, I’ve already lost weight! It’s because my heart’s suffering, that’s why I fell sick.”

Only then did Gu Xiaoshan carefully studied Renzi. He saw that Renzi’s cheeks that were tender and plump like a lychee was now a little sunken in, and his skin was also very pale. Gu Xiaoshan was now really a little worried, “Are you serious? You even couldn’t sleep and eat properly for the past few days?”

“Why would I lie about that?”

Gu Xiaoshan immediately turned serious. “What happened? Who made you suffer?”

Renzi definitely could not answer this question.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “Ha, you really have worries?”

Renzi nodded his head gloomily. Gu Xiaoshan did not continue pressing him, and only stroked Renzi’s warm forehead.

“Then, rest well, ok?” This voice was very gentle, Renzi was intoxicated hearing it, and nodded his head in a daze.

Gu Xiaoshan accompanied him for quite some time, chatting about irrelevant methods, not mentioning Renzi’s worries again. Renzi at first wondered, if his worries did not attract Gu Xiaoshan’s interests. However, his dad told him that it was the politeness of being an adult.

This was the truth. Although Gu Xiaoshan did not ask, but he did pay attention to it. After finishing his chat with Renzi, he left his room and happened to meet the housekeeper outside, casually asking if Renzi had been unhappy recently. The housekeeper was also unaware, and only spoke truthfully, “Yes, on the first day he came home, he had an argument with Master. First, he said that he wanted the walking cane, then later, Master also said that he wanted the walking cane! They didn’t stop the entire evening, and in the following days, he could not eat nor sleep properly. We’re all worried!”

Gu Xiaoshan frowned as he heard that, feeling that things were not just so simple.

Renzi did not know that his “taking things slowly, holding things back” method had worked. He still wanted to grumble to Old Mister Yu, “Dad, do you actually know how to bait a guy?”

However, at night, he suddenly received a text from Gu Xiaoshan, asking if he wanted supper. Renzi replied, “Did you forget? I’m sick.”

“You still know you’re sick? Then why aren’t you sleeping?”

Renzi slowly realised something was different. In the past, they would never exchange messages if there was nothing going on. Now, Gu Xiaoshan seemed pretty concerned about him, and would periodically ask if he had eaten already, or how was his sleep. Sometimes, he would also send some entertaining messages to amuse him. In the past, Gu Xiaoshan would definitely not send such messages. It seemed like Gu Xiaoshan was really treating his worries seriously. After all, if Renzi was unable to eat or sleep properly, there must be a big problem. Gu Xiaoshan thought, Renzi’s dad and brother were both unreliable, they even forgot about Renzi’s birthday this year. They must have not realised that there was something wrong with Renzi even now, and he definitely had to pay more attention to him.

Renzi quickly changed from “Dad, do you actually know how to bait a guy?” to “Dad, you really know how to bait a guy!” Now, he could eat and sleep well, full of energy everyday. Lying on the bed, he would stare at his phone and wait for it to ring.  A “have you eaten” message could make Renzi happy for half a day. If Renzi replied, “I didn’t eat much. Actually, I want to eat the noodles from that shop by that bridge”, within half an hour, the noodles will be delivered to his bedroom door. There was no need to even mention the taste. Renzi slurped the noodles up gustily, nearly licking the plate clean. The best moment was when he said he wanted to eat oyster porridge. When he opened the door, it was Gu Xiaoshan who personally delivered the porridge to him. He said that he had just finished work, and was on the way. Renzi was so moved he really wanted to just pull his pants down right there and then.

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